Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review 2023

From cannabis enthusiasts to connoisseurs, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been popular worldwide. Either talking about the best weed strains to smoke or about having beautiful buds, GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain will surely be there. Well, considering the amazing properties and effects of it, every weed lover will make it their priority. Do you want to know why it is so? If you are a weed lover then surely you might be already aware of it! If not, then don’t worry! At the end of this page, you’ll be an expert on Girl Scout Cookies strain

For the experts, if you have enough info about GSC then you are sure to get some untold properties of it, which will help you in knowing Girl Scout Cookies strain more deeply and the ultimate result will be that you can make the most out of this strain while attempting to grow it or even thinking about it! For the new cannabis lovers, you will be getting here the A to Z guide of GSC that will help you in growing and maintaining the Girl Scout Cookies strain excellently if you opt for it for growing.  Apart from this, whether this strain is perfect for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, it will be exposed here right within a few minutes!

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain  – Overview

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies strain also known as GSC, is one of the popular weed strains in the market, which most smokers and weed growers opt for weed pleasures! The strain has been appreciated as one of the potent and strongest strains to induce psychological and physiological effects. Apart from this, it has been also referred to in the favor of beginner growers due to its moderately easy growing difficulty. Well, we’ll dig out each of their claims here and make sure that their real properties and outcomes will be shown here. GSC or Girl Scout Cookies strain got an 8-point users rating on seedfinder out of 10.

Let’s break down each of the sections and find out whether this strain is for you!

History of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Girl Scout Cookies has been related to its origin in California, where it gets its original form or identity! The original Girl Scout Cookies strain was developed by strong and potent strains of OG Kush and F1 Durban Poison which resulted in a heavy and stronger strain that can make anyone reach the sky with its intense effects – Girl Scout Cookies!  Originated from California, GSC got its name and fame worldwide after the excellent effects that any weed lover will expect from an ideal strain that led it to win multiple awards including High Times Cannabis Cup.  All thanks go to the breeders that developed such a stronger strain which has been popular till now among weed lovers. Even after the coming of many new potential strains, Girl Scout Cookies is still the favorite pick of smokers. It is due to the intense aroma and high that many new strains fail to give! Overall, the history of Girl Scout Cookies is shiny and shows an excellent reputation among cannabis enthusiasts from the very beginning. The popularity among the smokers and weed growers shows that the award of the High Times Cannabis Cup went for the right reasons!

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Strain Info: Pros & Cons

Before heading into the growing tips or guide, make sure that you know the advantages and difficulties you might face while attempting to buy Girl Scout Cookies strain online.  Let’s have a quick overview there:


  1. One of the strongest strains.
  2. High THC buds.
  3. Intense aroma.
  4. Incredible high.
  5. Mouth-watering taste.
  6. Moderately easy to grow.
  7. Pest resistant.


  1. Not extreme yield.
  2. The Clone version of GSC is mostly available.

So, these are some positive outcomes and downsides of having Girl Scout Cookies strain in your lawn or room. Well, if you want to make the most out of this strain then you can focus more on the growing environment which will ultimately help you in getting more buds!

Properties of GSC (Girls Scout Cookies)

Moving next, till now, you have a hint over the outcomes of Girl Scout Cookies while growing or smoking. However, after knowing the properties of the strain, you will be able to know about the actual factors which made this strain win Hight Times Cannabis Cup multiple times!


If you are in search of a strain that can make your neighbors jealous after seeing your garden then look no further than Girl Scout Cookies. The eye-catching appearance of GSC will make any cannabis enthusiast speechless. Thanks to its parent genetics that resulted in beautiful color combinations over the buds, which will hold your eyes for a long time.  At first glance, it catches your eyes, and then it will make you stick to it by showing you the real beauty! The beautiful trichomes are surrounded by purple hue leaves and perfect buds that will convince you to grow them more often! Overall, the appearance of the Girl Scout Cookies strain is unmatchable! From its beautiful colors to effective buds, everything is perfect that you might be looking in an ideal strain!


Cannabis strain is known due to the cannabinoids in it. Whether it is THC enrich or CBD, it can decide its purpose as well. Whether it will be perfect for getting high or just relaxation from mild pain! Girl Scout Cookies is a THC dominant strain that can result in heavy and dense buds of THC with an average of 21% which can go up to even 26%. Therefore, it is the strain that can be perfect for smokers for getting high! Thanks to its 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics, which is capable enough to make you feel a roller-coaster ride within a single inhale of smoke! Apart from this, GSC has enriched in following terpenes:

  1. Caryophyllene
  2. Humulene
  3. Limonene

Overall, the GSC strain has nearly perfect cannabinoids which can make any weed connoisseur a fan of it!


