Dutch Seeds Shop Reviews 2023

Buying seeds online seems tricky for new buyers! and it is hard to find trusted and reputed seed banks.

Isn’t it?

Well, when I was too a new cannabis grower who looks at every seed bank for his favorite seeds and some quality services with a high germination rate, it seemed quite tough work at that time.

However, in a span of time, I learned how can I choose the best seed bank for me.

Well, with my experience, I found if any new buyer is roaming around the web to buy seeds then if he or she doesn’t have proper guidance on how to look over a legit seed bank he or she may end up buying seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds Shop!

Is it good or bad?

Well, I’ll let you decide but before that, we’ll have a journey through this worst cum scam seed bank that has to be ignored while buying seeds online.

Dutch Seeds Shop – Overview

Dutch Seeds Shop

Official Website: https://dutchseedsshop.com/

Originated from the Netherlands, Dutch Seeds Shop claims to be founded in 1998. If anyone wants to know more about this company then there’s nothing!

As the company itself hides its history from the customers. 

Moreover, Dutch Seeds Shop has been the worst company to buy seeds from. This is due to their late shipment, irresponsible customer service, and more than the market price rate on their seeds.

Well, these are the symptoms of a scam!

However, before approving that, we’ll go a little deeper into that seed bank that claims to be in the market for many years.

Mostly, the Best online seed banks are known for their quality services, premium seeds, and great shipments but this is not with the Dutch Seeds Shop!

They are more known for very late delivery of orders, customer service to be worst, misbehaving with the buyers, and even the poorest quality of seeds that reach out to growers just in case.

Well, let’s dig out some more and see if Dutch Seeds Shop is really a scam?

Seeds Quality and Quantity at Dutch Seeds Shop

A seed bank is known for its seeds, the same as the Dutch Seeds Shop but in a different way!

Either they don’t have seeds or they just pretend to be a seed bank. 

Only 2 out of 10 buyers get their order and even those who received their top-quality seeds, feel regret as they die even before flowering time.

Moreover, when it comes to seed collection, they are either lying or just wanted to win the faith of the visitors by showing just numbers.

The collection of seeds decreases from 200 to just 30 strains at different corners as on their site. On the front banner of their site, they claim to have 200 seed strains, and then at different places as you check, it goes down to 30. 

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Well, an online seed shop should provide the right information about its stock, and even if it is not that much then too, they shouldn’t pretend to have more!

Basically, they lose the faith of buyers in case of having a better seed collection.

Moreover, they don’t have such seeds that can make them be a choice of a cannabis grower. 

They have just simple quality seeds. The worst part is that they have categorized the same strain into different categories such as Autoflowering and feminized.

For those, who found themselves lucky as they received the order from Dutch Seeds Shop, they too didn’t get the ultimate result. 

Their seeds die even before the flowering time and those seeds somehow survive, they just can’t produce enough buds.

However, as a grower, the ultimate benefit is expected from the buds that grow but even with that too, Dutch Seeds Shop didn’t perform well.

Moreover, the seed shop claims to give an 85% germination rate but in fact, it lies much below that.

Overall, their seed quality is so poor that it will not be recommended to anyone. Moreover, their seed collection is far better than the quality but does not even compete with the other low-grade seed banks.

Customer Service at Dutch Seeds Shop

 Well, this is the point where most of the online seed banks lose their good points. 

However, the Dutch Seeds Shop, they are worst with the customers. 

Their customer service executives are late to no response when it comes to solving a query. Moreover, their aggressive behavior shows their actual frustrating condition. 

Once your order and if you somehow mail them to know your order status then they just call you to “wait for some time” until your order didn’t pass months.

Moreover, the late response from their side makes another hassling thing to deal with. Even if you somehow, got their attention, they behave so rudely that you decide to cancel your order which they manage to escape from it by claiming about your order to be shipped to your nearest hub!

With one of their buyers, their customer service executives claim to refund back, which he waited months for getting it. Even after months of claim, he didn’t get any satisfactory response regarding this.

Overall, when it comes to having any help from them, then they will give you the worst experience. Moreover, even if you just want to know about your order status then it is good to avoid it as you’ll not get any satisfactory reply from their side.

Other Buyer’s Reviews

When it comes to buying anything online, we always prefer to look over other buyers opinions so that we can be 100% sure.

