How to Smoke Wax?

Wax, dabs, or concentrates, are powerful forms of cannabis. 

That is why smoking wax is an experienced weeder’s game. 

Although smoking wax is not an easy process for beginners. Though once you got to know how to do things right then you can get the most pleasure out of it. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to smoke wax or concentrates. We are here to help you out. Just read this guide till the end, you will know everything!

Let’s get started:

How to Smoke Wax

What is Wax?

Wax, as the name suggests, is a form of cannabis concentrate which has a wax-like texture. Means somewhere between liquid concentrates like hash oil to brittle concentrates like wax or shatter. 

If we describe it more simply then wax is a thick and malleable form of cannabis concentrate which is highly potent. 

How much potent wax can be?

Too much!

Yes! Generally, marijuana wax is highly potent than the flower from it. 

Averagely, in the bud form of marijuana, THC ranges somewhere between 15% to 20%. Whereas in the wax or concentrated form, THC ranges between 50% to 90%. Even some special concentrates can also break the upper limit and can possess up to more than 90% of THC content. 

That is why smoking wax is referred to as the experienced weeder’s game. Because the potency cannot be tolerated by every new weed smoker out there. 

Process of Smoking Wax

The basic process of smoking wax is quite simple. 

To smoke wax with a vaporizer you need to put a dab of wax into the heating chamber of your tool. Turn on your vaporizer and heat the device up to the required temperature. This will ultimately produce the vapors from the wax and now use your mouthpiece to inhale the vapors. 

That’s it!

Although nowadays there is not only one way by which you can smoke wax or concentrates. Rather you have multiple ways by which you can enjoy or enhance your smoking experience with cannabis concentrates. 

How to Smoke Wax with a Dab Rig?

Dabbing technology is constantly evolving and therefore, in 2023 you will find very few people who smoke wax or concentrates traditionally. As within upcoming techs, the dabbing process has been evolved to make it easier and simpler for the new weed enthusiasts. 

1. Dab rig

It is one of the most common and popular ways to smoke wax or concentrates out there. 

Basically, it is a water pipe that also consists of a nail, dome, and holder making it a complete tool for smoking concentrates. Also, the design of this tool is specially made for the concentrates or wax and the process of smoking through a dab rig is also quite simple. 

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You need to first add water to the chamber and then place the concentrate into the holder. Now, raise the temperature of the nail with the help of a mini torch lighter until it gets red hot. Wait for about 45 seconds before you touch the nail to concentrate. 

As the heated nail touches the concentrate, it generates vapors that you can inhale through the mouthpiece. 

Catch of smoking concentrates through dab rig is that if you heat the nail too hot then it will take over the terpenes and give you a harsher vapor with low flavors. On the other hand, at lower temperatures, you can get more cleaner flavors along with lighter vapor clouds unlike in the case of more temperature.  

As dab rig is nowadays more common and popular, therefore, we will mainly talk about this method of smoking wax or concentrates. 

So, before we move on to how to smoke wax with dab rig step-by-step, first let’s discover the different parts of it. 

2. Dabber (Tool)

It is a dabbing tool that is used to transfer wax or concentrate to the nail. As the concentrates are thick and sticky, therefore, you cannot use anything else but a dabber to prevent mess as well as taking out the required quantity. 

Depending upon your consistency of concentrate, you can have a dabber in the shape of the needle, pen, paddle, or even spoon. It can be made of either metal, glass, or ceramic. 

3. Nail

This is where you will put the concentrate. Though nowadays e-nails are quite popular. However, if you are opting for a traditional nail then make sure to get a male nail for a female rig and vice versa. Also, go for the correct joint size as well depending upon your rig size. 

There are ceramic and titanium nails in the market but e-nails are more popular. Though it can be expensive for you worth the investment if you are a serious user. 

4. Dab pad

It is an optional tool but a must-have if you really want to do things cleanly. A dab pad is where you place the dab rig and concentrate container. This will prevent making any mess over your main surface and also create a specific space where you can place the dabbing tools. 

5. Torch

When you use e-nails then you might not need the traditional mini-torch for heating the nail. Although if you don’t have e-mail right now then you can opt for any mini-torch which can do the job for you. Keep in mind that you have to just heat the concentrate to make it vaporize so buy accordingly. 

6. Carb cap

Carb cap will help regulate the airflow and also trap the heat so you can smoke wax or concentrate easily. Also, this helps you dab at a lower temperature and therefore, you don’t need to overheat for inhaling concentrate vapors. And, as the low-temperature vapor gives more taste and flavor than at the high temperature, therefore, carb cap will come as a handy tool. 

Although it’s an optional choice.

7. Timer 

A timer will help you heat the nail consistently one after one dab. It is also an optional tool to have for smoking wax. 

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8. Weed extract

Finally, you must have the weed extract with you. Either it can be wax or any other form as well. Such as BHO, solventless extracts like rosin, and even shatter. Although in this guide, we will move ahead with the case of wax mainly. 

