Top 10 Best Online Seed Bank in the UK – Seed Bank in UK Reviews

Being a marijuana lover I’d tried out almost every brand/seed bank in the UK.

Some were fabulous for me and on the other hand, some brands sucked!

Best Online Seed Bank in the UK – Overview

Best Online Seed Bank in UK

Therefore, I can guide you better in finding out the right seed quality from the right seed store in the UK.


The troubles that I got while purchasing online seeds and how I got the best one; everything I am gonna tells you in this journey.

So, just be with me and enjoy the ride!

Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds in the UK?

Before, you go directly to the best seed store that ships to the UK, you must know the legal rules to follow for avoiding any kind of trouble.

As there are some guidelines provided for the residents of the UK regarding marijuana seeds which will be better to know and follow.

These guidelines say that it is essential for sellers to sell to buyers who have a specific purpose for it. 

So, the legal authorities don’t restrict buying marijuana seeds or selling them from shops but it restricts to growth or germination of marijuana seeds at your home.

As growing marijuana at home in the UK is not legal, therefore, you should follow the legal rules to avoid any kind of law issues. 

It is always good to avoid cops and legal issues!

However, the point to be mentioned here is that if you have some specific purpose such as the preservation of seeds then you can buy it without any kind of legal issue.

Therefore, it also becomes quite important for the sellers too; to know the purpose of buyers before holding their seeds. 

So, if you follow the government guidelines then surely you can have seeds at your home!

You can also confirm from your local legal bodies as well for double surety and then you can move ahead. Germinating seeds at home can take you directly to the cops. So, before taking any step, make sure you have followed the guidelines.

After following the rules, now you can check out the best seeds bank in the UK that directly ships to your doorstep.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Top 9 Seed Banks in the UK

Here I have mentioned only those seed stores that have amazing seed quality with affordable rates and rapid customer services.

However, their position is decided by their overall services. So, let’s find out the best one from this list!

#1 ILGM (8.0/10)

I Love Growing Marijuana website

Shipping – UK & Worldwide

Pay viaBitcoin, Cash, Bank Transfer, E-Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card

Support – Phone: +1 (415) 906-0434 and E-mail:

Delivery time – Averagely takes 2-7 days

Review – 

I love ILGM!

I Love Growing Marijuana is a seed bank that does not even ship to the UK but is also popular worldwide for its finest quality marijuana seeds in the market.

Based in Holland, this seed bank has got all of your weed strains at very affordable rates. 

As this seed bank ships quickly, therefore, you will not have to wait for long to get your favorite seeds.

With tons of positive reviews and great customer service, I have given it a rating of 8 out of 10 and obviously rank 1 for buying seeds.

  • Pros
  1. Best quality seeds
  2. One of the most trusted and reliable store
  3. Known for best customer support
  4. Affordable rates
  5. Quick delivery of seeds
  • Cons
  1. A little expensive
  2. They don’t provide free seeds with every pack.

The expensive rate may seem to differ to you as everyone has different choices and tastes but overall, I’ll say that ILGM is one of the most reputed seed banks in the UK for top-quality marijuana seeds and great customer service.

#2 SEEDSMAN (7.7/10)

seedsman website

Shipping – the United Kingdom and the United States of America

Pay via – Bitcoins mainly (With the offer of 25% off and 7-10 seeds free) but also accepts Cards, Money orders, and Bank transfer

Support – Contact via the contact form or Call at +44 2038 932103 (the UK only)

Delivery time – Averagely takes about 5-10 days

Review – 

With almost every new strain in the market, this seed bank stores your every cannabis need.

Either you are looking for autoflowering, feminized, or mix-match, they’ve covered you all.

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Additionally, you are looking for any storage bag or any kind of seed accessory then don’t worry, they have stored these things too.

With a quick discount of 25%, you can pay directly via Bitcoin. Well, if you feel safe with cards then you can use them too.

After ordering your seeds, you just need to wait for 3-4 days to receive them in your hands.

If you have any query then ask them via call or contact form without any issue. They will respond to you quickly.

  • Pros
  1. Best quality strains of seeds
  2. Great offers and reward program
  3. Very affordable rates
  4. Trustworthy seed bank
  5. Amazing customer service
  • Cons
  1. Major payment option – Bitcoin

Seedsman offers you a 25% of huge discount if you pay them via Bitcoin. Even though there are other options too but you shouldn’t miss that chance to grab a great deal from one of the most popular seed banks.

Overall, they have great quality at a very affordable price range! Even their offers are quite attractive.

#3 MSNL SEED BANK (7.5/10)

MSNL Seed Bank website

Shipping – UK 

Pay via – Bitcoin, Cash, Cards, Bank Transfer

Support – Via contact form or Call at 02037332498 (within the UK only)

Delivery time – 7 days usually and a maximum of 15 days 

Review – 

The budget range seed bank offers the widest strains of cannabis seeds at a very low price.

