Fruity Pebbles Seeds(Strain) Review 2023

If you are looking for a Fruity Pebbles seed strain that has been launched a few years back with a limited edition then you are at the right place

As a marijuana enthusiast, you are sure to come across this premium strain somewhere that led you to put the term ‘where to buy fruity pebbles seeds’ over the internet. Finally, to know each property of this premium strain and how to grow it faster and effectively, you came to the right page. 

Fruity Pebbles Seeds – Overview

Fruity Pebbles Seeds

Fruity Pebbles strain is for those who want to try something different from what they have never tried in the marijuana world. This strain can make the user fly to cloud nine whereas it completely relaxes the body. That is why Fruity Pebbles weed’s popularity has been so much among the breeders that it was sold for around $1000-$1500 during the launch. 

Let’s dive deeper into it and find out how this strain can change your journey of marijuana cultivation:

History of the Strain

Fruity Pebbles strain has a prominent history. Cannabis experts believe that it has been developed by Alien Genetics and it was first available in California. However, the history of the strain has much more than this to be explored. 

Alien Genetics has launched Fruity Pebbles OG seeds or FPOG which was a limited-edition pack for the marijuana growers and was sold quite pricey. The reason was the unmatchable seed property that this gene has produced and amazing taste with the aroma of this strain. Properties of this strain we will be discussing later. 

Coming back to its origin then it is believed that this cannabis strain was one of the one-time-offer strains ever, for which growers got mad to buy. This is why the breeders got a high demand for this weed strain. 

Apart from this, the Fruity Pebbles strain was known for its unique taste and aroma, which the cannabis connoisseurs have seen very rare. This is also one of the main factors for making this strain so popular. Whatever happened, this strain was one of the legendary changes in the marijuana world. 

Overall, Fruity Pebbles seed strain or Fruity Pebbles OG seeds are the ones that are capable to make your cannabis journey reach cloud nine just like its effects. Before you get to know anything else, let’s get an idea of the positives and negatives of this strain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Fruity Pebbles Seeds

Let’s have a look over the advantages and disadvantages you can get from having Fruity Pebbles seeds in your garden:


  1. Highly potent strain.
  2. Excellent yield.
  3. Mouth-watering taste and aroma.
  4. Medicinal properties.
  5. Unique strain.
  6. Easy to grow.


  1. Expensive strain.

So, these are the advantages that you can prefer to get the best weed experience from the Fruity Pebbles strain. However, the original Fruity Pebbles seed strain can be a little expensive but once you grow this strain in your garden then you are 100% sure to worth your money and effort.

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Now, find out the unique properties that Fruity Pebbles seeds have and can make you a fan of it:

Seed Information


First thing first, the appearance of the Fruity Pebbles plant is unique as the plants of the strain have a different appearance from the usual marijuana plants. The flowers of the plant are conical-shaped, denser, and hued with a little purple and green combination that will make you stare at the plants for sure. 

Once you got your beautiful Fruity Pebbles plants raised, make sure to hide them from your friends. As they will be jealous of you for the eye-catchy, beautiful cannabis plants that they might not have seen ever.

Overall, we can say that appearance of the Fruity Pebbles seed strain is unique and eye-catchy. You will be amazed by the results of the Fruity Pebbles strain for sure. 


Fruity Pebbles strain grows taller, similar to Sativa strains although Fruity Pebbles strain is Indica dominant. That means if you are growing this strain indoors, make sure to adjust your garden accordingly. As it is expected that the height of the plants can reach up to even 6’. Apart from this, you can use top-cropping, LST, or other techniques as well to increase the productivity of your plants. 

However, if you will be growing Fruity Pebbles strain under the sky then you can expect more amazing results. The reason is strain will get enough space to spread its green beauty and hence you will be gifted with more weed buds. 


Fruity Pebbles strain has enriched cannabinoids in its genetics. Therefore, you will be able to get intense effects from 20% THC cannabinoids that can go up to even 25%. That is why the effects of the strain are quite hard and can make anyone overwhelm. However, CBD levels are as low as 0.2% hence you will be dealing with THC dominant marijuana strain. 


Effects are the main results of marijuana buds and Fruity Pebbles have intense effects. Once you give hold over to Fruity Pebbles, you will be getting a hard hit of euphoria that will make your whole body numb and can fade away all of your stress. 

Therefore, you can also use this strain as a stress-buster at the end of your office or during the weekends. 

Overall, the effects are quite intense and you are sure to have the best weed experience from Fruity Pebbles. 

Medical properties

Thanks to the parent genetics of Fruity Pebbles that led this strain to be one of the helpful strains in some serious medical conditions. 

Here are the medical symptoms that are found to be healed by the Fruity Pebbles:

Insomnia and Stress – If you are feeling stressed at the end of your office then just take a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and escape all the stress. The intense effects will not burst your stress but will also help you to sleep faster. Therefore, in stress and Insomnia, it is helpful.

Depression – To avoid negative thoughts from your mind, Fruity Pebbles gives you immense happiness and calmness that ultimately lead you to overcome the depression. Thanks to the breeders that developed this ultimate solution for such a serious issue. 

