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I have been a cannabis enthusiast since I get to know about it and from then, I have been buying marijuana seeds from different seedbanks throughout the world.

I love growing cannabis and hence I have experienced the difficulties that growers face.

Moreover, during this journey, I found an excellent source of cannabis seeds with some additional beginner kits from where a beginner grower can begin his journey.

I love guiding cannabis lovers and help them to grow cannabis in bulk. Therefore, I’ll be helping out you so that you can have a happy marijuana garden at your home!

MSNL Seed Bank Reviews

MSNL Seed Bank

Well, this time, I’ll be sharing my own experience with the MSNL seed bank.  

Whether their seeds are legit or whether they are really a great seed bank. You’ll be knowing all the secrets right here with me.

Doesn’t matter if you are a new grower or an expert cultivator, you’ll be getting info about MSNL seed bank in this latest review of MSNL in 2023

and you’ll be surely take a decision after this guide that if it is your seed bank.

Shall we begin?

Hell yes!

MSNL Seed Bank – An Overview

RATING 8.9/10

SEED STOCK All popular seed strains. (CBD, Regular, AutoFlowering & Feminized)

PRICE RANGE Budget-friendly, a little costlier for premium seeds.

SHIPPING TIME 2-4 days local, 4-7 days different locations.


BEST FOR Beginner/ Experts.

In search of different cannabis seed banks for quality seeds, I have looked up much recent seed bank that claims to have a great stock of seeds with highest germination rates.

Well, I always believe after testing them.

When I came across MSNL then I found that this seed bank has been serving cannabis lovers for more than 20 years, which shows their expertise in this field.

Ultimately, we all go with an expert for our solutions. That is why MSNL seeds seem trustworthy to me.

Also, you can check out the user reviews of MSNL seed bank on seedfinder.

MSNL History

Well, before buying seeds; like every new buyer I dug out some more history about them.

MSNL is one of the best UK seed banks and it has been known for quality seeds globally. They came into the cannabis industry in 1999 and it has been more than 20 years that they are shining in this industry by being a leader seed bank for the cannabis growers.

Moreover, their services are far better which I found by interacting with their customer executives once regarding my order.

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Overall, I was 50% sure of making MSNL my first choice for seeds in the very beginning. 

However, the other half was completed soon as I got my seeds from them.

Let’s see how they won a cannabis grower’s heart:

Seed Strains at MSNL Seed Bank

Quality seed is what a grower needs basically to get a more efficient plant and therefore, it can give the grower a good amount of product.

I mean, the base of the cannabis plant is a quality seed!

Moreover, the growing environment has its own share in the complete process.

Well, at MSNL they have every popular seed strain that a new grower who loves trendy collection will look upon. It’ll totally win your heart as you’ll get every popular seed strain at MSNL. Thanks to their collection team that you don’t need to go anywhere else for your choice.

Moreover, they have basically catalogs in which you can find your needy seeds by finding out them from categories.

There are mainly four categories as usual, regular, CBD, autoflowering, and feminized. Under which, you’ll be able to get the latest arrived seeds so that you can look over the trend going on.

This feature of theirs makes it handy to pick quickly the newest seeds.

Moreover, those who love more CBD content in cannabis, are categorized in HIGH CBD seeds, where you can find seeds having CBD content ranging in different amounts.

The best part:

MSNL seed bank has the scheme to provide some free seeds with your order, which is the best part as a grower.

I’ll talk in detail about their different offers and discounts by going on reward programs, which can help you in getting more seeds for free or at cheaper rates.

However, some of the popular seed strains of MSNL seed bank are:

AK47, White Widow, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Thai Stick, and more.

Overall, if I sum up their seed stock then I can say that MSNL is a one-stop cannabis shop to buy your every seed. They have covered you all.

Apart from that, their seeds have a better quality than other seed banks that I’ve interacted with. 

Therefore, at MSNL you’ll be worth your every penny by buying cannabis seeds from it.

Price & Discounts/Offers

The price at MSNL is quite reasonable for their quality seeds.

However, their popular seeds seemed a little costlier to me but they really have the best quality from the rest of the seeds strains. Therefore, they are worth the price.

Moreover, if you are a beginner grower and want to play the game safer then too, you’ll find seeds at cheaper rates here. 

Here, cheaper never means that their quality is compromised. You’ll be happy once you grow your cannabis garden with MSNL seeds.

