Buy Cannabis Seeds in Poland

Poland has been a country that has followed the trend of marijuana acceptance. As there have been changes in cannabis legislation within recent times that allowed marijuana to re-exist in the country. 

Considering the history of Poland with cannabis, the laws got tightened over time prohibiting the residents to cultivate or use cannabis. 

However, in 2023, there have been certain things to know before putting a step into marijuana activity. Before knowing the rules, it can lead you to some legal issues, which you never want. 

If you are planning a trip to Poland or residing within a beautiful country, you must want to know about the latest guidelines for cannabis that are in action in the country. This is where you need an expert’s guide!

As you are here, read along to know everything about cannabis in Poland and also get to know finally, whether you will be able to get access to marijuana or not.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Poland

Is Cannabis Legal in Poland?

Before heading to any other point, it is quite essential to know about the legalization of cannabis. This will ultimately help you out in knowing whether to dream about enjoying weed in that region. 

So, in 2023, officially cannabis is not legal in Poland. However, there has been medical marijuana which is easily accessible in case of some medical treatment. Apart from this, the strong historical culture of Poland with cannabis is somewhat attracting most to know about weed in the country. Although cannabis was one of the most popular growing herbs at some time, even some experts believe that it was one of the most cultivated plants up to the last millennium.

As weed is illegal in Poland, you surely don’t want to get to the cops for huge fines and even jail in some cases. However, recreational marijuana has been a controversial topic in the country but comparatively, medical marijuana laws have been quite relaxing. Even growing cannabis plants is restricted in the country which we will be getting to know further. 

Overall, we will be covering everything about cannabis in Poland step by step but first, let’s dive into the history of the country so that you can know the causes of recent changes in the law.

History of Marijuana in Poland

The history of cannabis is quite rich concerning marijuana. As said above, in ancient times, it was one of the major plants that were grown by the farmers in the country. Even some evidence says that cannabis was known to people 12,000 years ago. Likewise, the cannabis industry was also in the boom as farming marijuana was quite popular. Therefore, in ancient times, cannabis was a normal plant to be cultivated and used by people in their daily lives. 

However, the good time of cannabis in the region lasted long up to the earlier time of the 20th century. In 1928, there have been some restrictions over trading cannabis that ultimately declined the production of weed in the country. After 2 years, in 1930 it was considered as one of the drugs that are harmful to health. 

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The complete ban on the cultivation and export of cannabis occurred in 1951 when the government passed legislation classifying cannabis as a narcotic. However, still, cannabis did not vanish from the land. It was used personally and recreationally as usual as it was used before the official statement. 

Well, the actual ban over possession and use of cannabis came into the effect in 1997 when using cannabis was considered a criminal offense. This was the first time that Polish Legislation banned the possession and use of cannabis in the country after export and cultivation from 1951. 

Therefore, in the earlier 20th century, the use, cultivation, and production of cannabis were legal but up to the end of the century, it got completely banned. From 1997, possession of cannabis in public space or private was illegal and cops were eligible to put fines and put the accused in jail depending upon the severity of the crime. 

However, after 13 years, in 2011, the government reformed marijuana legislation to make prosecutors eligible to hold or dismiss charges over the marijuana law offender when he or she is found with a ‘small quantity for personal consumption. 

This reformation of law was the first step of the government forward to relax the marijuana laws in the country. This change made the police officers eligible to fine or put charges accordingly to the accused’s reason to cultivate cannabis or possession. However, the cops were also allowed to put small charges to no action when the offender is found drug dependent or intended for personal usage. 

Therefore, we can say that within the past 100 years there have been many changes in marijuana laws in Poland. Apart from the country’s rich history with cannabis, it got illegal in 1997 completely but somehow in 2011, the laws relaxed for ‘small amounts.’ Well, that also depends on the discretion of the cops according to the case to put or dismiss charges.

Laws for Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


It is completely illegal to possess cannabis in public spaces or private places whether for personal usage or recreational purpose. Therefore, an individual is not allowed to possess any amount of cannabis in Poland. However, 2011’s update in cannabis legislation allowed cops to investigate and find whether the seized amount is ‘large’ or ‘small’. If the offender is found in marijuana activity with the intention to make a profit from selling or exporting to others then the authorities can put a huge fine as well as can send them to jail. 

It is also to be considered that the authorities clearly didn’t state what that ‘small amount’ actually counts; therefore, it is up to the cop’s discretion to put the charges or not considering the quantity of seized cannabis.


Cultivating cannabis for medical or personal purposes is illegal just like a possession. Although cannabis seeds are legal in the country, putting them in soil and letting them grow like a plant can lead you to heavy legal trouble. 

That means if you possess cannabis seeds within the country then there will not be any issues. However, if you tried to grow them in the field then it can cause you penalties as well as legal trouble.

