Buy Cannabis Seeds in Portugal

Portugal has been one of the wonderful European countries to visit. Well, considering marijuana laws in the country then it might be complex for you. As marijuana laws in Portugal have been regularly updated in which sometimes it favored the weed enthusiasts in the country and sometimes it completely applied hard punishments for possessing weed. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Portugal

In 2023, whether you are planning your journey to Portugal or residing there, you must have to be aware of the latest legislation over marijuana that has taken place within past years. It is also necessary to make you know if you can access marijuana in the country legally in 2023. 

This ultimate guide will surely make you end up deciding whether to buy cannabis seeds in Portugal and grow them in your garden safely. Also, before all of that, make sure you know if cannabis is legal in the region in 2023.

So, let’s get started:

Is Cannabis Legal in Portugal in 2023?

Very firstly, before heading up to the history of the country with cannabis and laws, you must get to know these important things. 

Cannabis as a whole in Portugal is not legal, therefore, you cannot freely access marijuana there. However, here’s the good news for you:

In 2001, cannabis in the country has been decriminalized, and therefore, you can still hope for getting hands-on weed, which we’ll discuss soon, how?

Apart from this, Portugal has been a rich history of marijuana, when people used to use it recreationally for psychoactive purposes. Well, after some time, cannabis got completely illegal due to its harmful effects resulting in low productivity of the citizens. 

However, coming back to recent times, when the world’s developed countries were accepting marijuana’s importance in daily life, Portugal also followed in the footsteps and finally decriminalized all drugs including cannabis in the country during the year 2001. This was the year when the country’s citizens were free to access marijuana without fear of getting arrested and fined by the cops.

Coming back to 2023, marijuana is not officially available in Portugal. Therefore, you cannot access or share a large amount of cannabis publicly. As the rules are strict for drug trafficking and possessing, therefore, you don’t want to indulge in any kind of trouble while abroad. 

Well, this is not where the marijuana’s story finishes. There has been quite an interesting journey of Portuguese laws for it, which ultimately resulted in its decriminalization back 19 years ago.

History of Portugal with Cannabis

Many experts believe that Romans are responsible for introducing marijuana to Portugal around the second century BC. Within time, the Portuguese got to know about different uses of marijuana from them including psychoactive purposes. However, hemp (one of the marijuana genetics) was also quite popular at that time, which was grown for the purpose of domestic uses such as ropes, textiles, and many others. 

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During the 16th century, the Portuguese learned about different aspects of the marijuana trade and customs from India, after the seizure of Goa. At that time, marijuana’s popularity was there in the country resulting in high usage in domestic as well as the commercial industry. Therefore, we can say that marijuana has a rich ancient history. Since then, hemp production along with marijuana usage increased until the 20th century. As marijuana’s psychoactive effect was resulting in a huge decline in people’s productivity as well as social harmony. Therefore, in 1971, when Portugal officially prohibited cannabis usage from its country due to the UN’s Convention on Psychotropic Substances. 

From then on, the government kept a strict eye over cannabis possession, usage, and consumption in its regions. After 30 years, in 2001, finally considering the fact of marijuana usage among citizens despite the strict laws, the government decriminalized drugs including marijuana. This was a huge step considering the drug laws in Portugal.

The ultimate effect of this law was that now, the Portuguese were free from any kind of official fear to talk about marijuana. They were free to share or possess a small quantity of cannabis for personal usage. However, after the effect of this update in legislation, it doesn’t mean that anyone in the country can possess or share a large quantity of cannabis. The law allowed the usage of cannabis only for personal usage. 

After two years, in 2003, possessing cannabis seeds were criminalized. Well, this was not the end of marijuana updates in the country. Even to date, medical marijuana was also there to be accepted by the authorities. 

After 17 years from 2001’s marijuana law change, medical marijuana got legalized in Portugal in 2018. This was another positive change favoring marijuana lovers in the country. Therefore, ultimately, marijuana laws are quite relaxing in Portugal comparing to other countries. However, there was a time when officials were quite strict towards it but somehow, within time, cannabis is getting its importance in the medical field as well as people’s personal life. 

Laws For Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption in Portugal


From 2001, marijuana is decriminalized allowing an adult individual to possess cannabis for personal use only. The limited quantity is up to 25 grams of plant material and 5 grams of hashish. This was the limitation given to the personal usage idea. That means an individual can indulge in marijuana activity up to this much concentration without fear of any legal trouble. 

However, possessing marijuana in more than that can lead you to a fine and even up to court trial if you are found in severe law offense. Even sharing marijuana with minors also comes under offenses that must be avoided to prevent the cops.

