Royal Queen Seeds Review 2023

If you are thinking to grow cannabis on your own then buying Royal queen seeds can help you in achieving more buds.

Want to know how?

Here is the answer:

As a novice grower or expert cultivator, you must need the best weed seeds from the best breeders to grow more buds! Right?

Well, at Royal Queen Seeds, you’ll not get premium quality seeds but also a 100% germination rate with their seeds that makes sure that you swim in buds after harvesting.

Let’s check out their every detail and explore each section that can help you in becoming a pro-cannabis cultivator.

Royal Queen Seeds – Brief Overview

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seed bank is one of the top Dutch Seed banks in the market that is known for selling top-quality marijuana seeds.

However, they claim to be in the market for more than 20 years. Over two decades, they are hoping for being a leader in the seed banks in the upcoming time. Well, that can be true as their seeds are of top quality and they all germinate resulting in more buds for the grower.

That is why they are quite popular among EU weed growers.

However, their popularity is now throughout the world which is a result of the consistent hard work of their team and regularly providing seeds that can impress the grower.

Moreover, they have huge coverage of the customers that are satisfied with their seed quality and they have a very positive review for them, which can be seen on some of the top review sites you can see the Royal Queen seeds has 8-point user ratings out of 10 on seedfinder.

Either they have a great site to access seeds easily or they have great customer service, each of the sections will be exposed honestly within a few minutes.

However, we’ll be exploring each promise and exposing them that how much they stand on their words.

After this quick Royal Queen Seeds Review 2023, you’ll be 100% sure to take your decision to whether choose this seed bank as your choice for growing weeds or not!

Royal Queen Seeds – History

Digging out the ancient history of any seed bank will not result in more buds but their quality seeds will be!

However, there is a major change and struggle within some time that you should know about any online store that helps you in knowing their quality work.

With Royal Queen Seed Bank, you are 100% sure to get supreme quality seeds that will give you enough buds to enjoy throughout the year.

How I am so confident about it?

Here is the answer:

Royal Queen Seed Bank is in the cannabis seeds field for more than two decades. That time should be enough for any company to provide valuable stuff.

However, Royal Queen Seeds bank has proved that excellently.

Well, the real history of this seed bank begins two decades when the founder used to work for selling other company’s strains. 

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After some time, the team started to develop their seeds on their own by breeding and cross-breeding the pure genetics of marijuana. That ultimately leads this seed bank to provide real value in the form of high-quality seeds that come from pure genetic mother plants.

Overall, the quality of the seeds that are sourced from Royal Queen Seed Bank ensures top quality. 

Thanks to their selection team that ensures the quality of the cannabis seeds manually regularly before putting them in the package to ship for you.

Seed Selection & Quality at Royal Queen Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seeds are of top quality and they claim to give you a 100% germination rate. 

As said earlier that they ensure the quality of the seeds manually by checking them regularly. 

Even they believe in providing their customer’s real value so that they can visit them again further and that’s why they don’t contain a large collection in form of numbers just to show and make fake hype of their collection.

They have a good amount of unique seed strains that make them stand out from other seed banks and also make a seed bank to accelerate the cannabis journey of the grower.

They have the best quality feminized strains that can give you more buds without 50-50 risk in the case of regular seeds.

Moreover, they have the best collection of auto-flowering seeds and for medical treatment, they have a different collection of medicinal cannabis that has a different concentration of THC and CBD. 

That means you are sure to find your every requirement of cannabis seeds at Royal Queen Seed Bank. 

For patients, who are looking for cannabis to help in their treatment, Royal Queen Seed Bank has a different category for them. Moreover, you will be able to find a specific section just below their site dedicated to medical cannabis.

Overall, at Royal Queen Seed Bank, you will be able to get trendy seeds from the market that will be of 100% germination rate resulting in more chances to be a success for having more buds with their seeds.

Price & Payment Options

Royal Queen Seed Bank believes in providing quality services but still, they don’t charge much for their services.

As the best seed quality is the first requirement of any grower, therefore, they have priced their seed strains reasonably. 

You’ll be able to find their seeds quite affordable which is not seen in any seed bank with the top quality of the seeds. They often charge you more for their premium series but this is not with the Royal Seeds. 

You can have their best-feminized seeds at the price of 30 Euros. However, the quantity and quality-price can go up to around 100 Euros which is obvious.

However, the main thing that matters is that your hard-earned penny will be worth spending on their seeds.

Once you choose your seeds of the best quality, you want to place your order faster to avoid out-of-stock issues.

Therefore, you need quick payment options to place your order. 

