Charlotte’s Web Seeds Review 2023

Charlotte’s Web Seeds are a revolutionary change in the marijuana world! 

Here is why:

As you will roam around the stock of some reputed seed banks either online or offline then you will be getting there those seed strains that contain mainly higher THC levels. (THC is the responsible cannabinoid for getting high). Seed strains with higher THC levels are quite used for recreational purposes. However, it is well-known to the users and even cannabis experts that cannabis can be used more than just getting high.

Charlotte’s Web Seeds – Overview

Charlotte's Web Seeds

With that said, there is the main field that comes under the use of marijuana is the medical field. Marijuana has been a potent genetical plant that can be used to treat some medical symptoms. Even in some serious cases, these herbs are quite effective. 

However, it is also to be considered that cannabis strain which has higher CBD levels and low THC content, that can only be prescribed as a treating agent in some diseases. 

Due to the high demand for the higher CBD strains in the medical field, the supply was not sufficient a few years back. Somehow, there has been an incredible change that made CBD strains exist in every seed store’s closet. This change also resulted in giving the world a whole new CBD dedicated weed strain – Charlotte’s Web.

Let’s find out the real story behind Charlotte’s Web seeds and also get to know where you can buy them online:

History of the Strain

The history of Charlotte’s Web Seeds is quite interesting. The Stanley Brothers (From Colorado) were one of the legendary breeders that introduced the world to a whole new strain that can fetch intense CBD concentration in its genetics and can also help in the treatment of some medical symptoms.

Long story short, it happened in 2011. Stanley Brothers were seeking to breed a strain that contains low THC and sky-level CBD so that they can help in the existence of CBD strains. After a lot of hard work, they got succeeded. It was introduced as Hippie’s Disappointment. 

Well, in the earlier phase of development they didn’t get that much recognition as the strain was low in THC concentration. That means it was not meant for the people who were looking for psychoactive dominant strains that contain higher THC cannabinoids. 

However, the strain attracted the cannabis connoisseurs of the medical field when Charlotte Figi (An American girl) got helped a lot from Hippie’s Disappointment. Charlotte Figi was suffering from Dravet Syndrome from the age of 5. 

Somehow, later on, she got her hands-on Hippie’s Disappointment CBD Oil and it treated her disease almost. It worked as a honeydew for her!

It was the time when medical cannabis expert’s eyes caught the strain of the Stanley Brothers. The girl’s story got so famous that the strain was named after her – Charlotte’s Web!

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The story got featured on many reputed media platforms in 2013-2014. From then on, Charlotte’s Web Seeds got its name as one of the medical marijuana strains. It was obvious as well due to dominant CBD levels and lowest THC concentration that couldn’t induce psychoactive effects. Instead can help in treating various medical symptoms.

So, after all the past stories, finally, medical marijuana enthusiasts can buy Charlotte’s Web seeds in 2020!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Charlotte’s Web Seeds

Buying Charlotte’s Web seeds online is not easy as there have been very few seed banks that offer the original quality of seeds. Well, before heading to that portion, first cover the outcomes of this strain:


  • Incredible CBD level.
  • Best medical marijuana seeds.
  • One of the potential strains.
  • Non-psychoactive.
  • High CBD levels.


  1. Moderate difficult to grow.

Charlotte’s Web seeds are quite helpful in treating some medical symptoms, which we will be discussing later. However, if you are looking for the best medical weed strain then look no further than Charlotte’s Web Seeds!

Strain Information

As Charlotte’s Web Seeds are new to some of the marijuana growers. Let’s cover first the unique properties that this strain has:


Having a medical weed plant doesn’t mean that the garden cannot be attractive. This has been proved by Charlotte’s Web Seeds. The plants are eye-catchy with greener herby leaves. As the strain has a higher CBD concentration, mostly the plant’s appearance is like a green herb plant. However, the beautiful with a little dense, resinous bud will make every single second worth that you will put in growing Charlotte’s Web seeds!


This is the factor for growers who grow in different conditions i.e. indoor or outdoor. However, Charlotte’s Web strain is 60% Sativa dominant and 40% Indica, therefore, the plant height is moderately tall although it is Sativa dominant.

Well, this is the usual property of Sativa dominant strains that they generate taller plants but somehow, this stain will not bother you much if you are thinking to grow indoor. The plant height is manageable via different techniques as well.

If you will leave Charlotte’s Web seeds to grow under the sky then you will be amazed by the potential of the plants to grow immense buds. 


As said earlier, Charlotte’s web seeds are dominant in CBD concentration. This strain contains a higher CBD level of up to 19%. Yes! It is not THC content that you usually read in psychoactive strain’s review. 

This incredible level of CBD concentration is capable to produce medicinal effects. Thanks to CBD dominant genetics. As THC concentration is quite low (around 0.5%) therefore, it doesn’t induce the psychoactive effects that are usually the main effect of other strains (THC rich). 

For the people who are seeking its unique aroma and taste which is due to the enriched terpene profile in the strain, then it will be quite average comparatively. Charlotte’s Web seeds are more likely to be a medicinal plant, therefore, there has not been any specific aroma and taste rather than medicinal experience. 


