Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

Getting a high yield from cannabis strain ensures that you can enjoy weed all day for the rest of the time. Especially when you are a new grower, you want to grow a strain that can result in immense yield to let you enjoy weed until the next seeding time. 

Here comes the role of the best high-yielding cannabis seeds which can make this dream come true. Let’s find out which are the strains that can result in the highest yielding.

Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds

Here begins our list of the best marijuana seed strains that possess unique properties of taste, aroma, and yield. However, one thing will be common in all of them that you will be getting the highest yield from each of them.

Let’s find out your best one:


Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds is the strain that can give you immense yield to enjoy all day. Thanks to the Indica hybrid genetics that makes you weed-rich!

The strain has been perfect for indoor and outdoor growers where it can produce up to more than 2Kg of the yield outdoor. Whereas the indoor cultivators can get up to 700g of yield. Yes! You read it right. This beast strain can result in such a heavy yield of marijuana buds, which is rare to see in any strain. That is why Super Skunk is one of the most popular among weed lovers. 

Super Skunk is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1 and has an easy-to-grow profile. That means even novice growers can make the most out of this strain. 

What’s the best?

Apart from producing heavy yields, the best part about the Super Skunk strain is that it has a short flowering period of just 8 weeks. That means for getting the highest yield from Super Skunk, you don’t have to wait for a longer time. If you will start your cultivation journey with this Cannabis Cup winner strain then you are 100% sure to be weed-rich!


Golden Tiger is an ideal strain for outdoor growers. This highest-yielding cannabis strain can produce up to more than 2Kg of buds if you give it space to spread under the blue sky!

This strain has a moderate difficulty to grow profile that means if you are growing Golden Tiger indoor then you have to manage your garden through trimming, cropping and LST techniques as the plants of this strain can take a little extra space to give you more buds.

Well, if you let it take enough space outdoor then it can make the buds rain! However, indoor gardeners can get up to around 350+ g of yield.

Apart from the highest yield, Golden Tiger has potent buds that are sweet and a little musky in taste. The effects of the strain are uplifting and couch-locking. Thanks to the higher THC levels of up to 25%. 

What’s the best?

The best part about the Golden Tiger strain is that it is an ideal strain to grow in outdoor conditions. As apart from the potency of buds, this strain is highly resistant to heat, mites, whiteflies, and mold. That means you don’t have to worry that much about managing your garden. If you are thinking to grow the highest-yielding cannabis seeds outdoor then look no further Golden Tiger!


If you are looking for energizing high and cerebral effective strain then don’t miss Green Crack. Green Crack is a Sativa dominant strain that has been ideally developed for outdoor weed growers. If you grow Green Crack strain outdoor then it can result in a huge cannabis tree that will give you yield up to 3Kg of buds. Yes! You read it right!

That is why Green Crack is one of the best high-yielding cannabis strains in 2023. For indoor growers, you can opt for SCROG and SOG techniques to manage your plants in a given space where it results in excellent yield.

Favorable to dry climate, Green Crack strain is easy to grow, and therefore, any novice grower can begin their journey with it. However, experienced growers already choose this strain for making their cannabis journey more adventurous. 

What’s the best?

Green Crack has one of the strongest genetics to give you pleasures of the weed world and apart from producing higher yields this strain is resistant to mold and other common issues as well. That means while growing Green Crack you have to put less effort into managing your garden. For the weed growers out there, who want to take their cannabis growing journey to the next level, they are recommended to grow Green Crack strain!


Want a potent strain that can give you intense effects and yield both? Amnesia Haze is for you!

This original strain has Sativa dominant genetics that gives you a higher yield in both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. The strain is potent enough to make you feel uplifted, happy, and relaxed with its intense cerebral effects. Thanks to the original genetics and 22% of THC levels that gives the user an intense hit of weed effects!

Amnesia Haze has an easily grow profile allowing any weed grower to make the most of this strain. For indoor growers, this strain results in up to 650g of yield whereas outdoor cultivators can get up to 700g of yield. 

The height of the plants is moderate and therefore, it is suitable to grow Amnesia Haze in limited space whereas the outdoor growers will not face any issue with this strain.

What’s the best?

Amnesia Haze is one of the legendary strains which is known for its intense effects and potency. Even this strain is found helpful in many medical conditions as well. Therefore, if you are considering the Amnesia Haze strain to grow then you are going to grow one of the best high-yielding strongest marijuana strains ever!

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Green Gelato is a strain for those who have the tolerance to deal with intense THC strains! Green Gelato is one of the high-yielding cannabis strains and has the potency to knock out as well.