Apart from this, after the legalization of medical marijuana in the year 2018, one individual can possess marijuana-derived medicinal products for treatment. However, the pharmacies are allowed to hand over marijuana medicines to only those who have a proper prescription from a specialist physician or doctor. 

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As said earlier, possessing marijuana seeds in Portugal is illegal, resulting in it difficult to grow your own marijuana plants. As it is illegal to share cannabis seeds in the country, therefore, you will not be able to get cannabis seeds in Portugal. At least, in public spaces, you will not want to take risk of having something illegal. 

It is also surprising that after the decriminalization of drugs, possessing seeds of marijuana is illegal in this European region.

Even medical patients seeking treatment from cannabis are not allowed to cultivate their own marijuana plants. They are permitted to get marijuana medicines from some pharmacies even after a prescription from the doctor. 


Consuming marijuana is not allowed publicly. Especially where children and minors are involved. Decriminalization law allows an individual to possess cannabis for personal usage with limitations. That means personal usage of marijuana is obviously accepted to take place in private space. 

Charges For Offending Marijuana Laws in Portugal

Drug trafficking in Portugal can lead you to be in jail for up to 12 years. Similar to this, there have been many charges for offenders offending marijuana laws in the country.

Considering the recent changes in laws, Portugal can be considered as a country where the laws are quite relaxing compared to the other regions. As if you are caught by the cops offending marijuana laws then they are more likely to warn you at first. However, it also depends on the severity of the offense that can lead you to pay them a fine. 

Even in some cases, you will be just fined, and then you are free from the authorities. Well, if you are caught with large amounts of marijuana with intent to sell or drug trafficking then you are more likely to be sentenced formally by the court. If you prove yourself that you are not into it then you can be fined and warned. However, if you are found into illegal drug trafficking then be ready to be imprisoned, which can go up to years depending upon the severity of the offense. 

Well, if anyone is found into marijuana activities due to dependence on it then the authorities will make sure he or she will be getting health advisory and treatment as well from the doctors to live healthier lives. 

Medical Cannabis in Portugal 

Medical marijuana in the country is permitted in 2018. Since then, anyone in the country is allowed to have marijuana-derived medicinal products after a prescription from the doctor. The allowance of medical marijuana is hoped for treating some serious medical conditions such as chronic pain, malignancy therapy, and post-awful stress disorder. Therefore, these medical facilities need a prescription from the doctor. 

Apart from the proper medicinal products of marijuana, CBD products are also permitted in the country. CBD products are permitted as long as they contain less THC concentration (below 0.2%). 

To complete the demand of marijuana supply for medical purposes, authorities have given some companies to cultivate cannabis for this purpose. The British Organization GW Pharmaceuticals is presently running a cannabis cultivation facility in Portugal. 

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Where You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Portugal?

Cannabis seeds are illegal in the country. Despite the fact of this, there has been an underground market that will offer you cannabis seeds, which might not be of good quality. Apart from this, you might be at high risk to be caught by the cops in illegal activity. 

Although approved pharmacies are there to get hands-on cannabis and its by-products, there has been an underground market as well in the country which is not safe. Therefore, somehow, if the laws got relaxed within the time, and you got a chance to access weed plants then there has been the best option to get marijuana seeds from online seed banks. 

These seed banks will not only allow you to choose the best quality seeds from their stock but will also allow you to get varieties of seeds, which will be the best part of online shopping. Apart from this, they will keep your buying information private, which is a bonus point. 

However, if you are a beginner grower or new to cannabis cultivation then it is more necessary for you to get the right quality of seeds. Hence, here the recommended seed banks that ship to Portugal. They are known for delivering the best quality seeds at an attractive price.

Best Seed Bank that Ship to Portugal

MSNL Seed Bank website

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cropking seed bank

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So, these are the seed banks that are sure to deliver the best quality seeds along with the best services. Apart from this, they are known for shipping worldwide with complete privacy therefore, no one will know what you are actually buying until you expose. 

Future of Marijuana Laws in Portugal

Considering the recent changes in marijuana laws in the country, it is more likely that the cannabis industry will be growing in the upcoming time. As recreational marijuana is yet not legally permitted but decriminalization of cannabis in small amounts has somehow helped cannabis to exist in the region. 

If in future laws got more relaxed then there will be more chances that weed enthusiasts will get opportunities to indulge in cannabis activities. Even the local cannabis market in the country is growing. After the medical marijuana allowance, demand for marijuana to derive medicines from it is increased for which officials have been working. Therefore, many new companies have been authorized to cultivate marijuana on their farms as well.

Overall, marijuana in Portugal has been a complex topic in ancient times when it was quite popular but somehow it was banned. However, as time changed, the laws changed positively. Hence, we can hope for the upcoming time as well that the marijuana industry will be growing more. 

Until then, you can read our guide on the best seed banks in the market!

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