As the strain contains dominant CBD levels, therefore, the effects are also quite similar to that. Before heading to the main effects let it be clear that Charlotte’s web seeds do not induce psychoactive effects. Hence, you can not expect this strain to make you high!

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The effects of this strain are non-psychoactive, creative, euphoric, and ultimately relaxing. Once you will intake this medicinal herb, you will be feeling the ultimate relaxation without getting high. That is why Charlotte’s Web seeds are one of the most popular medicinal weed strains ever produced!

Medicinal properties

Inducing higher CBD levels to help treat some medical symptoms has been one of the reasons for developing Charlotte’s Web seeds. Even there has been clear evidence that it helped in treating symptoms of Charlotte (that American girl). 

Here are some diseases in which this strain has been proved helpful:

  • Seizures – In the case of Charlotte, she was suffering from seizures which she got the ultimate benefit from CBD oil. Therefore, in treating the seizure symptoms, Charlotte’s web strain can be quite helpful.
  • Anxiety and Chronic Pain – The effects of this strain are relaxing and calming instead of high, therefore, it helps in avoiding anxious thoughts from the mind. Even this strain has helped treat chronic pain.
  • Depression and Cancer – Even in some serious medical conditions, this medical marijuana strain has been helpful. In avoiding negative thoughts from the mind and in recovering from the therapeutic process in Cancer, Charlotte’s web strain has been found effective.
  • PTSD and much more.

Considering the medicinal properties of the strain, there has been a huge demand for Charlotte’s web seeds. The main benefit of this strain has been seen in the medical field treating various symptoms. However, getting real Charlotte’s Web seeds online is quite tough!

How to Grow Charlotte’s Web Seeds for the Highest Output?

Growing marijuana seeds for getting higher outputs isn’t that easy. Especially when you are new to the cultivation field. Apart from this, even if you are an experienced grower and you are going to cultivate a new strain that has different genetics then you must be aware of certain things that might affect the growth of the strain.

As Charlotte’s Web seeds are CBD dominant, therefore, you have to keep an eye on the growing conditions that you will be providing to your seeds. Apart from this, there have been more factors to consider while growing Charlotte’s Web seeds indoor or outdoor.

Let’s check them out:

Grow difficulty

One of the essential factors before heading to the growing field for putting your seeds into the soil is checking the growing difficulty of the strain. Whether it is suitable for your growing skills or not. Well, Charlotte’s Web seeds are moderately easy to grow. That means one must have to keep the climate conditions right while protecting plants from other diseases instead of becoming careless for your garden. That is why for beginner cultivators, the growth difficulty has been categorized as moderate for this strain.

Required climate conditions

Giving the right climate conditions to your garden enhances the chances of getting the highest output from it. For Charlotte’s Web seeds, required climate conditions are similar to that Mediterranean climate. That means a little warmer with less humid environment conditions, you are good to go for cultivating it in the growing area. 

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The required temperature range for growing Charlotte’s Web seeds is around 65 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from this, the RH level should be less than 50%. Around 40% is believed to be a better RH level for this strain. 

Overall, make sure that you give the right growing conditions to your garden and care for them during the vegetative state. Once your garden grows well in the given conditions then be ready to get beautiful buds after that!


Charlotte’s Web seeds are potent enough to produce a decent yield. However, the yield is average comparing to the THC enrich strains. For indoor growers, the maximum output can be around 350 to 400g of yield while the outdoor growers can get more around 450g per plant. 

Well, the buds of Charlotte’s Web seeds are capable to show their strong effects in minimum quantity. Therefore, the yield is enough for an individual to experience all the pleasure of high CBD genetics. 

Flowering period

One of the best parts of Charlotte’s Web seeds is that it flowers rapidly. Considering the usual Sativa dominant strains, Charlotte’s Web strain is quite rapid to give results. The average flowering time of this strain is around 9 to 10 weeks.

Indoor growers can expect a decent harvest up to the end of September whereas the outdoor growers can stretch up to October. Overall, the strain has a good flowering time for the cultivators who want early results. Well, it is always recommended to regularly check the plants and observe their behavior if they are completely ready for harvesting. 

Plant resistivity

Another thing that you will love the most about Charlotte’s Web seeds is that it is moderately resistant to the common fungi and plant diseases. Therefore, it can help reduce your stress in caring for your garden while in a vegetative state or later. 

Overall, we recommend you not to take the risk of whether the plant can defend itself from some diseases. Always make sure to put the maximum effort into caring for your plants as you will not want to get a below-average harvest after a lot of hard work.

What’s Our Opinion?

Charlotte’s Web seeds are dedicated to medical patients who need therapeutic results from one of the marijuana genetics. As the strain is enriched in CBD cannabinoids, therefore, it is found helpful in many medical symptoms as discussed above.

Apart from this, as a grower, you will be getting impressive results from the strain while cultivating it indoors or outdoor. Either it is about yield or the plant height, Charlotte’s Web strain is a must to be considered while thinking about the best medical marijuana strain!

Overall, our opinion of this strain is positive for medical weed enthusiasts. However, we expected the yield more but still, it is the best medical strain you can find in any marijuana seed store. Just go ahead and buy these seeds to experience the legendary medical strain!

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