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Mexico has been a popular place to travel and explore. However, if you are a cannabis enthusiast either residing within Mexico or planning a visit there then you must be wondering if cannabis is legal or not. 

Apart from this, Mexico’s cannabis legalization has been a topic to debate, and therefore, the laws have been quite complex in recent times. Also, the Mexican government has taken some major steps that favored weed enthusiasts in the country.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Mexico

However, you will be surprised to know that Mexico has a deep relation with cannabis from a very earlier time, which most people don’t know. Therefore, we bring here a detailed guide so that you can get to know about history, culture, legalization, and people’s opinion on cannabis in the country. 

It will also be an interesting part to know that what will be the future of cannabis in Mexico so that a traveler like you can think about cannabis or not.

Let’s find out everything related to cannabis in Mexico:

History of Mexican People For Cannabis

Cannabis has been a culture of Mexican people from a very earlier time in its history. From the starting of the 16th century in Mexico, Spain introduced cannabis to the Mexicans in form of hemp. After the introduction to hemp, farmers in the country are more likely to cultivate it in their field resulting in the quick popularity of hemp. The ultimate result was that the industrial requirement of material for ropes and textiles was fulfilled by the cultivation of hemp. Apart from industrial usage, cannabis culture was quite common for recreational and personal purposes as well. 

However, cannabis cultivation and popularity among Mexicans declined rapidly during the Mexican war of independence during earlier times of the 19th century (1810-1821). As one of the important roles to make cannabis exist in the country is Spain, therefore, the shine of cannabis faded away during the earlier 1800s time.  

Within the upcoming time, cannabis culture suffered a lot as the Mexicans now started considering marijuana as a ‘bad drug’ that led many peoples to be violent. Even there has been a clear activity of violence and crime making marijuana a harmful drug for the authorities. Well, up to the late 19th-century cannabis was prevalent in Mexico for industrial and personal usage up to some extent. However, in 1882, the Mexican government banned cannabis firstly at the Military Hospital in Mexico City. That was the first time when marijuana was banned in the country. 

Long story short, in 1920, cannabis was completely got banned under government law. It stated that from now, production, sale, consumption, and recreational use of cannabis is illegal. From then on, the laws for cannabis got tightened over time. While just after 7 years in 1927, the export of cannabis got also banned by the authorities.

From that time to 1970, there have not been any major changes in the legislation of cannabis whereas, by the 1970s, the USA helped Mexico in vanishing completely cannabis from its land by providing some technical assistance including helicopters to spray paraquat over the border towns cannabis grow the field. This was the final step taken for vanishing marijuana from the land of Mexico. 

This was not the end of cannabis in the country!

Cannabis’s history in Mexico has been quite strong that led its importance to be considered even after many years when in 2009, the Mexican government followed the trend of accepting cannabis’s trend from the world. It was the time when many developed countries such as Canada were accepting marijuana’s importance in the medical field. 

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It was the time when marijuana got decriminalized in the country. That was the huge step taken forward to make cannabis re-exist in the region. However, there have been major updates within time in cannabis laws apart from decriminalization in 2009. Let’s find out what they are:

Recent Changes in Legalisation of Marijuana

From 2009 to 2023, cannabis legislation has faced many updates where the laws were reformed to make cannabis available to its citizens in limited quantity. Well, considering the strict ban to ‘small quantity’ allowance is the decision that Mexicans embraced happily. However, as it was decriminalized only, therefore, possessing cannabis in a larger amount can still lead you to the cops where they will put you in jail with huge fines additionally. 

On 21st August 2009, possession of cannabis for up to ‘small amounts’ got decriminalized. Since then, the cops can tolerate a weeder if he or she got caught with marijuana for personal usage in little quantity. However, it is also true that in practice, cops were already tolerating away before the official rules. 

A major change in the law occurred in November 2015, when the supreme court permitted some people of SMART society (Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal use) to grow and cultivate their own cannabis plants in order to consume in personal space. Well, this was another huge and overwhelming step by the authorities of Mexico that made weed enthusiasts fly high!

This ruling not only allowed the individual of society to consume their own cannabis but also allowed to cultivate marijuana plants from marijuana seeds. That made weed growers happier in the country. The decision was taken considering the fact that prohibiting citizens to cultivate cannabis from seeds will be unconstitutional which was reformed. This means unofficially you are free to cultivate your marijuana plants in a private space until you don’t do it for export and benefits. 

With that said, in 2017, finally, medical marijuana also got legalized in the country with less THC concentration of up to 1%. It was quite an appreciable step by the authorities because it will help out the needy medical patients to get treatment from cannabis. However, for getting such a facility, one needs to get a prescription from a specialist physician. 

Following 2017’s ruling by the supreme court, it ruled another law in 2018, stating that the recreational use of cannabis in the country is also unconstitutional which should be legalized. The effect of this ruling will be that there will be no charge for cannabis use in the country either recreationally or medically. However, this ruling is still pending and not official in the country which has been extended the deadline by December 2023 by the supreme court. 

Well, there has been a contradiction for the supreme court ruling as the Mexican congress still has not passed the law to enforce it. On the other hand, the supreme court is increasing the deadline for it. 

Overall, in recent times, there has been a positive change in Mexico to make cannabis accessible to its citizens. However, recreational marijuana is not legalized yet but anyone of adult age can possess a small amount of cannabis. Consumption in private space is also tolerable until the cops don’t find you possessing large quantities for export or selling. However, the recent ruling from the supreme court can make it possible to access marijuana for recreational purposes without any fear of charges and penalties. Well, it is still pending, and let’s see when it will come into effect. 