With an intense THC of 27% and Indica dominance, one can expect for getting couch-locked after Green Gelato. Whereas the yield of the strain is enough to make you enjoy it all day!

The quick flowering period of just 8-10 weeks allows you to get your buds within earlier October. However, when grown outdoor the time may vary accordingly growing climate. 

Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint Girl, and Scout Cookies resulted in this Green Gelato which produces a higher yield in a given space. For indoor space, the strain is capable enough to give you buds around 700g. However, if you give this strain space to show its potential then it can even result in a yield of 800g per plant. 

What’s the best?

Green Gelato strain is for those who are looking for the strongest weed strains and also want to get a higher yield. With higher THC levels from Amnesia Haze, the Green Gelato strain has the potency to make you ‘high’ and ‘weed-rich’ both! Therefore, consider Green Gelato as the strongest and high yielding marijuana strain!


One of the best marijuana strains ever! After potent strains for outdoor growers, here comes an ideal strain for indoor growers – White Widow!

When you give White Widow the right growing conditions indoors it results in beautiful resinous buds in immense quantity. The height of the plants goes up to a maximum of 1m that means it will be easier to manage your garden. 

Thanks to Indica dominance genetics that fetches up to 17% of THC levels and gives you a hard hit of cerebral high. Apart from the effects, you can expect a high yield from this strain up to 600g. That is why the White Widow strain has won multiple awards including High Times Cannabis Cup.

The sweet and classical flavored mouth-watering taste gives you knock-out effects making you feel uplifted and ultimately relaxed. The strain has a quick flowering period of 7-8 weeks making you harvest your buds within earlier October.

What’s the best?

White Widow is one of the best high yielding cannabis strain for indoor growers which has potent genetics and produce immense yield to enjoy all day. This multiple award winner strain is perfect for you to grow indoor if you are in search of the best marijuana strain which can give you knock-out effects as well.


This sweet strain is one of the popular choices among weed lovers. It is due to the sweet taste and high THC levels that it produces up to 18%. Apart from a sweet mouth-watering taste and intense aroma, Strawberry Kush produces up to 650g of yield, which makes it one of the high-yielding cannabis strains. 

Strawberry Kush develops an instant cerebral high that makes you feel motivated, uplifted, and relaxed in the end. That is why Strawberry Kush is also used as a stress-burster. 

Due to Indica dominance, the plants of Strawberry Kush are compact allowing you to grow them even in grow tents or in less space. Ideally, you can grow Strawberry Kush either indoor or outdoor but for indoor growers, it gives more benefits due to less management of the garden. The short flowering period of 8 weeks gives you an estimated time of harvesting up to October. 

What’s the best?

The best part of growing Strawberry Kush is that it is one of the best marijuana strains which produces intense high and yields with unmatchable taste. Therefore, if you are looking for a strain that can give you a beautiful aroma and taste with intense high then look no further than Strawberry Kush!


Wedding Cake is one of the most popular weed strains among weed growers due to its high potency and capacity to produce immense yield.

With a cross of Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and OG Kush, this strain has the potency to give you all the pleasures of weed! Wedding Cake is an Indica dominant strain and can produce buds with up to 24% of THC levels. That is why it is one of the strains to consider at bedtime. 

This is the strain that any indoor and outdoor gardener can make the most out of it if he or she will give the right growing conditions. That is why average this strain results in up to 650g of yield indoor and can go more than that for the outdoor growers. 

The flowering period of the strain is around 7 to 8 weeks and hence you will be ready to harvest buds around late September to earlier October.

What’s the best?

Wedding Cake strain has all the ideal properties of a high-yielding cannabis strain that has potent buds to give you strong cerebral effects. If you are going to start your cannabis journey then begin with Wedding Cake, you will be amazed at the results!


Critical Mass is an ideal strain for the growers looking for quick buds! That means this strain has a very short flowering period compared to other strains and hence it can result in heavy buds within just 45 to 55 days (6-8 weeks max). 

The strain possesses THC levels of up to 18% making you feel uplifted, relaxed, and calmed. That means this strain will make you feel high even with a short period of completion. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growers, Critical Mass can produce yield up to 750g indoor and 600g outdoor. Therefore, you are sure to get enough buds to enjoy all day. However, due to the short height of the plants, Critical Mass is the strain that has low maintenance.

With a slightly lemony, skunky, and sour tone, Critical Mass will let you enjoy the taste of real weed bud while the intense THC will take hold over the body making you feel completely relaxed. 

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What’s the best?

If you are looking for a weed strain with ideal properties to grow quickly and enjoy weed then Critical Mass is a perfect strain! From 45 days of flowering period to producing immense yield, you are sure to get the best results from Critical Mass!


