Chemdawg Seeds Review 2023

Are you ready for a roller coaster ride? Chemdawg will make this happen! 

While in search of the most potent weed strains, Chemdawg always makes its place in the list. The reason being the strong genetics and high potency of the strain that makes it stand out from the others. 

That is why most growers prefer to grow Chemdawg weed seeds for having intense weed pleasures. 

If you too are thinking to buy Chemdawg seeds online and grow them then read along to know deeper about this one of the potent strains. As a bonus, a growing guide is there to help you out for making the most out of Chemdawg seeds.

Overview – Chemdawg Seed


If you look for one of the best weed strains to get stronger buds then Chemdawg is preferred mostly to the experienced growers out there. 

The strain has been one of the award-winning and strong genetics that is ideal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, it is believed that the effects of the strain are so strong that it can overwhelm medical patients. 

Therefore, people looking for non-psychoactive effect strain can avoid Chemdawg due to its potency. The strain is expected to grow heavier yield if you show it some skills while growing. 

However, before making the theoretical promises real for Chemdawg seeds, we’ll be digging out every section to know if the strain is the best strain for you!

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Pros & Cons of Chemdawg Seed Strain

Before diving into the strain properties directly, check out the advantages and disadvantages of the strain that will result while growing it.

Let’s find out:


  1. One of the strongest strains.
  2. Ideal medical marijuana.
  3. Intense aroma and taste.
  4. Beautiful plants. 
  5. High yields.
  6. Moderate height plants.
  7. Stronger effects.


  1. Moderate growing difficulty.  

Finally, these are the pros and cons of Chemdawg strain which you will get while attempting to grow this strain.

History of Chemdawg Seed Strain

Like many incredible strains out there, Chemdawg has its unrevealed and secret history!

Many stories are claiming the origin of the Chemdawg seeds from different genetics but not any of them is completely proved yet. However, mostly cannabis connoisseurs believed that it has the genetics of landrace Thai and Nepalese, which is even mostly breeders claim about Chemdawg strain.

Even with only the clone version of the plant, many breeders out there have developed the best Chemdawg seeds. The strain is Sativa dominant strain and therefore, you can expect the strain to produce plants with more height than usual strains. 

As the strain is Sativa dominant, the properties of the strain are more likely to be medicinal. However, the strong effects of the strain refer to both medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts. 

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Overall, the history of the Chemdawg strain is not that much available. However, the best part is that a potent strain was developed and is now known as Chemdawg, which is more likely to be the point of attraction for weed growers. 

Properties of Chemdawg Strain

Before heading to the growing tips, let’s have a look over the properties of the strain which will make you more aware of its potential and other factors which one must know as a weed grower.


The appearance of any weed plant makes it distinct from the other strains. Chemdawg strain is eye-catchy and has a beautiful appearance to appreciate. The buds on Chemdawg plants are surrounded by the green and orange hues of trichomes and leaves. 

Flowers of the Chemdawg will make you stick for more time. Ultimately, if you grow Chemdawg in your garden it is sure that your friends and neighbors will be jealous of you!

Overall, the plants of the Chemdawg strain are beautiful and have a colorful mixed appearance which makes it a strain that catches every weed lover’s eyes.


The height factor is the reason that prefers weed growers grow it either indoor or outdoor. Well, with Chemdawg strain, you are sure to be rewarded with beautiful buds both indoors and outdoors.

However, as the strain is Sativa dominant, you can expect it to grab a tall height. That means if you grow Chemdawg seeds outdoor then they can reach as tall as 7’ and therefore, it results in more buds. Therefore, it is recommended that if you grow Chemdawg seeds outdoor, you can leave the strain to grab as much space as it can be a cannabis tree, which ultimately makes you weed-rich!

While for the indoor growers, it is recommended to grow Chemdawg seeds with the ScrOG technique as it will make the most out of the strain. 

However, for the indoor growers, when space is the concern then you can opt for LST, trimming, and other skills to adjust your garden accordingly to the limited space. 

Overall, the strain has Sativa genetics, making sure your plants take a good height to result in heavier yield. Therefore, while attempting to grow Chemdawg seeds be ready to deal with taller plants. 


Chemdawg produces as high THC as 26%. Yes! You read it right.

The ultimate higher level of THC allows this strain to be one of the strongest strains in the market. As a weed grower, Cannabinoids are the reasons for growing weed for specific purposes. And higher THC means, intense the effects will be. That is why considering the potency and strong genes of Chemdawg, mostly weed growers prefer it. 

Apart from the intense THC levels, the strain has a pungent and lemon aroma with a mouth-watering taste. The reason for it is the dominant terpenes that have been found in Chemdawg.

  1. Caryophyllene
  2. Myrcene
  3. Limonene

That means while considering the cannabinoids and terpene profile, the strain is enriched in both properties, which is the main reason for its popularity among the weed growers out there. 