The point is that here low price never means that you have to compromise the quality of seeds.

MSNL claims to provide the best seeds in the market with an affordable price range. That’s why this seed bank is now becoming quite popular among beginners.

However, for the advanced ones, they have their special packs of cannabis seeds which are much better in quality than the other seed bank.

They are even experts in discreet packaging and delivering within a week. So, you are sure to get your seeds without any issue.

For quick payment, you can pay them via Credit/Debit cards and bitcoin. Well, with bitcoin, you can have a discount of up to 15%. Isn’t it amazing?

Go and check the latest deals right now:

  • Pros
  1. Quick delivery in discreet packaging
  2. Best price place
  3. More strains available 
  4. Supporting customer service 
  5. Top-quality seeds
  • Cons
  1. Limited seeds of their own seeds

Overall, if talking about seed quality then MSNL is one of the best places to get your seeds. However, they can improve in the variety of their stock but still, they are amazing at their seeds.

Check their site for top-quality seeds at a budget price!


gorilla seed bank website

Shipping – the UK and some other countries

Pay via – Cards, Crypto, Cash, Bank Transfer

Support – Call at 01934 807 173 (UK)

Delivery time – Averagely takes 7 days

Review – 7-points General user ratings on SeedFinder out of 10.

With an impressive stock of the latest cannabis seeds, this seed bank has been one of my favorite places to buy seeds from.

Their quick and responsive customer support team helps their customers to solve their every query about weed.

Apart from this, Gorilla Seed Bank offers attractive prices for its seeds. 

Payment via Bitcoin or Cash or Card or Bank transfer is available at them without any trouble. After that, they deliver your order within 2-7 business days.

They have a stock of popular strains of cannabis seeds. So, you are sure to find your seed choice with Gorilla Seed Bank.

  • Pros
  1. New strains at affordable rates
  2. Quick delivery 
  3. High-quality seeds
  4. Attractive discount
  5. Great customer service
  • Cons
  1. Customer service executive responds sometimes late.

Overall, a great seed bank offers a great quality seed at an attractive price, so I found it in Gorilla Seed Bank. 

So, go and check out their latest deals here!

#5 SEED SUPREME (7/10)

seedsupreme official website

Shipping – Within UK

Pay via – Visa and MasterCard, Bitcoin (20% off), Bank Transfer

Support – Via contact form or Call at +44 (0) 1325 754 405

Delivery time – Within 10 business days


With supreme quality seeds, SeedSupreme is the seed bank that gives priority to the customer’s demand.

They stock every popular strain of cannabis seeds and you are sure to get them at a very affordable price range.

One of the popular strains is 8 Ball Kush. As SeedSupreme provides you latest seed strains, so marijuana lovers who always look for experiments must try this seed bank.

With a great loyalty program, they also offer a discount to their regular buyers and they also offer promotions to their chosen customers.

Therefore, with low investment, you are getting high returns. So, I don’t think any weed lover will miss that golden chance to grab fabulous deals.

  • Pros
  1. Attractive reward programs
  2. Frequent promotions
  3. Attractive price range
  4. High-quality seeds
  5. Variety of strains
  • Cons
  1. Customer service needs more improvement 
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When it comes to trying out new or fancy seed banks, then Seed Supreme is the best choice for you.

Affordable rates of the latest seeds are what you look for in any seed bank, so, you must go for SeedSupreme as they have these all qualities.

#6 KILLA BEEZ (6.5/10)

KILLA BEEZ seed bank website

Shipping – United Kingdom

Pay via – Cash, Crypto, Bank Transfer, Credit, and Debit Cards

Support – Call at  +44117 439 0112 or Mail at 

Delivery time – Shipped within the same day or usually takes 1-3 days to arrive.

Review – 

Killa Beez is the brand that offers package delivery within 1-3 business days. It’s the only seed bank that offers the quickest delivery and shipping on the same day.

Well, one thing that I love most is the price that they take from the buyers.

With a stock of wide strains, they have been going popular now for their top-quality seeds.

The best part is that you can just begin your marijuana journey just with $12 from Killa Beez. Isn’t it cool?

Yeah! Even one thing that is more likely to share is their amazingly managed website that gives you the quickest way to search out your favorite seeds from them.

So, this is a plus point for them.

  • Pros
  1. Price range from $12
  2. Top-quality seeds
  3. Variety of new strains
  4. Easy to find your seed with their website
  5. Offers great discount
  • Cons
  1. New seed bank which may not have popular reviews.

Just to begin your marijuana journey, you can pay them $12 and get seeds. Well, I think this will be the lowest price range to buy cannabis seeds from. So, don’t miss this chance and grab big deals.

So, go and check out their stock!