If you are looking for the highest-yielding cannabis strains to grow indoors then Northern Lights will be your best choice ever!

Northern Lights is one of the legendary and popular weed strains especially developed for indoor growers. This strain can beautifully result in green dark buds within just 55 days of the flowering period. That means you will be ready to harvest buds around October. 

The strain has a mouth-watering taste of grapefruit and it gives intense effects of cerebral high with around 18% of THC cannabinoids. 

If you are growing Northern Lights outdoors then be ready to harvest buds more than 1Kg. Whereas the indoor growers will be getting around 600g of buds. However, the strain prefers a dry climate to grow therefore, you can make the most out of this strain if you give it the right growing conditions. 

What’s the best?

Northern Lights is in itself the best marijuana strain to grow indoor. However, the strain gives you immense yield in a short period when you give it proper space in outdoor cultivation. Either you grow it indoor or outdoor, you are sure to have the best results with this high-yielding best cannabis seed strain.


If you are looking for an ideal THC-rich strain that can result in immense yield then THC Bomb will be your perfect choice!

With more than 22% of THC cannabinoids in buds, THC Bomb results in up to 1000g of yield when grown outdoors making it rain of buds! However, indoor growers can get up to 600g of yield. Well, considering the strong genetics of buds it is rare to find a strain that can produce such immense yield. Apart from this, THC Bomb is an Indica dominant strain and hence you will be able to get the moderate height of the plants. 

If space is the concern for indoor growers then you can prefer LST, cropping, and trimming techniques as well to get the required size of plants. However, THC Bomb performs excellently in outdoor space and climate.

With an easy-to-grow profile, THC Bomb is suitable for both novice and experienced growers. However, you must give this strain optimum growing conditions to show its potential.

What’s the best?

THC Bomb is an ideal strain for those who want to get strong buds within less time and also excellent yield to enjoy all day! Within just 8 to 10 weeks of the flowering period, you will be ready to get dense and heavy buds which induces happy and relaxing euphoria.


Want a perfect strain for intense effects? White LSD is for you!

One of the legendary strains known for the intense effects of euphoric high to make you feel uplifted, energizing, and happy. Thanks to the strong genetics that fetch up to 22% of THC in the White LSD buds. 

Whether you grow it indoor or outdoor, this beast strain results in the same intense yield of up to 600g. However, the ScrOG technique is expected to give you the most beneficial results with White LSD. 

The moderate height of the plants allows you to cultivate this strain in different spaces. However, if you have some growing skills then you can manage this strain to give you more benefits in any condition.

White LSD strain has a short flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks that means you will be ready to harvest your buds within earlier September. 

What’s the best?

White LSD is the strain that is known for developing incredibly high that makes you feel better from fatigue and stress. That is why this strain can be even considered as a stress-buster strain. If you want to grow a weed strain that has potential and can produce an immense yield in less effort then consider White LSD!


Big Bud is one of the best high-yielding marijuana strains which has won multiple awards. This strain is a cross of legendary Northern Lights, Afghani, and Skunk #1 which has been in the cannabis industry since the 80s. Therefore, you can get an idea about the popularity of this strain. 

A favorable growing condition is a warm climate where this strain can flower faster within just 8 to 9 weeks. However, when you grow Big Bud outdoor then the harvesting time may vary accordingly to the climate. 

The sweet, subtle, and hashy flavors of the strain give you a pleasant taste while the cerebral effects of the strain make you feel happy, uplifted, energetic and ultimately relaxed. Treat Big Bud as a bedtime strain because it can even make you couch-locked.

When it is grown indoor, Big Bud results in a heavy yield of up to 600g. Outdoor growers can get even more than that. 

What’s the best?

The best part about the Big Bud strain is that it is a complete package of taste, effects, and higher yield. From Indica dominance genetics to the intense effects, Big Bud has ideal properties of high-yielding strain, and therefore, you can choose it to grow indoor and outdoor both.


Blue Dream is one of the popular marijuana strains that result in higher yield when grown in excellent growing conditions.

The legendary cross of Blueberry and Haze resulted in Blue Dream which has strong parent genetics to develop intense THC levels. With around 18% of THC level, Blue Dream is potent enough to make you couch-locked and give you complete relaxation. Therefore, this is one of the strains to consider for weekends and at bedtime.

Blue Dream is one of the versatile strains to grow indoor or outdoor both and it will impress you with heavy yields. Indoor growers can make up to a maximum of 500g per square meter. Whereas the outdoor cultivators can get up to even 2000g. Well, it’s up to you how much you love your plants while cultivating them!

