Green House Seeds Bank Review 2022

While in search of the best seed banks around the world, Green House Seed Company mostly will be there on the list. It is all due to their quality seeds and the services they provide to their buyer. 

Well, it is also claimed that they are one of the best seed collection providers online and sell top-notch quality cannabis seeds. However, let’s not rely on theoretical claims and dig out the truth of Green House Seed Bank!

Let’s dive deep into it:

History of Green House Seed Bank

Green House Seeds Bank

Claiming to be a leader seed company in the cannabis market, Green House Company was founded in 1985 by Arjan Roskam in Amsterdam. He was passionate about providing incredible seed strains without any genetic modification and that passion led him to be a winner of many Cannabis Cups regularly. Green House Company has won many private cups as well which describes its reputation and quality of the seed bank.

Well, the actual story before winning the awards, contains years of hard work and travel of the founder Arjan and his team to look out for the favorite strains of cannabis enthusiasts around the world and making them available in the best variety without any change of genetics. With such passion and dedication, he finally led an empire which is now one of the leading cannabis seeds seller in the market – Green House Company!

The founder committed to providing world-class cannabis seeds to weed lovers and he is doing it till now with his full dedication and passion which he was doing many years ago.

Overall, the history of the Green House Company is full of commitment to change the cannabis seeds world positively and the founder’s pure dedication led this huge empire to be the king of leading seed banks till now!

Seed Collection & Quality

Within more than a decade, Green House Company is in the online cannabis seeds market. As said earlier that the main motto of this seed bank is to provide world-class seeds to weed lovers and therefore, Green House stands on it incredibly!

They have the finest quality of cannabis seeds in their stock making sure you got your highest germination seed variety.

The team of Green House Company is always eager to find out new strains in the market which are more likely to get the eyes of weed lovers. They provide them in the finest quality and pure genetical form. That means you got the seeds of real genetics of parent strains. Well, that is exceptional to see in any online seed store but Green House does it excellently!

As they import seeds from reputed online vendors and do not breed seeds on their own, therefore, they care for the quality of the seeds in a very serious manner and they choose only the best quality seed strains. Well, after providing quality services for many years, Green House Company has stocked around more than 55+ awards including Cannabis Cups and private awards. 

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Such confidence in their quality service led them to one of the favorite, popular & best cannabis seed stores online.

From feminized to autoflower and regular to hybrid strains, Green House Company has covered you all! You can find different varieties of seed strains in their stock and in the finest quality. Some of their popular seed selections are Arjan’s Ultra Haze 2, Exodus Cheese, Train Wreck, Green House Skunk Himalaya Gold, and many more. 

Overall, the seed quality at Green House Company is incredible and allows you to choose the most premium quality seeds at their shop, which is rarely available at other novice seed banks. Thanks to their team which stocks the finest quality seeds which are of pure genetics.

Price & Payment Options

Green House Company believes in providing quality seed strains at very affordable rates so that they can reach out to every weed grower in the world. Doesn’t matter if you have $10 or $100; you are sure to get top-notch quality seeds at both prices. That means Green House Company is a one-stop destination for novice weed growers. 

They sell their seeds at discounted rates which means you can grab premium seeds at low prices. This also led Green House seed company to provide seeds at a lower price than any other seed bank. 

As Green House Company cares about seed quality similarly they care about the time and your choice as well. They give you many payment options so that you can place your order before it gets out of stock. 

Green House Company provides you major payment methods of bank transfer and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. They even accept ‘cash in envelope’. Apart from this, if you are thinking to pay via Credit Cards then they majorly accept VISA, Bitcoin, Mastercard, and Amex. 

Overall, the payment options at Green House are lesser than other seed banks. Well, it is expected that they can improve within the upcoming time. However, they give you enough methods to make the deal with them.  

Shipping & Delivery

One of the major misses at Green House Company is that it doesn’t ship to the USA. Therefore, USA weeders need to wait or look for other options until they don’t serve in the US region. The reason being some political issues that bound this seed bank to serve there. 

However, in the hometown of Green House Company i.e. in Amsterdam, they ship within a very decent manner in packages. Well, they don’t reveal their shipment process but still, you are sure to get your seeds freshly by them. 

On average, Green House Company delivers your order accordingly to your location. For local orders, they tend to be faster and responsive than remote locations. 

Overall, the shipping and delivery are quite decent considering other novice seed banks. However, the only boundary is it doesn’t ship to the US, which is expected to be initiated soon.

