Granddaddy Purple Seeds Review 2023

If you put out ‘ ’ over Google, the one common strain that you might be getting in all results is “Granddaddy Purple” or GDP strain.

Do you know why?

In the era of breeding and developing new cannabis strains, this, a decade older strain is still getting popularity and reputation throughout the world. 

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and want to explore some best marijuana strains then you must begin with the Granddaddy Purple. It is the potency of this strain that makes every weed lover’s experience beautiful.

Let’s dive deep into it and find out the reason behind its huge success. Also, get to know how you can buy Granddaddy Purple seeds online and can grow to make the most out of them.

Let’s get straight into it:

Granddaddy Purple Seeds – An Overview

Granddaddy Purple Seed

Before jumping into its origin or history, let’s have a quick overview of the strain.

Granddaddy Purple strain is also known as GDP seeds (in short) and it is one of the most popular marijuana strains for the growers out there in the world. 

Due to its strong genetics and potency, weed-growers are more likely to be attracted to it. However, apart from its potency, when it was launched in the online market one of the reasons for the boom among weed growers is its capability to easily grow in given environmental conditions.

Combining all the properties that the Granddaddy Purple strain has, it is an ideal strain to grow for every weed lover. Even some cannabis connoisseurs also said that it is one of the ‘gem’ strains that has been ever produced in history!

However, to make you 100% sure about this strain, let’s break out each of the Granddaddy Purple seed strain’s properties and know whether this can be your best weed strain to grow in 2023.

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History of Granddaddy Purple Seeds

The history of the Granddaddy Purple seeds belongs to the year 2003 when the breeder Ken Estes bred Purple Urkle to Big Bud. That day Ken made history in the cannabis world by developing a real Indica strain that can be the ideal weed strain for every grower throughout the upcoming time. 

Granddaddy Purple originated from the breeder’s garden and went popular throughout the globe due to its unique property, appearance, and potential buds that it can produce. That is why this beast strain has won multiple awards including Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015.

Whoever grows Granddaddy Purple seeds, he or she used to make it their all-time favorite strain. One of the main reasons is the appearance as well. For those weed-growers, who always look for a strain that can make their garden shine to overwhelm their friends or neighbors, they came to buy Granddaddy Purple seeds and make it their favorite of all time. 

Overall, the history of the Granddaddy Purple seed strain is quite overwhelming just like its properties, which make it popular worldwide. From its origin to getting popular among weed growers in each corner of the world, you are sure to get an incredible experience with Granddaddy Purple seeds. 

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Strain Info: Pros & Cons

For weed lovers searching for the Indica dominance strains, Granddaddy Purple is their one-stop destination for the search. Thanks to the strongest parent genetics that led GDP seeds to be enriched in THC. However, we’ll be going through each of the sections but before that let’s check out some advantages and disadvantages that Granddaddy Purple seeds can give you as an outcome:


  1. One of the most potent strains ever.
  2. Beautiful plants.
  3. Excellent yield.
  4. Higher THC levels.
  5. Indica dominant strain. 
  6. Easy to grow. 
  7. Medicinal quality. 


  1. Less resistant to mold and fungi.

Considering the advantages, Granddaddy Purple seeds are the perfect choice if you are in search of an ideal Indica strain online.

Unique Properties that Make Granddaddy Purple Seeds Stand Out

Every cannabis strain makes its impact through its unique properties that catch the attention of weed growers. Similarly, the Granddaddy Purple strain has some excellent properties which can make you replace your current favorite strain from the list. 

Let’s check them out:


If you look at Granddaddy Purple strain you will be amazed! The appearance of the Granddaddy Purple strain is so beautiful that you will want to grow them right now in your garden. The beautiful purple hue of the plants will make your eyes stick to it while your friends and neighbors will be overwhelmed with such a beautiful sight. 

The plants of Granddaddy Purple seeds have a perfect color mixture of orange pistils, green branches, and purple leaves with beautiful flowers in which the majority of the sight will stick to the purple appearance. 

One of the reasons for Granddaddy Purple seeds to be popular that much not be available easily is the appearance that makes anyone fall in love with it.


One of the major factors is to grow Granddaddy Purple seeds indoors or outdoors. However, the height of the Granddaddy Purple plants is moderate which means you can grow it either indoors or outdoor. Thanks to the majority of Indica genetics which makes it fit for the given space while growing indoor, unlike the Sativa dominant strains

For the outdoor growers, this strain is bliss! The height of the plants when grown outdoor can reach up to 2m which means you can have a cannabis tree in your garden. 

When space is the concern for the indoor growers, you can prefer LST, trimming, and other techniques as well to make this strain adjustable accordingly to space. 

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Cannabinoids decide whether the strain can induce the required effects or not. However, as said earlier, Granddaddy Purple is one of the potential strains ever. Therefore, the GDP strain has THC as the majority cannabinoid, which is the reason to induce intense cerebral and body highs

CBD is founded in an insignificant amount in labs which makes sure that you can have this strain as your all-time favorite for higher THC levels. THC concentration in the Granddaddy Purple strain is found at nearly 23% which makes it one of the strongest weeds available online.

Terpenes are the reason for the majority of the aroma and taste and therefore, the terpenes found in the Granddaddy Purple strain are Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene as well which are responsible to induce intense aroma and incredibly sweet taste.

