Cannatonic Seeds Review 2023

Whether you want to buy Cannatonic seeds or you want to swim in Cannatonic buds, you’ll definitely need an expert guide to begin.

Isn’t it?

Whether you need to grow indoor or outdoor, if you don’t know the right season and optimal environmental conditions then you’ll end up regretting reading a detailed guide before.

Well, as you are here, you’ll end up swimming in cannatonic buds, if you followed this guide right!

Want to know how you can grow Cannatonic buds faster?


Do you know what are the best conditions to grow Cannatonic seeds indoors?

If you are confused about such doubts then be happy, as, after this guide, you’ll be going to be an expert cannatonic seed grower. 

You’ll be helping out new growers in the future!

Cannatonic Seeds Review

Cannatonic Seeds

Are you ready?

Let’s get started:

What is Cannatonic Strain?

We all know, that for weed lovers or smokers out there, the feminized strain is much more favorable than any other strain. It is due to the relaxing effect of feminized buds! More precisely, it is the high THC content that makes the consumer “high”.

It is a well-known concept that cannabis is quite helpful in treating many diseases such as insomnia and much more.

According to research, the usual cannabis buds are potent in THC concentration which usually led to a harmful effect if taken regularly or more in quantity. That is why the recreational use of marijuana is prohibited in many countries.

To overcome this unwanted situation in the case of patients, which can be treated with limited cannabis dose without making them “high” a different type of cannabis strain was needed that can help in the medical industry.

In other words, a strain that is more abundant in CBD and less concentrated in THC (which is the reason for the euphoric effect) is required.

This is when breeders played the game well and came along with a strain that is enriched in CBD. 

More precisely, they came up with cannatonic strain!

The best part was that they bred the MK Ultra with the G13 Haze mother strain which resulted in cannatonic seeds!

G13 Haze is enriched in inducing some calming effect and that is why with MK Ultra, the perfect strain was made.

Cannatonic seed strain is abundant in CBD content and less content of THC (which is beneficial for treating patients with sleeping issues) is there, which ultimately helps in treatment and not induces a “high” effect.

Cannatonic Seed – History

Let’s not dig out the ancient history of it and let me explain to you through a quick overview:

In Spain, Resin Seeds bank which is known for breeding cannabis strains has bred MK Ultra female with G13 Haze male plant resulting in a strain that is highly potent in CBD – Cannatonic seeds!

Moreover, a cannabis strain that is enriched in CBD is required that can produce therapeutic effects in treating patients, which is now invented by the Spain breeders.

The best part of breeding these mother plants is that both are balanced with the CBD and THC concentration which makes it a perfect seed strain to use in treatment.

Cannatonic Seed – Overview

Dominant – CBD

Best for – Treatment for psychological illness and CBD enrich purposes!

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Growing time – 4-5 months

Flowering time – 2-3 months

Best planting month – April last – May

Best harvesting month – October – till last of the month (Dependent on planting time)

Best environment conditions – Dry conditions, less humid, and temperature around 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Yield – 300g to 400g (Depend on growing technique and space)

Let’s check out some pros and cons:


  1. One of the best CBD potent strains.
  2. Best for the medical industry treating psychological illness.
  3. Best calming and relaxing effects without making consumers “high”.
  4. More yield in less growing time.
  5. High CBD and less THC.


  1. Red eyes and a dry mouth.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Cannatonic seeds that you want to grow in your garden.

Moreover, the disadvantages are totally negligible when you’ll count the benefits.

How Much CBD And THC Content There?

Making a hybrid cannabis strain has a specific purpose to achieve. 

For example, for recreational purposes, more THC content is needed to induce a greater euphoric effect. 

Similarly, as said earlier, with Cannatonic strain, the purpose is to achieve more CBD concentration with lesser THC amount, therefore, Cannatonic strain is perfectly balanced in such amount:

It has 6 to 17% of CBD concentration and 6 to 8% of THC amount. 

