Ghost Train Haze Seeds Review 2023

Marijuana has great benefits if you use it in the right ways. From medical to personal usage, marijuana has been proving its importance. That is why now the whole world is accepting its role in people’s life. Either it is about enjoyment or treatment from several medical conditions, cannabis has its requirement for different purposes.

Therefore, growing cannabis is too much fun if you have a strain that can make it happen!

If you are a cannabis lover then for sure you have searched for some top-quality strains. Isn’t it?

Even I too have roamed around the web for years to make a collection of weed strains that can be my any time best weed strain to enjoy.

Finally, I got some weed strains that can make your cannabis journey beautiful and full of excitement!

However, today, I’ll be sharing one of them, from where you can initiate your cannabis journey or you are already over that then you can take your journey to the next level.

Ghost Train Haze strain is today’s king on most of the breeder’s list. However, we’ll be going to explore and find out whether this strain can replace your current favorite strain or not!

Are you ready?

Let’s dive into it:

Ghost Train Haze – A Quick Overview


In the online cannabis market, there are tons of weed strains that have beautiful buds, aroma, effects, and specific growing techniques for making the most out of them.

Ghost Train Haze is one of the strains which you will be found on every list of best weed strains. It is all due to its popularity which came through its excellent genetics, yield, buds, and effects. It is also claimed that this strain has one of the beautiful plants through its seeds and can make a place in any weed lover’s favorite list. 

Apart from this, the strain is also respected due to the multiple awards it got. All thanks to the breeders that bred such an amazing strain that can indulge any weed lover deeper into weed!

Overall, the strain is claimed to be very helpful in some medical conditions, and the effects, yield with beautiful buds are more likely to attract everyone’s eyes. However, we’ll be digging out each of the claims and will find out if the strain is made for you!

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History of Ghost Train Haze

Just like the legendary strains developed, the origin of the Ghost Train Haze strain is similar to that. Rare Dankness, the breeder company that bred Ghost OG to Neville’s Wreck and resulted in a strain that can create history.

From its first stock of the seeds, it went in huge demand and the popularity of Ghost Train Haze strain went like fire! The whole credit goes to the breeders that believe in making new trends by breeding the new cannabis species with legendary strains. 

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From its effects to yield, it impresses every weed lover. Well, after some time, the users of Ghost Train Haze also reported that this strain has some amazing therapeutic properties which can help to overcome some medical symptoms. 

Overall, the history of the Ghost Train Haze strain is impressive and makes any grower trust the genetics that it came from. Therefore, it is a strain that should be on your bucket list for this year to experience the best pleasure of weed!

Ghost Train Haze Strain Info: Pros & Cons

You are now aware of this strain about the history and how it was developed. Before moving ahead, it is essential to know about the outcomes of this strain.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this train that you will get:


  1. One of the most potent strains.
  2. Higher yield.
  3. Beautiful buds.
  4. High THC strain.
  5. Moderate to grow.
  6. Regular and feminized variety.
  7. Worth trying.


  1. Too potent for beginners.

Considering the positive outcomes, there is nothing to fewer disadvantages of this potential strain. However, if we talk about the potency of this strong strain then the beginners are recommended to try within limited dosages. Otherwise, this strain is perfect for those who are looking for an adventurous weed experience.

Properties of Ghost Train Haze

For the novice readers about this strain, they must know the properties from where they can distinguish Ghost Train Haze strain. Every strain has some unique properties and so does GTH has. Let’s check out what special qualities this strain has that make it to choose over other strains:


As said earlier, Ghost Train Haze has an exceptional appearance. From the frosty buds to greenery foxtail-like leaves, it will bring your attention for sure. Once your plants reach maturity period, they are sure to make your friends jealous of you! Thanks to the beautiful combination of green with a little orange note around the pistils. 

Overall, the plants have a beautiful appearance and more likely to show you a heavy green garden. There is no purple hue and still, this strain shines and catches everyone’s eyes!


In any weed strain, you look out whether the strain has THC dominance or CBD. From there, you can hope for specific effects with buds. It is very obvious that for the smokers out there, THC matters most. In contrast, people looking for medical cannabis strains usually prefer higher CBD strains.

As said earlier, this strain is so strong that novice growers are likely to avoid it. That means the Ghost Train Haze strain has THC dominant genetics which can produce THC concentration in buds around 27% which is a lot considering the potency. 

That is why the Ghost Train Haze strain has won the strongest weed strain on Earth award which is a deserving reward for such a strong strain.

Overall, for the smokers and weed lovers looking for stronger effects, Ghost Train Haze is their perfect choice. Higher THC with up to 27% is the option for you to look no further for the strongest weed strain.


Ghost Train Haze strain is enriched in Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Limonene, which are responsible to induce citrus, sour, sweet, and floral aroma and taste which is also a plus point considering the mouth-watering taste of buds.

Height of the plants

After chemical compositions, at the physical level, you are already aware of appearance. However, the height of the plants decides whether the strain is suitable for indoor growers or outdoor cultivators.