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The sweet taste and intense aroma give you a pleasant experience with Blue Dream while the effects of the strains are unmatchable high!

What’s the best?

The best part about the Blue Dream strain is that it suits the outdoor climate and can take shape of a huge cannabis tree. That means it will result in incredible yield that can make you the king of weed! Therefore, if you are choosing the Blue Dream strain to grow then keep in mind you are going to have more than enough weed buds in your home!


Last but not least! The Gold Leaf strain is the best high-yielding cannabis seed strain on our list. The reason being its balanced properties that will impress any weed lover.

Gold Leaf is an Indica dominant strain that has high levels of THC up to 21%. That means you are sure to get knock-out with it. However, apart from its strong potency, the strain is versatile to grow and produce a high yield in both conditions i.e. indoor or outdoor. 

It is preferred that while cultivating under the sky Mediterranean climate is ideal for this strain whereas the strain is capable to grow in different climates. However, you have to take care of it regularly to not lose even 1g of bud. As this strain can produce up to 650g per meter square indoor and for the outdoor cultivators the yield can go far more!

What’s the best?

Gold Leaf is one of the beautiful high-yield cannabis strains that produce immense yield to enjoy all day. While the strong 21% of THC will allow you to feel relaxed and happy with its effects. Overall, you can consider Gold Leaf as your ‘golden’ opportunity to have the best weed experience either you are a beginner or experienced!

How to Choose the Best High Yielding Marijuana Seeds?

It is tougher to choose a winner among many participants. Similarly, in the cannabis world, it is tricky to decide whether to begin your cannabis journey with which strain. There are a lot of factors to consider before putting a step in. We’ll discuss those factors in short here:


It is obvious that in search of the best high-yielding cannabis seeds, you have to look over the seed strains which can promise you a heavy yield. Well, there are regular seed strains that can give an average yield of around 300g. 

However, when you are intending to take the highest cannabis seeds in your hand then you expect more than that. That is why there are now many new seed strains in the market that claim to give you incredible yield. Even it goes up to 2-5 kilograms whereas the regular seeds can only produce up to 300 to 500g. 

Therefore, to decide the best high-yielding cannabis seeds, you have to consider your requirement and then the yield of the strain that it can produce after your investment of time and effort.


Well, what if you have enough buds to enjoy but it couldn’t give you the pleasure of weed? 

You will be incomplete or your effort will not be worth it. As with the goal of the highest yield of cannabis seeds, you also expect that the buds will make you feel the pleasure of the weed world. Even getting enough yield is due to the reason that you can enjoy weed for as much time as you want without any hesitation about the stock.

Therefore, while considering the best weed strains that promise to highest yield consider the cannabinoid which can give you the ultimate effects of it. As you are growing weed for enjoyment, you have to look over THC as it is the major component for making people high.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

Well, it doesn’t matter at all. If the genetics of the strain is strong enough to produce buds then it could be Indica, Sativa, or even Hybrid strain. However, some experts say that Sativa dominant strains are more likely to grow in taller plants than others and hence resulting in more yield. 

Therefore, just consider the yield factor and grow it in your garden whether it is Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.

Read the expert’s thoughts on Sativa vs Indica.

Grow difficulty

Some strains are indeed difficult to grow. Even when a strain can make buds rain but it can require your skills and more effort. Therefore, make sure to get complete strain info before directly heading to the garden. As you don’t know which difficulty you may come across in-between. 

That is why beginner growers with low growing skills are recommended to buy seeds that are easy to grow. Therefore, the seed strains which are mentioned here in this guide have easy to moderate growing difficulty. However, when it comes to the experienced growers then making the most out of an easy-to-grow strain is their left-hand game!

Other factors

Ultimately, you have to choose your best quality seeds. You know your requirements well than anyone. As you know your growing skills. Therefore, you can consider other factors such as price, taste, aroma, and other personal preferences that you will love to expect from your ideal strain. 

As the ultimate goal is to get the best seed strain of your choice and then making the most out of it.

Best High Yielding Cannabis Seeds: Conclusion

While growing weed seeds, there are many factors to check out. Especially when you want to have enough stock of buds. Therefore, if you begin your cultivation journey with the strain that promises you intense yield to make you weed-rich then you can expect more from your cultivation. 

Till here, you are now aware of the best high-yielding cannabis seeds of 2023 and now you should be ready to get into the field and rock your cultivation journey!

If you still have any doubt ask us below, we’ll be glad to help you out. Until then, you can read our guide on the best weed seed banks of 2023!

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