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Doesn’t matter whether you are residing within Ireland, or planning a journey there for enjoying weed. You must know the legislation of the Irish government before putting your marijuana demands to the shop there. As it might cause you heavy penalties as well.

Cannabis in Ireland is strictly prohibited and not allowed in the country. However, there is much more to know about the Irish laws that have been changed recently to make medical weed enthusiasts happy. However, some experts also refer to this change for the people’s demand in the country. 

Well, as you are here, you will be getting complete information after digging out the ancient history, and the recent activities that led the Irish government to change the marijuana laws. Also, get to know whether you can get marijuana products in the country or not. If yes! Then what will be the ideal source of getting that? 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

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Is Cannabis Legal in Ireland?

First thing first, marijuana is not legal officially in the country therefore, you are not expected to dream about buying marijuana publicly in the country. Therefore, you must have to aware that there are different charges as well if you are caught possessing some quantity of weed.

However, it is also true that marijuana in the country still exists, and has a deep root connection with the Irish people. Well, we’ll be going through each section one by one. 

Cannabis in Ireland has seen many revisions in the legislation which has majorly started from the earlier 20th century. Very firstly, the Dangerous Drugs Act in 1920 is replaced by the 1934 act under which marijuana was completely illegalized and prohibited while considering it a ‘dangerous substance’ for mankind. Well, some experts believe that the major reason for the country to follow such a step was due to the world’s behavior toward marijuana which was quite negative at that time and was banned in most of the European regions.

The 1934 drug act remained in the country for three years, and after that, it was revised with a major drug law change in the country in 1977. However, there was certain research and teamwork of the government’s ‘Working Party on Drug Abuse’ which recommended a report for cannabis in the country in 1971. However, the report recommended keeping the medical status and legality of marijuana under review. The report was submitted after two years of working after the government created this team in 1968. 

However, this was also a necessary step for revising the marijuana laws as the authorities observed a rise in the consumption of marijuana among the people of the country. That was giving hint to consider marijuana’s existence, and preventing them from the unnecessary people. 

Ultimately, the 1977 Misuse of Drug Acts included marijuana in a separate category other than narcotics, and also considered the recommended step from the report of 1971 to not punish the accused with ‘only’ imprisonment caught with ‘small quantity of marijuana for his/her usage.

Marijuana Laws in Action in Ireland

After the 1977’s law in the country, the government didn’t change the major drug laws till the earlier 21st century. As there have been certain guidelines for marijuana offenses. Even the government has also considered the situation of drug addicts. Apart from this, the major update was that small possession of cannabis for ‘personal usage’ was not to be punished via imprisonment. That was a huge change in the Irish marijuana law as before that people of marijuana offenses were charged heavily. Also, they were sent to jail which was prevented in the latest 1977 drug law for ‘small possession’. 

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However, this major update considers two different situations to sentence the punishment to the accused. As if the possession was caught with intent to personal usage then one will be fined up to 1,000 Euros which can go up to 1,270 Euros. Similarly, if the intent of cannabis possession is found to sell and make a profit then the charge can go up from 2,000 Euros to 2,540 Euros. 

Well, this was for the accused caught the first time or second time with excessive marijuana with them. Somehow, if you are again caught by the cops in a marijuana offense then you will be sent to jail whereas the jail sentence varies accordingly to the severity of the offense, which is expected to be of one year to three years imprisonment. 

This 1977 law remained in the country until it got updated with a new major change. This change was in favor of the medical weed enthusiasts in the country. However, before this major change in cannabis legislation in the country, around 75% of drug cases were for simple possession. 

In 2016, the Irish authorities and government decided to legalize medical marijuana in the country. Finally, the existence of marijuana was approved by the authorities in Ireland, and therefore, it was a huge step forward to make cannabis exist on the land. 

Medical Marijuana in Ireland

In December 2016, a drug law update allowed the use of medicinal marijuana in the country. At that time, the first-time allowance of CBD oil was given to a boy with some disease after a letter from his physician. 

Considering the European regions, the Ireland government has taken this as one of the boldest steps as the country faced such a huge change in favor of medical cannabis enthusiasts. For that, they have to wait for many years. 

Well, if we consider the previous changes in medical marijuana law then the government already tried to take some positive steps. As in 2002, and 2003 the government give a license to GW Pharmaceuticals to initiate the medical trials of cannabis extracts. That was also a positive step as it allowed the authorities to consider the importance of cannabis in the medical field. 

However, before it, in 1998 cannabis, cannabis derivatives, and cannabinol was considered as schedule 1 drug. That means the use, possession, and sale of this drug will be unlawful until the authorities didn’t give the license for any of the purposes. Even that is why it was treated as a criminal offense when someone tries to get marijuana even for their personal usage. 

After 2016’s medical marijuana allowance now the people in the country were allowed to supply medical marijuana. However, they must need a license, and consent from the authorities as well. Similar to that, those who seek medical help from marijuana must need a prescription from a doctor or specialist physician. 

After looking into the positive outcomes of medical marijuana the government came with a pilot program for medical marijuana in 2020. That program ultimately modified 2014’s legislation and also allowed doctors to prescribe up to three cannabis-based products as a medication, which was limited to one before.

Laws for Cannabis Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


From the very beginning, the Irish government was strictly against the possession of cannabis in the country. Even it is still against it as marijuana is not legalized. However, there have been certain changes in the laws, which ultimately relaxed the punishment for the accused. 

The first major update in the marijuana legislation came into effect allowing judges to sentence the offenders only for charges of a certain amount, and not with imprisonment. However, considering the severity of offense, and repetition, one can also be punished with imprisonment up to three years of which one year is minimum. 

