Montreal Seed Bank Review 2022

Whether you are thinking to buy seeds from a Montreal seed bank or want a sure-shot review before you just put a step in, this ultimate guide is going to make you an expert!

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I’ve been purchasing cannabis seeds for the past many years. This ultimately led me to differentiate between a seed bank that actually is legit and which one is just pretending to be.

Montreal Seed Bank

montreal seed bank

Well, I’ve also interacted with Montreal seed bank and therefore, I’m really excited to share my experience with you here.

Are you excited as I am?

After this, you’ll not only know about all the secrets of M.C.S (Montreal Cannabis Seed) bank but also will be able to choose the best seed bank that perfectly suits your requirements.

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An Overview About Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

I’ll not dig out the ancient history of the Montreal cannabis seed bank to bore you. I’ll share their important changes throughout the last time that actually helps you in deciding this seed bank for you.

Montreal cannabis seed Bank is one of the latest seed banks in the online seeds market. Well, after the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there’s a boom in seed banks. However, most of the offline vendors are limited to sell their seeds to the local growers only. 

Montreal cannabis seed sank was launched in 2014 to provide “best marijuana genetics” and also “best marijuana seeds” to the growers out in the world.

With over 6 years of experience, they are ruling over the online cannabis market. It is all due to the consistent premium quality of seeds, great customer services, and quick shipments too.

However, with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada in 2018 with some limitations, the online marijuana market has grown rapidly. 

That can be the most probable factor too, we can say that the Montreal cannabis seed bank has risen so far.

Ultimately, they claim to give the best marijuana seeds to the growers with 100% pure genetics of marijuana. Well, somewhat they stood on their words too. 

However, it will be more interesting to explore one by one every section that makes them one of the best seed banks in Canada.

Seed Collection And Quality at Montreal Seed Bank

As cannabis lovers and growers, we all look over an online seed bank for the quality and collection of seeds with varieties. 

Especially, for the growers out there, it is the deal maker or breaker factor.

However, with a Montreal seed bank, you are to make out a deal once you visited their shop.

They have a wide stock of your most favorite strains. At Montreal seed bank, you’ll be able to find every trending seed strain in the market.

Either it is about smokers and consumers or the growers for some medical treatment. 

They’ve covered you all!

Either you are looking for a feminized strain for more buds to use personally or just regular seeds to begin your marijuana journey or about to take a next-level step by autoflowering seeds or even looking for a high CBD strain for medical treatment, at Montreal cannabis seed bank you are sure to find each of them in the highest quality.

Moreover, they have the best quality 1:1 ratio high CBD seeds that are not available easily on other seed banks. Therefore, for all of your seeds, Montreal is the option to go for.

Thanks to their expert team that chooses manually every seed importing in the M.C.S stock. That means you are getting a handpicked and manually checked seed that ensures their supreme quality.

Moreover, each seed has to pass through many different checks before reaching out to your hand ensuring their best quality matching your growing need.

With over 6 years of experience in the online seeds market, they really proved their supreme quality by providing the best seeds to the growers.

Do you know the best part?

The best part is that with their manual picked seeds and after going through many checking, they have one of the highest germination rates. 

The seeds from the Montreal cannabis seed bank have a germination rate of 80%. 

Yes! You read it right!

That means every 8 out of 10 seeds are sure to germinate from their shop. Even that is in the lowest case, however, they claim for more.

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Apart from this, the other thing that is likable about the Montreal cannabis seed bank is that even after a lot of man-work and surety of seeds, they honestly give the data of the germination rate of their seeds. They didn’t create a hype of perfection of their seeds like many other seed banks in the market. 

Well, this is also appreciable when an online seed bank has focused to provide quality services and not only grabbing buyers by creating a fake hype of their perfection, and Montreal seed bank has 3.5 ratings on truspilot.

Price & Other Buyer’s Review

As said earlier, the Montreal cannabis seed bank has a goal to provide real marijuana genetics and supreme quality of seeds to every cannabis grower out there, therefore, they have a very regular budget price range for their quality seeds.

They don’t have overpriced seeds and even give you discounts when you buy in bulk, which is a thing to discuss later.

However, considering the price at Montreal cannabis seed bank, they are the favorite place for beginner growers to buy seeds from. 

Even the expert growers have priced their top selection reasonably.

If I’ll talk about their average price range then it begins from around $50 and goes up to $400 for the bulk seeds.

That means either you are a grower who is just beginning the cannabis journey or you are a cannabis farmer who produces weed in bulk, for both, M.C.S bank has covered seeds for you within budget. 

If you are buying seeds from a Montreal seed bank then you are sure that you are not putting weight on your budget.

Moreover, you also save when you deal with this seed bank in bulk.

