Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

If you are looking for getting your hands over cannabis in South Africa then you must be aware of legislation for it first. Apart from one of the largest contributions in weed exportation around the globe, marijuana laws in South Africa have been complex. 

Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

In recent times, the South Africa government has relaxed its laws to some extent because marijuana lovers have been demanding legalization.

Apart from this, there has been a community that uses cannabis for divinity. Therefore, the government must have to take some decisions which the South Africans have seen there.

Therefore, there have been recent changes in legislation that allowed marijuana to exist in people’s life. However, in other aspects of it, authorities have been quite strict.

This is where the expert’s guidance comes into play.

As you are here, you will be getting to know whether it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa or if you can consume weed there. So, read along to know everything about cannabis in the country here:

Is it Legal to Deal With Cannabis in South Africa?

First thing first, if you are planning a trip to South Africa to enjoy weed then you might have to hold over your trip as cannabis is illegal in the country.

That means consuming, growing, selling, or sharing weed in South Africa is officially prohibited and therefore, it doesn’t allow an individual to indulge in any kind of marijuana activity. 

CDA (Central Drug Authority) has been a statutory body to take major decisions over drug-related cases in South Africa. However, it believes that prohibition over cannabis to be used by the citizens is a good decision and it should be maintained for their betterment.

As marijuana lovers are indeed seeking cannabis in the region, they are against it and they believe, there has not been any case of toxicity and overdoses of it. 

However, in recent times, there has been a ruling stated by a judge from Western Cape High Court that suggested that it is unconstitutional preventing an adult from consuming marijuana in private space.

It also included the cultivation of cannabis in private spaces. However, these rulings are still pending to be implemented.

As by the experts, it has been suspended for 24 months to make a proper legislative change in it. Well, if the laws got successfully passed in the country then there will be quite a positive change in the country for making cannabis accessible. 

This will decriminalize cannabis usage by an adult of the country. That means one can share his or her thoughts and even can cultivate or use cannabis without fear of authorities. 

Well, until official announcement and implementation, cannabis is still illegal and prohibited to be used in a public or private place. Apart from this, selling or buying cannabis in the country is completely illegal and it comes under punishable offenses. 

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History of South Africa With Cannabis

Thousands of years ago, it is believed that cannabis has been introduced to the South Africans through Arabs, which later on got to know some different aspects of cannabis from India. Up to the 15th century, these communities are the main ones responsible for the cannabis existence in the country. 

At that time, cannabis was used not only for getting high but was also one of the major components of domestic uses. It is also believed that Africans use cannabis even in tea. Therefore, one can get the idea of Africa’s rich history with cannabis. 

Since then, the cannabis culture was going on. During the 1860s, when Indian workers got into the culture of Africans, their habit of consuming weed in daily life enhanced the cannabis culture in Africa. In African practice, cannabis was then quite used for personal consumption. 

However, the good time of cannabis lasted till the beginning of the 20th century. During the 1920s, when cannabis got its negative perception around the world then South Africa too followed the footsteps of some developed countries and then banned cannabis completely in 1928. 

From ancient rich history to 1928, it was the first time, cannabis was officially prohibited in the region. However, from then, cannabis legislation in the country didn’t get any major changes until the cannabis reformation took place around the globe. 

Well, it was also true that even during the strict laws and criminalization of cannabis, there were marijuana enthusiasts, who somehow used to get their hands over cannabis from underground markets. 

However, when some major countries such as Canada and the USA have been taken some steps towards allowing marijuana to some extent then South Africa too passed a bill in 2018. Well, this year, mainly advocates are believed to be responsible for putting pressure on the government to modify the laws from 1922’s restriction. It was in favor to allow medical, religious, and other purposes to use cannabis. 

Overall, the history of Africans with marijuana is quite rich which got its culture enhanced from other countries as well. However, within time, there have been many changes in the laws but ultimately it’s been quite relaxing now. 

Laws For Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


As of 2023, the South African government has not permitted the use of cannabis legally therefore, possessing cannabis intended to sell or share publicly can cause you huge legal trouble.

However, if you are found with a lesser quantity of cannabis for personal usage then you are less likely to be sentenced officially. The cops may warn you or will put you a small fine.

This law same implies to cannabis seeds. Possessing cannabis seeds in a small amount is tolerable. However, if anyone is caught with large packages of seeds then he or she is more likely to be punished accordingly offending the law unless he or she didn’t prove that it is not intended for illegal drug trafficking. 

