Grape Ape Seeds Review 2023

With the rapid change in marijuana legislation around the globe, there has been quite an increase in the demand for medicinal cannabis. The reason is that the medicinal benefit of cannabis has played one of the major roles in legalization in some developed countries. 

Grape Ape Seeds – Overview

Grape Ape Seeds

Well, for getting medicinal marijuana there might be different claims for different marijuana strains but it is less likely that you will be getting a ‘tried and tested’ strain. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry! 

Here is the marijuana strain which has not only intense medicinal effects but is also ideal for recreational uses. Thanks to the intense THC concentration. Yes! We are talking about the Grape Ape seed strain that has not the only impact on the body in a positive way but the catch is that the breeder has experienced the medicinal effects of marijuana and then created a world-famous strain – Green Ape Seeds!

Read along to know the interesting history, strain information, growing guide, and everything that can lead you to get this strain quickly!

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Let’s get started:

History of the Strain

Green Ape Seeds have been developed by one of the known breeders Bret Bogue. The story of Bogue with cannabis begins when he came to know about the medicinal effects of weed after diagnosing skin cancer. 

Fortunately, he not only survived but also contributed to one of the legendary weed strains in the marijuana world. He crossed Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1, and Afghani to form a strain that was going to be worldwide famous for its potential – Green Ape strain!

Bogue has no idea his creation will gain such fame that his strain won multiple awards in different cannabis competitions including the Green Cup and also one of the reputed awards in the marijuana world – the High Times Cannabis Cup

With such fame, you can get an idea of the strain’s potential and demand among the weeders after its creation. Even still in 2023, there have been weeders who only seek Green Ape seeds to grow in their garden as they have got to know what it can actually do!

The catch of developing Green Ape seeds is that Bogue was interested in marijuana away before he was diagnosed with some serious medical symptoms and he was consistently into growing cannabis and crossing them. Well, the ultimate benefit of the breeder led him to help in curing his disease, which is the best part of his cannabis journey!

Overall, the history of the strain is quite reputed in itself and the origin of the strain is initiated when the breeder got to know about marijuana’s medical benefits after he tried and tested then created something extraordinary!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Grape Ape Seeds

What are the outcomes of Green Ape seeds? Have a look over the advantages and disadvantages before you pop into the growing field:

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  1. Unique aroma and taste like Grape.
  2. Highly potent strain.
  3. Medicinal properties.
  4. Purple-colored flowers.
  5. Excellent yield. 
  6. Suitable for beginners to grow.
  7. Cannabis Cup winner strain.


  1. Susceptible strain to bud rots if the growing environment is not favorable to it.

Many of the strong marijuana strains, which are highly potent are often difficult to grow. Especially for beginner growers. Well, this is not the case with Green Ape Seeds. Even anyone can grow this strain to get maximum output. However, you are recommended to check its grow guide below first before heading to prepare the growing field.

Strain Information

Every marijuana strain is unique in itself. Each strain possesses some properties that distinguish it from the others. Well, with Green Ape Seeds, there have been different properties that you might be amazed to know. Either it is about the appearance of the strain or inducing higher cannabinoids, everything is excellent with the Grape Ape strain. Let’s check them out:


Want to impress any weed lover?

Grow Green Ape seeds!

The beautiful purple-hued with the green combination is something that catches everyone’s eyes. The jaw-dropping frosty buds will make you crave crushing them in your bowl. Apart from this, the denser, heavy buds are something that will make your effort worth growing this strain. 

If you are a marijuana cultivator who loves to grow something beautiful that can jealous of your neighbors then Green Ape seeds are for you. 

Overall, the appearance of the strain is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The color combination of green with purple is that which satisfies your eyes! 


Green Ape strain is ideal for indoor growers! The reason is the short and compact height of the plants which is ideal for limited space growers. Thanks to the Indica dominant genetics that doesn’t fetch the height of the plants like Sativa dominant strains

Well, if you will be growing Grape Ape seeds outdoor then there is nothing to be worried about space, while the strain will grow to its maximum potential, you can be ready for getting more yield than indoor gardeners. 


Cannabinoids are constituents that make the Green Ape strain stronger in producing effects. This train is THC dominant and generates up to 25% of THC concentration. Yes! It is that high to make you fly in the sky!

Well, generally the THC concentration is found around more or less than 20%, which is capable to make you feel an intense high.

Apart from this, the strain possesses, different terps in its genetics dominantly Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene, which are the responsible factors for inducing sedative effects along with unique aroma and taste

Overall, the strain is enriched in THC and terpene profile, which ensures that you can have the best weed experience with it.

Taste and Aroma

As from the name, you can guess that the taste of the strain will be similar to something grapy along with sweetness and notes of berry too. Talking about the aroma then you will be experiencing a combination of skunk, grapy, and hash which comes from the parent genetics of the strain.


