Golden Goat Seeds Review 2021

Growing cannabis strain seed in 2021 is quite fun!

You know why?

This is because you will be having plenty of different strains to grow!

Being a cannabis lover, you’ll love to have tons of the best weed seeds in your collection. Isn’t it?

Somehow, in search of the best weed strain, you can find a strain which you will love to grow and use all the time! Well, that’s quite possible. 

Just like Golden Goat seeds, which are accidentally germinated but yet it becomes one of the all-time strongest and powerful strains that we are right now going to discuss.

Be with us and we’ll be telling you everything that you need to know about Golden Goat Seeds!


Let’s reveal:


Golden Goat Seeds

In cannabis strains collection, Golden Goat seeds are the strains that came accidentally but made a very specific and reputable position among the weed lovers. It is claimed that Golden Goat seeds are one of the potent weed strains that can be used widely for recreational and personal use.

Moreover, it is also believed that it gives a higher yield within good growing conditions and skills, which ultimately produces immense body and mind effects which makes this strain stand out from the other cannabis strains. Well, Golden Goat seeds are easy to grow and hence it is one of the beginner-friendly strains in the market.

Overall, Golden Goat seeds are one of the reputable cannabis seeds in the market. However, we will be exposing each of the praises and claims that it makes. Whether it can be grown indoors or outdoor or it produces an immense yield, everything will be exposed here!

As you are special for us, we’ll be sharing a brief growing guide as well in which you can learn some basic practices on how you can grow Golden Goat seeds efficiently indoor or outdoor.

Are you ready?

Let’s get straight into it:


First thing first, talking about the background of Golden Goat seeds then it is originated from Topeka, Kansas by one of the famous breeders Mr. Dank. 

As said earlier, Golden Goat seeds are accidentally made by Mr. Dank when his Island Sweet Skunk was pollinated by Hawaiian x Romulan. The ultimate result of this accident was – Golden Goat Seeds!

Well, once it was germinated, it was no longer an accident but a historically powerful creation of the strain that the world will be loved within the upcoming time.

Golden Goat seeds that germinated were so powerful just like parent strains which the whole cannabis world has to accept its strength. The potential of the Golden Goat so popular that it went from Kansas to Colorado, where it was given more respect than anywhere else. That is why Golden Goat seeds become more popular in Colorado.

Overall, the history of Golden Goat seeds is quite accidental yet important for contribution to the cannabis world. Thanks to Mr. Dank who created an amazing strain which the weed lovers will remember for long – Golden Goat Seeds.


Before popping into anything else, you must know whether this seed is for you! By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of any weed strain, you can make in your mind whether to make it your choice or not. 

This will help you in knowing about the positive results that you will get by growing this weed strain and any difficulties if you may face. 

Let’s have a quick overview of them:


  1. High THC strain.
  2. Intense body and cerebral effects. 
  3. Excellent yield.
  4. Suitable for all-day smokers.
  5. Also suitable for treating some medical conditions.
  6. Common pests and mold resistive.
  7. Easy to medium grow difficulty making it suitable for beginners.


  1. Intense strain, making it restrict to beginner smokers.
  2. Height is a little more for indoor growers.

So, these are the main highlighting of the positive and negative sides of Golden Goat seeds. Well, considering positive results, there is an adjustable or negligible downside of this strain which makes it nearer to be a perfect strain to grow.


Just like highlights of Golden Goat seeds, you must know about its properties that can help you in growing Golden Goat seeds more efficiently either indoor or outdoor.

From here, you’ll be able to know the appearance, height, yield, and much more. It will ultimately guide you to know Golden Goat seeds better and to distinguish them from the other strains as well.

Let’s have a look:


Any grower wants to make their plant look attractive. Well, that’s not a deciding factor of the strain but yet as you put your effort and time, therefore, it can hold a little part of it.

Well, with Golden Goat seeds, you are sure to get your eyes to stick at them. As at a very first glance, you will able to notice green-gold puffy flowers that covered the buds with a fully resinous blanket. The perfect color combination of golden and green hues makes the plant pleasant to watch. Due to the eye-catchy appearance of the Golden Goat plants, you are sure to make your friends jealous.

Overall, the Golden Goat seeds as per name have golden leafy resinous flowers which look quite attractive and pleasant to satisfy the eyes of any weed lover!

Cannabinoid concentration

While growing any weed strain in your garden, it is one of the major deciding factors. Depending upon your requirements and usage, you can decide about a strain for whether to seed it in your garden!

However, as said earlier, Golden Goat seeds are known for their remarkable effects and therefore, they are enriched in THC and contain less to a negligible amount of CBD. Thanks to its strong genetics that is capable to give amazing effects after intake.

The measured THC concentration in the Golden Goat strain is about 18% whereas it can reach up to 22% if grown in the required climate and conditions. Whereas CBD content is just about 0.1% and even less than that.

Overall, the Golden Goat cannabis strain is one of the potent strains, and therefore, it is recommended to beginners to intake as per their tolerance.