From the physical appearance of looks to the height of the plants, Girl Scout Cookies will impress you all the time.  For the cultivators, growing GSC outdoors can take a shape of a tree that has large branches resulting in beautiful, heavy buds with up to 6-7’ (feet).  Considering the indoor growers, the plants need your attention and maintenance skills. As concerning the space inside your room, you have to take the help of LST or topping for making it fit inside the given space. Indoor growing is the point where Girl Scout Cookies need effort. That is why it is referred to as moderate to easy for growing. Whereas even beginners can make most of this strain without the concern of its height with basic knowledge of growing weed. Overall, the height of the plants is moderately tall and needs the attention of the grower while growing it indoors. Whereas, if you are growing Girl Scout Cookies strain outdoor then you will be able to see the real potential of it!

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Any weed is favorable only when it can leave its unique effect! When it is claimed that Girl Scout Cookies is the strain that can replace your current choice of weed then it never misses any chance of complaint. GSC is capable enough to make you get a ride on a roller-coaster with its intense effects. Once you smoke, you’ll be approaching a new world where you are more energetic and full of creative thoughts.  While the initial buzz will take hold of your body making you stick to one place. After hours of feeling such, you will be feeling relaxed, happy, and calm! Thanks to its higher THC, which is the strongest part of making people high! Girl Scout Cookies are so potent that it is recommended to take over bedtime or when you don’t want to indulge in any kind of attentive work. As its intense effects can make you feel time lapsed while doing nothing which you never want in your office!

Medical Properties

As said earlier, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has rich THC and terpenes which are the reasons for uplifting mood and relief from pain and some other medical conditions.  Therefore, GSC strain is also referred for a perfect medical cannabis strain that can be helpful in the following symptoms:

  1. Anxiety & Stress – Whether you are feeling low or having anxious thoughts, the amazing uplifting and boosting terpenes of GSC will take you to another world where you will be feeling stress-free and totally relaxed.
  2. Pain – The soothing effects of GSC strain will take hold over your body making you feel better from pain and to some extent the effects are also helpful for inflammation.

The amazing properties of Girl Scout Cookies are unmatchable and therefore, it has been a popular and perfect choice for medical and recreational purposes.

How You Can Grow Girl Scout Cookies Strain and Can Make the Most Out of it?

Till now, you are aware of the unique and unmatchable properties that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has and its real potential can be helpful for people in many ways as well.  Therefore, if you are dreaming about Girl Scout Cookies strain plants in your lawn then you are going to decide on tons of benefits! To help you out for not making mistakes that can ruin your garden or buds, here are some tried and tested tips. Either you are a beginner or expert cultivator, must know these things to care about before jumping to grow Girl Scout Cookies strain!

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Growing difficulty

Growing Girl Scout Cookies indoor or outdoor is moderately easy! What does that mean? It means if the growing environment and conditions are maintained well, the Girl Scout Cookies strain can reward you with a larger yield. Additionally, GSC requires your attention in a vegetative state so that it can show its full potential.  However, novice growers with some basic knowledge of growing techniques can also get a decent yield with GSC strain. Overall, Girl Scout Cookies is the strain that needs your attention from time to time for resulting in immense yield!

Required growing conditions

Like many of the other weed strains, GSC strain also refers to the Mediterranean climate to grow well. However, the favorable condition is mostly sunny, and therefore, you can grow GSC strain in those areas where the sun is most of the time over your garden.  While growing Girl Scout Cookies indoors, you can opt for maintaining indoor grow lights well and in the required amount, which can help your plant to be mature faster. When it is the concern of growing temperature then for GSC strain the favorable growing temperature is around 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is also expected that GSC strain plants favor low temperatures to show a purple hue.  Well, making it a priority to get a higher yield, you can stick to that temperature range if you want to play a safe game! Especially for the novice or beginner cultivators!

Flowering Period

If you love your plants while growing them indoor or outdoor then you are 100% sure to get your plants flowering within 9-10 weeks. Therefore, you can expect harvest around late September and mid-October within optimum growing conditions. Overall, the flowering period is maximum around 63 days to 70 days which can result in beautiful buds in your lawn. Once you will get those beautiful buds in your hand, you will realize the worth of taken time.


The final journey!  After waiting for several weeks, it’s time for the results of your hard work and given time.  Well, as you are growing Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect a decent yield of 400-500g per square meter indoor and up to 600g of yield while growing outdoors. Well, the buds will be enough to let you smoke all day! However, Girl Scout Cookies is that potent it can give you long hours of buzz within just a single smoke!

Plants Resistivity

While growing Girl Scout Cookies strain indoor or outdoor, you don’t need to worry about common fungi, pests, and bacteria. GSC strain is highly resistant to many insect issues. Therefore, it made you put less effort into maintaining the garden. 

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review: Final Words

Till here, now you are aware of the advantages and downsides of having Girl Scout Cookies strain on your bucket list! Well, from its intense effects to moderately favorable growing conditions, you are sure to love this strain and can make it your all-time favorite strain to smoke. Overall, the Girl Scout Cookies strain review is positive and it can be recommended to those who want an adventurous experience of weed! If you have any doubts, ask us in the comments below. Until then, stay home and stay safe! Enjoy weed!

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