Overall, considering the price, the Montreal cannabis seed bank is quite competitive with the other seed banks in the market. 

They have really well-priced collection of seeds that really attracts every grower out there.

It is all due to their supreme quality seeds and a wide collection of trending seeds that every buyer out there praises. 

Even the consistent and immense hard work of their team provides a better quality of seeds and services than any other newest seed banks. 

That is why you’ll be able to find tons of positive reviews about Montreal cannabis seed banks on different forums and sites.

These positive reviews and recommendations show the market reputation that Montreal seed bank has. For a seed bank that has recently approached the online market having a great market reputation and satisfied customers is really a thing that stands out from the crowd. 

Moreover, that is the reason why the Montreal cannabis seed bank is not only in Canada but also covering the growers from the whole world.

You can also read user reviews on seedfinder of Montreal seed bank for more clarification.

Packaging & Shipping at Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

Having a quality seed is the priority that a well-reputed seed bank should have. 

However, apart from this, some other services are also there that affect the online shop’s reputation in a great way.

Yes, it is the delivery of your order. Well, before delivery it is the packaging and discreetness of the order that comes into play ensuring the quality and privacy of your order through transportation.

With a Montreal cannabis seed bank, you are sure to have fresh seeds in a discreet package. As they are experts in delivering your order.

Montreal cannabis seed bank ships worldwide from Quebec, Canada, and not from the European center to avoid customs issues. 

Moreover, they seal your package completely which results in the complete freshness of your seeds even after days of transportation. 

As the long transportation can damage the seeds, therefore, M.C.S does a complete stealth packaging of your seeds with a crush-proof container. That results in the complete safety of your seeds. 

Customs are one of the major factors that stop your order from reaching out to your door. Especially for international orders.  

To avoid customs and also to keep your privacy safe, M.C.S delivers your seeds in different objects such as T-shirts, DVDs, and CDs. That means you are completely safe while dealing with Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank.

Do you know the best part?

The best part about ordering from Montreal cannabis seed Bank is that they 100% deliver your order under guaranteed delivery. Isn’t it amazing?

That means if somehow, your order didn’t reach out to you (which rarely happens) then M.C.S will ship you an all-new pack of seeds without any cost. Yes! You read it right. They will ship you your new seeds without asking you any questions. 

However, the thing to keep in mind is that you must have to provide the right address details where cannabis is not prohibited by the government. If anywhere, you violet the condition then you can’t take this facility.

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However, apart from this, they charge a very nominal fee for shipping. They charge only $10 for shipping your order, which is very nominal as compare to other seed banks that charge around $20 to $40 for each order.

After ordering your seeds, you don’t want to wait for a longer time to begin the gardening of cannabis.


That is why Montreal cannabis seed sank delivers your seeds within a very short time.

They take just 2 to 5 days for the local address i.e. closer areas to Quebec.

However, remote areas may take up to 7 working days as well, which is still not bad compared to other seed banks.

If you are a resident of the United States of America then you may have to wait for a maximum of 14 days (2 weeks). However, M.C.S claims to deliver even earlier than the given time.

Whereas international orders can take up to 21 business days (3 weeks). 

Therefore, you are sure to get your favorite seeds even in a shorter time with the Montreal cannabis seed bank.

Overall, at Montreal cannabis seed Bank, I found a very quick shipping service at a very affordable price, which is rarely seen at any new seed bank.

Payment Options & Safety at Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

Paying at Montreal cannabis seed bank is quite easy and safe.

They have ample payment options to make it easy for the payment. 

Either you love the privacy and therefore, want to pay them via cryptocurrency then they accept payment via bitcoin.

Apart from this, if you love to pay them quickly and want your seeds faster then you can also opt for the Credit Card and Debit Card as well, in which they accept MasterCard and VISA.

At their site, they make sure that your payment is 100% safe and reaches out to them in a safe way.

Therefore, you can pay them via their site without any hassle or issue with several payment modes.

Apart from this, they care about your hard-earned money, and for safe payment through their site, they have SSL Certification.

That means it encrypts the payment site so that no one can read your payment information even not the M.C.S. That ultimately results in safe payment with protection from scammers.

Moreover, it also protects you from losing your money if somehow if you get stuck in the midway of payment or got disconnected from the server.

Isn’t fantastic?

Well, from an online shop it is seen quite less, which Montreal seed bank is providing.

It is really appreciable!

Customer Service at Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

If you are stuck somewhere at their site or want to know about some of the seeds at their site, then you’ll find contacting their customer service an easy option.

Well, if you got a good response then it will be a deal maker and you’ll think to visit again. On the other hand, if you got a response late and rude behavior of the customer service executives then it will be of your horrible experience and you may not think to visit again, also you’ll not recommend others to buy from here.

