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Although Italy is one of the beautiful places to visit, known for its food, and amazing places to see such as the amazing Colosseum, one can also think of getting marijuana in the country. Considering the other European countries, Italy has been a country where marijuana laws have been quite exciting and favoring marijuana lovers in the country. 

Whether you are residing there or planning a visit, if you want to get your hands-on marijuana then you must be aware of the legislation of the country first. As it will ultimately make you able or unable to discover weed in the country accordingly to the laws. 

Therefore, you need an expert guide which you are already with. Also, get to know whether you can buy cannabis products or not in Italy right here. So, why wait anymore?

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Italy

Let’s get straight into it:

Is Cannabis Legal in Italy?

Cannabis in Italy is legal for medicinal purposes and industrial usage. However, before making it legal in the country, the Italian government was quite strict against cannabis possession, selling, and consumption. As if you are caught with marijuana in any corner regardless of your intention to use it personally, you will be treated harshly like the accused of cocaine. 

Somehow, the laws in recent times have changed a lot in order to make cannabis exist for the Italian people. Well, one of the reasons for the existence of marijuana in Italy is also due to the people’s usage of cannabis from a very earlier time. 

Let’s have a look in the ancient time:

From the earlier time of the 20th century, the Italians were known for growing hemp and its derived products were exported to other regions as well. Hemp fiber which was very popular at the time was known as the highest-priced hemp fiber in 1914 by a USDA report. 

Therefore, you can get an idea that how much marijuana history was rich in previous times. That is why Italy became the second-highest industrial cannabis producer after the Soviet Union in the 1940s. Well, that good time didn’t last long. After the economic boom in the country during the 1950s just after 10 years, Italy got to know about synthetic fiber which ultimately declined the production of hemp. 

However, the complete finishing of hemp and marijuana from the country did the Cossiga law 685/75, which vanished the hemp field almost. This was one of the major decisions by the Italian government after the International Campaign against narcotics came into intense effect. Therefore, marijuana and its users have suffered a lot up to the end of the 20th century.

Major Changes in Law For Cannabis

In the earlier time of the 2000s, the government of Italy was quite strict about marijuana offenses. The Italian people have faced a crucial change in the law by the Fini Giovoanardi which was a controversial law by the authorities at that time. It took place in the country in 2006 and ultimately enhanced the marijuana sentences by three times. That means if someone is caught possessing, cultivating, or selling cannabis publicly or privately then the accused will be sent to jail for up to 20 years, which was previously limited to 6 years maximum. 

At that time, the authorities were treating the offenses related to cocaine, heroin the same as the marijuana offenders by destroying the difference between “hard” and “soft” drugs. 

This law was struck down by the constitutional court. However, the surprise was that even at the time of Fini Givoanardi’s law, the personal consumption of marijuana was not criminalized. 

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After some years in 2015, a poll conducted in the country revealed that Italian people age between 15 to 19 years admitted that they have been in recreational cannabis activity at least once in the year 2014. Well, that was a huge thing to consider by the authorities as apart from strict laws for cannabis in the country, the people were involving in such activities, which was a hint to the government to regulate their decisions. 

Even other data showed that around 58% of people are in favor to legalize marijuana in the country. Well, after two years i.e. in 2016, the Italian government removed the authorization for the cultivation of cannabis with less concentration of THC levels (around 0.2%). The decision was taken by using the term ‘cannabis light’ for cultivating it (with low THC). 

However, a 2014 report also showed that the Italian authorities can get benefit from the cannabis industry which was worth around 40 million Euros at that time. That decision led the Italian market to revive the cannabis industry, and fortunately, hundreds of businesses came into the market within the year 2018.

Right now, in 2021, cannabis possession, and sale for recreational purposes is illegal in Italy whereas cultivation for industrial purposes with license and consent is allowed. 

Laws For Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Despite the fact that cannabis laws are complex in Italy but it is clear that possession of marijuana in public spaces is illegal. Even for personal usage, excessive possession can lead you to the courts where the judges can sentence you to jail up to six years depending upon the severity of the offense. However, if the possession is not intended to make a profit or sell it in the market then the cops can leave you by putting a certain amount of fine which can go up to certain Euros. It also depends on how you offend the law.

Well, after the relaxing laws for industries, and medical patients, the government authorities will not bother you until you are permitted or you have a license for marijuana purposes. Similar to that, medical marijuana enthusiasts are expected to take cannabis-based products after a prescription from a doctor and licensed pharmacies. 


Cultivating cannabis plants by the residents of Italy is illegal. As the authorities take it as intended with selling or trafficking of drugs. Whereas growing a single plant will not bother you as much. However, still before heading to the growing field make sure to be aware of local laws in the region. 

Well, in 2021, cannabis cultivation as a whole is illegal. 


Consuming cannabis in the country in public places is illegal under the marijuana laws. Well, it is also related to possession. If you possess cannabis, consumed it, and got caught by the cops then it can lead you to fines and penalty of jail for several months to years. However, if someone is caught the first time in a cannabis offense then the cops may just warn you.

Well, cannabis laws for medicinal purposes have a separate category, in which the laws are quite relaxed for medical marijuana enthusiasts. 

Overall, we strongly recommend our readers follow the government’s laws and get through the local laws before indulging in cannabis activities. 

Medical Marijuana in Country

Italy’s history towards marijuana has indeed been quite strict but the laws in recent years have been quite relaxing. Especially for medical patients. As the authorities got to know the positive outcomes of marijuana in treating several diseases. 

Cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal in the country. However, medical cannabis guidelines are regulated to make it available to the necessary people only. It includes that no one is allowed to cultivate marijuana plants on their own either for their treatment purposes. As medical cannabis is produced by the Military chemical- pharmaceuticals for specific purposes. 

However, medical marijuana in the country can only be given by the prescription of specialist doctors in some medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Cancer, Chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and others. However, CBD oil is permitted after prescription and one can buy it from pharmacies. CBD-derived products can also be obtained however consumption of hemp-derived products is still not allowed. 

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The main aim of the health minister to give medicinal facilities of marijuana to the patients is to ensure they get better treatment when they have exhausted the other treatment ways.

Apart from this, as it is illegal to sell marijuana in shops and other ways, therefore, there is no place for recreational cannabis in the country. Somehow, the cultivation of hemp is permitted from 2016 seeing the future of the hemp industry growing. That is why the government removed the essential authorization from cultivating hemp to stimulate its production. 

For hemp cultivation, authorities gave the guidelines which one is needed to follow as the field inspection will take place. The genetics of hemp plants should not exceed the THC level of up to 0.6%. Well, it was around 0.2% but due to some natural causes, it is considered up to 0.6% on the ground level. 

Therefore, one can say that if you are seeking Italy for medical marijuana then you will be facing quite relaxing laws that help in getting the medicinal facility of cannabis to needy people.

Cannabis Seeds in Italy

It is completely illegal to sell traditional high THC marijuana seeds. Even buying cannabis seeds for cultivation is also not permitted and will be considered as offending marijuana law, which can lead you to huge trouble. 

Apart from the medical purpose of marijuana, which is a separate category for the military to deal with, cannabis seeds are not publicly available. Therefore, you will not find any physical stores in the country to buy seeds from. The Italian government imports medicinal cannabis from the Netherlands as well to fulfill the medical demand of the people.

This is also true that due to high demand and low supply the price of medicinal cannabis is quite high which ultimately motivates cannabis enthusiasts to look for the underground markets. This black market even sells marijuana seeds that are grown by people in a very private space. However, growing weed plants is illegal in Italy but still, people used to do it in a very private way to fulfill their cannabis demand.  

Due to the illegality of marijuana cultivation in the country, the availability of cannabis seeds is quite limited and highly-priced that varies according to location. As the cannabis seeds are right now under the government’s control, therefore, the only seed store in the country is under the military operation that ensures the quality and selling of it within its own rules.

Therefore, it is clear that you cannot buy marijuana seeds from there but people used to either go for black markets that sell cheaper marijuana without guarantee of quality. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Italy?

It is currently illegal to grow cannabis pot from seeds and if there is one seed store available in the country then it is under the military which operates it and keeps an eye on every activity. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to get seeds from physical stores in Italy. 

Well, apart from the strictness, it is also true that there has been regular demand for cannabis seeds in the market. That is either fulfilled from the black markets or some people order seeds online. 

Ordering cannabis seeds online is quite a better option instead of putting yourself at risk by seeking black markets for demand. Even such a black-market seed store also not offers you good quality seeds whereas online seed stores are more likely to give you a guarantee on their seeds.

Therefore, if you somehow want to purchase seeds online then you can always opt for buying them online. It not only ensures your privacy but also sends you the top quality of weed seeds. However, before indulging in any kind of such activity make sure you are safe from legal issues and aware of local laws.

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Best Online Seed Banks that Ship to Italy

As you decided to buy cannabis seeds online, now, it is time to seek online seed banks that are not only the best in the market but ship with complete privacy in Italy. As your privacy is the priority and also you want to get the best cannabis seeds on the land, therefore, we recommend you our top seed banks that are tried and tested. Also, they serve in most of the countries. 

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Finally, these are the seed banks that you can look upon if you are buying pot seeds online and you are sure to get your best experience of online purchase.

How to Choose the Best Seed Banks Online?

Doesn’t matter either you are seeking to get seeds in Italy or somewhere else, as you are our readers, we want to make you an expert for choosing the right seed bank for yourself without the help of anyone. 

Therefore, here are some simple steps or factors that will ultimately help you out in getting your best seed bank without any confusion. Just tick out the factors that are listed below and you are ready to order your seeds from it. 

Let’s find out:

Market reputation

You don’t want to waste your money in some online store cum scam that never ships your seeds. That is why their online market reputation plays a huge role in getting the right seed store. You must lookout for the seed store’s reviews on other sites and on some popular forums where weeders are active. That will ultimately show you the real picture of the seed bank. 

Seed selection

Ultimately, your goal is to get the best quality seeds, therefore, you want to visit a shop where you can find many varieties. Else you have to purchase different packs of seeds from different stores. Therefore, you can look out for seed selection in the store if the store has great coverage over the latest seed stock.


While buying anything online, you expect that customer service is available right next to just your one ring. Well, most of the online stores are now delivering top-quality services to impress their customers. However, as a buyer, you are expected to look for the availability of services to ensure help in case of any issues.

So, these are the main three factors that you should look for in an online store. However, you can also add another factor according to your requirement. Well, if you find these main three qualities appropriately in any seed store then you are good to go for buying seeds.

Future of Marijuana in Italy

Some experts believe that regulating cannabis law and making it available for the people will ultimately benefit the government in form of taxes. Apart from this, there will be no underground market that will operate to serve cannabis among citizens. 

Even there has been certain help from many parties and also from the police union that is in favor of allowing cannabis possession. Therefore, there has been a positive hope for marijuana enthusiasts in the country that the legislation will soon favor them. Well, until the official announcement we have to wait.

However, you can read our guide on the best marijuana seed banks here!

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