Returns at Green House Company

Well, once you ordered from Green House, you want to always buy new packs again and again. Somehow, if you got mood swing and want to return your current pack of seeds and replaced it with a new pack then too, Green House doesn’t bother you by asking too many questions. 

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They simply ask you to fill out the return form to provide details and once they got their order back, they will respond accordingly to your query. However, one point to keep in mind while processing for the return is that make sure to read their terms and conditions first and also to keep your package unopened in the condition you received. 

Overall, considering the quality seeds, it is rare that you will go for returning the order. Considering the wrong order then Green House Company takes care of it so well that 99.9% deliver the right order. However, if somehow, the return is the only option for you to lose the quality seeds then they are so humble that they accept it without any hassle!

Customer Service at Green House Company

Green House Company has an excellent customer service team that is available over working hours on business days. At the bottom of their site, you will be able to find out the number of their customer service executives and also mail addresses to drop them an e-mail.

However, many of the buyers have reported that customer service executives don’t respond quickly. Moreover, they are more likely to prefer reading their blogs for queries. 

Well, considering the seed bank which runs over a huge scale, there can be a little delay in service as well which is common to see in most online seed banks. However, it is always a plus point for the online shop to be quicker in providing customer services. 

Somehow, if you got any queries, they are available during business days (Monday to Friday) over the help desk on their official website. Apart from this, if you want to return or replace seeds then they are also available by mail which is available on the returns page of the website. 

Overall, Green House Company has all the major customer service options available at their site so that their buyers can contact them in case of queries. However, if you are dealing with a big online store then you can expect to be queued for a while which is not that much point to concern. As the ultimate goal is to get quality cannabis buds which they are 100% confident to provide via their seeds, that is why Green House seeds have 4.6 user ratings and over 1000 reviews on trustpilot.

Website Review

green house seeds bank website

Official website:

The website is one of the major factors to put impressions over an online buyer. However, Green House Company has a decent website that doesn’t miss a chance to impress you. 

It has a search bar on the top to make you find your favorite seeds quickly. They have a banner of ongoing offers on their site which allows you to find the latest deals by them. 

Apart from this, the website contains the latest seed strains of their stock making you aware of which are the popular weed seeds in the online market. 

Even they have a separate blog containing useful information for the weed growers which you must read out before heading to the growing field. At the bottom, you can find relevant pages of their story, the about us page, and contact numbers to reach out to their customer service.

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Overall, the official website of Green House Company has a 4/5 rating. It is decent, eye-catchy, informative, and easy to navigate. The website is not loaded with uninformative content to make you feel bored!

One thing more the Green House seeds have an 8.4 points General rating on seedfinder out of 10.

Discounts & Offers

Offers, promotions, and discounts attract any online shopper the most! Well, this seed bank knows it well and allows you to grab most of the deal through their offers. Sounds cool?

Well, the Green House Company mostly gives you huge offers and free seeds either you purchase for the first time or you are buying again from them. Apart from offers, as said earlier, they regularly sell their seeds at discounted rates so you can have premium seeds at a lower price. 

Well, right now, weed lovers, are offering up to 5 free seeds if you are ordering above 75 Euros. The minimum order to get free seeds is 50 Euros and you will be offered 3 free seeds. 

If you buy seeds in bulk from them then they offer you up to 10 seeds free of cost if the order amount exceeds 125 Euros. 

That means if you are buying seeds from Green House Company then you are sure to get more than you will pay for. 

Overall, regular discounts and offers will be most of the time on their website but for a limited time. Therefore, to grab a big deal you have to keep an eye on their website regularly. 

Market Reputation & Other Buyer’s Review

Any online store’s market reputation depends on the previous buyers’ reviews the most. If they have satisfied customers praising them on different platforms, that store will be rise to touch the sky! 

However, the ultimate goal of building a great market reputation is only to satisfy their buyers which Green House Company does it well! The long hustling years of Green House Company to satisfy its buyers by providing unmatchable seed quality led it to become one of the leading seed sellers online. Therefore, Green House Company is one of the most reputed online cannabis seed sellers, which covers a huge number of weed lovers around the world. 

Due to the company’s best quality services and productive seeds, buyers praise them on most of the forums. You will be able to find out tons of positive reviews on the web which shows their positive market reputation. 

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Final Review of Green House Company

Green House Company has a great market reputation through its quality service and incredible cannabis seeds. They resell a different variety of seeds from reputed vendors which allows them to have stock of the most seed strains. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an online seed bank that gives you more than you will pay for then Green House Company will be your best choice!

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