MJ Seeds Canada Seed Bank Reviews 2023

Do you know about the latest seed bank in Canada which offers premium seeds at very affordable rates? Then you must read the MJ Seeds Canada review.

Ok, I’ll help you:

I am a cannabis enthusiast and I always roam around the web to explore different cannabis strains in the market. Recently, I came across one of the best seed banks I have bought seeds from. 

From the quality seeds to their helpful customer service, they really impressed me!

Let’s not keep that secret anymore and let me tell you about that amazing seed bank:

It is MJ Seeds Canada!

I had an amazing interaction with them and bought some of their premium seeds as well to expose their promises.

MJ Seeds Canada Seed Bank

Well, today, I’ll let you know about those unexpected experiences that I had with MJ Seeds!

It is really unexpected!

Shall we begin?

Hell Yess! 

MJ Seeds Canada – Overview

MJ Seeds Canada is based in Vancouver, Canada and it is one of the latest seed banks in Canada. It is founded in 2009 but within a short time, it got a decent place in the market. 

Thanks to their quality seeds and hard-working team, I’ll let you know one by one here about them.

They didn’t have a long history to describe their customers. Instead, they have unique and new cannabis strains with premium quality seeds to help you grow your own cannabis plant. 

With one-day shipping to offering free seeds with your orders at very affordable rates, that is why MJ seeds Canada has 8.2 ratings on seedfiner out of 10.

They’ve got you all!

Let’s check out in detail if they’re really supposed to be one of the favorite seed banks of Canadians!

Seed Quality at MJ Seeds

Actually, MJ Seeds Canada is known only due to their quality seeds, which they offer at a reasonable price. They have well categorized all types of seed strains in the table, from where you can choose your favorite seeds conveniently.

From regular to auto-flowering and from high CBD to feminized, they have every form of seeds for you. Additionally, they have also covered their own special category of seeds from where you can find seeds such as Auto CBD Seeds, Fast Version Seeds, Fast Version CBD Seeds, Mix and Match, and many more.

Do you know what the best part is?

At MJ Seeds Canada, you’ll be able to find rapidly what you are looking for. As they have well-categorized seeds, it helps you in choosing your favorite strain.

If you smoke or consume weed, you’ll probably love feminized strains that they have separately given for feminized seed lovers.

Moreover, as we know for medical treatment of patients with sleep issues and some other illnesses high CBD marijuana can help. Therefore, for the specific purpose, they have a high CBD strain category from where you’ll be able to get seeds in which CBD concentration will be relatively high as compared to THC.

Isn’t it amazing?

Apart from this, MJ Seeds Canada didn’t have mentioned their strain collection but after knowing their seeds variety, it may be around 50 different strains which is a decent number regarding a new seed bank.

However, some of their seed strains are Afghan, AK-47, Alaskan Thunder, Amnesia Haze, b-52, Bigbud, Blue Cheese, Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Bubblegum, Cheese, Durban Poison, Early Girl, Early Pearl, Grand Daddy, Hash Plant, and much more.

Apart from their affordable rates, they have a different category of seeds in the form of the ‘cheap seeds category’ where they have given their quality seeds at quite lower rates. 

If you want to get them then you can visit their site here!

Price & Free Shipping

As said earlier MJ Seeds Canada, they are known for premium quality seeds at affordable rates therefore, you are sure to get more cannabis plants without putting much weight on your budget.

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Averagely, seeds at MJ Seeds Canada cost around $50 to $300. When you’ll see healthier cannabis plants on your lawn then you’ll get to know about the worth of their price range.

Moreover, their premium quality seeds are not overpriced like some other new European seed banks. For the price, they offer you what you’ll pay. Therefore, you are pretty sure to invest your hard-earned money in the right place.

With an affordable price range, they also offer you some different schemes under which you can have free seeds with your order. However, I’ll discuss it in the next category.

Overall, when it comes to the price range, then MJ Seeds Canada is quite competitive with European seed banks, and considering the quality of seeds, MJ Seeds stands out better than most of them.

MJ Seeds Canada claims to offer you the fastest one-day delivery. However, this applies to local orders. Moreover, they usually ship within one day after receiving your payment.