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However, the Ghost Train Haze strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. The plants can go up to 1.5m in height. That means if you are going to grow Ghost Train Haze outdoor then be ready to get a moderate cannabis tree, which can result in more yield.

Apart from this, for indoor growers, if space is not the concern then they too can make the most out of the strain. However, if they are bound with limited space then they can take the help of some plant maintenance techniques as well such as LST, cropping, etc.

Overall, the height of the plants is moderate and not too tall to make you put more effort into maintenance. 


Whether you are using weed for personal enjoyment or treatment of some medical symptoms. The potency of effects decides whether it will be fruitful for either of the purposes.

As said earlier and warned novice weed lovers, Ghost Train Haze is one of the potential strains that can give you the best weed experience.

Thanks to higher THC content in the strain that can make you ride over a roller coaster instantly. Once you smoke Ghost Train Haze buds, there is no comeback. You will an intense hit of body buzz which will make you feel giggling and energetic at the same time. If you want to talk with someone like an expert, take GTH! 

After hours of euphoric rush, you will feel a deep relaxation and calmness which will be the best experience of your enjoyment!

Overall, the effects of the Ghost Train Haze strain are quite strong and therefore it is recommended for the people who can handle the hard hit of euphoria. For novice smokers, you can either avoid this strongest strain or can limit your dosage.

Medical Properties

Apart from its strong effects, the Ghost Train Haze strain is one of the ideal options for treating some medical conditions. As the effects of this strain are overwhelming, this strain can help in the following symptoms:

  • Depression & Pain – The soothing effect of Ghost Train Haze leaves you in a world of free from thoughts that can help you to overcome depression. The healing property of the strain also helps you in body pain.
  • Loss of appetite & Muscle spasms – Ideal for treatment, Ghost Train Haze also helps in gaining the appetite where it can heal your muscles from stress.
  • Nausea & PTSD – Some reports also say that patients of Nausea and PTSD reported for the betterment from this one of the strongest strains.

Overall, the strong effects of this strain not only enhance your enjoyment but also helps you in recovering from several medical conditions which is the best part about a weed.

How You Can Grow Ghost Train Haze Strain Effectively?

To make the most out of anything, your basics must be strong. Following such rules, here are some effective things to care about while growing Ghost Train Haze strain either indoor or outdoor.

Grow difficulty

Any novice grower searches for this section whether he or she can grow the strain effectively or not. Well, it is also true that any popular weed strain is more likely to favor all types of growers to give a decent yield. 

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As if you are growing Ghost Train Haze strain, this favors both novice and expert cultivators. However, novice growers need some patience and basic skills to make this strain the most out for them.

Ghost Train Haze strain has a moderate difficulty to grow but still, it can favor those who love to experience adventure in growing. 

Required optimum growing conditions

Ghost Train Haze is Sativa’s dominant strain but yet there’s a contribution of Indica. However, the growing conditions are more likely to be favorable like Indica strains – Mediterranean climate.

Apart from this, you have to keep an eye on humidity level as bud rots and mold loves humidity. The required range of humidity around your garden can lie between 35-45%. 

While you are attempting to grow Ghost Train Haze seeds indoors, you have to maintain temperature for making your plants reach the maturity period earlier. The maximum temperature can go up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature should not fall below 65 degrees.

Overall, the required optimum growing conditions for the Ghost Train Haze strain are similar to most of the weed strain. That means there are no special conditions are required to make your garden green!

Flowering period

Good things take time!

As said earlier, novice growers need patience for getting the strongest buds and therefore, they may have to wait for the flowering period of Ghost Train Haze seeds up to 11 weeks. 

However, expert cultivators or those who maintain good conditions for their plants can achieve this within just 9-10 weeks. 

Overall, considering the quality of buds and potency, Ghost Haze Train seeds take an average time to grow. By showing some skills, cultivators can also make this process faster.


Result time? No worries!

Considering many Sativa dominant strains, Ghost Train Haze seeds reward the growers with beautiful and dense buds that have exceptional quality and the quantity lies around 300 to 400g, which is higher than many of the Sativa strains. This is for the indoor growers and the growers making their hands dirty under the sky, this strain rewards them with more buds!

Overall, the yield of Ghost Train Haze strain is decent and if you prefer quality over quantity then you are sure to love this strain!

Plant Resistivity

Ghost Train Haze strain is moderately resistant to molds and mildew. That means you have to keep an eye over your garden every time to secure them from pests and insects. 

It is also recommended that you must maintain temperature and humidity for the better health of your plants.

Ghost Train Haze Seeds Review: Final Words

Till here, you are aware of the Ghost Train Haze strain’s history, development, and how you can make this strain beneficial for you! 

From intense effects of the buds to decent yield, Ghost Train Haze is sure to make a place in your favorite list. 

Well, now, it’s your turn! Go and experience one of the strongest weeds in your journey till here. Also, share with me in the comments. I’ll appreciate your views!s

Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed! 


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