Harlequin Seeds Review 2022

It is well known to cannabis experts and enthusiasts that apart from recreational purposes, marijuana has medicinal benefits as well which can help in treating different medical symptoms. Somehow, it is also true that even after knowing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, there have been marijuana strains for mainly recreational uses or simply, for getting high!

Harlequin Seeds – Overview

Harlequin Seeds

However, medical patients who seek for getting therapeutic effects instead of high are somewhat scared of cannabis as it is expected to deliver only psychoactive effects, which is not true in this modern marijuana era! Thanks to the breeders, cannabis connoisseurs have taken the medical importance of weed into account and introduced us to many of the cannabis strains dedicated to medical patients for therapeutic benefits. The best part of this modern marijuana era is that now we have coverage over medicinal strains that contain less THC concentration and gives us purely medicinal benefits and little to no high.

Therefore, if you are seeking medical strain then there is no doubt you must start growing Harlequin seeds in your garden. Dedicated to medical marijuana enthusiasts, the Harlequin strain contains higher levels of CBD and less THC concentration that not only avoids the user from getting high but instead shows many medical benefits. 

Here is the detailed information:

History of the Strain

The whole story of Harlequin begins from the earlier time of the marijuana era when the people were demanding a strain that can show intense medicinal benefits and contain a higher level of CBD. As you might be knowing that there have been two main cannabinoids in marijuana in which THC is known for producing psychoactive effects while in contrast, CBD is known for inducing medicinal effects and in some cases, it also reduces psychoactive effects.

With that said, there was a huge demand for developing high CBD low THC strains. Fortunately, Mr. Green, one of the excellent breeders got to know about this void in the marijuana industry and he began his hustle to make a strain that can produce a high level of CBD in marijuana. After putting in a lot of effort, luckily, he made something very unique that not only has higher levels of CBD but also induces medicinal properties as well. The result was Harlequin strain which was the resultant strain by crossing Colombian Gold, Nepal, Thailand, and Switzerland landrace strains. 

After launch, the strain becomes quite popular which was obvious too, due to the huge demand for strains with high CBD and low THC. Ultimately, the whole marijuana world was introduced by something unique, something that the weeders have never tried – a strain with an intense level of CBD, Harlequin strain!

Overall, the history of this strain is built around the demand for a strain like it. Luckily, it was developed and got famous around the globe for the right reasons. Now, let’s find out what are the pros and cons, properties, and growing guide of this high CBD, low THC strain.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Harlequin Seeds

Want to get a short overview of the strain? Here are the advantages and disadvantages that can be the outcome of Harlequin strain while growing:


  1. Best medicinal strain.
  2. High CBD and low THC strain.
  3. Easy to grow. 
  4. Little to no psychoactive effects. 
  5. Beginner-friendly strain.


  1. Due to Sativa dominance, plants may grow taller.

Considering the medicinal benefits of this strain, it is one of the first choices of every weed grower. One thing to keep in mind is that there will be less THC, therefore, you are going to feel little to no high, hence you can rely on this strain for therapeutic results.  

Strain Information

You might be thinking about this strain’s unique quality. Well, there has different aspects of this strain in which it performs excellent while it lacks in some areas. Therefore, to make you better aware, here are the properties of this strain:


Harlequin breaks the stereotype of medicinal plants that they lack good looks! Apart from the medicinal potency and therapeutic effects, this strain has an excellent appearance that will be treated to your eyes. The gorgeous and denser buds surrounded by greener leaves and frost coating will make you mesmerizing by your garden. 

Therefore, if you will be growing this medicinal herb in your garden then make sure you do not expose it to your friends as they might be jealous of you!


This is one of the reasons which decides any strain to be grown indoors or outdoors. Luckily, even due to Sativa dominant genetics, Harlequin grows within moderate height. That means for limited space growers, it is a plus point and the strain will not bother you regarding the height. 

However, if still, you want to manage your garden then you can use your growing skills to trim or crop the garden to make it according to space.


As said earlier, Harlequin is a medicinal plant, and therefore, it has enriched CBD concentration and fewer THC levels. Here lesser THC means that you will be able to get that THC cannabinoid in this strain but in little concentration yet the dominant cannabinoid is CBD. 

Averagely, CBD concentration in Harlequin strain is found around 10% while the THC levels are around 4% which is comparatively lesser. 

Apart from this, the strain possesses different terps which help to develop medicinal effects and also develop a unique taste and aroma. The dominant terpenes in Harlequin are found such as Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. These terpenes develop different effects and tastes for the strain.

Taste and Aroma

The terpenes and cannabinoids combined make this strain smells like an earthy, woodsy, and citrusy herbal plant. Well, in most medicinal plants, it is common to have a taste and smell like herb, grassy, and earthiness. 

Overall, the strain has enriched cannabinoid profile and terpenes therefore, you will be able to have a unique experience with this medicinal strain.

