Purple Haze Seeds Review 2023

When it comes to growing weed seeds in your garden then most of the growers prefer Indica strains as they are expected to be more potent than other strains.

Is it true?

Well, if you’ll ask cannabis connoisseurs then they are more likely to be yes and no both!


Here it is:

Depending upon your requirement, we all know that Indica and Sativa, are two main cannabis genetics that is responsible for different weed effects and pleasure. And also when it comes to growing weed for personal usage then Indica and Sativa are the two major deciding factors as well.

For those, who are in doubt about Sativa dominant strains then they must try out the first Purple Haze weed strain.

If you too want to know about Sativa dominant Purple Haze weed strain then be with me, I’ll be explaining it every secret and the reason to be popular among the growers. 

Ultimately, we’ll also find out that is it true about Purple Haze that it is named on Jimi Hendrix’s popular song of ‘Purple Haze’!

Shall we begin?

Hell yes!

Purple Haze Seed Strain – Overview


In the era of a variety of cannabis weed strains, growers and consumers have tons of options to choose from. 

Either it is about intense effects or about the quick harvest time of the strain, now you’ll be having many options for each requirement. 

However, some strains produce remarkable effects that leave an unforgettable name to remind again! 

Purple Haze is among those popular strains that every grower has put in their cannabis arsenal!

Even on many online forums and sites, growers and users are praising Purple Haze seeds.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring each section of the Purple Haze strain that whether it has a good flowering time, yield, and can it be suitable for indoor and outdoor growers?

Overall, Purple Haze is one of the popular weed strains in the online market that is used for its potent effects and other factors that are more likely to attract weed lovers and growers, that is why Purple Haze Strain has 7 points user rating on seedfinder out of 10.

Let’s find out:

History of Purple Haze Weed Strain

Most of the legendary thing has an unclear history in the cannabis strain world!

And so does Purple Haze!

Well, it is expected that Purple Haze’s history belongs to the 1960s, where a lot of interconnections are claimed. Either it is about the Jimi Hendrix track in 1967 or Charles Dickens’s ‘Purple Haze’.

However, I’ll not be digging out some ancient historical stories to bore you! Instead as weed lovers, we are more likely to be focused on the results after taking in the thing! 😉

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Long story short, Purple Haze was created in Holland and after its huge hype of intensive effects, it got its name on every grower’s tongue that every online or offline store begins to sell Purple Haze seeds in their store.

Purple Haze is Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis seed that is more likely to produce amazing body and mind effects which is expected the main reason for being popular for this strain after its beautiful purple-colored plants!

Yes! You read it right. As a green weed gardener for a very long time, purple color buds look more eye-catchy and out of the usual ‘green-colored buds!

The beautiful purple color of the buds not only results in an eye-catchy sight but also a reason for giving you pleasures of the weed world!

What are the Pros and Cons of Purple Haze Seed Strain?

Before jumping into the growing guide or tips, it is essential to know about the strain first, to be sure what outcomes and difficulties you may face during the cultivation, and how you can find a solution for that as well.

Especially, for the novice growers of Purple Haze seeds and new readers who might be attracted by the purple buds of this strain must know its highlighting features to be aware of strain’s each property.

Let’s have a look over there:


  1. One of the popular weed strains.
  2. Best eye-catchy purple buds.
  3. Extremely powerful strain.
  4. Easy to grow, making it best for beginner growers.
  5. Beautiful aroma and taste.
  6. Unforgettable effects. 
  7. Excellent yield.


  1. There are similar quality fake Purple Haze seeds.
  2. The effects are really powerful making it restricted for people with tolerance limits.

What are the Properties of the Purple Haze Strain that Differentiate it From Others?

Every weed strain has some unique qualities and properties that it stands out from the others. 

It is obvious with the Purple Haze strain that it must have some jaw-dropping properties that make it one of the favorite strains among the growers.

Let’s find out:


Very firstly, any weed strain or plant is judged by its appearance or at first glance!

Whether it is an eye-catchy or average-looking green plant!

However, while growing Purple Haze strain in your lawn, you’ll be having jaw-dropping beautiful purple-colored plants that will be enough to make your neighbors jealous!

Purple Haze weed strain is conical shaped and combined colors of purple and some notes of orange make it more attractive and a strain to opt for this year!

Cannabinoids in Purple Haze Strain

One of the most preferred reasons for the smokers and weed lovers out there!

As said earlier, the Purple Haze strain is Sativa dominant, and therefore, it is potent enough to make you stick to one place once you smoke. 

The higher THC up to 22% is capable enough to make you couch-lock by giving your body a complete buzz and then a relaxed experience. 

Overall, the Purple Haze strain is for those who are looking for a potent strain to get over nine clouds after a smoke! While the beginners can take minimal doses depending on their tolerance!

What are the effects?

Any weed strain is chosen depending on its result i.e. effect that it produces after intake!

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Well, as said earlier Purple Haze is one of the powerful strains, and therefore, you can expect a complete body-stoned effect after just a single smoke!