Is Cannabis Legal in Mexico in 2023?

Till here, you will be aware of most of the government laws in Mexico which are applied for regulating cannabis possession, consumption, and cultivation. Now, even you can answer whether cannabis is legal in Mexico in 2023 or not.

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Cannabis more or less has been legalized in the country but still, the official statement for recreational marijuana is pending to be passed. Decriminalizing small possession of marijuana to make the ruling that it is unconstitutional to prohibit anyone’s use and cultivate marijuana plants from seeds, is somewhat a positive change is there in the region. 

Considering the recent rulings, there has been very little chance that you will be bothered by the cops for accessing marijuana and using it in your private space. As the supreme court has said, it will be unconstitutional to preventing someone use their own cannabis, therefore, the penalty and charges for accessing cannabis in the region are quite reduced or it is equally not there. 

However, the authorities are also in action to avoid drug trafficking, exporting, and illegally sell to minors and others. That is why any individual can be fined or even sent to jail in some cases if found possessing cannabis more than 5 grams. The charges and penalties are dependent on the severity of the offense. 

Well, if you will be considering the rules back before the recent 10 years legislation for marijuana then-recent rules will seem quite relaxing for marijuana users in the country. 

Overall, if you are planning a trip to Mexico in 2023 or you are already living there, then it is less likely that you will be in trouble if you indulge in marijuana activity until the cops didn’t find you in your private space and until you don’t start exporting drug for your profits.

Laws For Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


Possession of cannabis in Mexico is limited to 5 grams per individual in 2023, which was the result of 2009 decriminalization. Well, this limitation is considered under ‘small possession’ of marijuana which will prevent the cops from charging you a fine or penalty. However, the laws will not be strict until you don’t indulge in drug exporting or selling it for profits, which is not legalized yet.


2018’s supreme court ruling stated that it will be unconstitutional to prohibit Mexicans from using and cultivating marijuana plants from seeds. That means there has been the cultivation of cannabis plants in practice in the region. However, this will be also tolerable till the personal usage of any individual. That means Mexicans can buy cannabis seeds and can grow plants of their own if the ruling of the supreme court got enforced in the country.


It is similar to the above two conditions. The cops didn’t bother you until you are doing marijuana activity in your private space. Even public possession of marijuana is not allowed to exceed the limit. With that said, if the cultivation of weed seeds got legalized officially then it will be for personal use only and there is less likely that it will be allowed for commercial purposes. 

However, medical marijuana is allowed in the country since 2017 with less quantity of THC (up to 1%) in the products. Getting a medical marijuana facility in the country can make you get consent from a specialist doctor and authorities as well.

Medical Marijuana in Mexico

As the world’s developed countries were considering marijuana’s importance in the medical field, somehow, it helped the Mexican government to consider it in their region as well whereas the changes in marijuana law from recent times made the authorities reform the law again. 

Finally, for medical weed enthusiasts, medical cannabis got legalized in Mexico in June 2017 by President Enrique Peña Nieto. With that said, medical patients in the country got access to medicinal cannabis which has less THC concentration (limit is up to 1% only). 

As cannabis use and possession (in larger quantity) is still not legal in the country, one adult can access marijuana legally for medical purposes only. However, recent supreme court rulings showed hint that within a few times, there could be a big change for recreational marijuana as well. 

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Well, the rulings of the supreme court have been delaying for a few years which has considered the fact that prohibiting its citizens from using cannabis will be harming the rights of freedom of expression of the individual.

Cannabis Seeds in Mexico

Cannabis laws in Mexico have been relaxing and hence it provides more opportunities to access that. With that said, one will not be bothered by the authorities until he or she cultivates cannabis for personal usage in a private space. Once you ever tried selling cannabis to make profits then the cops will put a heavy charge on you. Even you can be sent to jail.

Therefore, cultivating cannabis seeds in Mexico is not trouble unless you try to smuggle it or export it to other regions. That means you can possess cannabis seeds in your home and can also put that in the soil to get cannabis buds. 

Well, cultivating seeds is the next step after getting high-quality seeds. Therefore, one must have preferred getting quality seeds as much as putting efforts into the growing field. This is where online seed banks come into play. Although there may be some physical stores and sellers that can give you cannabis seeds, however, the quality may vary accordingly. 

If you buy cannabis seeds online then you are sure to get the highest quality possible with a lot of options to choose from, for your garden. Apart from this, you will be getting much exposure to weed gardening. Especially when you are a new grower it will help you out a lot. 

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Future of Cannabis in Mexico

In recent times, Mexican people have seen a positive change in marijuana legislation. Somehow, the laws were quite strict before that but as the world is accepting marijuana’s importance in different fields it is making its existence officially as well. 

However, cannabis is such a kind of herb which needs continuous regulations in order to make it beneficial only. As excess usage can lead to addiction and other harmful effects, therefore, the government often hesitates in making it legal for any individual in the country. 

Well, considering the demand and trend all over the developed countries, Mexico is also following in the footsteps, which is not only beneficial to the weed enthusiasts in the region but also advantageous to bring new opportunities in the related industries. 

Therefore, we can say that future of cannabis in Mexico is brighter and as the supreme court’s latest ruling will be enforced then there could be more benefits waiting for marijuana growers. This ruling will allow the weeders to access cannabis recreationally up to some extent. 

Until then do read our expert’s guide on how to choose the best seed bank?

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