Godfather OG Weed Seeds Review 2023

If you are a weed enthusiast and want to kick start your weed journey with something extraordinary then look no further than growing Godfather OG seeds in your backyard. This High Times Cannabis Cup winner strain has all the potency that you can maximum expect from marijuana. Thanks to the breeders that made the weeders experience what is the real power of weed!

Apart from this, some experts also believe that the Godfather OG strain has produced the highest THC concentration in one of the genetics which went up to around 37-38%. Therefore, you can get an idea about the potential of this ‘Godfather’ strain.

Don’t worry if you are new to this ‘Godfather OG’ strain!

Godfather OG Strain Review

Godfather OG Weed Seeds

Just read along to know everything about it and boom! You will be an expert on it! Make sure you don’t miss the growing guide and strain information so that you can get to know the secrets of this ultimate potent strain that nobody will tell you about anywhere.

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Let’s get straight into it:

History of the Godfather OG

The history of the Godfather OG seeds is somewhat not proven. There have been many theories claiming the relevance of this potential strain to different genetics of marijuana. Well, one of the most believed claims is that the Godfather OG strain’s parent genetics are XXX OG and Alpha OG, which are in themselves one of the legendary marijuana plants. 

Whatever happened historically, one thing that happened extremely well is – developing Godfather OG seeds! In the beginning, the strain was treated like the usual marijuana strain until the experts didn’t find out the THC levels in its genetics which is as high as the sky!

Another best thing that happened for this well-deserving strain is that when it won the High Times Cannabis Cup award in 2013. From then on, the strain got its name among the weeders, experts, and cannabis connoisseurs. Even till now, in 2020, there is less likely to find any strain which can compete with the potency of Godfather OG seeds. 

Potency was the same reason for this strain to win the Cannabis Cup. Long story short, since the award-winning, the strain got famous around the world. The abundant yield, strong THC concentration in buds which just knock out the user once they inhale the smoke of this ultimate strain, made it every grower’s first choice. 

Getting high is not the only effect of this strain. This strain’s genetics help in treating different medicinal symptoms too, which we will discuss later. 

Overall, the strain’s potency is something that you will never want to miss out and if you are a marijuana lover then there is no doubt you didn’t explore the potential of weed until you didn’t try the Godfather OG strain!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Strain

Just have an overview of the Godfather OG seeds and get to know what will be the outcome if you think to grow it in your garden:

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  1. Incredibly potent strain.
  2. Medicinal properties.
  3. Excellent yield.
  4. Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening.
  5. Anyone can grow for maximum output.
  6. Helps with insomnia. 
  7. Beautiful plants.


  1. Too strong for intolerant people.

There is no doubt, Godfather OG seeds are incredibly potent. Therefore, people with less tolerance are advised to begin their Godfather OG strain’s journey in limited dosage. Another thing to keep in mind is that this strain is quite sleepy, therefore, this also helps people to fall asleep faster.

Strain Information

Till here you must be knowing only about the potency of the strain and not other unique properties that make this strain stand out from the others. So, let’s check out Godfather OG strain’s unique properties:


Godfather OG strain’s plants are beautiful! Once you will see those purple-hued, greener leaves surrounding denser buds then you must be satisfied with all of the hard work that you put in growing Godfather OG seeds. 

The main point that attracts the growers most is the combination of green-purple hues on the plants that look exceptionally gorgeous. Apart from this, the jaw-dropping dense buds will make sure you have the maximum effect with lesser quantity. 

Overall, the appearance of the Godfather OG plants is extremely beautiful and you will be amazed for sure! Your friends will be jealous of you as you will be the owner of a beautiful weed garden!


This is one of the factors in the strain that makes the user sure about growing it indoors or outdoors. Well, for limited space growers, it is better if the strain generates max to max medium heights of the plants. While for the outdoor growers there is nothing to be worried about space.

With Ghost OG seeds, you will not be facing any kind of issues either indoor or outdoor. As the plants of this strain are of short to medium height. Therefore, you will be able to observe your garden’s height maximum of up to 1m. This is quite perfect for an indoor grower. While an outdoor cultivator will enjoy the maximum potential growth of the strain!


Cannabinoids in particular strains ensure specific effects. Well, as said earlier, the Godfather OG strain is one of the most potent strains on the earth, hence, you will be observing an intensely high level of THC concentration in its genetics. THC concentration in Godfather OG strain is around 25% to 30%. Well, this is also true that this strain can even cross the limit of 30%. Therefore, if you are looking for a strain that can give you sky-level THC concentration in its buds then look no further than buying Godfather OG seeds!

Apart from this, the Godfather OG strain has an enriched terpene profile in which Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene are the dominant ones which result in unique taste and aroma. While these terms are also responsible for inducing some medicinal effects.

Taste and Aroma

Mainly Godfather OG strain has a pungent aroma mixed with spiciness and earthiness. Apart from this, talking about the taste of the strain then there will be no need to explain if you have tried OG strains before. Well, the taste is quite similar to the aroma but mixed with something woody and sweet flavor. 