Apart from this, the possession of cannabis in public places where children and minors are involved is strictly not allowed and if you get caught by the cops then be ready to be fined and take a tour to the jail.

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Well, the cops also analyze whether the possession of cannabis is intended for personal usage or for selling and making a profit from it. They can even leave you by putting a fine of a certain amount as well.


As said earlier, cannabis has a deep relationship with the Irish people. Hemp (one of the genetics of cannabis) has been grown from a very earlier time in Ireland. That not ultimately helps the Irish people to produce hemp and make daily usable products but also made exist cannabis genetics. 

However, there has not been a prohibition on the cultivation of CBD plants, which possess less THC (around 0.2%) and do not induce psychoactive effects. That is why even some people grow CBD-based plants with consent from the authorities and getting a license for it. One individual is also allowed to sell CBD products in his/her shop until he/she doesn’t claim the health benefits from it.


Consuming marijuana in public places is not allowed just like cultivation, and possession. The involvement of minor individuals will lead the motivator or seller into huge trouble as cannabis involvement to the minor is considered a serious legal issue. Therefore, one cannot share or possess marijuana with minors. 

Apart from this, if medical marijuana is allowed in the country then one must have to use cannabis-based medicines in their private homes only. They are not allowed to expose it publicly. However, one can buy it from a licensed shop.

Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

Even though the Irish government has strict guidelines and laws for marijuana in the country, buying cannabis seeds and possessing it not illegal. That means one can have cannabis seeds in their pockets and still the cops will not harm them. However, this situation implies only then until you don’t put these seeds into the soil and start growing plants from it. 

Possessing cannabis seeds in Ireland is legal but growing them is not! Therefore, make sure that you don’t grow plants from the seeds you possess or if you are going to buy them online.

Apart from this, if you are found growing marijuana plants in your house then you will be charged with a huge fine and even can be sent to the court for sentences, and the court will be completely free to give you a sentence for imprisonment or charge or even both depending upon the growing quantity of marijuana, also, with your intention to grow. It is expected that marijuana cultivation law offenders can be sent to jail for up to 14 years. 

However, some experts say that after legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, the authorities will soon take a step for the medical patients to grow their own marijuana plants. As of now, the cultivation of marijuana plants is illegal, one cannot think of that even for medicinal purposes. 

The new pilot program from the government, which is in action right now, can give some positive outcomes in favor of medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country. It is hoped that this program can ultimately help the government think over the personal cultivation of marijuana plants from seeds for medical purposes. Well, till then, one has to wait for the official announcements. 

However, if the pilot program of government showed a positive result, and somehow, the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes got allowed then it will be a revolutionary change in the history of Ireland for cannabis. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland?

Well, growing cannabis in the country is illegal but possessing seeds is not. Therefore, you can get marijuana seeds from various online stores until you don’t put them in a growing field. As you will not find any formal physical store selling seeds legally, therefore, it is always better to choose from an online store that will ensure an even better quality of it as well.

However, it is also true that Ireland has a black market as well which supplies cannabis seeds illegally to the people there. Well, it can also lead to the cops, and will not ensure whether the seeds are of good quality, and will finish germinating. That is why here come the online shops that are sure to deliver you top quality. 

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As cannabis cultivation is illegal, we strongly recommend our readers follow the government guidelines and get through the local laws before stepping into any cannabis activity. However, if you are looking for some best online seed banks that ship to Ireland then we recommend our top pick that is sure to deliver you the best service.

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Cannabis Legalization Movement in the Country

Despite the fact of Ireland’s strict prohibition on marijuana. The people of the country are more likely to use marijuana whether from the black market or legally for medical purposes. However, in recent times, the major countries in the world have accepted cannabis’s importance in daily lives, which ultimately pushed the Ireland government to take some major decisions on marijuana. 

NORML is a group in Ireland that fights for the legalization of marijuana in the country. However, the group involves marijuana lovers, and somehow such groups are limited in the region to put the government under pressure via movements and making cannabis enthusiasts stand out from all over the country.

As some experts believe that the cannabis future in Ireland will be brighter as major decisions can be taken after the pilot program of the government. Therefore, one can hope for positive changes within the upcoming time. Whereas groups like NORML are doing their job excellently to add on their contribution to legalize marijuana. 

Apart from legalizing cannabis, the government can also take a step for making weed accessible to those who actually need it while making it unavailable from the stores that didn’t come under their guidance. This will finish the black market of marijuana and will allow it to keep an eye on marijuana consumption in the country while making it available to the necessary people.

Overall, right now, in 2023, cannabis in Ireland is illegal officially, for which some organizations are fighting. However, the government has also taken some positive steps following the global trend. Well, as the health minister gave the hint of some major changes in the upcoming time, one can hope for the bright future of marijuana laws in the country.

Future of Cannabis in Ireland

Ireland is one of the beautiful countries, and one cannot forget it while planning a trip to visit European regions. However, considering marijuana laws, it was a nation of complex laws, which has been seed-solving out recently. Either it is about 2016’s medical marijuana allowance or about the earlier time’s law, Ireland’s government has been against recreational marijuana. 

Even medical marijuana got its existence in the country while other countries have considered its importance. Well, right now, in 2023

, one has to be satisfied with the current marijuana laws allowing only necessary people to access cannabis. For recreational marijuana to be allowed, we cannot predict it until we all get to know about it officially from the authorities. 

Until then you can read our guide on the best seed banks in the world!

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