Paradise Seed Bank Review 2023

While buying marijuana seeds online, you want to be 100% sure if the chosen seed bank is legit and will be worth your investment.


Well, if you are going to buy marijuana seeds from Paradise seed bank then hold on!

Here is something important for you:

Whether they are really a legit seed bank or can give you quality seeds that germinate, you must know the reality about Paradise seed bank before putting a step forward.

Let’s dig out some detail about Paradise seed bank which is a well-known and popular seed bank in the online market.

We’ll be revealing their unshared secrets!

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Paradise Seed Bank – Overview

Paradise Seed Bank

The paradise seed bank is an online seed store that is popular among cannabis growers for quality seeds. 

However, we’ll be having a detailed review of each section.

Moreover, they are one of the oldest seed banks in the market as well, which shows their hard work and belief in their buyers.

Mainly they are known for the top-notch quality strains that they sell on their online store.

They have pure genetics and claim to give you the highest germination rate.

Well, let’s explore each of their promises to expose the truth!

History of Paradise Seed Bank

As said earlier, Paradise seed bank is one of the oldest seed banks in the online cannabis seeds market.

Luc Krol founded the Paradise seed bank, out of Amsterdam in 1994 and since then it is consistently providing pure genetics of marijuana seeds that not only have the highest germination rate but also their buds are more potent than anywhere else.

However, here didn’t the story begin!

The actual story begins in the 1980s when the founder Luc was developing his own strain with the purpose of the best seed strain of marijuana from which he can show the world the real potential of cannabis.

Finally, he succeeded and he made Paradise seed bank – which we are talking about right now!

Luc believes in giving their buyers more than they pay via giving them only the best marijuana genetics, which not ultimate gives them potent buds but also will lead to buying from them again and again.

However, this becomes quite true as they have been in the market for more than two decades. Not only in the online market but also they have made their physical presence in the real world with their convenient shops at different locations.

This is all due to their consistent hard work in experimenting with different cannabis strains to produce unique, potent, and best new seed strains that can add value to the grower’s life.

Overall, their history has been filled with full of experiments and consistent teamwork that has set this huge empire in the online seeds market!

Seed Selection & Quality at Paradise Seed Bank

A seed bank is obviously known for its quality and unique strains!

With Paradise seed bank, they have not unique strains that stand out from their competitive seedbanks but also have the best strains that they have originally developed.

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Moreover, they select their seeds manually to ensure supreme quality before handing seeds to you.

This means you get only premium quality seed strains from a Paradise seed bank that are manually checked before shipping at your address.

Thanks to their selection team that has well distributed the seed stock of Paradise Seeds.

Either you are an expert grower with a purpose to grow more buds in your lawn for feminized seeds or you are just a beginner grower looking for auto flowering and regular seeds, Paradise seed bank has covered you all.

Apart from this, they have a mixed combination of their seed strains that allows you for experimenting with different strains once you get bore with your regular one.

The best part is that Paradise seed bank has won many cannabis cups regularly since 1999 and this speaks all about their seed quality.

Not only the Cannabis Cup, but Paradise seed bank is also a regular participant in different cannabis competitions throughout the world.

Spannabis, a Spain-based cannabis fare, Paradise seeds used to participate there every year. There are several events from where this seed bank sets its own benchmark in the world.

This actually shows how much Paradise seed bank is confident about its quality seeds.

The wowed moment for the Paradise seed bank was when they were awarded the Plant of the Year award for Sensi Star Indica in 2003 and from then they were even regularly rewarded for developing unique strains. This ultimately led them to win 25 cannabis cups which is really worth their strain quality. 

From here, you can imagine how much pure and best quality marijuana seeds are there at Paradise seed bank. Their regular appearance at real-world competitions shows their pride in their seeds, which is rarely seen at any online shop.

Overall, Paradise seed bank has the best quality marijuana seeds at very affordable rates which makes them the first choice for buying cannabis seeds online. Here, you can read the Paradise Seeds review on seedfinder.

Price & Germination Rate at Paradise Seeds

The paradise seed bank has a purpose to develop the best quality marijuana seeds – to give the best seeds to every grower out there.

This makes them a seed bank from where every grower, either beginner or expert can buy seeds at affordable rates.

Different varieties of seeds are available at Paradise seed bank which makes them a perfect choice to meet your requirements.

However, their seeds start from just 8 Euros and go up to amount accordingly to seed choice and quantity.

The beginning price of seeds at Paradise seed bank is the lowest in the market, which makes them a perfect strain choice for beginner growers, who just want to start their cannabis journey.

Apart from this, expert growers out there, have a special range of marijuana seeds (which is obviously costlier) which makes them the best place to buy marijuana seeds online for pro-cannabis growers.

The paradise seed bank is so confident about the seeds that they claim to give you seeds with a 95% germination rate, which is very high compared to other seed banks that do not cross the limit of 80%. 