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Consumption of marijuana is tolerable in small quantities until the cops didn’t find you. Even it is also a fact that people often enjoy cannabis in their private spaces. However, from a legal perspective, consuming marijuana is not allowed as it is illegal. 

However, medical marijuana in the country is allowed in 2023, therefore, one can possess medically prescribed marijuana-based products and obviously can consume after the consent. 

However, talking about access to marijuana to minors, then it’s a heavy crime, and sharing cannabis with them can put you in strong penalties from the court.

Well, it is also true that according to 2013’s data around 17% of adults in the country have been taken marijuana in their lifetime while the same data applies to the young adults who have used marijuana at least once in the past year.

Medical Marijuana in the Country

Somehow in the situation of tight cannabis laws for recreational and personal marijuana, medical marijuana got its importance in the region, which was quite necessary to make the needy people access cannabis-based products. 

Finally, the official statement came in the year 2017 when medical marijuana got legalized in the country. It permitted the patients in the region to access marijuana-derived products such as Sativex and other pharmaceuticals. However, to regulate this law to benefit those who actually need the help of marijuana treatment, the government applied a guideline, which included a prescription from a doctor or equivalent authority before accessing these products. 

Somehow, this step was taken considering marijuana’s importance in the medical field and it resulted in positive effects as well. Many medical patients will be benefited from medical cannabis

However, the cultivation of marijuana plants for medicinal purposes is yet not permitted in the country. Even that can result in a heavy penalty if someone is found doing that. Cannabis cultivation, possession, and consumption for recreational purposes is still a debatable topic in Poland. However, people in the country have always been tried to make cannabis legalize again for recreational purposes.

Therefore, as the government has taken a step to make cannabis legal even for just medical purposes, we can hope that there will be soon a change in legislation for recreational marijuana as well, either in a regulated way.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally in Poland?

Fortunately, yes! You can buy marijuana seeds legally in Poland. That allows any individual to buy and possess cannabis seeds in the country. Even cannabis seeds have been a novelty product to be sold in some regions. 

However, you will be surprised that possessing cannabis is legal but growing them is not. Even growing cannabis in Poland is a punishable offense that can lead you to charges and even jail. 

Well, it is also true that some people cultivate cannabis for their personal usage in some regions. However, it is tolerable as well by the cops if they found you with ‘small amounts of cannabis. They can even leave you with a little fine. Just make sure that you don’t meet the wrong cop at the wrong time. As the authorities have made cops eligible to take action accordingly seized cannabis amount. Therefore, it depends on their discretion as well. 

Apart from this, there will be some stores selling you seeds but the quality may vary accordingly. Well, if you think about cannabis seeds anywhere then we recommend you to buy online as buying cannabis seeds ensures the best quality from many options.

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Also, you get exposure to many varieties of seeds, and you can choose from them. Apart from this, the seeds are delivered to your doorstep ensuring more privacy. Therefore, buying online seeds from seed banks becomes the best choice to make while thinking about cannabis seeds.

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How to Decide Which Seed Bank is Best For me?

Buying seeds online is the best choice as it ensures quality, price, service, and most importantly privacy. However, deciding a store from where you can get your seeds is a quite confusing and time-consuming task as well. 

Therefore, to save your most important time, and make you access the best seed bank even after this guide, we recommend you looking for the following factors. That will ultimately give you the best seed bank that perfectly suits your requirement. 

  • Quality of seeds

The ultimate goal is to get the best quality seeds. Therefore, prioritize the quality of seeds in any seed bank. Then you can go further for other factors. As you have to spend most of the time while growing purchased seeds from the shop, make sure you get the right pack of seeds.

  • Market reputation

Look for reviews of the seed bank at some forums and other websites. This will help you in knowing the actual picture of the seed store making you sure if you want to invest your hard-earned money in that. Also, it will prevent you from throwing your money in such a seed store that never delivers seeds!

  • Services

It is a common factor that you need to look at in any online store. While ordering online, you are sure to look for great customer service in case of any help. Also, it will be greater if the store ships faster than other online stores. 

So, these are our top three recommended factors that can result in getting the best seed bank online. However, you can also add or adjust some other factors according to your personal preference. Well, for those seed banks which are recommended, you are sure to find these all qualities, even more than these. As they prioritize customer satisfaction first!

Future of Marijuana in Poland

Poland has been a country that has followed the world’s trend. When cannabis was considered a negative substance then it also declined production and when the world was accepting the importance in the medical field, it also allowed medical marijuana in the country. However, the important role has always been dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts in the country. 

Overall, the future of cannabis in Poland can be more positive within the upcoming time, however, we have to wait until the official announcement.

Until then, read the guide on the best seed banks on the planet!

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