Now, the point is that a little amount of THC may induce some of its effects. Well, it is true but that little amount of THC has a very nominal effect and the focused part is CBD which is known for calming effects instead of making consumers “high”. Therefore, the CBD concentration will apply its effects greater than the THC and hence the effect of a lesser concentration will be nominal or non-harmful.

Growing Overview – Cannatonic Seed

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner grower or an expert cultivator, you definitely need a pro-growing guide that can help you in achieving more yields with your seed.

Well, with the cannatonic seeds, you’ll have to be focused more on their environmental conditions. (I’ll tell you why)

Moreover, if you are a new grower then the growing difficulty may seem you from moderate to tough. For experienced cultivators, there’s a moderate difficulty that you may face while growing cannatonic seeds in your garden.

Well, from my experience, if you know to grow seeds in the right way, then there’s nothing difficult to have more buds!

However, a quick and detailed guide is here to avoid any kind of mistakes while growing cannatonic seeds and also to help you in achieving a greater yield in your given time.

What Are The Best Environment Conditions To Grow Cannatonic Seeds?

This is the question that may come to your mind every time you went out to grow any cannabis seeds.


Well, in the case of cannatonic seeds, there are some certain conditions, which you’ll follow and if maintained well then you’ll be the king of cannatonic buds in your garden!

#1. Temperature

The most important growth factor!

Cannatonic seeds love the warmth and that is why it becomes successful buying cannabis seeds in Spain. (As the environment out there is mostly sunny and it’s quite beneficial to grow such seeds.)

What about other areas?

You may think of what to do when the environmental conditions are not that warm?

Don’t worry!

If you are a cannabis growing enthusiast then there are many growing kits or environment maintaining tents that can help you in the case of indoor gardening.

In the case of outdoor gardening, then it is not required to maintain the perfect weather like in Spain. You can maintain a range of conditions that can also help you in achieving more yields in your garden.

The optimal temperature requires to grow Cannatonic seeds perfectly is 65 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature falls then you can maintain it through a heater which you can get online before beginning your growing journey.

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Similarly, if the temperature goes beyond the given range then it is essential to make it down in between the range as it can delay your seed growth, which can ultimately lead to an increase in wait time for buds!

As the temperature is the most important factor to grow seeds, therefore, you need to maintain it anyway. Make sure to prepare for the temperature variation in your region to avoid any issues.

#2. Humidity

The second most important factor is that can build or ruin your hard work and time.

Cannatonic seeds love dry conditions and hence less humidity is required while growing them in your garden.

That is why the best month is May – June to begin your growing journey with cannatonic seeds. With this timeline, your plants will be able to give you cannabis buds within October or the end of the month. 

The harvesting time also depends on the followed right growing technique.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the humidity level should be maintained well just like the temperature. As humidity, more than 50% can lead to unwanted changes in plants and delays in vegetative states. 

#3. Maintenance of plants

With temperature and humidity, you have to regularly keep an eye on the other environmental conditions of your growing garden.

Such as the lighting schedule too!

As more dryness is required, therefore, for indoor growers, the 12/12 lighting schedule is perfect. 

When it comes to outdoor growers then the lighting is dependent on the sun and hence, you can opt for growing in summers. As in such a climate, temperature and humidity can be maintained well.

To avoid any kind of delay in a vegetative state and ultimately in harvest time, the temperature range should be maintained well with less humidity in the air. 

To reduce humidity, you can even go with an oscillating fan or with any kind of dehumidifier. 

Moreover, regular maintenance of plants through pruning can also help to grow much faster in given environmental conditions.

Overall, these are some environmental conditions that can help you in growing Cannatonic seeds much faster within your region. However, these are some growing facts too from which you can maintain the same, unlike climate conditions to grow and have Cannatonic buds.

What is The Flowering Time Of Cannatonic Seeds And What is The Average Time For the Plant To Grow Completely?

These are the same questions as previous ones that came into every grower’s mind!