Overall, the price range is good, compared to another seed bank then in the latest seed variants they seemed costlier but coming to the quality then they were worth it. 

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Moreover, with budget range seeds, they have been a point of attraction for the new buyers as well.

Apart from this, when it comes to making buyers happy then MSNL is an expert.

They have a huge discount on their selected seeds, which they regularly update with the trend. 

The best part is that you can grab premium quality seeds at up to 50% off.

Isn’t it amazing?

Therefore, you can keep an eye on their discount section to hit a big deal at a lower price! 

Right now, their mid-summer sale is going on and they are offering 30% off on their selected three auto-flowering strains.

Buy 2 get 1 free is an offer going on for selected photoperiod strains. For the selected regular strains, they are giving you one at half price with the purchase of one strain.

Now, what does a grower need more?

Do you know their best part of sales?

MSNL doesn’t keep the stock of seed older than two months which means you get fresh seeds every time you buy from them, which ultimately results in higher germination rates with more buds!

Overall, at MSNL, you’ll be impressed by their offers and the price range that they have settled. 

Every grower can buy from MSNL and can have premium seeds at a reasonable rate.

Shipping Speed at MSNL

They ship quickly!

MSNL is a global brand for cannabis seeds and hence they ship worldwide. 

However, they are known for secure shipment. They take care of your privacy and therefore the package doesn’t expose the order details.

They have a stealth shipping service at their shop. They have categorized it into three different sections.

The very first is “standard” which is the usual shipping service by them. The second is “stealth” in which you are more protected by them.

The securest one is “guaranteed stealth” which is a sure option to have seeds in your hand!

The price ranges as per choice from them.

The shipment time takes usually 2-3 business days for the local orders.

However, it can vary from 4-7 days as per your location.

Overall, the shipping of MSNL is excellent as per other slow seed banks. Moreover, they are quick and responsive as well. 

Customer Service at MSNL

Getting a quick response when you are in trouble, is what I look for in the best seed bank after the quality of seeds.

Well, with MSNL, you don’t need to worry about anything.

They’ve got you all!

The additional afford that I loved in their site is they have a separate blog in which they have answered frequently asked questions (FAQs) and also given some brief detail about their seed strains.

If you are new to their site, then you must visit there first. You’ll get to know many things about cannabis seed strains.

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Moreover, if you want to take help from their customer executives then you have to fill up a short form on the contact us page. They are supposed to respond to you within 24 hours. 

Well, I think they should improve their support service as they seemed to be late in answering back with the contact page. Many buyers have reviewed it on some forums.

Moreover, a calling facility is a quicker and better option in helping out consumers.

Overall, I found the customer services of MSNL quite impressive yet they need some improvements. That means you’ll not be disappointed by them.

Website Design, Payment Options & Reward Programs

MSNL Seed Bank website

Official Website:

When it comes to ease of placing orders then MSNL has designed its site accordingly.

As the clean interface of a website is what a viewer wants and they have done it excellently.

Running offers and latest deals are shown first and available seed strains are categorized well that anyone can find them quickly. 

The search tab is there to find your even more easily your favorites!

Apart from this, a guided blog is there to help out new buyers.

While placing orders, they accept all major payment options such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, bank transfers, and cash as well.

Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is also accepted there.

Your payment is secured by MSNL!

The best part is that you will get 15% off their seed strains as you order via bitcoin.

Go and grab the deal right now!

Apart from this, MSNL has a reward program for its loyal buyers. You can get points and can redeem them on your next purchase from there.

Overall, MSNL takes care of every buyer!

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MSNL Seed Bank Reviews: Final Words

Choosing the best seed bank is easy if you prioritize your growing needs.

For quality growth of plants, you need quality seeds and surroundings, in which MSNL will be done the first half part of yours by giving you premium seeds!

Either, you are a beginner or an expert grower, you are sure to find your every choice at MSNL.

From their seed strains to their services, they are better than the rest of the seed banks.

However, they are consistently improving their services which shows their dedication in this field.

Now, it’s up to you to make a decision!

I hope that this guide helps you out in making your decision or choosing MSNL as your seed bank.

If you have any suggestions for me or if you want to share your experience with MSNL then you are most welcome in the comments. I’ll be waiting there!

Until next time, stay home, stay safe!

Keep Growing!

Official Website:

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