Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Review 2023

Want to get a detailed review of the Quebec cannabis seed bank?

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As a cannabis lover and enthusiast, I have purchased seeds through almost every popular seed bank in the world.

…and Quebec cannabis seed bank is one of the best Canadian seed banks that ships to Canada.

Ultimately, this led me to write and share my experience with the other growers.

Therefore, today, you are going to know every secret of Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank here.

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After this guide, you are 100% sure to decide whether Q.C.S (Quebec Cannabis Seed) bank is for you or not!

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Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Review

I came across this seed bank last month when I was looking for regular seeds for my cannabis garden.

I got to read some reviews, dug out some history and what I found is that this seed bank is serving for many years.

Overall, I had a very friendly and great experience with them which I’ll be sharing one by one here.

Quebec Cannabis Seed bank is found in 2013. However, then the legalization of cannabis in Canada was not official. Therefore, the boom of seed banks was not that much.

Well, within recent years, when cannabis is legalized in Canada in 2016, seed banks all over the country came into the limelight.

However, Quebec Seed bank is one of the top seed banks that leads the Canadian seed bank market.

With shipping worldwide, they have become more popular among cannabis growers, and hence they are now on the list of best seed banks in the world.

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank has 4.5 ratings on Trustpilot.

Let’s check out deep inside, how did they come so far?

Seed Collection & Quality

Seed quality and seed variety are what a cannabis grower looks like in any seed bank. With Quebec Seed Bank, they are going to win you in both of them i.e. quality and quantity.

However, I prefer quality over quantity. 

Talking about their seed collection then they got you all. From regular to feminized and from auto-flowering to CBD, they have all the categories for you.

Some of their popular seed choices are AK 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Gorilla Glue, QC Black Gold, and much more to have on your lawn. 

These seeds have not only the highest germination rate but also a high yield of buds. 

For smokers and weed lovers out there, Quebec’s feminized seeds are must to have once. They have an amazing collection in them.

Seeds from Quebec Seed bank are imported from quality breeders that make sure each seed is of top quality.

Moreover, if I say about my seed pack then they were amazingly grown in my plantation area and I had an impressive yield.

Therefore, you are sure to get 100% worth of your money invested in Quebec Seed Bank.

Customer Services

When you need any kind of help from the seed bank then mostly have a long process to follow, which seems quite waiting.

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However, with Quebec Seed Bank, you don’t have to be queued for long hours. As their customer service is quick, reliable and very friendly. 

This lacks in other seed banks in the market. 

They have their official mail at and they are supposed to respond earlier with that. 

Moreover, if you need a quicker response (mostly queries with orders) then you can also opt for dialing their number. You can call Tel.  1-450-272-9693 from MONDAY TO FRIDAY in between 10 AM to 6 PM. 

Isn’t it amazing?

Thanks to their super responsive team that speaks in a quiet friendly manner and helps you within less time. 

However, with calling service, you have to keep in mind that at weekend i.e. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, they are usually off. So, make sure to contact them in business days for an earlier response.

While exploring many seed banks, I rarely find any online seed vendor that provides a quick contact option and responses without waiting for more time. To my surprise, Quebec Seed Bank is one of them which was not expected by me. 

I get to know about their best customer service when I needed to ask about my order. 

For my query, I just dropped them a mail. Surprisingly, within 4 hours, I got a reply from their side with complete tracked info of my package. I got satisfied with their service and I also came to know about a drawback of theirs:

If your order got ceased or in trouble then there’s a very little chance that they may help you. 

Therefore, make sure you are from a legit location where cannabis is allowed and also make sure from the local authority about it to avoid any kind of cops matter.

Overall, in Quebec, I got very quick and friendly service.

You are not going to face any trouble while ordering your favorite seeds. Somehow, if you got, then mostly you are in safe hands as you are ordering from Quebec Seed Bank. 

Price & Payment Options

At Quebec Seed Bank, you are not going to put weight on your budget. Their seeds are priced reasonably.

Averagely, they will fall under your budget!

However, if I talk about their premium seeds then they seemed a little above the budget, which may vary as per different people’s views.

However, you are sure to get a premium quality seed for your garden under $ 50 which is a deal maker.

In such a price range, you’ll have their top premium quality cannabis seed with the highest germination rate that ultimately will give you more weed buds.

Therefore, seeds at Quebec Cannabis Seed bank are worth the price. Moreover, people looking for quality over price will surely find deals in Quebec attractive.

Apart from that, they accept all the major payment methods. The best part while paying at the Quebec seed bank site is that their site is completely secured and so is your payment. 

It is a great feature from the user’s perspective. As no one wants to get scammed by hackers.

Quebec seed banks accept Credit and Debit cards (MasterCard & VISA), and also accept payment with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Moreover, they do accept money transfers as well.

However, you are going to have a quick experience while paying them with these payment ways. 