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Loss of appetite – In gaining appetite, this strain is quite helpful. 

So, these are the medical properties that have been induced by the strong genetics of Fruity Pebbles. Therefore, not for personal usage but also medicinal purposes, this strain has been quite impactful.

How to Grow Fruity Pebbles Seeds to Get the Most Output?

Are you ready to grow Fruity Pebbles indoors or outdoors? Till here, you must be impressed by the genetic properties of the Fruity Pebbles strain. However, growing Fruity Pebbles strain is easy but you will not like to take the risk to compromise with the yield. Therefore, before heading to cultivate any weed strain there are some growth factors that you must be aware of so that the results can be maximum in your favor. Here are the growing components of the Fruity Pebbles strain that you must know to get the higher output:

Growth difficulties

Before heading to the growing field, it is always recommended to be aware of the difficulties you might come across while cultivating your seeds. Especially for beginners, as they are putting their hands the first time, they must be heading ahead with such seed strain that can result in enough results that their hard work and time will be worth. 

Well, the Fruity Pebbles seed strain is quite easy to grow and perfect for beginner growers. Therefore, anyone with basic growing skills or new to the marijuana cultivation era can make this strain their most beneficial strain.

Required climate conditions

To grow any plant, it is a must that we give it proper growing conditions so that it can reach out maximum growth. This is a basic theory that you must already be aware of. 

However, many of the growers ignore it as cultivation is a long-term process and hence, they get limited results. Well, to maximize your benefits from Fruity Pebbles strain, you need to properly maintain temperature, humidity, and ventilation so that, the plants can grow enough to produce potent weed buds. 

As Fruity Pebbles strain is suitable to be grown indoors and outdoor, therefore, you can cultivate in both conditions so well that it can make the weed rain!

While growing Fruity Pebbles seeds indoors, you can even use around 500-watt HID lighting to provide artificial sunshine. This strain can even perform excellently in that growing area. Apart from this, if you are growing the strain outdoors, then the strain is capable to thrive in such climate areas where it can get half of the day, lighting, and half of the day shade. Therefore, there have not been any specific growth conditions for this strain. Just make the basic growing conditions right and you are good to go!

The ideal range of temperature for Fruity Pebbles seeds is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees. However, along with temperature make sure the humidity level doesn’t exceed 40 to 50%. 

Keep in mind that the temperature should not fall below the minimum limit and also should not exceed the maximum limit. At the same time, make sure to maintain the humid level in the growing area to avoid fungi and mold.

Flowering period

Fruity Pebbles seed strain grows faster and it flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. Well, this strain is quite faster and that is why it is one of the favorite picks by the marijuana cultivators due to the fast finishing of the plants. 

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The harvest time can be expected around September and October. Well, some grow experts also believe that one can even increase the grow time more if the growing conditions are well maintained, and if the plants are grown indoor then one can also prefer hydroponics for more benefits. 


The yield of the Fruity Pebbles strain is always exciting. As this strain results in quite enough buds to enjoy all day, therefore, you can rely on this weed strain for yield for sure. Indoor growers are gifted with buds around 500 grams per square meter while outdoor growers can get more than that around 550g to 600g per plant. 

Plant resistivity

Fruity Pebbles weed strain is highly resistant to molds and common fungi. Therefore, this strain reduces little effort but that never means you can compromise the care of your plants. Well, any irresponsibility of yours can result in a decline in the yield of plants, therefore, be careful and it is better not to take the risk!

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Here are the popular questions that growers ask to know in detail about Fruity Pebbles seed strain. Let’s check them out:

#1. Are Fruity Pebbles strain good for medicinal purposes?

Fruity Pebbles strain has medicinal properties that help in treating different medical symptoms. Therefore, it can be used for specific medical diseases only after a physician’s prescription.

#2. What is the smell of Fruity Pebbles strain?

Fruity Pebbles strain smells quite similar to a combination of berries and citrus fruit. From the name itself, you can get an idea of the outcome of the strain. 

#3. Which awards have Fruity Pebbles won?

1st Best Smell – 2017 Dope Cup Awards Seattle, Washington, 1st Hybrid Concentration – 2019, and much more.

#4. Which strain will be the best for beginner growers?

There are a lot of options to start with but if you are looking for something moderately strong to make your weed experience best then 100% you can look for Fruity Pebbles seeds.

#5. Where can I buy Fruity Pebbles seed strain?

Getting original Fruity Pebbles seed strain is difficult, however, from the top seedbanks listed here you can definitely go for buying them.

Finally, you are aware of what are the outcomes of growing Fruity Pebbles seed strain. Once you will grow it, you are sure to grow it again!

What’s Our Opinion?

Fruity Pebbles is one of the best weed strains in the marijuana world to start your day either in the marijuana world or in your office! The strain is quite potent and has won multiple awards in different marijuana competitions.  

Apart from this, the strain has medical properties that not only help in treating some medical symptoms but also helps to get positive results from it. Thanks to the strong effects that overwhelm the user. 

Finally, considering all the positives and negatives (rare) our Fruity Pebbles seed strain review is positive and hence if you are looking for a potent strain to start your marijuana journey then Fruity Pebbles is for you! 

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