Keep in mind that MJ Seeds Canada ships worldwide. Therefore, you can order seeds from any corner of the world knowing marijuana legality in your region. 

Averagely, your order may take between 7 to 21 business days to get to you, which obviously depends on the address you have given them. Most of the time, the order arrives earlier than that but they consider customs and other delaying factors with their shipment. If your order is delayed (which rarely happens) then most probably it is a customs issue.

Still, you don’t have to be worried as they ship your order in a very discreet and stealthy manner. They are total experts in stealth shipping. As they claim to pack your order in electronic equipment and toys too. Within North America, they ship quickly with birthday cards.

Isn’t it fantastic!

Yeah! It is because they care about your privacy and they promise to keep your information up to them only. 

Thanks to their discreet packaging they do not mention your or their name or logo on the package. Even the return address will not be on the package. 

This is how they keep your order secret in the best manner!

You might think that If the order is that much secured and somehow if it is stopped by the customs then they will re-ship the new package?

Well, here comes their guaranteed shipment policy:

They offer you guaranteed shipping if you’ll pay $20 extra. Within the amount and quality of your seed, it is a nominal fee regarding the order. 

In this scheme, if you’ll opt for $20 shipping charges then your order comes under their insurance and guarantee. That means doesn’t matter how many times your order gets stuck, they’ll ship to you until you don’t receive your seeds in your hand. 

Moreover, they also keep an eye on your order via online tracking, which also helps to know where your order is reached.

Apart from this, if you don’t want to pay shipping charges and want that your order arrives at you without any shipping fee then you have to order from them above $200. That means if you buy in bulk from them and if it crosses the amount of $200 then they will bear the shipping charges.

It sounds cool?

Yeah! Overall, they are excellent in shipping and they ship your order 99% of the time. Well, for those areas, where you doubt customs and other issues then you can opt for their guaranteed delivery, under which you are 100% sure to get your seeds in your hand.

Payment options at MJ Seeds Canada

At MJ Seeds Canada, they offer you almost every online payment method. 

They do accept cash and money order via mail, which is faster in Canada than in other countries. Moreover, for more rapid payment they offer you Debit Card and Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA), under which you may be charged some nominal processing fee.

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The best way to avoid all kinds of hassle is by paying via cryptocurrency. If you want to pay them through bitcoin then too, they easily accept bitcoin as well.

However, for privacy lovers, who want to hide their payment details from the bank and other authorities then MJ Seeds Canada also accepts payment via PayPal. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes! You can do payments through PayPal which is nowadays a very rare payment option in any online seed bank. However, MJ Seeds Canada offers you that! Additionally, Bank Transfer and e-Transfer both are in your hands as well!

Want to know the best part?

The best part about MJ Seeds Canada is that they even offer you to pay your own way. If you still don’t want to pay from the above options and have any other way. Even then too, you can contact them which they’ll instruct you further for the payment.

With an online seed bank, it is very rare to see such convenient payment ways!

The point to be mentioned here is that MJ Seeds Canada does not accept personal cheques and offers COD options. Well, the COD option for international orders is almost over and if the shop is legit then there’s nothing to think about it.

MJ Seeds Canada never missed any chance to impress its buyers. As they buy seeds in bulk, therefore, they easily sell them at reasonable and low price ranges. 

Similarly, if you too buy seeds from them in bulk for over $420 price then they offer you free seeds with your order. 

Yeah! You read it right! They’ll give you free seeds.

For regular strains, they even give up to 10 free seeds with your package. Moreover, if you buy any other strain then up to 5 seeds will be free in your package.

Isn’t it impressive!

They have also a cheap range of seeds, under which they offer their top quality seeds at a very cheap rate. Here, a cheap rate never means that the quality of the seed will be compromised. They will be of higher quality resulting in a better cannabis plant.

Some of their popular cheap seeds are Acapulco Gold Auto Flowering, Chronic, Dutch Treat Auto Flowering, AK 48 Feminized Blue Dream, Black Widow Auto Flowering, Blue Widow, and much more. 

Customer Service & Support

Well, this is one of the most important factors to consider for any online shop. As the company’s whole reputation depends on the other buyer’s positive reviews which ultimately come from great customer service.