Once you smoke Purple Haze, psychedelic effects take over your body to make you reach over nine clouds and kiss the sky. Whereas after a hard hit to the mind and body, you will feel relaxed after some hours. 

Therefore, it is recommended that the Purple Haze strain is for those who want a wild ride of pleasure after a tiring or stressful day. As purple Haze has amazing properties that it cuts down the stress from your body and makes you reach the heaven of weed!

Medical effects

Due to its potency, the Purple Haze strain has been widely used for medical purposes as well. Thanks to its strong genetics that it heals your muscles while its strong effects take over your body. 

Many of the users have also reported that they felt better after Purple Haze buds in fatigue, pain, and depression too.

Overall, the Purple Haze strain has that much potency that it can give you pleasure and relief both as well. That is why the Purple Haze strain is popular among weed lovers for the right reasons!

How You Can Grow and Make the Most out of Purple Haze Weed Strain?

Want to grow beautiful purple buds?

Did you find Purple Haze’s beautiful purple buds attractive?

Well, most cannabis lovers will say yes! And therefore, for cannabis lovers and growers out there, if you are thinking to grow Purple Haze seeds in your lawn or room then before that you just need to go through this quick guide. 

This ultimate guide not only includes some tips to grow Purple Haze efficiently but will also help you out in avoiding mistakes that novice and even pro growers often do sometimes.

So, let’s have some basic information regarding the strain to make the most out from it:


Before growing any weed strain, you might be thinking that is it difficult to grow it or shall I get enough buds with not-so-expert skills to smoke most of the time?

Well, with Purple Haze strain, you do not require expert skills to grow it in your lawn or room. Growing Purple Haze strain indoors or outdoors is quite easy and any novice grower can grow it with some basic growing knowledge. 

Apart from this, experienced growers can make the most out of Purple Haze weed strain with their skills as well!

Favorable climate

To grow any weed strain, the growing environment, and optimum conditions are a must for getting quality buds from it.

With the Purple Haze Weed strain, the Mediterranean climate is favorable. However, this strain is adjustable and can be grown in a given climate with maintained temperature and ventilation.

While growing indoors, it is recommended to keep an eye on the humidity in your growing area. To avoid bud rots, molds, and fungi, it is always good to maintain the required conditions.

The favorable temperature to grow Purple Haze seed is 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be maintained well to get an earlier flowering period of the plant. On the other hand, maintaining good ventilation around your garden increases the chance for healthy buds by avoiding mildew and molds.

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Height of the plants

The height of the plants is the main factor considering a strain suitable to grow either indoor or outdoor. 

With Purple Haze strain, you can expect plant height up to 2m. Whereas it ranges from 1.2m to 2m, making it perfect for super cropping, LST, and other techniques to maintain.

Well, while growing Purple Haze seeds outdoor, it grabs enough space to expand its branches whereas it doesn’t become an issue for you.

Overall, the Purple Haze strain has an averagely good plant height but due to moderate to a higher height of the plants, it is more suitable to the outdoor growers when space is the concern. 

Flowering time of Purple Haze seeds

While growing weed strain, the main test comes when you have to wait for the plant to grow and flower. However, if you keep patience then your plants may gift you with beautiful and heavy buds! 

Therefore, with Purple Haze strain, you can expect a quick flowering time of 8-10 weeks depending upon the climate and conditions you provide. However, once you will get those beautiful purple-colored buds in your hand, you’ll believe that it is worth the given time!

It is expected to harvest your buds with Purple Haze strain up to late September to late October in some cases. Ultimately, after purple buds in your garden, it will be worth the taken time!


Result time?

Well, with a maximum of 10 weeks of the flowering period, expect to swim in buds!

While growing Purple Haze seeds indoors, you can expect a higher yield of more than 550g per square meter whereas outdoor growers can get up to 650g per plant making it rain!

Plant Resistivity

Due to strong parent genetics, the Purple Haze strain is capable to fight common molds and fungi. Whereas it is recommended to still make the required conditions so that your invested time and money does not go in vain.

Thanks to its unknown Indica genetics, Purple Haze will easily survive from common pests and molds making it easy to maintain the plants for you.

Purple Haze Seeds Review: Final Words

In the cannabis world, every weed strain has specific pros and cons. Well, if you know the right information about it then you can make the most out of a particular strain.

However, this time Purple Haze strain has been covered and its reviews are mostly positive. Even many of the other cannabis growers out there, also speak positives about this strain over forums and websites.

With a basic growing guide to Purple Haze weed properties, now you are aware of this beautiful strain!

I hope growing Purple Haze strain is now easier for you either indoor or outdoor. Now, you are aware of why Purple Haze is one of the strongest and popular weed strains among weed lovers!

Ultimately, we also find out that the Purple Haze strain has been related to Jimi Hendrix’s true track!

If you still have any doubt, do comment below. Our team will be glad to help out a weed lover like you!

Until then, stay home, stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

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