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This ensures that whether you are spending 10 Euros or 100, you are sure to get what you are paying for. Even Paradise seed Bank claims to give you more than that.

Overall, Paradise Seeds are totally budget-friendly and make them the best place to buy marijuana seeds. However, their special series of seeds for expert growers also make them the best place to forward your cannabis journey to the next level.

Shipping Review

Shipping at Paradise seed bank is quick and responsive!


Paradise seed bank ships throughout Europe only. Even the United States residents are not lucky enough to get Paradise seeds!

Well, the reason behind that may be the legalization of cannabis or anything else but the point to keep in mind is that while ordering seeds from Paradise, they firstly confirm from your side whether your location is legit and under their shipping range.

Only after that, they process the shipping work. Well, not shipping to the U.S and outside the EU region is the only downside of buying seeds from the Paradise seed bank.

Apart from this, if you are spending 100 Euros at Paradise seed bank then they will offer you free shipping within the EU country. For the buyers outside of the EU region, they have to put a little weight on a budget of 200 Euros to grab this offer.

For discreet shipping, they are experts. They ship your seeds within crush-proof and in a discreet envelope which not only avoids the attention of customs but also protects your seeds from getting damaged. That means you’ll be receiving your seeds quite fresh resulting in more germination rate.

Moreover, at the Paradise seed bank, you’ll be having your seeds in your hand within 5-10 business days, which is earlier than outside the EU region where the time may go up to 15 working days, depending upon your location.

Overall, at Paradise seed bank, you’ll be having a good shipping service in a well-discreet package. However, they should start delivering their seeds to the U.S and other regions as well, which is the only part to improve here.

In a nutshell, Paradise seed bank can be more impressive!

Payment Options for Buyers

If an online shop gives you ample payment ways when ordering products from them becomes more speedy resulting in ordering before the product gets out of stock.

Well, with Paradise seed bank you’ll get enough quick payment options to do so.

They offer you Credit Cards (within EU region buyers) of MasterCard & VISA with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Apart from this, they also allow you to do bank transfers and pay cash via mail which is a risky one and not recommended.

Well, wire transfer, GiroPay, and iDeal with Sofort are some add-ons, which make payment at Paradise seed bank easier and more convenient.

Here the point to be mentioned is that Paradise seed bank doesn’t accept credit cards from outside of EU region buyers’, which is another downside like not shipping to the U.S.A.

However, outsiders of EU regions, have other convenient options as well to ensure that get a hassle-free payment experience.

Overall, payment options at Paradise seed bank are quite enough to place orders quickly. The security of payment is excellent on their site. Moreover, they keep an eye on the order placed by you through a registered mail number and thus can help you through that in case of trouble, which rarely happens.

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Customer Service at Paradise Seeds

An online store is mostly judged by its customer service. Either any query about your placed order or about knowing about the product, if the customer service is quick and well-responsive then the store gets its reputation to the sky.

Well, with Paradise seed bank, you are 100% confident that you will be getting a hassle-free, super-responsive team to get all of your solutions.

The paradise seed bank has given their contact info under their website’s contact page, where you can access a quick way to contact them such as a call. Additionally, you can also drop them a mail, which may take some time to hear from their side comparatively calling option. 

You can even visit their home address (if you are residing within Amsterdam), which they have given on the same page.

That is why Paradise seed bank has too many positive reviews on different forums and sites as well. Most credit goes to the friendly behavior of customer service representatives, which are eager to help out their buyers in every possible way.

Overall, the customer service at Paradise seed bank is excellent. They are experts in solving the issues of their buyers. That’s why you’ll be able to find grow info and other helpful queries on their site, which ultimately help you to grow more buds.

Before approaching their customer service executives, make sure to check out the information available on their official website.

Website Design & Accessibility 

paradise seed bank-website

If you roam around the web mostly and surf websites more often then you’ll be expecting a website that has more creative stuff and eye-catchy banners.

However, with, you’ll be having a very light website, which is mainly focused on providing information about buds rather than unnecessary info.

You can directly put your required strain in the search box and can have your seed strain firstly.

Moreover, their site is designed so well that you’ll be accessing all information in an orderly. That means you’ll be having their top sold and popular buds at first and then any other information about them. 

That shows that they value the time of weed growers.

From the drop-down menu, you can access their contact info and other pages as well.

Overall, the Paradise seed bank website is quite accessible and easy to navigate while searching for cannabis strains.

Moreover, their eye-catchy and light website makes it faster for the user to access available info on the website.

Official Website:

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Paradise Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Buying cannabis seeds from Paradise seed bank is totally recommended as their review is very positive.

Either we talk about their top-notch unique seed strains or the customer-friendly services, they are one of the best seed banks to buy cannabis seeds online.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy seeds then don’t wait just go and grab the deals right now!

Happy Shopping!

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