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Overall, the taste and aroma will be similar to the OG strains before if you have tried. Otherwise, it will be a new experience of weed and you are sure to be impressed!


The effects of the Godfather OG strain are insane! Don’t worry! If you are new to this potent weed. Start taking it in limited dosage according to your tolerance and you are good to go with it. 

However, the effects of the strain are in short like knock-out! Once Godfather OG took hold of your body, you will feel an intense hit of euphoria, which will make your body slowly numb from head to toe. Once you are done with the roller-coaster ride, your body will be feeling ultimately relaxed and calmed. 

Due to its intense effects, your pain will be faded away and you can kiss the stress goodbye! Check out its other medicinal benefits:

Medical Effects

Apart from the strain’s potency and hard-hit of its effects, there have been medicinal benefits as well, which you must consider while choosing any strain. That is why marijuana growers often prefer this strain as it has benefits for recreational and medicinal use!

  • Insomnia and Pain – One of the best medical benefits of Godfather OG strain is that it helps in treating symptoms of Insomnia. The intense effects relax the user’s mind at the end which ultimately helps in sleeping faster and better. Well, in different pains, the strain is helpful.
  • Stress and PTSD – As said earlier, you can use Godfather OG strain as your end-day or weekend weed treat! The reason is that it works as a stress-buster which will make your stress fade away once you are on the hold of ‘Godfather effects!’

There have been several benefits of the Godfather OG strain in which some of which are mentioned above. However, this is the plus point of the strain that it is not only useful for recreational purposes but also helps to treat many medical symptoms as well.

How to Grow Godfather OG Seeds in the Best Way?

Till here, you must be impressed by the Godfather OG strain’s properties. If you are ready to try this legendary strain to grow in your garden, and if you are ready to experience the maximum potential of weed then grow this ‘easy grow’ strain, which even beginner cultivator can make the most out of it.

Well, if you have decided to grow Godfather OG seeds then make sure you are aware of its basic growth properties that will ultimately help you out in growing this strain for the maximum benefits. Let’s check out those factors:

Grow difficulty

Before moving to the growing field, it is essential to know what are difficulties you might face during the cultivation. However, with Godfather OG seeds, there is nothing to be worried about as this strain is easy to grow and hence even a beginner cultivator with basic growth knowledge can make the most out of this strain. 

Therefore, just buy Godfather OG seeds and put them in your growing area!

Required environmental conditions

Optimum growing conditions are a must for any strain to show results faster. Even the strain is easy to grow, one must provide optimum growing conditions so that the strain can result in maximum output. 

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This Indica dominant strain prefers climate-like Mediterranean conditions. That means you have to provide Godfather OG seeds in a little warmer, sunny, and windy area in an appropriate way so that they can flower faster and can give you buds easily.

The required temperature range for a growing area is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, a little warmer area will be more preferable for Godfather OG strain. Make sure you don’t provide overexposure to your garden also not frosty shades, in either of the conditions, your garden can suffer. 

Along with temperature, make sure your garden is not much humid as it can invite diseases. Therefore, you have to keep the RH level too in the required range, which is around 50% and less. Well, for indoor gardeners, there is an option of dehumidifiers for keeping the humidity level in the required range. 

However, if you are growing Godfather OG seeds outdoor then make sure you choose the right area where the sun is not that much harder and also the nights are not frosty. A balanced climate will make your garden happy and then you will be happier with the yield of your garden during the harvest.

Flowering period

The flowering time of the Godfather OG strain is comparatively short than other strains. Well, the flowering period also depends on how much you provide it right growing conditions. The average flowering time of Godfather OG seeds is around 7 to 9 weeks. 

Tip – Keep the growing conditions to a little arid side for quicker results.


The yield is moderately impressive. Indoor growers can get up to 450 grams of buds within one square meter. Outdoor cultivators can get more than that up to 650 g per plant. Overall, you will be satisfied with the yield of your garden. Well, if you still want to get the maximum output then you can grow Godfather OG seeds while experimenting with your skills such as SOG, SCROG, topping, and others. 

Overall, the yield is decent and for an individual, the yield will be more than enough!

Plant resistivity

Godfather OG strain is resistant to common plant diseases but makes sure you don’t take risks with the growing conditions of your garden. Especially during the flowering period, make sure you keep the RH level in the range, as it might susceptible to the mold. Well, there will not be anything to worry about until you keep all the required growth conditions in range.

What’s Our Opinion?

Godfather OG seeds are the perfect choice for marijuana growers seeking to experience the ultimate effects of weed. Apart from this, the strain has overall amazing properties such as high THC concentration, excellent yield, beginner-friendly, and medicinal effects which are quite rare to find in any single strain. 

Apart from this, the effects of the strain are quite intense which leaves an unforgettable impact on the user, therefore, make sure you try the Godfather OG strain once in your life!

Overall, this Godfather OG strain review is positive, and we 100% recommend you to grow it on your lawn or in a grow tent and experience how much potential there is in weed!

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