Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greece

While planning a trip to European countries how can one forget Greece! One of the oldest countries with a lot of historical incidents to explore and enjoy. Well, either you are living there or planning a journey if you are confused about whether to buy cannabis seeds in Greece to enjoy later on then you might have to read this guide first!

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greece

As if you didn’t know the laws of the country then it can cause you heavy penalties. Therefore, to save you from legal issues, you must be aware of the laws in action in Greece for cannabis. Even before dreaming about marijuana there, you must know that whether weed is legal or not. 

That is why to make you an expert for Greece laws on cannabis, this guide will your ultimate friend. Be ready to get a deeper dive into the cannabis laws of the country. You will also have a bonus guide in the end.

Let’s get started:

Is Marijuana Legal in Greece?

Marijuana in Greece is not legal in 2023 and therefore, you cannot use cannabis recreationally there. As if you got caught dealing with marijuana in Greece that will offend the government laws and it can cause you imprisonment for years. 

However, there are certain changes in cannabis legislation within recent years that you must be aware of. These recent changes can help you in getting hands-on cannabis there! Well, we’ll be discussing the changes in laws one by one but before that let’s have a brief look over the country’s ancient relation with cannabis.

Digging out ancient history will let you know that the Greece people usually use marijuana from a very earlier time. However, at that time, it was treated as daily using materials such as fabrication, and other industrial purposes. Well, within the time around World War – I the people in Greece are used to dealing with marijuana for smoking purposes. It is believed that this habit came from Turkey during World War when people there more likely to relax by using weed and its derived products.

Long story short, as the authorities in the country realized that the use of marijuana is affecting the productivity of the community as well it is harmful to the citizens. The government outlawed the use of marijuana in the country in 1890. That means from that time possession, consumption, and cultivation of marijuana for any purpose will be banned, and whosoever caught with it will be punished accordingly. 

Overall, if you are going to Greece in 2023 then officially you cannot buy or deal with marijuana in any way. As the black market exists there then too, you will not be going to take the risk as the charges and punishment are very strict. Well, let’s find out what are the historical changes in the laws of cannabis. 

Historical Changes in Laws of Cannabis

The major decision was taken in 1890 when cannabis was completely banned. Since then the law remains the same for the citizens until the Central Drug Law came into effect in 1987. As the citizens of Greece already used marijuana from a very earlier time, therefore, it was very hard to prevent completely the people from indulging in such activities due to their habit.

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After CDL (Central Drug Law) in that year, the government decided to categorize the marijuana law offenders into two different categories. The major change in the legislation was due to categorizing those offenders who are addicted to marijuana, into ‘patients’ whereas others will be treated as normal. 

The ultimate impact of the law was to sympathize with the punishment to the ‘addicted citizens’ while helping them avoid these drugs. Well, it was a step to be appreciated but still, marijuana use, sale, and possession were illegal. 

Therefore, people in Greece were demanding to legalize the use of cannabis as the other parts of the world were allowing cannabis to some extent. 

Finally, another historical change in cannabis law took place in 2017 when the Greek government decided to allow medical marijuana with some guidelines. This was a huge update in the history of Greece for marijuana. However, recreational use of cannabis was still prohibited but it was good news for medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country.

Well, it is also true that the authorities didn’t take this decision directly. Before making medical marijuana legal, the government formed a working group for predicting the changes by allowing marijuana for medical purposes in 2016. 

Ultimately, the decision favored weed lovers in the country especially those who actually need marijuana for themselves such as for treatment. 

Greece Laws on Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


In 2013, authorities altered the drug law in the region to determine marijuana possession and consumption on the commercial and personal levels. This alteration was similar to the previous change when the government was to distinguish between ‘drug-addicted’ and other offenders. 

This law was implemented to sentence punishment accordingly the cannabis possession. That means if someone is found with ‘small quantities of marijuana then it is more likely that it was for personal use which will be treated differently, and also will be given punishment accordingly. However, it is believed that there will be no more than five months of imprisonment for the offenders caught with marijuana for ‘personal usage’. 

Well, if anyone caught with the marijuana intended with selling or making a profit with ‘larger quantities’ then it will be treated as illegal activity and the accused can be sent to jail for up to 8 years or more according to the severity of the crime.


Cultivating marijuana for recreational usage is not allowed in Greece in 2023. However, buying cannabis seeds in the country is not illegal. That means one can buy cannabis seeds in the region but cannot germinate them in his/her house. If caught offending the law then it will be considered a serious illegal activity.

However, the recent update in March 2018 stated that marijuana for medical usage can be cultivated. Well, this was again a huge positive change for marijuana lovers. However, there are certain guidelines for the eligibility of medical marijuana facilities.


