Is Weed Legal in Canada? in-depth Guide

Are you curious to know if weed is legal in Canada?

If yes, then this guide will clear your all doubts!

However, you may already know that there are certain laws and regulations to follow before having marijuana at your home. 

If you didn’t follow that, you might get into legal trouble, which I’m sure you’ll never want to have.


So, to make you enjoy weeds in Canada I’m here to help you out. 

With all laws that one must have to follow before he/she may have weed at their home, I’ll make you aware of all of them.

Therefore, this guide is going to be helpful for you in a very quick way. As I’ve explained in a very brief; all the laws which come under the use of marijuana in Canada.

One thing I’ll mention here is that in every different region they have different laws. Therefore, for you, it is quite essential to know from your local authorities as well before making any deal with weeds.

Now, without any more talk, let’s get straight into it:

Is weed legal in Canada?

Weed legalization in Canada

Yes! Weed is legal in Canada*. 

(Terms & Conditions applied)!

Well, in a very simple way, weed isn’t totally prohibited in Canada. It has been legalized with a long guideline that every weed buyer or consumer needs to follow while dealing with marijuana in Canada.

So, what they are?

Here it is:

The cannabis act in Canada has mainly focused to control over the creation, distribution, and possession of weed all over the country.

However, they have made these laws mainly to protect these three goals:

  1. Very firstly, the government wants to protect teenagers. Obviously, it can be quite harmful and addictive for them. Therefore, they have totally banned them.
  2. The next thing to consider while applying the cannabis act is to avoid getting profit in the pockets of culprits which somehow is lost as well as unprotected for the government.
  3. Third, very importantly, to make out weed to reach in the hands of only adults in a very quality manner. 

Having these three goals and subject to common or regional restrictions, the Canadian government has allowed that adults who are 18 years of age or more can legally deal with weeds in a manner of:


They can possess as much as 30 grams of legal Cannabis, dried or non-dried. However, there is a certain limit has defined for the consumers. Basically, the government has maintained a balanced consumption of weed in different ways.

These are based on dried cannabis. It means one (1) gram cannabis is equivalent to:

  1. 70 grams of fluid cannabis item.
  2. 15 grams of eatable cannabis item.
  3. 5 grams of fresh cannabis to use.
  4. 0.25 grams of concentrates.
  5. One cannabis plant seed.

So, these are the possession limit that has been set for an individual in Canada. If you fall under these rules then you can have cannabis without any legal action.

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Overall, one individual that has legal age i.e. 18 years or more (somewhere it might be different) can access cannabis or its products up to 150 grams.

Sharing Guidelines

Any individual having legal age can share as much as 30 grams of legal Cannabis with another adult.

Who can Purchase?

No one can sell or buy cannabis to the less than the age of 18. There are mainly two criminal offenses regarding this, which can cause a maximum of 14 years of imprisonment.

These are:

  1. Buying or selling cannabis to less than 18 years i.e. teenagers.
  2. Using a teenager to commit a cannabis-related offense.

In the end, it comes out that only adults (age more than 18 years) of Canada can buy cannabis or cannabis products from a provincially licensed or legal seller in the market.

Even Canadian residential can buy cannabis online too but only via legal producers and sellers.

Growing at Home

Each resident of Canada can have up to 4 cannabis plants for every house for personal use.

To make cannabis products at homes such as drinks and food, it has been legalized until you didn’t use organic concentrated solvents in them. 

However, as of October 17, 2019, eatable cannabis products and concentrates are legally available to be purchased either online or offline. 

Overall, if you look at the official rules then you will get to know that they have filtered mainly the illegal supply of cannabis or its products.

However, for personal use, buy, consume, or even for home growing, the government has made it easy for us.

What if someone doesn’t follow any of the rules?

Well, after describing the above rules and laws, you might be able to understand the legal way to consume marijuana in Canada. 

However, a question also arises in the mind that what if anyone doesn’t follow the rules or in other words, what if you cross the government limits.

So, the answer is hard criminal penalties!

Many criminal penalties are mentioned for those who don’t follow the rules or laws living in Canada. 

These are:

  • Illegal distribution/sale/purchase

There is a penalty for those who illegally distribute/sell or purchase marijuana in Canada a maximum of 14 years of jail with some tickets.

  • Growing at home beyond limits

Those who love to grow marijuana at home are given certain limits. If they cross the limit then they can have a penalty of some amount or they can be jailed for 14 years.

  • Giving access to teenagers

Cannabis is strictly prohibited for teenagers in Canada. If someone, tries for it, then he will be sent to jail directly for 14 years.

This penalty is also applied for the same offense regarding using a teenager to committing any weed offense.

