Ghost OG Strain Review 2023

Ghost OG strain has been one of the popular and Cannabis Cup winner strains in the marijuana world! The reason is its potency and genetics that ultimately produce an unforgettable impact on the user. Apart from potency, the strain possesses ultimate medicinal effects that have been quite helpful in different medical symptoms. Overall, Ghost OG seeds become an ideal seed strain for marijuana enthusiasts! 

Ghost OG Strain – Overview

Ghost OG Strain

Well, the Ghost OG strain has been one of the strains to produce sky level of THC concentration in its genetics. Thanks to the breeders that introduced the world a whole new strain produces as high as around 30% of the THC levels. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes! If you will be growing Ghost OG seeds in your garden then you are sure that you will be getting those potent buds in your bowl daily to get completely relaxed after your tiring day. 

Therefore, for a marijuana lover like you, here is the complete information that you need to know about the Ghost OG strain. Also get to know about the strain properties, and how you can grow it in the best way so that it can give you the highest output in your garden. 

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Let’s get straight into it:

History of the Strain

Ghost OG strain has a quite interesting history. Many of the cannabis experts believe that it has been developed by one of the famous breeders OrgnKid. Well, OrgnKid is one of the most known names among cannabis enthusiasts and also for developing whole new strains for marijuana growers around the world.

If you are regular in touch with marijuana updates around the globe then you must have heard of OrgnKid. Well, coming back to the strain history then there has been quite a relevance of the Ghost OG strain with OG Kush phenotypes. Apart from this, some cannabis connoisseurs also believe that Ghost OG is the resultant strain of Afghani and Chemdawg. 

Whatever happened in the past, weed lovers got an excellent strain that they will never forget – Ghost OG strain!

Historically, some weeders also believe that the Ghost OG strain’s development took place when there was a new phase of the cannabis industry rising around the globe during the 1990s. When mostly weeders were looking for something that they have never tried. Well, OrgnKid which is always eager to do something extraordinary with weed, introduced Ghost OG to the world! 

At that time, it was one of the strongest weed strains ever! As you can imagine, this strain was capable to induce up to 30% of THC levels in some of its genetics at that time when the cannabis industry was just coming out.

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Even still in 2023, there has been sway of Ghost OG among THC strain lovers. Overall, with the help of breeders, marijuana enthusiasts, marijuana cultivators got their hands on a strain which they will remember for a longer time.  Let’s find out what special properties does this unique strain has?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Ghost OG Strain

Want to know the outcomes of Ghost OG strain before putting the step into it? Just check out the following positive and negative outcomes (if any) to get an overview of this potent strain:


  1. Potential strain.
  2. Highest THC strain.
  3. Best for growing indoor or outdoor.
  4. Impressive yield.
  5. Medicinal properties.
  6. Strong effects. 


  1. Growing Ghost OG seeds can be tricky for beginners. 

Considering the potential of Ghost OG seeds, you must experience the effects of it if you are a marijuana lover! Overall, the strain has the potential to take your weed journey to the sky level just like inducing THC in its genetics!

Strain Information

Before heading to the growing section of Ghost OG seeds, check out the unique properties that it possesses, along with the ideal condition for it whether to grow indoors or outdoors:


The appearance of the Ghost OG plants is unique in itself. The buds are surrounded by greener leaves which are loaded with crystal-filled tendrils with orange hues, which are eye-catchy and attractive. 

Apart from this, the buds produced by the plants are denser making them sensitive to different diseases. However, you can take precautions for that as well. 

Overall, the appearance of the strain is excellent, and after complete growth, you will be able to witness one of the beautiful greener sights in your garden!


Whether to grow Ghost OG seeds indoors or outdoors? Height factor matters the most for 

Ghost OG plants will not bother you by their height as they are short to medium height. The reason is due to little Sativa genetics, the plant height may go up to some meters but for the limited space growers, it will not be bothering. Apart from this, you can always use your skills such as top-trimming and others to manage your garden. 

Overall, the strain has a medium height, therefore, there will not be an issue for indoor cultivators. However, if you will leave your garden to grow under the sky then you will be amazed by the growth of this strain. 


Cannabinoids are the main responsible factors that generate effects. As said earlier, the Ghost OG strain is one of the highest THC-producing strains, and therefore, you can expect intense effects from it. Talking about the THC concentration then it averagely produces between 23% to 30%. Well, that’s impressively high comparing to other weed strains. Even some of the Ghost OG phenotypes have been also found to produce more than 30% THC content. 

Therefore, you can understand how much potential this strain is!

Apart from this, the strain is dominant in the following terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. These are not only responsible for inducing a unique aroma with taste but also fetches some medicinal effects such as relief in pain, which we will discuss later.

