Grow Room Checklist for Marijuana Indoor Growing

Growing weed is easy. 

When you have the right equipment and the right quality of weed seeds. 

However, if you are new to weed cultivation and don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. 

From a basic checklist to helping grow tools, everything you are going to find out right here. Just read along to know what you actually need when it comes to growing weed indoors or outdoors. 

So, let’s get started:

Grow Room Checklist: For Indoor Gardening

Marijuana Indoor Growing

  • Grow Tent or any other grow space. 
  • Soil or any other growing medium. 
  • Weed seeds.
  • Grow lights and other grow tools.

These are some basic checklists for indoor weed cultivation, which are a must for a beginner weed grower. Even for any weed cultivator!

To be honest, if you really want to excel in your indoor gardening and want to get some higher results, you might need some additional tools, which will ultimately help you to get a better yield than the basic one.

Helping Tools Needed for Indoor Gardening

  • Ventilation Fan
  • Dehumidifier
  • Temperature and moisture monitor
  • pH meter
  • Nutrient Solution/Fertilizer
  • Exhaust fan

Once you have checked the basic requirement, these are the helping tools that you might need for indoor gardening. Even some of them are must to have in certain conditions. 

As dehumidifiers are a must to maintain the humidity level in your grow tent if you are residing within a moist area. 

Apart from this, if you are starting your weed cultivation journey in an outdoor space then there will be some changes. Although the basic requirements will be the same for sure, however, some additional tools might differ. 

As in outdoor gardening, you will be dealing with plants at a larger scale, therefore, you might need some more tools and equipment. 

What You All Need to Grow Cannabis?

Besides focusing on indoor gardening or outdoors, let’s dig out the factors and things which is needed to grow weed to the best extent. Along with grow room checklist, let’s have a look at the basic to pro requirements for weed cultivation. 

  • Buying Weed Seeds of Best Quality is Very First Step

Weed seeds are the hidden form of weed plants. 

The better quality ensures better plants in the future and ultimately better productivity. 

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This is why buying weed seeds of the best quality are the very first step in quality weed gardening. You can choose your favorite weed strain; however, the quality of strain must be high because only that can make you high further!

You can also read our expert’s guide on how to choose the best quality weed seeds

Well, if you want an answer in short, then irrespective of the seed source, check the quality, read out reviews, and guides for confirming if the promises made by the store are true about the strain and its quality.

The right quality of weed seeds is the base of your whole gardening journey. As if your seeds will be of better quality then your chances of getting fruitful results increase drastically!

Once you got your favorite and high-quality weed strain just buy that and move to the next step. 

  • A Best Grow Space is Must

Either it is about indoor weed cultivation or outdoors, you just need to find a suitable space for your future weed plants where they can show up to their full potential. 

For indoor growers, it can be a room, closet, or even backyard of their home. However, grow tent is an ideal grow space for indoor weed growers.

Also, grow tent helps the grower to maintain the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation better. 

Whereas outdoor weeders might need some larger area comparatively as they have to grow more quantity of plants. Also, outdoor growers don’t get control over environmental conditions due to dependency on natural sources of wind, temperature, and humidity.

That is a major drawback in outdoor cultivation though. 

On the other hand, indoor growers will be ready to follow the next steps of gardening with one grow tent only. 

These grow tents not only provide a separate grow space but also helps in maintaining the required growing conditions as well. 

As there are many grow tents available on the market, you can choose as per your budget and space. 

  • Grow Medium

Once you have decided where to grow weed plants, now it’s time to decide where you will plant your weed seeds. 

Whether it will be soil or soil-less, such as hydroponics. 

However, to keep weed gardening simple indoor or outdoor, growing weed through soil is best. Although some growers also opt for hydroponics as per convenience. 

Also, for beginners, hydroponics is not the ideal way.

If you are opting for a soil growing medium then perhaps you might not face that much complexity. However, as your weed plants will get nutrients from the soil, therefore, it becomes quite essential to choose the right quality of the soil. 