How to Smoke Wax? [Step-by-step guide]

Once you have prepared all the things, you can move to the step-by-step process of how to dab wax or concentrate. Ideally, you should sit down and relax while dabbing because the hit of dabs is generally potent. 

Step 1. Heat up

Use your mini-torch to heat the nail. Aim directly to the nail and heat it until it turns red hot. 

Tip: Don’t touch the nail when it’s too hot, it can hurt you badly. Always wait for sometimes to let the nail cool down before you touch it. 

Step 2. Wait for 45 seconds

Once the nail has heated up to red hot, let it be cool for around 45 seconds. (10 seconds for titanium) you can also use a timer for a disciplined process. 

Step 3. Apply the dab

Now, it’s time to put the main content. Apply dab directly onto the nail with the help of the dabber you have. Rotate the dabber so the thick wax or concentrate can get completely onto the nail. 

Step 4. Cover the carb cap

After applying the dab onto the nail, you can cover up it with the carb cap and slowly inhale the vapors. Covering can help you regulate the airflow. 

Step 5. Exhale and enjoy!

That’s it. 

Alternative ways to Smoke Wax [Without a dab rig]

Don’t worry If you don’t have a dab rig and still you want to enjoy the new concentrate or wax you have got. Here are the alternative methods by which you can smoke wax without dab rig. S

1. Vape Pens

For those smokers who love to vape cannabis but don’t have a dab rig, this is where vape pens can come in handy. These small tools are capable to give you a good time with less effort. However, you need to master the skill of using a vape pen to get the most out of it. 

Although there is a way to vape the cannabis concentrate you have to find the tool by yourself. Because in the market the vape pens are generally either for vape juice or for the pre-filled cartridges. Therefore, you need to find which goes best for you. 

However, the working principle for vape pens is similar and simple. Adding a small amount of concentrate to the coil, heating up after closing the cartridge, and then inhaling. 

Some vape pens also give you an option to control the heat according to the concentrate type such as wax, honeycomb, shatter, and more. Though they are expensive. 

2. Directly with a joint, blunt, or spliff

Yes! You can smoke wax without a dab rig with the help of a joint, blunt, or even spliff. 

The working principle is simple as you just have to push your effort to add wax to your pre-rolled blunts and joints. 

When you are rolling your own joint or blunt you can also cut three to four small pieces of wax and can spread them evenly within the length of your joint before closing. 

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Apart from this, if you have purchased the already made joint or product then to add up the wax in it, you have to deconstruct it from the scratch. After adding wax to your blunt or joint, you can reroll that together to smoke and enjoy the additional hit of wax. 

Although this might take your time, patience, and effort to enjoy the wax, you have to push your limits when you don’t have a dab rig. 

3. With a bong

 A bong is a similar tool to a dab rig but in the case of the bong, you don’t have the nail where you put the concentrate. Although the good news is that you can smoke wax with the help of bong as well. 

Here’s how:

  1. Put around two or three nugs of weed into the bowl. 
  2. Now, add a small piece of wax. 
  3. Get another nugget of weed and crush it to make it fine. You can use a grinder as well. The finer you will make, the easier it will pack in the bowl and it will easily burn as well.
  4. After this, fill the bowl with shredded weed you are left with. 
  5. Now, light up, and enjoy!

The working mechanism of putting wax in between the weed stuff gives you a similar experience as with the dab rig. Additionally, the vaporized wax with marijuana gives you more pleasure within a single intake. 

Again, here you can do one thing to enhance your experience more. Lower temperature will make you get a higher percentage of cannabinoids. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is e-nail?

An electronic nail or e-nail is an electronic tool that basically lights your concentrate. You can easily plug in, push a button, and heat your nail to the exact temperature you want. Also, this cuts out the need for a mini-torch which is mentioned above. 

Although e-nails are generally expensive. 

2. How much quantity is better to start smoking wax?

If you are just stepping into the smoking wax then ideally you should start with a very little dose. As said before, marijuana concentrates, and wax is highly potent that can make you overwhelmed with the effects. Also, it contains as high THC as 60 to 90%. Therefore, for beginner dabbers, 5 to 10mg is the best range. 

3. Can I make a wax at home?

Yes, it is possible to make cannabis wax at home but it is quite hassle filled process. Additionally, you have to keep many things in mind such as the strain you are choosing, and other requirements as well. Moreover, if you don’t have any experience then you should not even think about making it on your own. 

Therefore, we recommend you to go for the wax or concentrates available in the market. These are ready-to-use products with mentioned potency and hence you can choose accordingly. 

How to Smoke Wax: Final words

After smoking weed, smoking wax and concentrates is quite common among experienced weeders. However, for beginner smokers, it is always recommended to start with small doses of wax. Due to its higher potency, you might be overwhelmed. 

Apart from this, smoking wax is quite easy and simple. Thanks to the new technologies that evolved within dabbing. As now you know how to smoke wax, you might be ready for your new adventurous weed journey!

Happy Smoking Wax!

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