To make payment more convenient, Royal Queen Seed Bank has given you simple payment options.

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They majorly accept Credit Card and Debit Card (MasterCard & VISA), Bitcoin, Cash, or bank transfer to make your payment quicker and more secure.

However, if you are thinking to pay them via PayPal, Checks, or money order then you cannot do it through these options as Royal Queen Seed Bank doesn’t accept these payment ways.

Well, they have several payment ways to make it easier and more convenient for you.

Customer Service at Royal Queen Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seed Bank never misses any chance to impress their buyers!

They have a super-responsive customer service team that is always eager to help out their buyers for solving their issues.

However, mostly you will not get any issue with their seeds or service. 

If still, somehow, you got any, then you can ask out their customer service via filling out a short form on their contact us page.

For a quick response from their side, you can also drop them a mail. Moreover, they have also given their telephonic number to call them anytime you got any queries.

However, you have to call them during the working hours of their business days between 8 AM to 4 PM to be responded to quickly.

Overall, the customer service at Royal Queen Seed Bank is excellent and their team is customer friendly that solves your query politely.

Apart from this, easy options to contact them show their confidence in providing the best customer service by an online shop.

Packaging & Shipping Service at Royal Queen Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seed Bank is an expert online shop that ships your seeds in a very discreet manner.

They pack your seeds in between CDs and DVDs which not only avoids customs at borders but also minimizes the risk to know the buyer as they don’t print any detail on the package.

Moreover, they have the highest shipping rate. That means you are sure to get your seeds in your hand within time by avoiding all issues.

Therefore, you are 100% confident to get your seeds by their stealth and discreet package.

However, Royal Queen Seed Bank ships to different countries. Well, you have to check out from their side if they can deliver speeds to your location. As they directly ship their seeds mainly from their warehouse in Spain.

Shipping within the EU region is totally free, however, outside of that may be charged an amount. Moreover, they charge a basic 5 Euro as stealth and guaranteed shipping fee under which your seeds will be more secured and they will ship you another pack in case of losing it somewhere (which rarely happens with their services).

The average time that they take to ship your order may range between 3 to 7 business days and it can arrive up to 10 or 20 business depending upon your location.

Apart from this, if you want to return your order just in case then too, you can opt to withdraw your amount by returning their order. They will take back their package without asking you any questions.

However, their package should be in the condition as they shipped. Damaged or used products can’t be returned and hence they will not refund back. 

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That shows their belief and confidence in their products.

However, the return period is about 14 days and you have to inform them via mail or contact form before opting for the return option to avail the refund facility.

Overall, their packaging and stealth delivery of seeds service are excellent comparatively competitive seed banks. They have a high success rate in delivering seeds and you are confident to get your seeds within a reasonable time from Royal Queen Seed Bank in a discreet manner.

Website Ease & Accessibility

royal seed bank website

Official website:

The official website of Royal Queen Seed Bank is quite an eye catchy that leads any cannabis grower to stay more. As they have put a lot of greenery on their site.

Mainly they have provided their latest offers on the top of their site which is now going on with a 10% discount. 

They have a search box to look over the content that you are searching for. 

Well, they have given their different seeds categories mainly on the site which shows what they have in stock right now. Apart from this, you can also access their popular range of seeds from the drop-down menu by choosing a specific cannabis strain.

The best part about their site is that they have a special blog at the bottom of their website which has really useful information for a cannabis grower. This is recommended that you must read that before contacting their customer service for any seed query.

Overall, they have made their site very well which is filled with a lot of information for growers and with different seed strains obviously.

You’ll be having a smooth experience while surfing their website.

Offers at Royal Queen Seed Bank

As said earlier, Royal Queen Seed Bank believes in providing customers real value through their seeds and service therefore, they have some regular offers going on their site. 

Right now, they are offering 10% off on their popular range of feminized seeds.

Moreover, they have regular surprises for their buyers, and you can grab huge deals at a lower price by keeping an eye on their site.

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Final Reviews of Royal Queen Seed Bank

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, I often look over a seed bank that can offer me the best quality seeds with quick shipping at a reasonable price.

With Royal Queen Seed Bank, I found all of the requirements that any novice or pro grower will hope for from an online seed store.

The seed quality that they provide is totally unmatchable and the customer service is helpful in case of any queries.

They have regular offers for their buyers which is a plus point after the reasonable price of their seeds.

Overall, at Royal Queen Seed Bank you’ll be having a great experience of buying seeds and having more buds. 

The Royal Queen Seed Bank review is totally positive and we recommend to any grower out there for getting top-quality seeds for their cannabis garden at affordable rates with some more facilities.

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