Buy Cannabis Seeds in Spain

Whether you are residing in Spain or planning for holidays to enjoy there. If you didn’t know the legislation on weed, you will have trouble consider marijuana in your happy time. 

Cannabis Seeds in Spain

Cannabis Seeds in Spain

As you are here, you don’t need to be worried as I’ll be making you the expert of cannabis rules and regulations in Spain so that you can either choose cannabis for your enjoyment despite you are living there or planning to!

So, let’s get started:

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Spain?

As cannabis for personal use is allowed until you don’t expose it to the public, therefore, you can buy cannabis seeds in the country. What you have to do is to find the best seed bank in your location or read along to find the best seedbanks from the world that ship to Spain!

If you are residing within the country, you want to deal with cannabis very discreetly due to strict laws. Therefore, you can look out for the other online seed stores that discreetly send cannabis seeds. 

Let’s find out the online stores which can deliver your favorite marijuana seeds to you:

Best Online Seed Banks that ship to Spain

Here are the best-recommended seed banks that ship to Spain:

  • ILGMBased out of Amsterdam, this seed bank offers the highest quality cannabis seeds with reliable customer services. It also accepts major payment methods including Credit Cards and Bitcoin.
  • Crop King SeedsShips worldwide with top-notch quality of seeds. Variety of seeds available at affordable rates. Ample payment methods and great customer service.
  • Seedsman One of the seedbanks with the largest seed stock available at affordable prices. Quality seeds and reliable services. Even one of the headquarters is based in Barcelona. Check out reviews of the seedsman seeds bank on seedfinder.

These are some of the best online seed banks that ship to Spain. They all ship marijuana seeds in a very discreet manner ensuring the safety of your privacy.  Therefore, you can begin your cannabis journey without any issue from these seed banks.

Things to Consider in Spain for buying Cannabis Seeds

While buying cannabis seeds, you want to make sure that no one can know that you are having marijuana in your house. However, growing marijuana in Spain is not allowed as it is illegal. The reason behind that is to avoid the trafficking of the weed. However, if you are growing it for personal usage at small levels, you can hope for less penalty if the cops catch you. 

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There are different penalties accordingly for the marijuana offense. However, majorly people are charged with a fine ranging from 601 Euro to up to 30,000 Euros if found cultivating cannabis for trafficking. For minors, there are very strict laws if they got indulge in any kind of cannabis activity.

Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?

First thing first, this might be the question that you may come across many times while thinking about marijuana in Spain. Well, in a nutshell at the federal level the use of marijuana is illegal in the country. 


Like the USA, the usage of marijuana is somewhat decriminalized in different regions, which we’ll be exploring further. That means if you are thinking to carry marijuana in public then you can be in huge trouble as the government has strict laws for carrying cannabis in public. Whereas the use of marijuana is still there for private usage in different ways. 

Those different ways include major cannabis clubs that have been active in Spain to make alive cannabis there. However, from the very earlier time legislation has been changing but the result is not favoring the weed lovers in the country.

Overall, if you cultivate, possess or consume marijuana in a private space then it will be less likely to be any issues until you don’t sell it publicly. Keep in mind that marijuana in public places is illegal.!

Let’s have a look over the laws that are in action for cannabis in Spain:

Laws in Spain For Cannabis

Well, Cannabis Clubs are indeed in Spain from a very earlier time of the 90s. However, the government has punished many of them due to not following guidelines. It is expected that there are around 800 cannabis clubs in the country whereas 200 are only in Barcelona. Therefore, Barcelona can be treated as the ‘Small Amsterdam’ of the country due to the popularity of marijuana there.

Since ancient times, cannabis has been banned at the federal level. However, within the past few years, the cannabis laws have been in the favor of consumers but until you deal with it in a private space.

However, when the autonomous regions came into the legislation, now they could decide the weed laws accordingly. That means in different regions, you will be able to get different cannabis laws. It could be in favor of consumers with certain guidelines or could be prohibited. 

In 2015, when a law came into the effect decriminalizing the cultivation of marijuana allowing weed growers to grow marijuana privately. That was in the favor of the marijuana growers but somehow the law also increased the penalty for marijuana in public. That means you are safe while dealing with marijuana until it didn’t come to the public. 

Overall, the Cannabis laws in Spain have been changing over time but there is not an official statement mentioning that the residents of the country can indulge in cannabis activities like Canada and other countries have. Therefore, it is quite complicated to deal with cannabis in the country, and therefore, while visiting Spain or if you are residing there and going to deal with marijuana then make sure you have the permission of the local authorities. The best thing will be to check the local guidelines regarding this.