Well, Cannatonic seeds are more likely to depend on climate to grow. Therefore, the flowering time can be dependent as you keep them in optimal environmental conditions. 

However, the ideal flowering time of Cannatonic seeds is around 9  to 12 weeks of the plantation.

Moreover, if the growing conditions are well maintained then they can take averagely take up to 10 weeks to flower. 

The average time that a Cannatonic seed plant takes to grow completely and can give you buds is around 4.5 to 5 months.

If you followed the right growing conditions then you can even expect earlier growth of the plants. 

For example, if you plant your seeds in earlier May and maintained optimal conditions then within earlier October, you are ready to harvest. 

Similarly, the delay in harvest can depend on the climate conditions you give to your garden.

Protection From Mold Ans Mildew

Protecting your plants from getting damaged is also a necessary part of maintaining environmental conditions.

While growing cannatonic in your garden, either you have to maintain climate conditions nearly perfect or you have to keep an eye on the plants strictly during the flowering and vegetative state. Even after that too! Until you don’t get your buds in your hand!

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This is all due to less resistance of the cannatonic plants to mold and mildews. These plants can be damaged via these mildews. Therefore, you have to keep an eye regularly on the plants. 

That is why here comes the humidity level and airflow in the play.

To maintain humidity, you should take the help of dehumidifiers or oscillating fans as said earlier. 

Even there’s a technique in pruning which is known as the lollipop way. In such a technique, you can trim the lowest ¼ of the plant of all leaves and branches which will increase the airflow.

With enhanced airflow in your plants, there will be very little chance of mildews or molds taking place. 

This will ultimately lead you to a high yield. This is what a grower needs finally after putting in a lot of affording.

Yield And Size Of Plants

When you grow the Cannatonic seeds, you can expect 4.5-5 months of patience. 

However, these 5 months of your hard work and money will pay you in the end!

The average yield from Cannatonic seeds is around 400-500 g/m square. 

For indoor growers, you can expect from 450g to 500g of buds per one meter square area, when the plant size can go up to 5 to 6’ upwards. Therefore, it covers less space and maintenance is easy as compared to larger-scale gardening. 

However, in outdoor gardening, you can expect around 350g to 400g per plant, whereas the height of the plant may range from 5-6’ feet and even more to that. Ultimately, outdoor gardening of Cannatonic seed can be converted into a tree!

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Cannatonic Seeds?

From the best medical cannabis seeds, it is said that Cannatonic seeds are focused on being developed for treating people with some psychological issues.

If I talk more precisely, then the content of the cannatonic plant has a great calming effect on the consumer. 

This CBD dominant plant has caryophyllene that helps in getting over inflammation and pain while the other concentration of myrcene and pinene helps in calming and relaxing your mood respectively.

Moreover, this can help treat many diseases such as :

  • Insomnia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Seizures
  • Addiction
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma

And much more!

Well, from here, we can say that the purpose of developing a hybrid cannabis plant that actually helps in treatment can be worth it.

Is There Any Side Effect Of it?

Well, if anything is taken in excessive quantity then that can lead to harmful effects on the human body.

However, in the medical field, it is used for treating patients, and therefore, no personal use is allowed, and hence, it has nothing like a side effect and totally beneficial when given in doses to the patients.

Even when used personally, the effect of this strain is not that much “high” as this is a CBD dominant seed and therefore, THC concentration is quite less which results in euphoric effects.

As a result, this seed strain has more positive results. 

However, dry mouth and red eyes are some of the disadvantages of Cannatonic seed strain which are negligible as compared to the benefits getting from it.

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Cannatonic Seeds: Final Words

This Cannatonic seeds review in 2023 is totally positive. Thanks to the breeders that developed an amazing seed that is enriched in CBD. 

Even that is why due to the abundance of CBD content it is proving beneficial in the medical field of treating patients. 

Growing and having Cannatonic seeds at your home has nothing disadvantages but excellent benefits. Dry mouth and red eyes are some of the consuming symptoms that you may observe.

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