Consuming marijuana in public places is not allowed whereas the patients seeking marijuana treatment are allowed to take marijuana medicines. However, it is also needed to be followed under the guidelines. 

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Overall, marijuana consumption is illegal as recreational cannabis is not permitted officially. Therefore, make sure to be aware of local laws before getting weed into your hands.

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Even though cannabis cultivation for recreational and selling purposes is illegal, marijuana seeds are not illegal in the region allowing an individual to possess, share and send seeds to their loved ones without any legal issues. However, growing weed plants intended for making profits is strictly prohibited. It will also be considered as serious illegal activity including heavy penalties with the jail.

Apart from this, buying cannabis seeds in Greece in 2023 is legal and one can buy cannabis seeds online as well. However, an individual is not allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants. 

Well, when another medical marijuana law came into effect in 2018, the medical patients were permitted to grow the cannabis plants after a prescription from the authority and doctor as well. That is why there is the existence of marijuana seeds in the region. 

This is where the online seed banks came into play, which we will be talking about later but the main thing is that cannabis seeds are allowed in Greece to be possessed and one can buy marijuana seeds online.

However, the point to be mentioned here is that we strongly recommend our readers to follow the government laws of their local authorities and central laws as well. As cannabis laws are relaxed then the whole reason is to help the medical patients with proper consent, and that should not be considered for seeking the black market for personal fulfillment.

Greece Environment for Cannabis

The Greece environment is more likely to be ideal for cultivating cannabis although the cultivation is illegal. However, as the marijuana laws are relaxed for medical patients if cultivation is permitted to some extent then one will be favored with the pleasant climate for cannabis as the warmth and sunshine is the key feature of Greece’s environment.

That is why instead of allowing the production of marijuana the commercial farmers can grow industrial hemp which is also a form of weed but contains less THC (less than 0.2%) which will ultimately perform excellently in climate resulting in a contribution to the country’s economic growth.

The production of medical marijuana plants and hemp will give a boost to the production of biodegradable plastic, textile, and paper as well. However, the production was allowed after 2018’s change in marijuana law. 

How You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Greece Effectively?

Although growing cannabis plants is illegal in Greece still the citizens can possess, and buy seeds online. This is how you can buy marijuana seeds in Greece in 2023! However, for getting quality seeds you must be aware of the best seed banks that can serve you quality seeds. 

Well, after 2018’s parliament decision for allowing the cultivation of medical marijuana with proper doctor’s prescription one can grow cannabis plant after consent from authority. However, this was the ultimate change in the country’s weed law that favored medical weed enthusiasts. 

The ultimate effect of this law boosted the cannabis seeds purchase from the online market. Therefore, if you are thinking to buy online seeds in Greece then you must be aware of some quality seed banks. Well, it is not easy to search that but as you are here, we will be giving you the best options among the world’s top seed banks that are sure to make your online cannabis journey pleasant.

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Best Seed Banks in the Market (Our Top Pick) 

Here is the top pick of seed banks that not only ship to Greece but also delivers the best quality services including seeds. Make sure to check them out:

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What Factors You Should Consider While Choosing the Best Seed Bank?

Apart from our recommended seed banks, you might be wondering what factors make a seed bank the best? However, if you are dealing with marijuana in an online market then are many things to look upon for making your every pennyworth. Well, we are sharing here some top priority components in an online shop to be placed in the list of best stores.

  • Quality of seeds

Quality is our top priority. As after getting your seeds, you have to spend most of the time with them for getting weed buds. Therefore, you never want to be disappointed at the time of harvesting. That’s why consider the quality of seeds while buying online. 

  • Market reputation

This will prevent you from being scammed. Checking online reviews will not only tell you about the shop’s reputation but will also give you an idea about the shop’s reality apart from the eye-catchy appearance of the website. 

  • Services

Making available multiple payment options, delivering seeds faster, and making information private are the services that make an online seed bank the ultimate place to buy. However, if you got the best service once then you will also love to come again and refer to others as well. 

That is why to look at these services in the online shop and also check which shop is providing better services.

Till here, these are the factors that will ultimately result in leaving with the only best seed bank. 

Future of Cannabis in Greece

Greece is a country that has had a deep relation with weed from ancient times. That is why the authorities in the country took major changes to legalize cannabis for the right people. Precisely for medical patients. 

However, recreational marijuana is not legal but with certain guidelines, one can have a medical marijuana facility. Therefore, it is hoped that in the future there will be some bold decisions like we have seen in recent years, with the ultimate benefit to the weed lovers in the country. 

Till then, you can read our guide on the best seed banks of 2023!

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