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The effects of the Harlequin strain are calming and relaxing. Thanks to CBD dominant genetics. Once you will give hold to Harlequin, you will be feeling a clear head of happiness along with mood-boosting effects. The strain will not make you high like THC-rich strains. Therefore, you can be sure that you are not going to be couch-locked by the Harlequin. 

Overall, the effects of the Harlequin strain are happy, mood-boosting, and relaxing which ultimately helps in different medical symptoms too. Apart from this, if you are taking Harlequin as your medicinal dosage then there is no doubt you will be getting any kind of high

Medicinal Effects

As said earlier that, the Harlequin strain is known for producing medicinal effects due to CBD dominant genetics, therefore, you are sure to get those medicinal benefits with this strain which you might be hoping for from an ideal medicinal herb. 

Let’s check them out:

  • Pain and Stress – Treat Harlequin as your end-day dosage and it will treat your stress and pain. The relaxing effects of the strain make the pain fade away while you can say goodbye to the stress. 
  • Inflammation and Anxiety – Harlequin’s medicinal properties have also helped in curing inflammation while the mood-boosting effect will make sure you don’t have anxious thoughts. 
  • Depression and much more – Some of the serious medical symptoms such as Depression, Harlequin has been found effective. 

Apart from these, there have been many other medicinal effects as well of this Harlequin strain. As this strain has been developed considering the medical patients, that is why it is one of the best medicinal marijuana strains on the market.

How to Grow Harlequin Seeds Faster?

Till here, you must be impressed by the medicinal properties of the Harlequin strain and you might be thinking to grow it in your garden. As this strain is dedicated to medical weed enthusiasts hence, you must be wondering if the Harlequin strain will be tough to grow due to its medical potency or it might be difficult to care for in the vegetative state.

Well, if these kinds of questions are bothering you and coming in between before you cultivating Harlequin strain then here are the growth factors that will make you aware of each aspect of the growth of the Harlequin marijuana strain. 

Apart from this, this will make you an expert on the cultivation of Harlequin that will ultimately benefit you for grabbing the maximum output from it while cultivating.

Grow difficulty

Apart from strain’s medical potency, Harlequin is easier for any grower to cultivate. That means any grower with basic growth knowledge can grow this medicinal herb. However, for maximum output, you have to take care of your garden along with optimum growing conditions. 

Overall, the Harlequin strain is one of the best medicinal marijuana strains and even suitable for beginner cultivators. That is why it is popular among newbie weed cultivators. 

Required grow conditions

To grow any weed garden, optimum growth conditions are a must. It is the root secret of growing marijuana to the maximum output. Doesn’t matter you choose feminized or regular seeds for your hydroponics or grow the field, if you have given the right conditions to thrive then there is no doubt your garden will make you the happiest weeder during the harvest. 

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For Harlequin seed strain you must be growing it in a little warm, dry climate condition so that it can grow to its maximum output. A warmer climate means you must keep the temperature range between 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t let the temperature fall or rise from the given range. 

Apart from this, for making your garden healthier, you must be sure that Harlequin plants can breathe well. That means appropriately keeping the airflow while the relative humidity doesn’t exceed more than 60%. 

Overall, Harlequin is the strain that can thrive in minimum growth conditions but always make sure that you don’t take the risk for your yield and hence keep the optimum growth conditions till the harvesting period.

Flowering period

One of the best parts of any strain for the grower is that if the strain can flower faster then it becomes a deal-maker thing for the cultivator. Well, even after being a medicinal plant strain, Harlequin strains flowers faster within 8 to 9 weeks, which is comparatively quicker than any other high CBD strain. 

Therefore, you will be ready to harvest the buds around September-October. 


Harlequin gives you enough yield to complete a whole course of treatment and still, you will be left with stock. If you are cultivating Harlequin strain indoor then you can get up to 650g to 700g of yield per square meter while the outdoor growers can expect the same amount to a little more than indoor growers. 

Overall, considering yield, this medicinal strain is excellent and hence, you are sure to have the best weed experience with it! 

Plant resistivity

Want to have the strain that can be resistant to common issues resulting in lesser efforts to maintain? Don’t miss the Harlequin seed strain! This strain is highly resistant to molds and common plant issues. However, make sure you give the airflow space in between your plants so that they can breathe and ultimately avoid the bud rots. 

What’s Our Opinion?

If you are searching for a medicinal strain then there is no doubt you must start your journey by growing Harlequin seeds in your garden. This strain is an ideal package of everything that you can expect from a medicinal strain.  

From inducing high CBD concentration to producing intense yield, everything in Harlequin is perfect. Even this medicinal strain is capable to thrive in minimum growth climate conditions and the best part is that beginner growers can make this strain their most beneficial strain.

Overall, considering the strain’s properties and medicinal effects, the Harlequin strain review is positive and you are 100% recommended to grow and start your journey of weed cultivation.

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