Neptune Seed Bank Review 2022

Searching out for the best seed banks online is tough? Isn’t it?

Especially when you are bombarded with tons of options and you are new to the cannabis world. This is where the guides and reviews come into play!

If you have searched for seed banks online then you might come across the Neptune seed bank. Well, it is one of the quality seed banks in the market. 

However, we’ll be digging out and exposing Neptune Seed Bank in this review. So, make sure to read along to know everything about this seed bank. 

Neptune Seed Bank – Overview

Neptune Seed Bank

When it comes to looking over some best seed breeders and sellers in the United States then Neptune Seed Bank is sure to take its place on the list. However, the seed bank is claimed as one of the best places to buy seeds for novice weed growers. 

The seed bank claims to give reliable services and quality seeds that have a higher germination rate and can result in heavier yield. 

Apart from the quality of the seeds, Neptune Seed Bank says that they have some amazing breeders that are always eager to bring new pot seeds by genetic modification. That is why they are one of the popular seed banks in North America and Neptune Seed bank has 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot.

However, it will be quite interesting to find out how much the promises of this seed bank are true and with this purpose, we’ll be exploring each section of the Neptune Seed Bank and will make sure to you if this seed bank can be the best place to buy seeds from in 2022!

History of Neptune Seed Bank

First of all, Neptune Seed Bank is one of the new seed banks in the market. Established in 2009, in California, U.S.A, Neptune Seed Bank has been in the online cannabis market for many years. 

However, our team couldn’t find more details about the seed bank but they are known to be selling hemp seeds for many years and has a good seed collection as well, which we’ll be discussing later. 

With the start of Neptune Seed Bank, the founder aimed to provide exceptional services and quality seeds from the world’s top breeders and that is why they have relations with many quality seed providers that sell seeds of the best quality. Well, if you are looking for a germination guarantee over their seeds, then Neptune Seed Bank didn’t have provided any information regarding their seed germination guarantee. 

Overall, Neptune Seed Bank has a good history and the existence of its store for many years shows they are doing things well. However, we’ll be looking out for other factors as well, if the things are right further.

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Seed Selection and Quality

Neptune Seed Bank has a variety of seed breeders who sell top-quality seeds. They have a wide collection of hemp and marijuana seed strains that makes them a popular seed bank in North America.

On their official store, they have listed different seed varieties accordingly to category. From the autoflower, and regular, CBD seeds to their best-selling and industrial hemp, they have got you all. 

The best part about their online store is that they have also listed their breeder category in which you can look over the breeders and can choose accordingly. That means you are allowed to see from where the Neptune Seed Bank imports or sells the seeds. It is very rare to see an online seed bank providing breeder information and heading directly to them to choose your best seeds. 

Some of their breeders are Fast Buds, Fat Boy Genetics, 1904 Genetics, Alien Genetics, Archive Seed Bank, Bio Vortex, and much more. Neptune Seed Bank believes to provide the best quality breeders to their buyers to give the best quality possible seeds and that is why they have listed their breeders on the website. 

Overall, the quality of the seeds at Neptune Seed Bank is excellent and they sell their seeds from reputable seed breeders in the market. Therefore, considering the seed selection and quality, Neptune Seed Bank easily impresses any weed grower.

Price and Payment Options

Seeds and the quality at Neptune Seed Bank are quite excellent and therefore, any novice weed grower can opt for this seed bank for getting seeds from top breeders. 

At Neptune Seed Bank, the price of seeds is a little more than at other novice seed banks. The starting price range is around $50 for their regular auto seeds while their premium seeds can cost you around $90 to $100. Even that might seem overpriced to the many new growers. However, the reason could be the seed quality that they directly provide from a breeder in fresh and best quality that has original genetics. 

Therefore, if you are thinking to buy seeds from Neptune Seed Bank then you have to keep at least $50 in your wallet. Considering the other novice seed banks where the price range starts from $20, Neptune Seeds may seem a little costly but with the breeder quality that this seed bank provides, you may have to compromise with that!

Once you are ready to buy your seeds, Neptune Seed Bank allows you to place your order quickly. They majorly accept Credit Card and they process your faster as the payment transaction is quick with this payment method. For the online buyers, looking for other payment options then they didn’t have provided any information yet. However, you can always ask or contact their customer service for other payment ways as well.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery time at Neptune Seed Bank is reliable, fast, and secure. Neptune Seed Bank ships worldwide except in the regions where hemp or weed is illegal.

