Dinafem Seed Bank Review 2023

While attempting to buy cannabis seeds online, you are sure to come across Dinafem seed bank which is one of the reputable seed banks in the online seeds market. 

But before going to buy cannabis seeds from Dinafem.org, you must read our expert review on the Dinafem seed bank.

Without wasting so much time, let’s dive into the Dinafem review.

Dinafem Seed Bank

From Spain to each corner in the world, they claim to make every weed lover happy through their seeds as they sell only top-notch and the best quality weed seeds. Not only theirs but also from the world’s top seed breeders.

Well, let’s dive deep into it and find out whether Dinafem seed bank can be your best seed bank in 2023!

History of Dinafem Seed Bank

Just like many other reputed seed banks, the history of Dinafem belongs to years of research and the struggle of its founder. Before launching the company in 2005, the founder roamed around the world to find out and research over best cannabis strains of that time. 

After years of research, the team finally come up with creating their strains which ultimately led them to get many awards including the ‘Girl of the Year’ award for their legendary strain Moby Dick.

Although the company was started three years back in 2002 as the founder aimed to make this company an empire for weed seeds, he and his team worked hard to make incredible marijuana seeds for the upcoming time. 

Started from Spain, Dinafem got popular around the world as its own created strains got recognition through winning multiple awards. The company got a huge success within these years that even after 15 years it is one of the best options to buy seeds from. The reason being its priority to give top-notch quality seeds to its buyers even after such years. 

Within earlier times, they spread their branches, and now they also import cannabis seeds from the world’s top-class seed breeders and sell them with their own created strains. 

The hard-working team and their aim to make a change in the cannabis world positively led them to be one of the leading weed seed breeders in 2023. 

Overall, the history of the Dinafem seed bank is quite impressive where the company’s founder and team’s hard work led the company into a huge empire of cannabis seeds world, that is why Dinafem seed bank has an overall 7-points rating on seedfinder out of 10.

Seed Selection & Quality

Doesn’t matter how old the company is or how much the hard work team has done, the actual quality is seen only when the product of the company is appreciable even after many years. 

Well, Dinfem stands on it excellently!

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Dinafem’s motto is to provide the best quality seeds forever, and therefore, they only have a stock of seed strains that can make the most out of it and can make you weed-rich! 

That is why they have a limited stock of seeds unlike many other seed banks which show you the largest collection of seed strains but the quality will be the poorest! 

As Dinafem believes in quality over quantity, therefore, you will be able to find their strains in limited stock. However, they have contact with top-class weed seed breeders including Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, and Barney’s Farm. Therefore, you will be able to see more seed strains of the best quality on their official website.

They have well categorized their stock in feminized, auto flower, and CBD collections in which you can find their top strain and easy-to-grow seeds, from which you can make the most out of it in your garden.

Overall, Dinafem has the quality stock of the latest seed strains and they import only top-notch seeds that have the highest germination rate and can produce heavier yields. Therefore, to begin your cannabis journey in the best way, Dinafem helps the most!

Price & Payment Options

If you have even just 11 Euros, you will be able to buy seeds from Dinafem! 

Dinafem seed bank has the best quality seeds available at very affordable rates. That allows them to reach out to every weed grower in the world. Especially to those weed growers who are just beginning their journey and want to play their game safe!

With just starting from 11 Euros, they become one of the cheapest marijuana seed sellers in the online market yet the quality of the seeds is far better than most the novice seed banks.

The price at the Dinafem is quite affordable which makes it easily accessible to novice weed growers. However, the expert cultivators, have priced their premium quality seeds reasonably, which is rarely seen in an online store.

Once you are ready with your favorite seeds, they give you ample payment options to place your order. One of the best parts about their payment options is that they offer the ‘COD’ (Cash on Delivery) option to the local orders of its hometown. That means if you are ordering from Spain you are eligible to choose the pay on delivery option as cash from their website. However, some of the other regions where they accept this payment way are France, Italy, Portugal, and Germany. 

Well, it is very rare to see an online seed bank offering a cash delivery option. 

Apart from this, you can pay them via bank transfer and credit or debit cards. Even they accept bitcoin as a payment method. You just have to select the required payment option from the drop-down menu and it will redirect to that page. 

However, Dinafem doesn’t accept PayPal(Check: seed banks that accept PayPal)which should be available for enhanced security. It is expected from Dinafem that they will make this payment option available soon. 

Shipping & Delivery

Dinafem ships worldwide and makes sure that you got your seeds in your hands. They offer you guaranteed delivery as well. Dinafem understands your love for weed and therefore, they make sure with their package that they don’t get stuck by the cops or any authorities. 

Once you ordered your seeds, they will ship within 24/72 hours of working days and deliver your order quickly within Spain. However, European regions can take the time of up to 72/96 hours of working days to ship and deliver your order whereas the outside orders of European countries can take time up to 15 to 30 days to deliver your seeds.

