Gorilla Seed Bank Review 2023 {Must Read Before Buying}

In the online cannabis market, Gorilla seed bank is one of the rising seed banks. The reason is their quality service and motto to provide pure quality cannabis to their buyers. 

Well, they are a novice seed bank yet they claim to have an excellent seed collection. 

However, for you, we’ll be exposing each of the claims of Gorilla seed bank and make sure you get to know the real truth!

Gorilla Seed Bank Review

gorilla seed bank

Official Website: https://www.gorilla-cannabis-seeds.co.uk/

Are you ready?

Let’s get straight into it:

History of Gorilla Seed Bank

The company’s founder Alex is a cannabis lover like we are. He used to buy cannabis strains from other vendors. However, most of the time, he used to be disappointed by the quality of seeds from other seed stores. 

Finally, his love for cannabis and other cannabis enthusiasts made him take a step forward and make other cannabis lovers happy!

Alex launched his seed store in March 2011, which we are talking about right now – Gorilla Seed Bank. The gorilla seed bank is UK based seeded bank. The seed bank has made its reputation among the weed lover throughout the globe for more than 9 years.

Alex, the founder of Gorilla Seed Bank, made his motto to provide his buyers premium quality weed seeds and make sure his buyers don’t get disappointed with his service as he used to be from other vendors. 

From then to now, the company is not that much older like many seed banks online but the hard work and dedication to providing premium service and products to the buyers of Gorilla Seed Bank has made a difference for them to stand out at the top in the list of quality seed banks. Thanks to their brilliant minds working hard behind the success of Gorilla Seed Bank.

Overall, the history of the GSB is reputed and filled with hard workers who have made this seed bank rise from other seed banks. Well, they did it all through their consistent quality services which are expected to be in the upcoming time as well, that’s why now users have given good responses about gorilla seed bank on seedfinder.

Seed Quality & Collection

Gorilla Seed Bank is known for its quality seeds. Whether you search for feminized, autoflower, Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, they have covered you all!

The seed selection at Gorilla Seed Bank is more likely to be in form of trending demands. As they regularly update their stock with the latest strains and collections. Therefore, if you are a weed grower who wants to grow the latest seed strain from the market then Gorilla Seed Bank is the best choice. 

However, Gorilla Seed Bank imports its seed stock from the other reputed vendors. That means they do not produce or breed seeds at their shop. Some of the popular seed vendors they sell are Dutch Passion, Big Buddha, Bomb Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, and Barney’s Farm. 

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When it comes to the quality of the seeds then Gorilla Seed Bank never misses any chance to impress. As said, they regularly update their stock and makes sure they have the latest stock of fresh seeds that have the highest germination rate. Apart from this, the seeds from Gorilla Seed Bank not only result in more plants but ultimately result in more yield.

Some of the popular seed strains that buyers opt from them are The Widow, Cash Crop, Super Cheese, OG Kush, AK49, Pineapple Chunk, and many more. 

Overall, if you are in search of some popular yet best quality seeds to grow in 2023, Gorilla Seed Bank will be the choice of benefits!

Price & Payment Options

Gorilla Seed Bank has the aim to provide quality seeds to every weed lover throughout the world and therefore, they sell their seeds at affordable rates so every weed dreamer can buy from them. 

Apart from their larger stock of weed seeds, they give you a discounted price on every order. That means the rate of the cannabis seeds at Gorilla Seed Bank is quite cheaper than other seedbanks yet the quality of the seeds will be competitive with the premium seed sellers. 

Even they claim to be one of the cheapest marijuana sellers in the market! 

Well, if you have $10 in your pocket still you can get seeds from Gorilla Seed Bank that will result in enough buds for the day!

Gorilla Seed Bank cares for your time and your choice that is why they gave you ample payment options to make your favorite seeds yours by ordering quickly.

They accept majorly debit and credit cards (Mastercard & VISA). However, for taking quick orders they also accept bitcoin

Apart from this, to make every weed lover easily access their seeds they internationally accept the orders and some other payment options are as follows:

  1. Cash
  2. Orders by phone
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Check and money order (within the UK only)

Well, these many payment options are rarely available in any online seed shop. However, with such payment ways, you are sure to order your seeds before they got out of stock. Thanks to the Gorilla Seed Bank who cares for your time and love for weed! 

Shipping & Delivery

Are you afraid of getting your seed order in hands of cops? Don’t worry! Gorilla Seed Bank cares about it well. 

This seed bank believes that their service will be completed only when they make your favorite seeds reach out in your hands. That is why they give stealth shipping service. As they ship worldwide, they ship your seeds in a very stealthy manner so that they can easily escape from the authorities. 