Once you order your seeds they ship and deliver your order within these four categories:

  • Standard – This is their regular shipping and delivery service. They ship within 5-10 days for orders in the USA only. However, remote areas can take a longer time than that. The best part is that you will get a tracking number over your mail once they process your order. However, the standard shipping charge is $6. 
  • Discreet – This option is more secure and delivered faster. You will receive your order within just 2-3 business days and your seeds will be double packaged ensuring proper safety. This is a more secure option than the standard delivery facility which costs you double the standard charges. A tracking number will be provided.
  • Signature – This is the best option for the orders in suspicious areas where you are afraid regarding your order. This delivery facility requires a signature and therefore, it becomes a safe option as well. Well, you have to pay $20 for this facility in which your order will be shipped quickly and will be doubled packed for more security.
  • Guaranteed – The name describes it well. Your order will be insured for guaranteed delivery for $25. The package will be delivered within 2-3 business days and if the package is lost somewhere, they will ship you another pack of seeds without any questions. This shipment option is better for international orders where you are insecure regarding your seeds. 
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Overall, the shipping and delivery service at Neptune Seed Bank is impressive and they provide you with different shipping services as well. However, you have to pay the charge accordingly to your service.

Customer Service

Customer service at Neptune Seed Bank is good. Majorly you can contact them via dropping mail. They claim to contact you within 24 working hours. However, the usual hearing time goes up to 2-3 days, which needed to be improved. 

They didn’t have a calling facility or any other facility to hear any issue and you are only left with dropping them a mail at

Keep in mind that they hear your issue with the order number provided with your package. Therefore, keep your order number in your message to get a quick response. 

Apart from the mail, they have given their physical address to look over the things in their store in California. You can check their address under the about us page. 

Overall, the customer service at Neptune Seed Bank is average and they need to improve their service to be one of the excellent online seed banks. However, the buyers buying seeds from here can get a decent guide from their site via mail.

Website Review

neptune seed bank official website

Official website:

This is where Neptune Seed Banks loses its points. The official website of the seed bank is decent and easy to access. 

However, the main thing is that they have very less information given on their site. Whether it is about their history or existence or about the strain info they have, it is very less, which a new buyer doesn’t like in an online store. 

Apart from this, the information they provide at their site doesn’t seem professional and sounds a little rude. However, these are the points where they must improve. 

Some buyers have also reported some issues with their customer executives as well. As an online store, they are expected to deliver reliable, fast, and service which is customer friendly. 

Overall, the website is good and the information is less. However, the seed strains are categorized accordingly, you can access them easily. A search bar is there to help you out in getting your strain quickly. While Neptune Seed Bank is expected to make its services better within the time.

Check out the great rating gainer on SeedFinder, Neptune Seed bank has 10-points user ratings out of 10!

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Discounts and Offers

We all love buying things at discounts! Especially online! 

This is why Neptune Seed Bank cares about it well and gives you a huge discounted rate over their premium seeds. Apart from this, they have regular offers going on. 

Keep in mind that offers and discounts at Neptune Seed Bank are limited and for a short period. However, to hunt for the big deal, you can look over their website regularly.

Right now, they are offering you 30% more seeds per pack over the Elev8 seeds. Go and check out right now!

Some FAQs About Neptune Seed Bank

Here are some frequently asked questions which will help you out to know this seed bank quickly.

#1. Is Neptune Seed Bank legit?

Yes! Neptune Seed Bank is 100% legit and they are situated in California, USA.

#2. How many seed strains are available at Neptune Seed Bank?

They offer you different varieties of seeds such as auto flower, regular, feminized, CBD strains, and more. They have a special variety under their best-selling category. Apart from this, they also allow you to access their seeds directly from the breeders. 

#3. Is the shipping from Neptune Seed Bank guaranteed?

Yes! They offer you 100% guaranteed delivery to your location. However, you have to pay $25 extra for this service.

#4. How much time does Neptune Seed Bank take to ship my order?

They process your order immediately after receiving your payment. However, they take usually 2-3 days to ship.

#5. How do I track my order?

While you order seeds from Neptune Seed Bank. They give you a tracking number over your mail from which you can track your order at every step.

#6. Do the Neptune Seed Bank accept returns?

No! they don’t accept returns and therefore, they ask you to directly approach the breeder in case of any issue.

#7. How can I contact their customer executives?

They have given their mail ID over which you can drop your message mentioning your issue and order number to get a quick response. They usually take 2-3 days to give you a response to the same issue. 

#8. How can I pay at Neptune Seed Bank?

They didn’t have given many options. However, they mainly accept Credit Cards (both MasterCard and VISA). For bitcoin and other payment info, they didn’t have given on their site. 

#9. Can I order internationally?

Yes! You can order internationally as the Neptune Seed Bank ship worldwide. However, a guaranteed delivery service is available within the U.S.A only.

#10. Is it worth buying from Neptune Seed Bank?

Neptune Seed Bank is legit and they sell quality seeds from reputable breeders. However, yet they need to improve their services but considering the quality of the seeds, they are amazing! Hence, it will be worth your money buying seeds from them.

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Neptune Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Finally, until here, you will be aware of Neptune Seed Bank. They have a great collection of seed strains and they provide it from different quality breeders around the world. 

Therefore, the review of Neptune Seed Bank is positive yet some services need improvement but it will be worth your money while buy seeds from here.

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