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When it comes to weeds then most of the growers prefer to check out the effects of it and whether they are strong enough to make them touch the sky. Well, Granddaddy Purple strain is therefore recommended to those who are capable enough to tolerate higher THC levels

The GDP strain is strong enough to make you stick to one place within just a few minutes of intake. Granddaddy Purple strain is for those who want to have an adventurous weed experience like a roller-coaster ride. Even after that ride, you will be finally experiencing a smooth calm, and relaxation in your body which makes sure your whole-body muscles are repaired. 

Overall, the effects of the Granddaddy Purple seed strain are quite strong and therefore, novice weed lovers are recommended to play the game accordingly to their tolerance!

Medical properties

Mostly Indica strains are known for their intense aroma, effects, and euphoric high, which is true to some extent. However, the other side of mostly Indica strain is also there to contribute to the betterment of life apart from just giving pleasure. 

Granddaddy Purple strain has some medicinal properties that can help in the betterment of some medical conditions. The credit goes to the parent’s genetics which is strong enough and potential to help in several medical symptoms.

  • Anxiety & Depression – The Granddaddy Purple strain has the strength to destroy the anxious thoughts in your mind which can also help overcome depression. 
  • Chronic pain & Appetite loss Intense euphoric high of Granddaddy Purple strain will make you escape the world where you will be free from pain and worries. It is also said in some reports that the Granddaddy Purple strain can help in regaining appetite as well.
  • High Blood Pressure – People with High BP can feel better from the Granddaddy Purple strain as it induces calmness and relaxation which helps in maintaining the blood pressure. 
  • Post-Chemotherapy 
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • And much more

So, these are some of the medical symptoms in which the Granddaddy Purple strain is found helpful. Well, from here now you can get an idea about the potential of cannabis and its importance. 

How to Grow Granddaddy Purple Seeds Effectively?

Till here, you may have already dreamed about having those beautiful purple buds in your garden. You might be thinking about taking those eye-satisfying purple buds in your hands while the beautiful aroma and mouth-watering taste will make you impatient to grow more. 

However, if you want to grow Granddaddy Purple seeds effectively then you don’t have to get some superman skills to make the most out of it. Just have basic knowledge and you are ready to rock!

Well, before jumping into the field or getting grow tent, read here some basic things to take care of and know while attempting to grow Granddaddy Purple seeds. This can help in avoiding some basic mistakes that can lead to a reduction of yield which you never want.

Let’s find out them:

Growing difficulty

You might be thinking about a strain before getting your hands dirty that whether it can be grown easily or need more effort to be weed-rich!

However, for being weed-rich with Granddaddy Purple seeds, you don’t need to be an expert before setting a growing environment for it. Growing Granddaddy Purple seeds indoor or outdoor is easy and therefore, it is the strain that can result in the best outcomes if grown carefully. 

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Required environmental conditions

Similar to many other Indica strains, the Granddaddy Purple strain favors the Mediterranean climate to grow. However, still, an optimum growing condition is required to make this strain produce a heavy yield. Because the ultimate goal is to make most of Granddaddy Purple strain.

Thanks to its Indica genetics allows it to reach a faster in maturity period in the given temperature and humidity levels. The required temperature to grow Granddaddy Purple seeds in your garden is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees whereas it is also a positive side of the strain that it can bear low temperatures as well. 

The main story to make this strain survive in low temperatures around 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is inducing purple buds in the plants which makes this strain a purple in the real sense. 

Apart from the temperature range, you also have to make sure the humidity level is maintained well. As the plants of Granddaddy Purple are less likely to be resistant to molds which mean more attention to them in the maturity period and even after that because one mistake can take your beautiful purple buds far away!

Flowering period

The best part about growing Granddaddy Purple seeds is the short flowering time. Unlike most of the strains, Granddaddy Purple seeds take just 49 days (7 weeks) to complete the cycle and make you harvest your buds. However, the average time can lie between 7 to 9 weeks as well. The harvesting time also depends on the attention you give to your garden. 

Apart from this, the plants will be ready to harvest from earlier September to late of the month.


Any weed lover wants to have a higher yield from the seeds. Well, Granddaddy Purple makes it happen. As you grow Granddaddy Purple indoor be ready to get a yield around 500g per meter square, which is enough to make you bud-rich. 

However, for the outdoor growers, you can averagely expect a yield of 500g per plant to make yourself feel like weed-king!

Overall, the yield of the Granddaddy Purple Seeds is excellent and can make any weed grower feel satisfied with harvesting. 

Plant Resistivity

The plants of the Granddaddy Purple strain are moderate to less resistant to molds and mildew. Therefore, you need to keep them in such a condition where the molds or fungi can’t take place. You can keep an eye over the temperature and humidity levels to maintain well as the fungi and pests love humidity. 

However, the responsibility to make your garden secure from pests and insects is yours although if it is resistant to it. Make sure to take all the precautions for making most of the strain. 

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Granddaddy Purple Seeds Review: Final Words

Granddaddy Purple Seeds are the best choice for those who want to have an adventurous yet best weed experience in their life. From strain’s potency to the yield everything is found nearly an ideal Indica strain. 

Now, it’s your turn! Make sure to rock!

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