Effects of the Grape Ape strain are quite mind-blowing! As per more than 20% of THC concentration within the strain, there is no doubt that you will be flying to cloud nine once you are into the hold of Grape Ape effects. 

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Initial effects are something like a hit of euphoria when your head will be getting boosts of happiness and upliftment. While you will be in the highest gear of your flight, you will be feeling ultimate relaxation after this weed journey! 

Overall, the effects of this strain are strong and beginners are advised to start with limited dosages. However, once you are used to Grape Ape effects then there is no comeback. Apart from this, as the strain is quite relaxing you can always use it as your end-day relaxing dosage!

Medicinal effects

Apart from the strong effects of the strain, this weed will help you in curing different medicinal symptoms as well. The combination of effects along with medicinal properties ultimately helps in breaking down different medicinal symptoms:

  • Stress and Pain – Want to get relaxed at the end of your tiring day? Just have Green Ape strain once and say goodbye to the stress! Doesn’t matter how much older the pain is, while you will be flying high with Green Ape, your pain will automatically fade away.
  • Anxiety and Insomnia – Effects of the strain from head to toe will make sure that you are completely away from the anxious thoughts and the ultimate relaxation of the strain will make you fall asleep faster. 
  • Depression and PTSD – Even in some serious medicinal symptoms such as depression and PTSD, the strain is founded to be effective. 
  • Eating disorders and much more. 

There have been medicinal effects of the Green Ape strain which can help in treating different medicinal symptoms. Well, we always recommend you to first get a consultation from your physician, and if the doctor recommends you particular marijuana treatment only then go for it. 

Overall, the Green Ape strain is a strain that is not only a favorite among recreational users but is also a favorite of medical weed enthusiasts. 

How to Grow Grape Ape Seeds Effectively?

Grape Ape seeds can be your seed strain to give the maximum output in less time but for that, you have to be aware of the growth factors that affect the yield of this strain. Even you can maximize your garden’s output by following the condition for these factors. Because our ultimate goal is to get the highest yield and for that, these growth factors will help you more. 

Grow difficulty

As said earlier, Grape Ape seeds are easy to grow to make them suitable for any weed cultivator to obtain the maximum yield. This is one of the best parts of this strain that even though it is one of the potent strains, it is easy to grow. Otherwise, many strong weed seeds are a little trickier to cultivate. 

Overall, the strain can result in an impressive yield if you give it the right growth conditions. 

Optimum growing conditions

As the parent genetics are from drier climates, this strain also prefers to grow into a little warmer and drier climate conditions. Therefore, if you are growing Green Ape seeds indoors then you can keep the temperature in the required range of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not exceed or relax the temperature from the range. 

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Apart from this, in the growing area, keep the airflow and RH level into the required range to avoid plant diseases. As this strain is not highly resistant to plant diseases, therefore, little extra humidity can affect the health of your plants and ultimately your garden’s yield. 

Well, if you are growing under the sky then let your garden grow to its full potential. Just make sure it gets the right amount of sunshine along with a few hours of shades. Keep in mind that the temperature range should be maintained well for the quick growth of the seeds. 

Overall, the strain is capable to grow in most climate conditions but it is assumed that you want to make the most out of this strain, and therefore, you don’t want to take any risk with the yield. 

Flowering time

What will be more attractive than growing stronger buds in less time? Well, Grape Ape strain is that combination which ultimately produces strong buds in as little time as 6 to 8 weeks. This is another thing that the weed growers love the most into a strain. 

Overall, the Grape Ape strain flowers faster, and hence you will be getting results quicker than any other strain with it.


The heavy yield of this strain is the second-best part of growing Grape Ape strain. Sufficient yield not to get into the growing field sooner is something that any weed grower wishes and Grape Ape fulfills it excellently.

Indoor growers can get up to half kilograms of buds within one square meter whereas outdoor growers can harvest up to 700 g of yield. Well, this is more than enough for an individual to enjoy all day.

Plant resistivity

The only thing to care about while growing Grape Ape strain is that you have to protect your plants from bud rots. That means you have to take care of humidity and airflow as well.

Apart from this, the strain is capable to fight common plant diseases but still, as a grower, you will not want to put your plant’s health at risk for anything. 

What’s Our Opinion?

Grape Ape Seeds from Bret Bogue is one of the creations that will be remembered for most of the time. The origin took place when the breeder got to know the healing potential of marijuana. thankfully, he developed a strain that is not only potent for recreational purposes but also helps in treating different medical symptoms as well. 

Talking about its potency then it has the power to fetch more than 20% of THC levels to make you feel what actually weed is! Apart from this, the strain possesses medicinal benefits which will be the bonus point for a weed enthusiast. 

Overall, the strain is easy to grow and gives ultimate benefits if you will be growing it in your garden. Therefore, this 2023 review of the Grape Ape seed strain is positive and you are recommended not only to buy Grape Ape seeds and enjoy the real potential of weed with it!

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