Pinkman Goo Seeds Review 2023

While looking for the strongest weed strain in the online market, you may have come across some legendary strain that has their unique potency, capability, and of course their unique effects!

However, there are always trend-changer strains! 

If we look into the history of cannabis then we can find that many strains came and burst the market with their huge demand. 

Further, they become a strain which is loved forever! The credit of their popularity goes to their quality, property, and different aspects. 

If you are a weed lover then, believe me, today you are going to find your best cannabis strain that you wish you knew before!

It is so because this strain is the trend-changer! You will not only love this strain for its effects and amazing quality but will be a fan of this strain due to its potency and capability to give you all the pleasures of weed!

Pinkman Goo seed is the strain that today we are going to discover deeply. All the praises above will be filtered within different aspects if this strain can stand out over there. 

Apart from this, If you somehow dreamed about this strain to grow in your lawn (which you are 100% to do so after knowing this strain completely) therefore, a complete guide is there to help you out in knowing the strain better and avoiding any kind of mistakes that can lead your buds in danger!

Are you read?

Let’s get straight into it:

Pinkman Goo Seeds – Overview

Pinkman Goo Seeds Review

While looking for cannabis strains online, you are sure to find some strongest weed strains like Northern Lights, GDP, and others. 

These strains are more likely to be potential enough to make consumers couch-lock with psychological and physiological effects. Even apart from some strongest effects, these strains are more likely to favor some specific growing conditions. 

However, this time, Pinkman OG seed strain is developed by crossing such strongest weed strains, and therefore, it is believed that it has unmatchable potency and effects that any smoker or weed lover will love to have in their cannabis arsenal!

Well, it is also expected that this strain can be grown within basic knowledge of weed growth and yet can result in heavy yields.

How much that claim is true, we’ll find out right here within a few minutes!

Overall, this strain is claimed as the trend-changer or strain which can give you all the weed pleasures! However, we’ll be digging out each of their promises and will make sure the claims will be exposed right here!

History of Pinkman Goo Seeds

Let’s not get deeper into ancient history and find out relevant major affecting changes in recent years. Pinkman Goo seed strain is developed recently a few years back and therefore, it is one of the strains that can rule over the cannabis industry for a long time. 

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This strain is more likely to be popular in California and this excellent strain is developed by crossing Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, and Northern Lights #5 in 2017 which are already been an ideal strain for weed lovers for years.

However, the Pinkman Goo strain is developed by an incident of the grower Thompson Praeter with his sister but the main highlight of that incident is that we are talking about the Pinkman Goo strain today!

The ultimate result of crossing such potential strains is that the Pinkman Goo strain is the new and latest strain in the online market which has more potential and yet cannabis connoisseurs are finding its full capabilities.

Overall, the history of Pinkman Goo is a little odd but the result is incredible! Ultimately, for cannabis lovers and enthusiasts, we have a recent strain that has unmatchable properties to look over other strains!

Pinkman Goo Seeds : Pros & Cons

Either you have already planned to grow Pinkman Goo seeds or want to explore more, knowing the advantages and negatives of this strain can help you to be clear! 

Let’s have a quick look over the Pros and Cons of it:


  • Beautiful strain
  • Potential buds.
  • Incredible cannabinoids.
  • Latest strain.
  • Excellent yield.


  • Not so that popular due to the recent launch.
  • Tricky strain to grow if you are a newbie.

Till here, you are now aware of the positive and negative outcomes of this strain, and let’s move further to explore more!

Properties of Pinkman Goo Seed Strain

Any strain is known for its unique quality and properties. To stand out from the other strains, it has to prove its presence. 

Even from a grower’s point of view, knowing the properties of strain is much important before heading for growing.

Let’s check out what are some unique qualities the Pinkman Goo strain has?


You search out any strain and firstly create its reputation in your mind through appearance. (Exceptions are there!)

Even for expert weed growers or any internet roamer, the appearance of the Pinkman Goo strain is quite beautiful and eye-catchy!

Even it is the deal maker advantage of Pinkman Goo seeds. 

The beautiful purple-colored trichomes and buds surrounded by green leaves give you perfect sight of color combinations. Thanks to the developers who developed such an amazing and beautiful colored strain.

Overall, the appearance of the Pinkman Goo seed strain is beautiful and eye-catchy which you are 100% sure to make your friends jaw-drop!


Indoor growers often refer to the strain which is not that much taller to create space issues in their room! On the other hand, outdoor growers refer to cannabis trees!

Well, the Pinkman Goo strain is perfect for both indoor growers and outdoor growers. However, it is expected to be ideal for indoor growers. Thanks to the genetics that grows the branches up to 1.2m maximum in a given space. 

For the outdoor growers, the plants can take height up to 1.8m and can result in heavy, dense buds with more quantity. 

Overall, the height of the plants of Pinkman Goo strain is suitable to grow in different spaces i.e. indoor and outdoor. 