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You can dig out the web for choosing the right soil for your weed seeds. 

Initially, you can put your weed seeds into any of the grow mediums to make them seedlings, such as cube roots or anything else. 

However, once you have the baby plants and the time for transplantation comes, you might need soil and pot for that. 

Along with soil quality, you have to ensure the appropriate size for your plant as well. As your weed plant will grow larger due to more space, therefore, for better results you must provide your plants larger pots.

  • Grow Lights

Heading to grow equipment, grow lights are the very first part of the growing room checklist. 

Make sure you buy the right quality of grow lights for your garden as they will be the main source of light and temperature in your grow room. 

There are several types of grow lights such as HID, LED, and Fluorescent, which you can choose as per your convenience of budget and requirement. 

However, from our side, LED grow lights are far better than others. Although they are costly they are worth the investment. As LED grow lights consume less electricity, last longer, and are efficient. 

Before buying a grow light make sure you have done some calculations though. Such as how much actually, do you need light in the grow tent. Also, in the initial growth stages you might have to expose your plants for a longer time while after some weeks, a few hours of lighting will be sufficient. 

Therefore, lighting with a timer is needed. 

You can check out on the internet for several grow lights or you can read our guide on choosing the best grow lights for weed gardening here!

  • Nutrients

This decides how much your plant will grow. 

A weed plant absorbs a large number of nutrients to thrive and produce weed buds. Therefore, providing your plants the right amount of growth nutrients is as important as other steps. 

The first step of doing so is to put your plants in a nutrient-rich soil or medium. Well, you can conduct soil tests as well to measure the potential of your grow medium. 

Though if your soil lacks nutrients then here comes the fertilizers in play!

Fertilizers are available to make your plants get all those nutrients if they are unable to fetch from the soil for any reason. 

However, it is not a game for beginners or newbies. That is why before you put any random fertilizer in your plants, you must have to do little homework. Read fertilizer guides, articles, and specific strain grow guides to know which fertilizer to use. 

Keep in mind that most fertilizers contain chemicals and excessive quantity can also harm your garden.

  • Ventilation

Better air circulation leads to better results in the garden. 

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That is why oscillating fans, exhaust fans are needed to maintain that. As any green plant needs CO2 for photosynthesis, therefore, if air circulation is excellent in the grow room, your plants will grow much faster. 

Apart from this, better air circulation in the grow area helps to maintain the temperature and humidity level as well. While strong air movement also helps in preventing molds and mildew. 

A consistent breeze inside the grow tent helps your plant’s stem to be stronger and study therefore, it will be better ready to holds the buds.

  • Other Optional Tools

Once you have the basic grow equipment and requirement, you can head to growing weed. 

Well, apart from the mentioned ones, the checklist further goes on. However, for a newbie grower or basic weed cultivator, those are sufficient to give you the best results in the garden. 

Although you can use some more tools as well, which are optional and depends upon convenience and requirement. Such as your neighbors might not like the odor of your garden, therefore, you can use tools for odor control. 

Similarly, if you are completely new to gardening then you can take the help of any course or guide available on the internet. 

In a nutshell, the ultimate goal should be better gardening results and therefore, you are free to do as many things as you want. Also, you can add or remove things from grow room checklist accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal range of temperature and humidity for grow room?

The ideal range of temperature is around 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. While humidity should be around 50% in the initial stage of weed plants. It can be also reduced to 45 and 40% if needed during the final weeks of gardening. 

  • Which size of grow tent is better for beginners?

It completely depends on the growing area inside your room, house, or apartment. There are several sizes available in the store and you can pick out anyone accordingly. 

  • Which is better: LED grow light or HID grow light?

LED grow light is efficient and consumes less electricity. While HID lights are enriched in throwing out the more light spectrum. Considering the price, LED grow lights are costly. 


Grow room checklist is now completed.

Now, it’s time for you to take action. Go ahead and start cultivating weed. 

You can also start with basic and still get results without expensive equipment. However, if you are growing weed commercially or for a specific purpose then you might need some additional helpful tools. 

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