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However, the not-so-good experience with Dutch Seeds Shop gets a tick mark when we look over some buyer’s opinions after purchasing them.

Most of them have complained about never getting their seeds. Moreover, they are very late to deliver the order if those lucky buyers received the order.

Even some buyers get seeds from the other seed banks earlier than the Dutch Seeds Shop.

Those who have received their order from DSS got the poorest quality seeds with not-so-good packaging.

Somehow, if the lucky seeds germinate, they don’t reach the flowering state and die before. 

Dutch Seeds Shop also alleged that to overcome negative reviews on some sites, they promote fake positive reviews. They have given fake appreciating reviews of their site and seeds which is actually different from the truth.

Overall, they have not so good reputation in the market and their fake positive reviews don’t make buyers visit their shop.

Therefore, the buyers who already interacted with  Dutch Seeds Shop have recommended not to visit their shop anymore.

Also, check out this user’s response to the Dutch Seeds shop on seedfinder for more clearance.

Payment Options & Price

As said earlier, Dutch Seeds Shop has overpriced their seeds for no reason. They have very few collections which they pretend to have more. 

However, the best products in their stock have the same description that their regular products have. Those have more prices which they didn’t explain rightly.

As on any other seed bank, you’ll be able to look over their premium strain that has something better than their regular seeds but this is not with the case with Dutch Seeds Shop.

Apart from this, Dutch Seeds Shop accepts payment in many ways. They accept western union, cash, credit card, and even the mail.

However, the best way will be a credit card in which you can cancel your payment if you didn’t receive your order, which is usual with DSS.

You are recommended not to pay via mail as they are totally irresponsible with that. Somehow, if you get stuck somewhere then you can’t hope for help from their side.

Well, for cryptocurrency dealers, the Dutch Seeds shop didn’t have this option on their site. It means you cannot pay them through cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

Overall, when it comes to payment then DSS has managed well but for providing quality services then they stay far behind it.

Shipping &Discretion 

At Dutch Seeds Shop, shipping is really bad!

Most of the buyers never received their orders. Those, who have received it somehow, got it after months of payments.

The worst part is that, if a buyer contacts them regarding their order then they didn’t receive any reply.

That actually shows their irresponsible behavior towards customers, which should is really disappointing with a shop that is running online.

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Moreover, the lucky buyers who received their seeds, claim that their seeds were not packed well. However, for the discretion of the order, they appreciate it at some point. 

However, the ultimate goal is to receive a quality seed in good packaging so that it can germinate and produce buds, which the seeds of Dutch Seeds Shop fail most of the time.

Website Design & Accessibility

Dutch Seeds Shop Website

Official Website: https://dutchseedsshop.com/

Well, here Dutch Seeds Shop performs well!

Their website is eye-catching and easy to access their stock. 

However, one thing which is noticeable about their site is they have a lot of errors in form of spelling mistakes and info about their stock at many places, which should be avoided in an online business.

Moreover, in an online store, one cannot take a vendor seriously if that has too many errors.

Apart from that, they have an eye-catching site that is expected to deliver quality seeds but they fail to do so.

The Dutch seeds shop has got 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot.

Discounts & Promotions

To attract the buyers, Dutch Seeds Shop has actually some good deals. Apart from their overpriced seeds, they have some good things to offer to their buyers.

They offer 10 free seeds to their buyers if they purchase something from their site over $100. Well, spending $100 on something that is not worth will totally be a waste but still, it offers 10 free seeds which are appreciable. However, they could shine with this plus point if they provide quality seeds, which actually is expected from them. 

Apart from this, many buyers have also complained that as they receive orders from DSS, they never sent them extra seeds which they claimed before.

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Dutch Seeds Shop Reviews: Final Words

When it comes to buying seeds online, then many things do matter to make a deal. Whether it is about offers, payment ways, or shipping time, the ultimate thing that matters is the seeds you are actually paying. 

However, with Dutch Seeds Shop, you cannot hope for quality seeds neither they have a good or unique seed stock. 

Apart from this, their irresponsible customer service ruins their overall reputation in the market. 

To their overprice seeds, any buyer will find an alternative option their choice. 

Overall, Dutch Seeds Shop is a seed shop that has not have any market reputation to trust. Moreover, the other buyer’s reviews describe well their condition. 

Therefore, people are often refereeing  Dutch Seeds Shop as a scam and hence you are recommended to look elsewhere for your favorite seeds.

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