Niagara Seed Bank Review 2023 – Complete Review

With the positive change of legislation on marijuana in Canada, the weed industry raised to the next level.

However, many weed seed stores are known for their top-quality seeds for many years and Niagara Seed Bank is one of them.

They are known for selling top-quality weed seeds from the world’s best breeders and claim to have over 40 years of experience in this field. 

Well, let’s break down their every claim and find out if this seed bank is legit for you. After this 2023 review of Niagara Seed Bank, you will be 100% sure to decide whether to buy your favorite marijuana seeds from here.

Niagara Seed Bank – Overview


Just like eye-catchy Niagara Falls, this seed bank has too many attractive deals to offer to weed growers. While looking for the best seed banks in Canada, Niagara Falls surely comes on the list. This seed bank has been in the cannabis world for recent years but provides quality seeds that will make happy to every cannabis enthusiast that is why Niagara Seed Bank has 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot.

Niagara Seed Bank has been a seed bank that offers you seeds from the world’s top breeders, which we’ll be discussing later. However, the seeds they offer are limited yet the quality they offer is unmatchable.

They have their physical store as well located in Canada and they sell their seeds in different regions. 

Overall, Niagara Seed Bank claims to be one of the best sellers of marijuana seeds as they sell seeds from top-quality breeders, and therefore, they can be your best choice for weed seeds. However, we’ll be digging out their claims in detail so that you can decide on your own.

History of Niagara Seed Bank

Well, our team couldn’t find the detailed history of Niagara Seed Bank but from the information we get, it seems they are one of the latest seed banks in the market. Even they didn’t have given their history info on their website as well. Therefore, we can’t say much about their existence but the quality seed they provide speaks it positively. 

They have been in the online seed market for recent years yet with the quality seeds they provide, can be one of the leading marijuana seed sellers if they positively extend their services.

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Overall, the history of Niagara Seed Bank is not that available and they seem to be one of the latest seed banks in the market. However, as a weed grower, you can continue to buy your favorite seeds from here as they sell in the best quality available from the best breeders.

Seed Selection and Quality

As said earlier, Niagara Seed Bank has been known as a quality marijuana seed seller, and therefore, you can surely opt for getting the best weed seeds. They sell their seeds in all the categories including feminized, auto-flowering, CBD, and regular. 

Niagara Seed Bank sells its seeds from the top breeders including Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, Victory Seeds, Fast Buds, Green House Seed Company, Royal Queen Seeds, and much more. That means you are getting seeds of the best quality available as these breeders are one of the world’s best breeders.

They have a different category for their own bred seeds under which you will be able to get the special seeds from Niagara Seed Bank. On the other hand, in a different categories of auto-flowering, feminized, and CBD, you can choose seeds via breeder. 

One of the best parts is that Niagara Seed Bank regularly updates its seed stock and therefore, weed lovers in search of new seed strains can find the latest seeds under ‘New Arrivals’ on their website.

Overall, seed selection at Niagara Seed Bank is limited yet of the best quality. They have seeds of different varieties and therefore, you will be able to get the best weed seeds that can make you weed-rich!

Price and Payment Option

Seeds’ price at Niagara Seed Bank is very affordable and reasonable. The price range starts at around $35 and goes up to $100 according to your seed selection. That means Niagara Seed Bank is one of the best places to quality seeds at affordable rates. Unlike many new seed banks, which are overpriced and sell low-quality seeds, Niagara Seed Bank has everything that any weed grower will expect. From seeds of the best breeder to provide at a low cost, they are amazing!

Once you are ready with your order, you can easily place via quick payment options such as E-transfer and payment ways. 

However, keep in mind that, E-transfer is only for Canadian residents, and therefore, it is available for orders within Canada only. However, if you are ordering from other regions including North America then you have to contact their customer service executives for managing payment via call or through other ways. 

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Overall, payment options at Niagara Seed Bank are very few and they must make other payment ways available soon for orders within different regions. However, for the orders within Canada, you can quickly pay through E-transfer as this service is faster there.

Shipping and Delivery

Niagara Seed Bank ships to most of the regions in the world. However, they do not ship to locations where weed is illegal. The better way to know about shipment and delivery is by asking them via call before placing your order within your region. This will help you out whether they can securely deliver your order to your doorstep. 

If you residing within the location of their physical store in Canada then it will be better to buy seeds from there, as you can be surer about the quality. Apart from this, they averagely take the time up to 7-15 working days to ship and deliver your favorite seeds. 

Niagara Seed Bank believes in keeping your data confidential and therefore, they ship your order in a completely discreet manner. Therefore, you can be sure regarding your seeds.

Overall, shipping and delivery at Niagara Seed Bank are fast, secure, and reliable. While buying seeds from there, you can be sure that your seeds will be delivered securely.

Customer Service

Customer service at Niagara Seed Bank is quick, friendly, and excellent. They care about the issue of their buyers and therefore, they give you many options to ask their executives. 

You can call them via their given numbers and also you can drop them mail including your issue. Apart from this, you can visit their contact us page for more information. 

Niagara Seed Bank believes in providing quality services and therefore, they are always eager to help you out in case of any trouble. That is why if you are having a payment issue then too, they allow you to call them and get a quick solution. 

Apart from this, they claim to have experienced staff with more than 10 years means you will get your solutions to your issues quickly. 

Overall, you are 100% sure to get reliable, fast, and friendly customer service in case of any issue from Niagara Seed Bank.

Website Review


Official website:

The official website of Niagara Seed Bank is professional, simple, and engaging. They have listed their products i.e. seeds in which they have listed different categories. They have mentioned their address at the bottom. In between, you will be able to read their popular blogs as well. 

One of the best parts of their site is that they have listed their blogs which is helpful for weed growers. Make sure to read that as it will give you helpful information. 

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They have a limited yet simple and easy-to-access interface which is the best part. You can directly head to their seeds instead of getting any pop-ups which also adds a plus point in their interface. 

Overall, the website of Niagara Seed Bank is professional and simple to use. They don’t have unwanted banners or unnecessary things on their homepage. One thing to consider with their website is that they don’t have given the information about the establishment or about their existence. Apart from this, at some point, they lack giving the right info such as payment options. 

Offers and Discounts

Niagara Seed Bank doesn’t have direct offers and discounts going on. However, the quality seeds at their store are reasonably priced and therefore, you are sure to be worth every penny invested at Niagara Seed Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions About Niagara Seed Bank

Here are some FAQs about Niagara Seed Bank which will help you out in getting the info about this store quickly

#1. Is Niagara Seed Bank legit?

Yes! Niagara Seed Bank is 100% legit and situated in Canada.

#2. What are seed strains available at Niagara Seed Bank?

They have feminized, auto-flowering, CBD, and the latest seed strains in their stock. 

#3. How is the shipping service at Niagara Seed Bank?

They ship your seeds in a well-packed discreet manner so that cops or authorities couldn’t make any trouble.

#4. What are payment ways at Niagara Seed Bank?

E-transfer is the major paying way at this seed bank. Unfortunately, they don’t accept CC and if you want to pay them in any other way, you can contact their customer service executives as well.

#5. How to contact customer service?

You can call or drop their mail to contact their customer service. Make sure to call them on their business days between 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM. While they are closed at weekends.

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Niagara Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Till here, you must be ready to buy seeds from Niagara Seed Bank as they have the best quality seeds from top-class breeders in the world. Customer service is excellent and they are always eager to help out in case of any trouble. Overall, the review of Niagara Seed Bank is positive, and therefore, it is recommended to consider this seed bank for getting the best marijuana seeds. 

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