Apart from this, the laws in the countries that have been drafted or pending and not officially implied in the region are quite favorable in possession of marijuana for personal usage which allows an individual to possess up to some grams of weed, and to cultivate limited plants per household as well.

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South Africa is one of the ideal places for growing cannabis plants or dagga. However, growing cannabis seeds in South Africa is illegal, which can lead you to the cops and ultimately to jail.

As selling weed seeds is illegal too, therefore, it is less likely that you will find anyone selling cannabis seeds publicly there. However, if you are new there then you can find some people down some streets selling it illegally but keep in mind that cops have regular eyes on these areas. Therefore, it will be quite risky to be in such activities. 


Cannabis laws for personal usage have been quite relaxing. That means if you are found with cannabis for personal usage in your home then you will not be charged officially. Just make sure you don’t possess large quantities to intend for making profits. 

Overall, cannabis laws have been relaxing in the sense of decriminalization in the country. However, if you are a traveler and want to stay there for sometimes then make sure you are aware of local legislation regarding weed before heading to access cannabis for your personal use. 

Punishment for Marijuana Offenders

Apart from pending draft bill favoring marijuana enthusiast in the country and latest decriminalization law, there has been quite strict laws for drug traffickers and for those who want to make a profit by illegal possession of cannabis.

Possessing a larger quantity of marijuana seeds or selling cannabis seeds is illegal and hence if anyone is caught in activity is likely to be sent to jail with a huge fine. The maximum sentence could be up to 25 years of imprisonment. 

Apart from this, drug trafficking and sharing cannabis with minors (under 18 years of age) is strictly prohibited and it has also punishments including fines and jail depending upon the severity of the offense. 

Well, it is also true that cannabis in the country for small amounts of possession for personal usage is tolerable. If cops caught you with a small quantity of weed then they will mostly prefer for the intend of this possession which must not be for making a profit to avoid a court trial and official sentences. 

However, if they are found for personal usage then they will maximum fine you. Therefore, one can say that South African laws have been relaxing.

From one of the studies of the Medical Research Council (MRC), it is found that around 2.2 million people in the country are cannabis users, which got increased to 3.2 million in 2008.

Therefore, from these data, one can understand that marijuana’s popularity along with time has increased even after strict laws, which shows the cannabis user’s enrichment in the population.

Medical Marijuana Laws 

There have been many efforts to make medical cannabis legal. In 2014, Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini introduced the medical innovations bill, which will legalize cannabis in the country.

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This law will allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to the patient with his consent when medical marijuana treatment is the hope, he/she is left with. 

However, this bill was rejected in 2017. 

Well, if a patient is in urgent need of cannabis treatment then it is suggested to submit section 21 application through the doctor to Medicines Control Council.

If the authorities found the application legit then they are likely to approve the application allowing the patient to access marijuana for treatment purposes.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

Cannabis in South Africa has indeed been one of the major plants that have been grown since ancient times. It was one of the important sources for domestic purposes.

Even the climate in the region was favorable to the weed and cannabis seeds. That is why cannabis has been one of the important plants of its time. 

Cannabis seeds are illegal to be sold in the country, and hence you will not find any physical store selling weed seeds publicly.

Well, there have indeed been underground markets that somehow made cannabis exist but cops and authorities are regular guests there to penalize them!

Therefore, it is illegal to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa, and hence, until it is not officially legalized in the region, you are advised to prevent such activities without the consent of authorities.

Well, for medical marijuana enthusiasts, there have been different guidelines. 

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Future of Cannabis

South Africa is the country where the people have been in favor of marijuana to legalize. Either it is about marijuana activists or weed lovers, people have regularly demanded legalizing cannabis at the constitutional level. That is why there have been several activist parties that have raised their voice for this. 

Apart from this, from the government side, there has been a continuously approaching to regulate the weed laws in the country.

The authorities have also considered the fact of marijuana’s divinity importance for specific communities in the country. That is why there have been regular changes in the legislation, which have ultimately favored weed enthusiasts. 

Therefore, within the upcoming time, one can hope for more positive changes in the country which will allow marijuana enthusiasts to access weed easily. Well, until the official announcement one has to wait for it. 

Until then, read our expert guide on the best seed banks in the market!

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