Buy Pot Seeds in Canada – Complete Guide

While buying pot seeds in Canada, you must be aware of the legislation in the country and other rules to follow before you move ahead. Right?

A small wrong step can put you in legal trouble, which we never want to happen to you.

Therefore, you need a perfect legislative guide that can actually make you an expert to buy pot seeds in Canada without getting into any legal trouble.

Moreover, there will be a bonus guide for you!

That includes a brief and quick guide from which you’ll be able to find the best pot seed stores in Canada that will be under your budget and can even make you swim in buds!

Are you excited?

So, we’ll not let you wait anymore, let’s get straight into it:

Buy Pot Seeds in Canada

Buy Pot Seeds in Canada

Dealing with pot weed seeds in Canada has a very struggling history!

However, we’ll not be digging out the ancient time struggles to bore you but still, those fights have a major role in the legalization of pot marijuana in Canada. 

Let’s look over the major changes in recent times that lead to major actions on pot seeds in Canada.

The actual history begins in the earlier 20th century when pot seeds or cannabis seeds were totally prohibited under government laws.

While the prohibition of cannabis was going on, Emily Murphy’s The Black Candle (Book) acts as a major revolution in stopping cannabis usage in the region. Well, it was 1922 when a lot of trouble was there for cannabis.

Well, on 23rd April 1923, the ban was gone official in the country’s Confidential Restricted list under the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill.

However, till some years, there were minimal to no drug arrests in the country. Later on, during the 60s and 70s, there was an upward change in the drug cases which actually showed the popularity of marijuana, which got increased from the last time.

Due to this, there was a recommendation to the government to decriminalize cannabis by not picking up the illegality, which will control the situation.

However, the government didn’t give any attention to it.

Within a span of 50 years, there was no change to make cannabis legal in the country. However, the increased popularity and usage had put pressure on the authorities to make it legal.

But, till 2001, there was no major positive change for cannabis in the region.

Where to Buy Pot Seeds in Canada?

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there’s a boom in the pot seed stores in the country which is due to increased demand. 

Well, the government-centered retailers are physically there to sell pot seeds in Canada. However, talking about online pot seed stores then too, there is quite a competition and many new seed stores came into the online market.

However, due to several options in the online market, any buyer will be confused about choosing the best pot seed store to grow weed. Well, as you are here, I’ll be giving a brief guide on how you can opt for a seed store that is legit and will be worth your every penny.

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Here I’ll share my own secret that I chose the best pot seed store:

#1. Choose Legit Seed Bank

Before putting a step forward, you just need to know about an online store whether it is legit or not. 

Your minor negligence can lead to your money in vain. Many new seed banks in the market claim to be legit but they never ship your seeds.

Well, therefore, it is recommended to you look over an online shop’s reputation, establishment, and history before making your decision.

The older the seed bank the more trust you can!

Here are a few best seed banks to buy pot seeds in Canada

1. Crop King Seed Bank – Editor’s Choice

2. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Top Pick

3. True North Seed Bank

#2. Read other buyer’s review

After choosing a seed bank, search for your favorite seeds. Even after choosing the seeds you want to grow, don’t be in a hurry to make any kind of mistake. 

Go for reviews of previous purchases from that source. That will not only tell you the real quality of the seeds but will also tell you whether your money will be worth it to that seed bank or not.

Ultimately, you’ll end up knowing a complete detail about a particular strain and you can grow that much better by reading the issues (if any) of other growers.

#3. Other factors

This section includes your own preferences. After choosing the best seeds, you can go with your preferences such as customer service, discounts, offers, shipping time, and others as well.

However, it is dependent on your requirements, which you know better. You can adjust these things accordingly. Well, the ultimate goal is growing buds, which should be the main priority.

If it was not legal for that much of a huge time span then you might think that is cannabis legal now or if you can deal with pot weed in the country now?

Let’s check out:

Pot Legality in Canada

After a fight for the legality of marijuana in Canada for more than 50 years, finally, there comes good news for cannabis lovers!

In 2001 on 30th July, the Canadian government finally approved the demand of cannabis fighters and hence legalized medical cannabis in the region.

Well, industrial hemp was still there. Even it was going before that time. It is due to multiple usages of hemp in the industries and due to its not-marijuana effects, it was still grown in the region by some growers.

Coming to cannabis legalization, the government has put a positive step toward the cannabis growers in 2001. However, for these cannabis growers, cannabis was allowed for the patients and medical treatment only.

That means, no one can use marijuana for personal pleasure.

Well, that was a disappointing change for the cannabis growers who grow it in their homes.

With the legality of medical cannabis, there was also a proposal for the legality of cannabis for recreational usage, which was still illegal at the federal level.

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However, finally after 16 years, after a lot of discussions, and fights for legality, the government passed legislation of the Cannabis Act, Bill – C45 through the House of Commons of Canada in 2017 on November 17.