  • Keeping marijuana over the limits

You can possess weed under the given limits by the government. However, if you cross that, then there is a penalty about the charge of a certain amount out of jail for 5 years or less a day.

  • Taking weed across Canada’s borders
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If you try to take weed out of the country’s border then you might be caught by customs and the penalty will be of 14 years of jail.

So, these are the penalty for different cannabis-related offenses. To use, consume and sell or buy you must ask your local authorities to avoid any kind of legal action on you. 

Within the limits and rules, you can easily have weeds and can enjoy at your home.

Guide to buy marijuana in different regions of Canada

Well, as I said earlier that different regions in Canada have specific laws for their own region.

However, I have mentioned some of the popular regions of Canada where buying weed is legal and from where you can buy it without any legal trouble.

Here we go:

#1. Ontario

It is one of my favorite places. Well, coming to the point where you can buy weed without any kind of trouble. You just need to look for a licensed store. One thing I’ll mention here that there are many private weed stores too which are legal sellers of it. You can check them out at your convenience.

When it comes to the government’s permission then they have already allowed in between March and April 2019. So, you are now in 2020, which means safe!

Well, you can not consume weed in such places where it attracts the teenagers such as schools or colleges. Even it is prohibited around the hospitals too. So, be careful while consuming it. Even there is also a penalty for this.

As in Ontario, only the adults whose age is above 19 years can buy weeds therefore, it is allowed in hotels, guest rooms, and other indoor areas as well.

 Therefore, Ontario is one of the safest places for you to enjoy weed.

#2. Quebec

The second most popular region for weed lovers!

Well, here is one of the popular markets of weed.

There are more than 20 shops of SQDC (Société Québécoise du Cannabis), which is actually a lottery for you. From my side, don’t miss this chance! You can check it out from online stores too.

As per regional or local authorities if your age is above 18 years then you can possess 30 grams of weed in public and can have 150 grams at their home. Even I have explained earlier. So, you can relate from there.

Coming to the places where you can consume it then you can have it anywhere but not close to the places under the age of 18 such as public playgrounds, schools, etc. I’ll suggest you that doesn’t matter from where you are, you can have a detailed guideline for weed from your local authorities.

#3. British Columbia

The third popular city has more than 15 physical stores which are govt-licensed as well as added by some private stores too. So, you can find your best choice from here. However, it is always good to go with government stores if you are new in the market.

In public places, you can have only 30 grams of weed if your age is above 18 years. For home, here you have an extra benefit. For home, the limit is 1 Kg.

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Consuming weed publicly is strictly prohibited here. Even you can’t have it around hospitals or in your vehicle. The places where children gather such as the park, playground, or school; there is a strict ban on the consumption of this.

More or less, local authorities have fully banned it for making it reach out to teenagers. Therefore, you should also help them. It will be convenient for both sides.

#4. Alberta

Here private stores are more than anywhere else. So, you’ll have different choices to make from. Even there are online stores too which are quite popular nowadays.

Like other regions, here too, you can have only 30 grams of dried weed in public space. Well, there is no restriction for having it privately. Therefore, the private option will be more beneficial to you.

Don’t even think to consume it outside of the theatre, pool, zoos, or any public places including parks and children residential as well such as schools. At home, you can consume it without any trouble. Even in public places only smoking tobacco is permitted.

#5. Yukon

This is one of the government agencies known for quality service. So, you can have about 30 grams in public places. At home, you are set free to have as much as you want.

It applies only to adults having age above 19 years.

You can consume it only at your private residence or home.

So, these are some regions in Canada where you can enjoy weed by following certain laws and limits.

However, for other regions which I don’t have mentioned here, I recommend you to check out guidelines from local authorities. 

Is Weed Legal in Canada: Final Words

Marijuana or Cannabis is consumed worldwide. However, in some areas, it has been prohibited due to its addictive properties and harmful effects on teenagers.

Therefore, if you are an adult of age more or equal to 18 and thinking to have cannabis either personally or at home then you must follow the rules and laws before taking any step forward. 

However, from this guide, I’ve tried to help out people in the Canadian region. As there are different laws for different regions then you can have a look at the rules specifically for your area from your local authority as well.

As we all know that weed has some great effects as well as some harmful effects if we didn’t care about the dosage of it.

So, make sure to have proper guidance before having any dose of it.

I hope this guide helped you in some way. If I’ve made any mistake or forgotten something then you can remind me in the comment section below.

However, if you need any kind of suggestion or more guidance then you can also ask me there. 

Well, until then you can check out our expert guide for the best seed bank by clicking here.

Until then, stay home, stay safe.

Happy Weeding!

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