Keep in mind while doing a money transfer, the currency exchange may charge you some amount. So, be careful while opting for this payment option.

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Shipping Time

Quebec seed bank ships worldwide. However, you have to be from a legit location where cannabis is not prohibited and it doesn’t get ceased from the customs. 

As said earlier, if your order got ceased by the custom or any kind of legal matter happens then Quebec seed bank is not responsible for that. You have to take care of it.

Apart from this, 99% time, Quebec seed bank makes their order happen. They are known for stealth shipping. They do not mention anything on the package that can lead to cops. Moreover, they hide your order privacy while keeping your name and order details private.

The point to be mentioned here is that they do not refund or return your money if your order is ceased! Keep in mind for legit location while ordering from Quebec Seed Bank.

However, you are sure to get your order within 7-15 business days. (This is the average time to reach but the delivery may vary according to location).

However, for local orders, they ship within 2-7 working days and international orders may take 7-25 working days to arrive.

I personally felt that their shipping time is a little more than other seed banks. Other online vendors claim to give your seeds in your hand within 10 business days whereas this seed bank takes more time. 

Well, It is tolerable as the quality of seeds you get from here is comparably much better than the rest of the vendors.

Overall, with Quebec seed bank, you are sure to get your order 99% time. The rest of the 1% is due to the custom and another issue which rarely happens. 

Even I got the order within a good time without any hassle. 

Moreover, you’ll have a quality seed that might not be available elsewhere. 

Discounts & Offers 

Discounts are the love of every online buyer. Well, Quebec Seed Bank takes care of your budget and gives you a discount with every order.

You are sure to get 15-20 % off with each special order from them. Moreover, they are going to give special deals every week. 

To hit the best deal, you have to keep an eye on their site as they update on regular basis. 

Moreover, you may also get some free seeds with your order as they never miss a chance to impress their customers. 

However, with my order, I got hardly 2-4 seeds (not clearly remember). Well, for each order, it is a great experience to have some seeds for free.

Overall, at Quebec seed bank, you are going to have a great experience while you’ll get more than you invest in them.

A Quick Buying Guide

While choosing the best seed bank, there are many things to consider. However, some factors are there to consider for each grower. Either you are a beginner grower or an expert cannabis planter, you’ll definitely consider the quality of seeds as your priority. 

Similarly, some more factors can help you in choosing the best seed bank anywhere.

Moreover, I’ll share those most important lessons that I learned through many years while choosing a profitable seed bank.

#1. Seed Quality

Choosing the best seed quality over the internet is a tricky task. In contrast, at offline vendors, you are physically there to inspect everything. 

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In the online market, you can opt for relying on customer’s reviews and buyer’s experiences at some sites and forums. 

Apart from that, I’ll suggest you consider a seed bank which is for more time in the industry. 

More time in a specific field shows more experience and more customer’s actual opinions. 

Even that also helps in getting a reputable seed bank that is established for some years.

With Quebec seed bank, it has been since years been providing quality seeds to growers. Hence you’ll find many real positive reviews of the buyers and therefore, this is the seed bank on which a beginner or expert grower can rely.

#2. Customer service

The best part about any online store is its quick and responsive customer team that can help the customers in case of any query.

It is necessary in case of order delay or seed inquiry if you need to have one.

Moreover, responsive customer service shows a positive side of online vendors which, Quebec Seed Bank has maintained well.

#3. Other factors

Shipping time that matters most while ordering anything online. As you don’t want to wait for a long time for your order. 

 That is why people prefer online shops that can give your order in less time. 

However, Quebec Seed Bank has a good shipping time. Yet, they can improve it more and they are doing so. 

Apart from this, discounts, promotion offers, sales, and refund policies are some of the factors to consider while ordering something online.

However, I believe that these can be adjustable as per your need and requirements.

Ultimately, your goal is to get a seed bank that can offer you more yield in less investment or investment that can be worth your time and money.

You can easily achieve this, by knowing your priorities first or the requirements that you need to grow a garden for a specific purpose.

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Your Turn to Decide

Quebec Seed Bank review has a positive one that can help you in getting you a reliable seed source to enhance your cannabis yield.

Their customer service, price, and shipping time are excellent and ultimately can help you in getting the best quality seeds to grow cannabis indoors or outdoor.

However, I prefer that you know your priorities well and you can sort qualities that you want to have in your best seed bank.

Now, it’s your turn, to decide whether Quebec seed bank is the one for you. However, I’ll surely recommend to the growers out there to go with this amazing seed bank.

As per my experience and other buyers as well, I found this seed bank that perfectly suits beginner and expert cannabis growers.

If you too want to share your experience with the Quebec seed bank then you are most welcome in the comments below.

I’ll be quite happy to re-share your experience here!

Until then, stay home, stay safe!

Happy Weeding.

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