Later on after one year, On October 17, 2018, finally, the government passed the legislation under which recreational cannabis will not be longer violate criminal law in Canada. However, this legislation regulation was quite similar to alcohol in Canada

Finally, after 17 years, officially Canadians were allowed to grow, possess, share, consume, and buy cannabis and its by-products.

However, the official legislation has also given limitations on the possession and consumption of cannabis in the region.

Moreover, the sharing of cannabis to minors and impairment while driving a motor vehicle have strict punishment and fines within the region.

Well, after that much hustle, the legality of cannabis comes into the country.

By legalizing cannabis, Canada has made history by legalizing. Canada is the first among the G7 and G20 countries to do so and the second country after Uruguay in the world.

Finally, now, if you are residing within Canada and want to deal with pot seeds or cannabis then you can do it without any trouble.

At the federal level, medical cannabis is legal and recreational usage is allowed within some limits. That means you can grow, possess, and share cannabis within under limits that officials have given.

Sharing cannabis with minors is strictly prohibited and comes under punishment with a fine.

Medical Pot Cannabis Usage

With the legalization of medical marijuana in 2001, there was quite a boom in the usage of medical marijuana.

However, within time, the government has changed its conditions even to the use of medical marijuana

Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) originally allowed patients to use cannabis for themselves under certain guidelines. 

The major guidelines to follow were to have a government-issued approved license before appointing a cannabis supplier or to have weed buds. 

However, they could possess cannabis buds after the prescription of a doctor who has a government-approved license. Well, that leads to the usage of cannabis in the right way and therefore, medical cannabis was getting into the hands of the right people who actually need it.

However, the law was still not allowed to grow cannabis on your own. Well, the legislation got updated soon and the Canadian growers were allowed to have medical marijuana at their homes only by the prescription of the Canadian Physician. 

The government also limited that a physician can only prescribe an amount of cannabis up to 5 grams only. 

Overall, within the Canadian region, you can legally possess medical cannabis.

Well, after the update of recreational marijuana in Canada, there were quite changes for the cannabis growers who grow indoors and possess the pot bud.

Let’s check out how these changes put their effect on recreational marijuana usage:

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Canada

After the legalization of medical marijuana in the country, it took 17 years to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in 2018 bypassing the C-45 or the Cannabis Act.

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However, before that, at the federal level, cannabis for recreational usage was totally prohibited and even medical marijuana was allowed only after the authorized prescription.

After the passing of this bill, now an individual residing in Canada of age 18 or above can deal with marijuana and its other by-products. Hence, now, you can possess, grow, share, and buy marijuana in Canada legally from the government retailer’s shop either or from anywhere else.

Well, after December 2019, cannabis and its by-products such as beverages, topical, extracts, and edibles are now officially allowed at government retailers.

However, an individual of Canada cannot make homemade cannabis products using solvents such as BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and therefore, it will be illegal under this law.

Possession of Cannabis in Canada

As of now in 2023, after the activation of the latest laws, if you’ll be having a prescribed allowance from the government-authorized retailers or other authorities then you can possess cannabis at your home without any legal issue.

That means, if you possess pot buds at your home without any prescription then it will break the laws of the country. 

Hence, you may be in trouble.

Well, the possession of cannabis in public is allowed up to 30 grams (1 oz.) of dried and equivalent non-dried cannabis. The age limit is the same i.e. 18 or above.

Well, due to the harmful effects of marijuana it is prohibited for minors of age below 18. Therefore, sharing or possession of pot buds in public or at home to minors comes under strict punishments with fines. 

Finally, after the official legalization of recreational cannabis, it is now easy for an adult to possess pot buds without getting into legal trouble (if followed by the government guidelines and limits).

Growing Pot Seeds in Canada

When the C-45 (Cannabis Act) was totally applied, any individual was allowed to deal and possess cannabis above the age of 18. 

However, before time, it was allowed for people over 25. Moreover, now, if you are thinking to grow pot seeds at home in Canada then you are allowed and you can do so without any legal penalty. 

The legislation has given the guideline that one individual can only possess up to four plants at home. Four plants for an individual is more than enough to have buds. That is why possessing more than that can lead you to some trouble.

However, before that, when medical cannabis was in action, the government has strictly given the guideline that patients can only have their cannabis only after the authority prescription additionally, they were not allowed to share their prescribed cannabis with others. It means no one can smoke or consume weed from their own prescribed amount. That may lead to legal punishment.

Buy Pot Seeds in Canada: Final Words

Buying pot seeds in Canada is much easier if you follow the right guidelines and look over a legit source.

Now, till here, I can hope you are an expert on Canadian legislation of cannabis and now you can make your decision for choosing the best pot seed stores in the country.

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