With MJ Seeds Canada, you are sure to get the best customer service till now. They offer you their best team that handles queries quickly. Moreover, their friendly behavior of their, adds a plus point!

Apart from that, they have given a blog on their site, which solves most of the queries of every cannabis grower. You can look over that blog, which will surely help you out.

Somehow, if you got any issue that is very less with MJ Seeds Canada, then they are available at +1 (604) 563 0359 number. Keep in mind to call them during the working hours of their business days to get a quicker response.

Even you can contact them by filling out a quick form that is also available at their site. They claim to reply to you within 24 hours, which may vary accordingly time.

Overall, they have a super-responsive team that helps out to solve every query of yours in a friendly manner, which is very less seen in some newest seed banks in the market.

Therefore, at MJ Seeds Canada, you are sure to get the best seeds along with a super-responsive team just in case of any query.

Website Design & Accessibility

MJ Seeds Canada Seed Bank website

Their website is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. They show you their ongoing offer on the top banner, from where you can get the idea of an ongoing sale or scheme.

Moreover, they respect the time and that is why they have very well categorized different varieties of the seeds from where you can directly look over them according to your specific purpose. I’d already mentioned above. 

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Apart from that, the greenery of the site catches the eyes of every marijuana lover. Scrolling down, they have featured their best quality seeds, which you can check for the ongoing trend and favorite seeds on their site. 

At the bottom, you’ll be able to read their helpful blog for the growers and then they’ve given their contact information.

Well, the drop-down menu, includes FAQs and other categories as per your requirements.

Overall, the website is clean and well-focused on cannabis seeds and gives you quick access to their quality seeds at the same time. For other information, they have different categories as well. 

Therefore, you’ll have a hassle-free interaction on their site, which works like a cherry on the cake with their quality seeds!

Learn about Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Yes! In 2023, the use of cannabis is legal in Canada!

Initially, Cannabis was totally prohibited during the earlier 20th century. However, within time, the laws and fight to legalize marijuana around the world changed and increased rapidly.

Ultimately, in 2001 on 30 July, medical cannabis got legalized in Canada. Well, still at that time, the recreational use of cannabis was under illegal action. 

It took around 17 years to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2018. However, it was modified similarly to the laws for alcohol in Canada. 

However, the ultimate fight to legalize cannabis in Canada was successful and that is why at the federal level medical cannabis was allowed earlier than recreational cannabis. In the end, recreational cannabis also got legalized by modifying the laws, and ultimately, the Canadians got free to use cannabis within some limits.

What do you mean by limits?

Here limits mean for the personal use of cannabis you have to follow some government guidelines. That is, to possess, grow, share and consume marijuana for recreational purposes is limited under the law and therefore, an individual can possess or consume cannabis within some limits that are decided by regional authorities.

This law may vary accordingly to different regions. That is why most of the time, you are recommended to confirm with the local authorities about the laws before dealing with marijuana to avoid any kind of legal issue.

Well, if you are living in Canada in 2023, then there’s nothing to worry about cannabis. You can buy, grow, consume, and share cannabis by following government laws. 

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MJ Seeds Canada Seed Bank Reviews: Final Words

MJ Seeds Canada is one of the growing seed banks in the market. Within a decade, it has come over to the top seed bank that any cannabis grower will choose to buy seeds.

Whether it is about their premium quality seeds or their super responsive and friendly customer service, they are amazing and far better than most of the newest seed banks in the market.

If you are a new grower or expert, they have every collection of trending seeds you might be looking for. Even that too at a very reasonable price.

With their offer of free seeds, you can have more in your bucket than you pay! Even for some sales, you can keep an eye on their site for the latest information. However, their quick and guaranteed shipment are other things to appreciate.  

Overall, I really loved MJ Seeds Canada and will surely recommend that you and other cannabis growers buy your favorite cannabis seeds here!

Your every penny invested in MJ Seeds Canada will surely be worth it when you’ll swim in the buds! Moreover, the positive reviews of other buyers show a well market reputation of theirs.

You can too share your experience or story with me. Just drop your story in the comments. I’ll be happy to share your story with this guide.

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