Hemp vs Weed (Marijuana): What’s the Difference?

Are you confused about the difference between hemp and weed (marijuana)?

Well, now, you’re not far away from reality!

Like today, you’ll get to know everything about hemp and weed that has quite similarities but very few people knew about it.

You may already be familiar with growing marijuana either indoor or outdoor. However, hemp that comes from the same strain, is quite beneficial for the industries as well as the environment.

Hemp vs Weed (Marijuana)

HEMP VS WEED (marijauna)

We’ll have a closer look at both of them. 

Even the legality of marijuana is suffering worldwide from time to time but hemp is mostly allowed in different regions.

You know why?

Let’s check out:

What is Hemp?

Hemp is known as industrial hemp, comes from the same strain of marijuana but has different usages due to different CBD and THC content. 

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana as known as weed is also the same cannabis Sativa or Indica species but has more THC concentration. Its usage varies with different countries and it produces “high” effects.

Hemp & Marijuana – Overview

As a marijuana enthusiast, I’ve been looked out for different weed plants. That led me to know about different marijuana species. However, we all know that weed or marijuana is a species of Cannabis Sativa. There’s also a popular category of weed that comes from India cannabis. 

The surprise is that hemp that is different from marijuana also comes from the same species.

Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, hemp has mostly industrial use due to its different properties from marijuana.

Well, we are familiar with marijuana usage. Mostly it is for personal usage such as smoking and consuming in different ways.

When it comes to the historical overview then marijuana legality used to suffer a lot as we all know. 

Even until now, its legislation is continuously changing from time to time worldwide.

However, in the early 20th century, the United States comes with legislation under the Marihuana Tax Act 1937 in which to cultivate, grow, sell, or possessing marijuana was completely prohibited.

Due to its psychoactive effects on marijuana, it was banned. 

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Well, at the same time, hemp and its products which don’t possess any of this quality in a noticeable amount, its cultivation was allowed.

As said earlier, hemp and marijuana are from the same species. Therefore, only those farmers were allowed to grow hemp plants (from which marijuana can be achieved too) who have a legal permit. It is due to the illegal production of marijuana from the same hemp plant.

As time passed, the legislation regarding hemp got changed positively in most regions considering its importance in the industrial field.

Moreover, marijuana’s impact in the medical field was also convincing laws to consider it. 

Moving forward, now, marijuana for medicinal purposes is allowed in most regions and different countries. However, in the United States, it is still illegal on the federal level but in different provinces, the legislation allows us to grow, possess, and share marijuana to some limits.

Considering hemp, it didn’t face many movements to change the legislation as marijuana did. Even still the legalization of marijuana is going as a movement in many countries. 

However, now, the world is accepting the importance of it.

The best part is that it is found that the human species used to grow hemp plants (the same strain of marijuana) even 50,000 years ago.

3 Major Differences Between Hemp & Marijuana

Marijuana and hemp come from the same cannabis strain, therefore, to distinguish between them from physical appearance is a little tricky way to do it.

As at some distance, marijuana and hemp plant look quite similar. 

However, they are different in properties and usage.

Let’s check out three major differences between hemp and marijuana:

#1. Chemical Property

You may already know that marijuana strain plants have majorly cannabinoids in them. However, the amount of  CBD and THC varies with different plants and according to breed with a different strain.

Marijuana majorly possesses THC content in them more than CBD, which results in psychoactive effects to the user. It is also termed as “high”!

That is why due to its potent high effect, it was banned. 

However, considering hemp, which comes from the same species of marijuana, has very little to no amount of THC. Therefore, it doesn’t possess any psychoactive effects. 

This is the reason that even when marijuana was not allowed, hemp was there to grow and use its derived products.

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When it is considered that the reason for the psychoactive effect is THC content available in the plant, which may be available in hemp but a very less amount. Therefore, the government comes to set a limit on THC content in the cultivation of hemp.

#2. Cultivation

The second major difference between marijuana and hemp is their cultivation methods. 

As the usage differs and so the growing way of theirs!

However, as the THC content is the reason for “high”, the government allowed only to grow industrial hemp having THC amount not more than 0.3%. 

Even while breeding, the resulting plant should have THC less than 0.3%, only then it can be legally allowed to derive its other products.

Despite the same species, to grow marijuana and hemp, both require different methods and environments to grow.

Let’s not go into a growing guide and know the main factor:

To grow marijuana, you need to maintain surrounding conditions such as temperature, humidity, and much more. However, with hemp, you don’t have to face such issues.

As hemp can be cultivated even with not that much maintenance. That is why it is quite beneficial to grow on a large scale.

#3. Usage

I think you may already be familiar with the usage of marijuana. However, in brief, marijuana has a majorly more THC amount than CBD and hence it is used as a medicinal and recreational drug.

In contrast, hemp, having less THC content (less than 0.3%) it has been majorly used in industries to produce textiles, rope, plastic (compostable), bags, CBD oil, and much more.

Even it is found that the cultivation of hemp also helps in improving soil strength.

CBD oil is one of the major helpful products from hemp in the medical field.

Apart from that, hemp-derived products are potent to treat many diseases such as insomnia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety.

Recently, the new medicine is approved by the government which is derived from the same CBD content from hemp, which helps treat childhood epilepsy.

What is the Industrial Usage of Hemp?

Hemp is a fibrous plant having less THC concentration (which results in euphoric effects) and more CBD concentration that can be derived into textiles, ropes, compostable bags, paints, biofuel, animal feed, CBD oil with lots of more products.

Talking about CBD oil which is quite popular for calming effects even without high THC content, is derived from hemp having more CBD concentration.

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The reason to have CBD oil from hemp is its more Cannabidiol amount present in hemp rather than “high” effect causing amount, which is enriched in marijuana.

The legality of marijuana is not accepted globally and with hemp, there’s no restriction in most regions with limited THC content (up to 0.3%) which is another reason to have CBD oil from hemp.

Moreover, CBD oil requires a CBD enrich plant and for that, there’s nothing better option than hemp! As it is enriched in CBD content.

On the other hand, hemp products have no toxic effect on the environment such as compostable bags and plastics. 

Well, it is also found that the cultivation of hemp also helps the soil to be enriched in minerals resulting in better soil quality.

Why Hemp Products are Popular?

Hemp products are taken from non-psychoactive plants from the same species of marijuana.

We all know, the world is against marijuana due to its “high” effects and addictive properties!

In contrast, hemp is safe to use and till now, the researchers didn’t find any of the harmful effects that happen with marijuana.

That is why hemp and its derived products are not only beneficial due to its calm effects instead of making users high but also are environmentally friendly.

Considering derived plastics and bags from hemp are quite useful as they didn’t remain in an environment like other plastic due to their compostable property. 

Even CBD oil and other derived medicines enrich in CBD concentration are popular in the medical field. They are quite helpful in the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, and much more.

Considering these all benefits, hemp products are more popular and that is why there are no to very low restrictions on hemp throughout the world.

Hemp Predictions

We all have been getting to know the many benefits of hemp and its products. However, if we consider worldwide use then the usage may vary accordingly to the restrictions there.

That is why hemp may be an underrated environment-friendly element in different regions.

However, as hemp is proving its usage in all fields, it is sure that soon, it is going to be accepted by the world.

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