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Taste and Aroma

Considering the taste of Ghost OG strain then you will be impressed! Thanks to the enriched terpene profile. The strain tastes like sweet citrusy with a grassy flavor, which makes it more unique. Additionally, the earthy and piney notes will be working as a cherry on the top! 

Overall, in taste and aroma, the strain is excellent while the main surprise will be knowing the effects of it, which are unmatchable!


Due to Indica dominance, the strain produces intense THC levels. As said earlier, within the range of 23% to 30% of THC levels you are only left with a knock-out punch by the effects!

However, if it is used appropriately in the right dosage then the strain is known for a clear mental effect which is more likely to relax you instead of making you couch-locked! Therefore, it is up to you how you want to use it. 

Overall, the strain is quite potent to induce the ultimate effects, and keep in mind that intolerant users are advised to begin their journey with Ghost OG in a limited dosage!

Medical Effects

The intense effect of the strain is not only for getting high rather there have been different medicinal effects that help in different medical symptoms. Some of them are listed below:

  • Muscular pain and Stress – Ghost OG’s strong effects will make your pain fade away once your body is in the hold of its effects. Apart from this, use this strain as your end-day dosage and say goodbye to the stress!
  • Insomnia and Anxiety – With a limited dosage of Ghost OG one can fall asleep faster while the anxious thoughts will be cleared by it. 
  • Depression and PTSD – In some serious medical symptoms, the strain has been found effective. Even in depression and PTSD, positive results can be observed. 
  • Arthritis, Glaucoma, and many more.

There have been many medicinal benefits of this strain apart from personal enjoyment. That is why this strain is one of the popular strains among weed lovers.

How to Grow Ghost OG Strain in the Best Way?

Growing Ghost OG seeds is trickier for beginner growers. In other words, growers with basic cultivation knowledge are required to put some extra effort and keep a regular eye on their garden to make the most out of their garden. 

Additionally, there have been certain factors, which you must be aware of Ghost OG strain before putting a step into the growing field. This will help you in knowing the growth process of the strain along with making the most out of your seeds:

Growth difficulty

As said earlier, Ghost OG seeds are moderately difficult for beginner cultivators or growers with basic cultivation knowledge. However, experienced growers can easily obtain the highest output from this strain. 

Well, beginner growers can make the most out of this potent strain if they provide their garden right growing environment. 

Required grow conditions

For growing Ghost OG seeds, the Mediterranean climate is ideal. That means a little warm, airy area will be better to grow this strain to its maximum potential. The temperature range required to grow Ghost OG seeds is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As the Ghost OG seeds prefer a warmer climate, then make sure the temperature range doesn’t fall below the minimum range. For colder areas, it will be better if you grow under a grow tent to make the environmental conditions appropriate. 

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Apart from this, you have to make sure that your garden can breathe! That means maintaining proper airflow in the growing area is also necessary along with temperature maintenance. Well, to protect your plants from different diseases, you have to make sure that you have maintained an RH level of around 50% and less. 

Once you made your garden green, then there is no doubt you will be getting into a growing field during the harvest time! Well, regular care of the garden is a plus point for a weed grower.

Flowering period

If you give your seeds the right growing conditions then no doubt, they will flower earlier than the expected time. However, the average flowering period of Ghost OG seeds is around 8 to 9 weeks. Well, the flowering time can also go up to 10 weeks which is rare and happens in the case of not appropriate environmental conditions. 

Overall, the strain has a good flowering time which makes you able to harvest up to mid-October!


Apart from the Ghost OG strain’s potency, the strain is excellent in producing enough yield to enjoy all day. The yield of the strain is excellent for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. Indoor growers can get up to half kilograms of yield whereas outdoor growers are more likely to get more than that up to 550g of buds per plant.

Therefore, once you will get that potent buds in your bowl and taste once, there is no comeback! You will grow Ghost OG seeds again and again.

Plant resistivity

Ghost OG strain is resistant to common diseases such as pests, and molds whereas it is susceptible to bud rot. That means you have to keep a regular eye on your garden to protect it from different plant diseases. 

Overall, the strain is strong enough to face common issues but you are recommended to take care of your garden for not taking a risk over the yield of the strain!

What’s Our Opinion?

Ghost OG seed strain is one of the potential seed strains which gives an unforgettable impact on the user with its intense THC levels. Incredible THC levels are responsible for inducing effects that are not only helpful in relaxing your body but also helps in treating different medical symptoms. 

Apart from this, the strain is suitable to be grown in a limited space area or under the sky therefore, it becomes an ideal option for marijuana growers. Therefore, overall, this Ghost OG seed strain review is positive and we recommend you to grow it in your garden for getting the marijuana experience that you might never have!

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