However, if you belong from a suspicious location, they offer you a guaranteed stealth shipping option in which they ship your seeds in a DVD case and make sure you got your seeds!

For guaranteed stealth, they charge you a nominal fee which is bearable to secure the more amount invested in quality seeds. 

Gorilla Seed Bank ships worldwide and therefore, you can order from any corner of the world where weed is legal. Their normal shipping service is free of cost yet they ship faster than most of the seed banks. 

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If you are ordering marijuana seeds within the UK be ready to get your seeds the next day morning! However, the maximum time can reach up to 5 business days as well which rarely happens. Mostly they ship within a single day of working hours. 

The European regions can take time around 7 days to 20 days to deliver the order. While you are ordering internationally, Gorilla Seed Bank tries to ship and deliver your seeds as quickly as possible until any issues don’t come. However, the average time for delivering international orders is around 20 to 30 days maximum. 

Overall, the shipping and delivery service of Gorilla Seed Bank is excellent and it impresses that you will be buying from here again and again.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the major deal maker or deal breaker factors in any online shop. However, Gorilla Seed Bank has excellent customer service which will 100% make the deal. 

They believe that providing customer-quality service is what can make a business reach the sky! They stood on their claims excellently and give incredible customer service that is not easy to get in the case of other seed banks. 

If you have any doubts regarding their seed or your order their customer service executive members are always available and eager to help you out. Either you just drop a message via mail, or they will reach out as quickly as possible. Thanks to their hard-working team that consistently provide quality service. 

However, you must contact them during working hours of business days which will make your query quicker to be solved. 

Overall, Gorilla Seed Bank is the new seed bank in the market but still, it has customer service better than many of the older seed banks. They aimed to give unmatchable services and they are standing on their words which are resulting in getting this empire huge!

Discounts & Offers

As said earlier, Gorilla Seed Bank offers you their premium seeds at very affordable rates but still, they never miss any chance to give you more than you pay! 

They offer you free seeds, discounts, and much more!

If you want to buy in bulk then you will be getting many seeds without any extra charge. 

Right now, they are offering five free seeds on orders above 35 Euros and paying them via bank transfer or bitcoin. Apart from this, they consistently change their discount rates as well. If you are new a buyer, then you can get seeds at even more than a 30% discount. On the other hand, regular buyers, offer a discounted rate on every seed collection. However, they change it frequently, and therefore, you have to keep an eye on their website so that you can hit the big deal!

Overall, discounts are mostly available at Gorilla Seed Bank but offers of free seeds remain for a limited time. You can visit their store right now to grab the free seeds with your orders!

Website Review

gorilla seed bank website

The website of Gorilla Seed Bank is quite eye-catchy yet usable. It is quite easy to navigate through their seed stock to search out their favorite seeds. Seed strains are well-categorized and therefore, you can look out for your seeds with different varieties quickly.

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Apart from easy access to the website, you will be getting quite informative blogs as well. They have also shared their own story that how did they have come this long way. If you want to know about their shipping, payment and other services that how did they work then you can read them on their website. 

Even if you have any doubts over cannabis growing then make sure you read their blog before contacting their customer service. As you are sure to find the information you might be looking for!

Overall, the website of the Gorilla Seed Bank is simple yet easy to navigate, informative, and readable. It is not filled with unnecessary things which are mostly seen on the other website to catch the buyers.

Return at Gorilla Seed Bank

Not satisfied with the seeds? Want to replace it with another? No worries!

Gorilla Seed Bank gives you a 7-day return service in which you can return your order if you got your order wrong or want to get another seed pack. Well, it happens rarely with this seed bank. As they ship your seeds right to you in a proper manner without any chance of complaint. 

However, if you still want other packs of seeds, they will not bother you and will re-ship with another package after receiving the return. 

All you have to do is fill out the return form and make sure the package is in its original condition neither used nor opened. 

As you return the seeds and the seed bank got them back, you will be re-shipped the new pack of seeds or refunded back as per your choice in the return form. Make sure to deal with your registered mail so that you can track and get info about your returned order. 

Keep in mind while processing such is that the cost of returning shipment will be from your pocket also make sure to ship your seeds well in the proper package so that they don’t get damaged while transporting. 

Overall, the return orders at Gorilla seed bank are very few as they don’t do any mistakes while shipping your order. However, if somehow it happens or you changed your mood to get another instead of your order then they promise to serve you without any hassle!


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Gorilla Seed Bank Review: Conclusion 

Gorilla Seed Bank has incredible services apart from its quality and premium cannabis seeds at affordable rates. From quick shipping to getting beautiful plants in your garden, Gorilla Seed Bank serves better than most novice seed banks.

However, it’s now your turn! Go and make sure to hunt the big deal from one of the rising seed banks – GSB!

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