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One of the major factors for deciding any weed strain to grow! Well, with higher THC levels you might be thinking about getting couch-locked and knock-out effects but hold on!

Regardless of the strain possesses higher THC levels, it gives you an amazingly uplifting and mood-boosting effect that helps you in focusing better on your work. With happy and creative effects, this strain helps you in avoiding anxious thoughts. That is why this strain is also referred to as one of the potent medical strains as well. 

It is also reported that Chemdawg strain helps in getting sleep earlier and that therefore, it can also help patients facing sleeping issues and insomnia. 

Overall, the effects of Chemdawg strain are creative, focus increasing, relaxing, and calming that eventually make you feel sleepy. That is why the Chemdawg strain is referred to as the strain for both recreational and medicinal purposes due to the intense effects that help out in curing many medical symptoms. 

Medical Properties

Earlier, the Chemdawg seed strain is a potent and stronger weed strain to induce positive effects. Due to its intense effects and potential, the strain helps out to cure many medical symptoms. Let’s check them out:

  • Anxiety and Depression – This strain has intense effects that make you feel happy and relaxed. That means it avoids all the anxious thoughts from your mind and ultimately helps out curing depression too.
  • Chronic Pain – While you will be relaxed after Chemdawg strain, it will repair your body muscles and thus will make you feel better from pain.
  • Inflammation – Chemdawg strain is known for enriching THC and terpenes in which Caryophyllene is responsible to make you feel better from inflammation.  

So, these are the medical symptoms in which the Chemdawg strain helps to cure. With the enriched terpenes and THC, the combination of strong effects with potent genetics, Chemdawg becomes the ideal medical marijuana strain

Overall, this beast strain has all the properties that will make any weed grower opt for growing. Either talking about its strong effects or medical properties, the strain lies far better than any of the strains. 

How to Grow Chemdawg Seeds Effectively in 2023?

Now time to grow Chemdawg seeds! Well, before jumping into the field make sure you have read this guide which will help you out in taking care of things to make the most out of Chemdawg seeds. 

Growing difficulty

Chemdawg seeds are moderately easy to hard for weed growers! That means the strains require some skills and proper attention to result in a decent yield. However, for the indoor growers, it is recommended to opt for the ScrOG technique as it will be a more ideal technique for this strain to get an excellent yield.

Overall, it is always good to know the growing difficulty before making your hands dirty for weed strain as it will help out in making the strain more beneficial for you. 

Required growing conditions

For making the most out of any strain, one must maintain excellent growing conditions then the chances will be increased for the strain to result in more buds. 

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For Chemdawg seeds, the Mediterranean climate is more preferred due to the origin of the strain in a similar climate region. However, the required temperature range is around 65 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and can go down minimum to 50 degrees and maximum to 90 degrees.

However, it is always recommended to you that make sure to keep the temperature in the required range for the good health of your plants.

Flowering period

If you don’t love a longer flowering period then you will love the Chemdawg seed strain as it flowers within a short time as just 7 weeks. However, it is also seen that the strain can time as long as 11 weeks if you don’t keep the optimum growing conditions. 

For indoor growers, the strain flowers within a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 7 weeks but for the outdoor growers, it can be a little longer according to the climate. However, it is expected that the plants will be ready to harvest in October.

Overall, the flowering period of the Chemdawg strain is short unlike most of the weed strains. However, for making it your most beneficial strain you have to put effort and keep the patient as well.


Result time? Don’t worry, Chemdawg will make your weed rich! 

The average yield of the Chemdawg strain is around 500 to 600g per meter square. However, it is also expected that the strain can produce as high as 800g of yield, which is amazing. 

Even outdoor cultivators get the same yield with the right growing conditions. Therefore, considering the yield factor, you will not be disappointed by the Chemdawg strain.

Plant resistivity

If the plant is resistant to molds and mildew, your effort as a grower reduces to some extent. However, the Chemdawg strain is not resistant to molds and mildew. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the growing temperature and humidity within the growing period to prevent unwanted guests over your plant.

Well, it is recommended to keep the RH level below 50% and then you can take more steps as well to keep your garden healthier.

Is There Any Side Effect of Chemdawg Strain?

Anything in excessive amount harms! And so, does this strain!

If you use Chemdawg strain regularly and without any prescription then it can show you some negative effects such as paranoia or even anxiety. However, regular intake can cause dry mouth and red eyes as well.

There is not any direct side effect reported until now but an overdose can cause some negative effects, which you have to take care of it.

Chemdawg Seeds Review: Final Words

Chemdawg is one of the strongest and potent weed strains that allows you to show some growing skills, which ultimately result in heavier yields of buds. Therefore, the 2023 review of Chemdawg seeds is positive and it is recommended to weed growers buy and take their cannabis journey to next level. 

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