Isn’t it right?

Well, with the Montreal cannabis seed bank, you don’t need to be worried about any query. As their super-responsive customer service team is very customer-friendly and also solves every query in a very short time.

That means you don’t have to be in the queue for long hours to just speak out your doubt.

For ensuring a quick service, Montreal cannabis seed bank has provided mail and telephonic service to contact them rapidly.

You can contact them through this number 514-805-2741 and you can also mail them via which they averagely respond within 24 hours. 

Keep in mind to contact them between business days and working hours to get a quicker response. Therefore, the best time to contact them is Monday To Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Also, keep in mind that at weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday, they are closed.

Overall, at Montreal cannabis seed bank, you’ll be having great customer service for your every query. Thanks to their hard-working team that consistently focus on providing quality service at the very ease of their buyers.

Discounts & Offers

As online buyers, we all love to have discounts and offers. 

Well, with the Montreal seed bank, you’ll definitely have seeds at discounted rates. 

Moreover, they do care about your craving for cannabis gardens and that is why they offer you free seeds with every order. 

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Yes! You read it right. With your every order, without any ordering limit, you’ll have some seeds free of cost along with your ordered seeds.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes, this not only makes the buyer smile but also manages the 80% germination rate condition of the seeds.

If still, their seeds didn’t make up a difference of 80% germination, then they will send you another pack of seeds to stand on their words. 

This is a really fantastic scheme that an online shop can have! Ultimately, the buyer will have more benefits.

Website Design & Accessibility 

montreal seed bank website


The official website of Montreal cannabis seed bank has a great user interface while navigating.

Moreover, with a lot of greenery, their site is eye-catchy for any grower.

They have given their most sold strain first. Then scrolling down you’ll find other strains that are trending as well.

Apart from this, if you came for a specific strain and want to look out for that only then you can opt for the search bar of their site.

You can put the name of your favorite strain on the search bar which will show you the result quickly.

However, if you didn’t find the right strain then you can also opt for going with a particular strain or variety-wise. That also helps you to find an alternative strain for your choice.

Overall, their site can be improved more for having a smooth experience and more information regarding strains available. Therefore, their site is given an overall rating of 7/10.

Some FAQs About Montreal Seed Bank

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Montreal cannabis seed Bank, which will help you to know them better.

#1. Where is Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank located?

It is located in Canada and it ships its seeds from Quebec.

#2. What are the strains available at Montreal Seed Bank?

From feminized to regular, auto-flowering to fast versions and high CBD, Montreal cannabis seed bank has all.

#3. Is Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank is legit?

Yes! Based in Canada, Montreal seed bank is legit and sells cannabis seeds around the globe.

#4. How much time does it take to arrive at seeds from M.C.S bank?

Averagely Montreal seed bank takes 2 to 7 days for local and remote locations. However, it also depends on your given address.

For U.S orders it can take up to 14 days to arrive whereas, in other countries, it may take up to 21 days as well.

#5. Does Montreal Seed Bank guarantee delivery?

Yes! They offer guaranteed delivery. Your order will be re-shipped if it is lost in between or stopped by customs.

#6. What is the shipping charge at M.C.S bank?

They charge $10 for regular shipping.

#7. Who can buy Montreal Cannabis Seeds?

Montreal Cannabis seed bank ships worldwide and anyone with an age of adult accordingly their region (21 years) can have their seeds.

#8. Do seeds of Montreal Seed Bank really germinate?

Yes! Seeds are hand-picked and shipped in a very stealth manner to give you fresh and supreme quality seeds. Therefore, they are sure to give you an 80% germination rate with their seeds.

#9. What is the price at Montreal Seed Bank?

Their seeds are averagely priced between $50 to $400 accordingly seeds’ quantity. 

#10. Does Montreal Seed Bank give free seeds?

Yes! With your every order, you are sure to get some seeds free of cost.

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Montreal Seed Bank Review: Final Words

I hope now you are clear to decide to buying seeds from the Montreal seed bank. 

Montreal cannabis seed Bank is one of the new seed banks that has been serving for 6 years. Within a short time of 6 years, they are among the best seed banks in the world.

Well, from quality seeds to quick customer service and from free seeds to 100% secure payment options, they are a perfect choice to buy seeds from. 

Moreover, the positive reviews of other buyers show their great market reputation, which is a plus point for them.

Overall, the Montreal seed bank review is positive and their great quality service is rated overall 8.4/10. 

Therefore, you are recommended to have seeds from this safe and reliable seed bank. 

Click here to visit their site!

If you want to share your own story with Montreal seed bank then you are most welcome in the comments. I’ll love to publish your review along with mine.

Happy Shopping!

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