Height of the plants

As said earlier, the height of the Golden Goat plants is taller than usual strains. Therefore, while growing indoor, you may need to put the effort into maintaining the plants. On the other side, outdoor growers will have enough space and thus it will allow the plant to expand its branches, which will ultimately result from you swimming in buds!

Overall, the height is moderate to tall (averagely about 10’) which is not that much to concern when the quality of buds is considered.


The second most important factor that makes the deal!

Well, considering any weed strain online, a weed grower or lover ultimately looks over the result that they will have after intake of it!

A short highlight is noticed from the cannabinoids whereas the effects of the strain confirm it while consuming. 

As Golden Goat strain is one of the potential cannabis strains to produce intense body and cerebral effects, you are sure to have a hard hit over your mind to feel uplifted and energetic once you smoke.

Whether the Golden Goat strain is Sativa dominant but yet it gives a complete body buzz making you reach nine clouds! After kissing the sky, you feel relaxed and calm as 30% Indica genetics takes over your body. 

While the regular intake of Golden Goat buds can make your mouth dry and reddened eyes, the issue of the dry mouth and dry lips can be solved by a glass of water. 

Overall, the effects of Golden Goat are high and it makes you feel like having a wild ride after that your body will feel relaxed. Due to the intense effects, it is recommended for beginner smokers to take doses as per their tolerance.


The potency of the Golden Goat strain is so unmatchable that it is also helpful in treating some medical conditions.

In which some of them are:

  • Anxiety & Depression – The ultimate effect of Golden Goat strain is over body and mind which makes it make the consumer feel relaxed and calmed resulting in reduced anxious thoughts and thus it helps to overcome depression as well.
  • Pain & Inflammation – Soothing and intense effect over the body makes you feel better from pain as the Indica part takes hold of your body to repair your muscles. While it also helps to feel better from inflammation as well.
  • Stimulate appetite – Loss in appetite is also cured up to some extent from this strong cannabis strain.

Overall, the Golden Goat seed strain has not only properties to use for enjoyment but also some healing properties to make it useful for medicinal purposes as well.

Finally, these are some of the properties that you will find in Golden Goat seeds and the factors which make Golden Goat stand out from the crowd!


The time has come which you are waiting for so long!

How you can grow Golden Goat seeds indoor or outdoor efficiently?


To grow any strain, basic knowledge of gardening is required. However, most of the growers think about the ultimate equipment or dose to give in their garden which can make them swim in buds! However, gardening is the game of patience! If you play it well, your garden can pay you more than that and even can make you swim in buds!

Well, here you’ll be getting a quick overview of some basic yet important tips to grow Golden Goat seeds indoor or outdoor in an efficient way, which will help you in becoming a weed-rich gardener.

Let’s check them out:

Growing difficulty & Indoor or Outdoor Preference

As mentioned earlier, Growing Golden Goat seeds is moderately easy. That means with medium difficulty levels, you can make the most out of Golden Goat seeds. 

Golden Goat seed strain is a versatile strain and can grow in a given condition either indoor or outdoor whereas efforts to maintain the plants are required.

The plants are moderately taller than usual therefore, you need to plant them in such space where they can comfortably take a shape of a cannabis tree! 

However, when growing it indoors you can opt for moderate pots, where you can take the help of LST, trimming, super-cropping to maintain the plants as well. 

Favorable climate

Any weed strain grows well when it is given a climate and condition that it favors! 

Well, with Golden Goat seed strain, you can go with a warmer climate as it favors more temperature range to grow. The ideal temperature for the Golden Goat strain is between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the minimum temperature is 55 degrees and the maximum is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

With temperature, it is also recommended to maintain good ventilation and humidity level over the garden to avoid molds and other pests. 

Flowering Period

The average flowering period of the Golden Goat strain is about 8-12 weeks, where it can take time up to 12 weeks to produce dense and heavy buds and it can also take a quick time of just 8 weeks to flower. Well, it all depends on the conditions and love you give to it!

Considering the average flowering time, it is expected that the harvesting can be done within late October. 


The final time, when you can dream to be weed-rich! 

If you put effort well into Golden Goat strain then it can reward you with a higher yield. The average yield an indoor grower can have is about 450g per square meter. Whereas outdoor growers can be as rich as 350g per plant. 

Well, it is recommended that when the Golden Goat seeds are grown in excellent conditions then it can also cross the limit of yield to reward you with more buds! However, SoG and ScrOG are two major recommended and expected to be ideal for the Golden Goat seeds.

So, these are some basic growing information that you can keep in your mind while growing Golden Goat seeds indoor or outdoor.


Golden Goat seeds are one of the favorite seed strains of the growers for the right reasons, which you got to know till here.

Either it is about the recreational and medicinal properties or moderate skills to grow and even about strain’s yield to make you weed-rich, Golden Goat strain has everything better.

The Golden Goat seeds review is positive and therefore, you can choose it as your favorite seeds to grow in 2021!

If you have doubts or want to share your growing experience, tell us below in the comments. We’ll love to read them!

Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!


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