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It is to be mentioned here that Dinafem doesn’t ship to the regions where weed is not legal and therefore, make sure that your location is legally allowed to deal with the weed seeds from Dinafem.

Overall, the shipping and delivery time of the Dinafem is quick for the local regions however, for international orders it takes an average time while they make sure that your seeds will reach out to you with guaranteed delivery. 

Customer Service

One of the major factors affecting the reputation of online shops! Thanks to the Dinafem team that is always eager to help their buyers out in case of any trouble. 

They have given their contact numbers from where you can reach out to their customer service executives in case of any issues regarding the order. Apart from this, you can also drop them an e-mail, in which they will hear you out as quickly as possible.

Dinafem believes in delivering quality services and therefore, they provide you hassle-free contact with them. Even in many cases of issues regarding orders, they re-shipped the new package of seeds without asking any question which shows their care towards their buyers. 

Overall, if you are thinking to buy seeds from Dinafem then you are sure to get hassle-free services. Whereas the quality of the seeds will be unmatchable!

Website Review


Official website: https://www.dinafem.org/en/

The official website of Dinafem is well-organized and filled with useful information. They gave you an easily accessible search bar option to search out your seeds quickly. 

While they have listed their latest stock of seeds on the homepage of the website where you will be able to get the coverage of the trending weed seeds. 

They have well categorized their feminized, autoflower, and CBD strains from where you will be directly heading out to the strains of a particular variety. 

Apart from this, they have loaded their site beautifully with very informative blogs that help growers to make the most out of their strains. You will be able to get the articles at the bottom of their site.

Overall, the website of the Dinafem is quite eye-catchy and filled with information. The stock of the company is well listed and categorized. One of the best parts of their website is that it is available in different languages as well such as Spanish, Italian, and others apart from English.

Dinafem Seed bank has 4-star user ratings & over 100 reviews on Trustpilot.

Returns at Dinafem

Dinafem never gives chance to complain! They ship you the right seeds in well-packed discreet boxes to make it reach out to you soon. However, if somehow, you want to replace your order with the new seeds from their stock then too, Dinafem will not bother you. 

It gives you a hassle-free return service as well.

From the day of received receipt of your order to the 7 upcoming days, you will be able to return the package whereas the procedure should be followed properly. 

They allow you to drop them an e-mail regarding the same at pedidos@dinafem.org and their customer service executives will reach you out soon as they got your message. 

However, before returning the product make sure you didn’t have used or opened the package. 

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Once they received your order, they will hear further accordingly. 

Overall, at Dinafem, the services including shipping to return are hassle-free and very responsive. If you are buying seeds from Dinafem just don’t worry about any kind of issues. They will get your issue solved quickly.

Offers & Discounts

As said earlier, Dinafem offers you quality seeds at very affordable rates and their seed range starts from just $11. 

Therefore, it is the place to buy marijuana seeds at the cheapest rates yet the seeds result in higher yields. 

Dinafem right now doesn’t offer directly any free seeds or promotions as they already offer the best quality seeds at lower price ranges. However, you can get coupon codes from the internet and can apply to get some decent discounts as well. 

Considering the quality of the seeds, they are already one of the top cheapest marijuana seed sellers, and therefore, they don’t run any promotional offers to grab the buyers as they already know this place for getting quality seeds instead of unworthy seeds at the cheapest rates. 

Some FAQs About Dinafem

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Dinafem which will help you out to know this company better. 

#1. Is Dinafem seed bank legit?

Yes! It is a 100% legit seed bank that is known for quality seeds. 

#2. Where is Dinafem located?

It is located in Spain.

#3. Is the packaging of my seeds discreet from Dinafem?

Yes! Dinafem ships your seeds in a brown envelope in a discreet manner without any sign of the content. 

#4. What is the average shipping time in Spain?

They ship within 24/72 hours of working days for the orders in Spain.

#5. What is the average shipping time in European regions?

The average time of shipping from Dinafem in European regions is around 72/96 hours of working days. 

#6. How much time does it take to deliver international orders?

The average time Dinafem takes to deliver international orders is around 15-30 working days.

#7. How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via bank transfer, Credit card, and bitcoin as well. However, payment with bitcoin was neither returned nor modified. 

#8. Can I claim non-germinated seeds?

Yes! You can claim for the seeds which do not germinate along the period of three months from the date of received receipt of order.

#9. Can I return my seeds for replacement?

Yes! You can return your seeds for replacement from Dinafem seed bank and therefore, you need to follow the procedure via contacting them. Make sure to be eligible within just 7 days of the received the order and receipt. 

#10. How can I germinate cannabis seeds effectively?

To germinate any cannabis seeds effectively make sure to give them an appropriate growing environment which is the main reason for cannabis seeds to grow. Apart from this, you can opt for different techniques as well accordingly your seed strain.

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Dinafem Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Till here, now, you must be 100% sure about Dinafem Seed bank whether it can be your seed bank to buy seeds this time. However, from our side, it will be one of your best choices.

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