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Possession, Cultivation, Consumption of Cannabis

In a survey, it is found that there are around 10% of the population of the country is indulged in cannabis activity. However, the government took a step to reduce intended cannabis tourism in Spain which affected the possession, cultivation, and consumption of marijuana there. Let’s find out what they are.

The Cannabis laws in Spain are indeed complicated. It varies according to different regions. Talking about the federal level then the possession of marijuana in public is strictly prohibited making it a criminal offense. However, as the Cannabis Clubs were there from an earlier time, the government released a guideline under which the clubs are ordered to follow them:

  1. Only Spanish citizens are allowed to be a member of the cannabis clubs. That means there will be no option for the tourists to take part in cannabis activity from the club. 
  2. A specific age group has been allowed to be a member of these clubs apart from having Spanish citizenship. Only adults of age 18 years or above are allowed in Cannabis Clubs.
  3. These cannabis clubs are allowed to deal with up to only 150Kg of dried cannabis in one year. 
  4. Cannabis cultivation and consumption in private spaces by adults is legal until it is not visible to the public or from the public spaces. Not following the guideline can lead to up to a 30,000 Euro fine and even imprisonment.
  5. Only adults of the country are allowed to deal with any cannabis activity i.e. possession, cultivation, or consumption.

These are the major changes or guidelines the government gave to these clubs. Well, the ultimate goal of the authorities was to reducing cannabis tourism in the region. 

Possession of marijuana

The laws in the country apply majorly to the public domain and it does not bound the private use of it. Therefore, there is not any strict law for the personal possession of marijuana. That means there are no guidelines on how much an adult individual can possess marijuana in a private space. 

Medical Legality of Marijuana in Spain

There are not different laws for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana in a country like the USA. That means either you use marijuana for therapeutic effects or enjoyment, you have to follow the same guidelines in the region. 

If you want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes then there are the same guidelines to follow. People are more likely to visit Cannabis Clubs for their medicinal purposes. As even the doctors cannot prescribe marijuana to the patients in the region. Therefore, there is no specific law regarding medical cannabis.

FAQ about Cannabis Laws in Spain

Here are some FAQs which will help you out in knowing the rules regarding cannabis in Spain:

#1. Is weed legal in Spain?

Spain has been a country where the weed legislation has not been cleared even after these many years and other countries considering its importance. At the federal level, weed is illegal however the marijuana is still there in form of Cannabis Clubs and in different regions where weed for personal usage is allowed.

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#2. Can I buy cannabis in Spain?

Selling and trading cannabis in Spain publicly is prohibited and it can cause you legal trouble with up to imprisonment. However, people used to use marijuana through Cannabis Clubs by joining their membership.

#3. How can I be a member of the Cannabis Club?

For joining Cannabis Clubs in Spain, first of all, you need to be a citizen of Spain and you must be an adult i.e. your age should be 18 or more.

#4. Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Spain?

Smoking marijuana publicly in the country is not allowed whereas to smoke marijuana you can do it in a personal space or Cannabis Clubs.

#5. Where can I get marijuana in Spain?

Marijuana laws in Spain are complex and hence you cannot talk openly about it. However, in some regions, weed is allowed if it is not exposed to the public domain. 

#6. Can I grow marijuana there?

Cultivating marijuana in the country is illegal if intended for weed trafficking. However, in the different regions growing marijuana for personal usage exists and could be fined by the authorities. 

#7. How much marijuana can I have?

Nothing! In public places. Possession of marijuana publicly can cause you fine up to 30,000 Euro. However, the government has given guidelines for the public domains only. That means for the personal usage of marijuana there are not any guidelines on possession in private space.

#8. Can I buy marijuana seeds online?

Yes! You can buy marijuana seeds from online seed banks until the customs or authorities didn’t indulge in the matter. Therefore, while buying seeds online then you have to make sure you are ordering from a discreet place that can promise your privacy.

#9. What are the Cannabis Clubs in Spain?

Cannabis Clubs are the hub of marijuana activities in the country which are from the 90s. The clubs have members which can take marijuana for paying the price. However, to become a member of any of these clubs, you need to follow the guidelines.

#10. Can I bring marijuana from Spain to another country?

Despite your belonging to any nation, taking cannabis out of the country is not allowed. Even though marijuana is decriminalized in bordering Portugal but it will be treated as drug trafficking which is an offense.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Spain: Final Words

It is recommended you that do not consider this guide as your final legal advice. Always consider your local authorities and government laws to follow along to deal with marijuana in Spain. 

However, if you are dealing with cannabis with government limitations then you are less likely to get any issues. Either you are planning a trip to Spain, you cannot directly indulge in cannabis activities as the cannabis laws in the country is complex and not clear as other countries have. 

Finally, it is hoped that like many other countries are accepting the importance of marijuana, Spain will consider it too and makes happy the weed lovers there!

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