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Pinkman Goo is an Indica dominant strain and therefore you can hope for extreme levels of THC in it. However, the average THC levels are found up to 18% and therefore, you can be sure for hard-hit of its effects.

Well, the terpenes of the strain also play an important role in deciding its taste, aroma, and effects as well. You can find Terpinolene, Limonene, and Myrcene as dominant terpenes in the Pinkman Goo strain which are responsible for inducing sweet, coffee, and lemon flavor in your mouth while smoking.


Till here, you will be sure that you are going to have an amazing experience with the Pinkman Goo seed strain due to its intense THC and dominant terpenes.

Once you smoke, you will be feeling an intense uplifting mood and cerebral high as you exhale. As the THC and Indica take hold of your body, you can feel relaxation and happiness that can last long hours. 

Overall, the effects of the Pinkman Goo strain are intense and effective to make you feel happy, uplifted, and energetic which is expectable with an 18% THC concentration.

Medical Properties

The little amount of CBD and Sativa has induced some healing properties as well in this strain. Even without that, the amazing high of the strain is more likely to cure depression and anxious thoughts.

Therefore, the use of the Pinkman Goo strain can also be for therapeutic purposes. 

These are some reported medical conditions in which Pinkman Goo strain is found helpful:

  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

Most of the reason behind the healing property of the Pinkman Goo strain is goes to the strong parent genetics in which they are too known for therapeutic effects. 

Overall, the best part is that with personal usage to therapeutic usage, Pinkman Goo strain is found helpful.

How You Can Grow Pinkman Goo Seed Effectively to Make the Most out of it?

Till here, you are sure to be convinced to grow Pinkman Goo seeds inside your room or in your lawn. If yes, then read along to know some effective factors that can enhance your growing yield, or if not then you’ll be miss a chance to go in weed heaven!

Growing difficulty

Honestly, Pinkman Goo seeds are a little tricky to grow but the best part about growing this strain is that you will be getting the best experience of weed. If you are a weed lover who loves to smoke new and potential cannabis strains then you must grow Pinkman Goo seeds and try out the incredible buds!

The growing difficulty of the strain lies in between easy and tough, therefore, you can be ready to maintain moderate growing conditions to make the most out of this strain.

Required growing climate

To make most of any strain, optimum conditions are one of the major factors to affect. While considering the climate, Pinkman Goo seeds prefer the Mediterranean climate conditions just like parent strains. 

Apart from this, while growing it indoor or outdoor, you have to keep an eye on the humidity level of your garden as these plants are less resistant to mold and mildew. It is more likely to keep the humidity between 30-40%. 

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While growing Pinkman Goo seeds under the sky, you can be dependent on the sun for the required temperature. However, for indoor growers, the temperature range lies between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you maintain temperature and humidity both in the required range as these are new seeds strain and therefore, it can be tricky for you to germinate them.

Flowering Period

Well, this is the time where you have to keep a little patience. However, if you followed the above growing conditions well then you can be rewarded with flowered plants earlier than expected. It is around 8-11 weeks where the Pinkman Goo plants can flower. However, the SoG technique is more preferred considering the earlier maturity time of the plants of just 8-9 weeks.

Outdoor growers can be ready to harvest during October.

Overall, the flowering period of the Pinkman Goo seed strain is average, and with moderate to excellent growing conditions, you can make this strain grow even faster!


Result time? Despite the new strain’s moderate growing difficulty, Pinkman Goo strain cares about your paid hard work and time, and therefore, you can grab excellent yield from it. If you grew it indoors then you can expect a yield up to 400g per meter square and outdoor growers can be rich as 750g of yield. 

The yield of Pinkman Goo seed strain is comparatively is less but it is always better to have the best quality over quantity!

The resistivity of the plants

As said earlier Pinkman Goo seed strain is moderate to less resistant to pests and other insects. Therefore, you have to keep the growing environment favorable to the plants. 

Most importantly, make sure to keep your garden happy and spaced including temperature in range with balanced humidity. You can use artificial machines or fans to maintain humidity if you are growing in a limited space. Whereas growing it outdoor, you have to be extra careful while maintaining the plants from such issues.

Pinkman Goo Seeds Review: Final Words

Finally, now, you know all about the Pinkman Goo seed strain and therefore, you can grow and make most of this potent and excellent marijuana strain which is developed recently but will surely be the favorite among weed lovers.

Considering the strain’s potency to intense effects, everything is nearly perfect in the Pinkman Goo strain which can stand out over the expectation of any weed grower.

The only factor which is about to be expected more is yield but still, if you will enjoy the buds, you are sure to grow it again.

Overall, the Pinkman Goo seed strain review is positive and if you are thinking to grow it then look no further, just hit the best deal, right now!

If you have any doubt, ask us in the comments below, our team will be helping out you soon as we get any of your issues.

Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

You can check out more strain info of Pinkman on seedfinder.

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