Shipping – UK

Pay via – Cards, Bank Transfer

Support – Via the contact form

Delivery time – Usually takes 5-10 days


The grizzly seed bank has been known for premium quality seeds at affordable rates. Even their strains collection is quite good.

With a new range of strains, they have most of the popular seed choices.

Apart from this, they have a great quality website which helps you to find out your choice quickly and easily.

Even if your priority is the discreet delivery of your favorite seeds then this is the right place for you.

  • Pros
  1. Variety available 
  2. Best for beginners
  3. Superior quality seeds
  4. Discounts available 
  5. Great website
  • Cons
  1. Lack of latest seeds

When it comes to quality over quantity then I prefer this seed bank. Limited but premium quality seeds are the identity of Grizzly Seed Bank.

For the latest deal, you can check their official website!


The Vault Cannanis seed store

Shipping – the UK and other countries

Pay via – All major payment methods

Support – Contact form at the official website

Delivery time – Usually 7 days


Founded in 2012, this seed bank has won the trust of marijuana lovers now!

Their mindset is to give customers more than they pay for. That’s why they regularly run giveaways and free seeds for their customers.

However, their strain selection is quite amazing.

They have wonderfully managed their site for a quick search for customers. While their popular ones are always at the top.

Well, it is about auto, feminized, or CBD, you are going to have superior quality seeds at the Vault Seed Bank. 

Their price range is quite attractive!

They are not expensive they are worth the superior quality seeds. Even you can explore their offer page for the latest seeds details.

  • Pros
  1. Attractive reward programs.
  2. More strains to buy
  3. Latest offers regularly
  4. Free seeds
  5. Trustworthy brand
  • Cons
  1. The website should be improved for mobile users

The UK-based seed bank has amazing offers which can’t be ignored. Apart from top-quality seeds, they have much more to give their buyers.

So, if you are confused about where to begin, then just go with Vault Seed Bank.



Shipping – the UK and worldwide

Pay via – All main payment ways

Support – Via the Official site

Delivery time – Usually 3-7 days

Review – 3- Star user ratings on Trustpilot.

When it comes to the most trusted stores of all time then here comes Attitude Seeds Bank!

With tons of seeds and tons of strains, they are the favorite shop of marijuana lovers.

They provide premium quality seeds at the right price. They give frequent promotions and rewards to their regular customers. While the new seeds are already get stocked as they come in the market.

With a quick delivery system and responsive customer service, they are at the top of the seeds market.

  • Pros
  1. Most trusted seed bank
  2. Quality seeds 
  3. Quick customer service
  4. Lots of positive reviews 
  5. Affordable price
  • Cons
  1. Nothing for now!
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Attitude Seed Bank is the best seed bank in the UK. They have the latest stock of all seeds and they offer discounts and a reward program on every order.

Apart from this, they are known for great customer service.

So, they are a fully packed version of your cannabis needs!

Therefore, don’t waste your time and grab the latest deals right now!

Buying Guide

Here I have mentioned some important factors to consider before you buy marijuana seeds from the best seed bank in the UK.

While mentioning the top 9 best seed banks for the UK too I have given priority to the seed quality, brand reputation, price, and customer reviews much more than any other feature.

So, let’s have a quick look at all of them in brief:

  • Look for the best quality

Whenever you purchase something online, you always want value for your money.

So, same in the case of seeds too, you must consider that seed bank which provides you the best quality seeds at the very right price. For the best price, you can compare different seedbanks too.

But, I always recommend that one must go for quality over the quantity that seed bank has in their stock. 

As because of you are going to buy either one or two maximum strains of the seeds which should be available to you in the best quality. 

Therefore, go for the quality of the seed bank.

  • Customer reviews

While choosing the best seed bank one must always consider the real customer’s reviews before investing in any online store.

As it is always good to take an overview of the customers who have already bought that product.

Similarly, for seeds too, you must go for deep reviews. As it will give you an idea about that product before having it right in your hands.

So, go for as many as reviews you can check out for products as well as stores.

  • Payment options

While ordering your seeds, you never want any hassle while placing an order. Even if the payment is not done at the right time, sometimes your favorite seed’s stocks run out.

Therefore, it is always good to pay quickly to place your order before stocks go out.

But, for quick payment, an online store should provide multiple payment options such as Credit Card/Debit Card and another quick way to pay.

Well, now, almost every online seed bank is giving multiple options for payment but still, you must consider this while looking for the best seed bank.

  • Consider price factor

Don’t run for less price!

Here less price never means that you should go for expensive ones. The real smartness will be that if you invest your money at the right place of the right amount.

As some online seed banks provide huge discounts on some seeds to clear out their old stock. Therefore, you may have to face cheap quality seeds. 

That’s why one must go for the right price instead of choosing huge discounts.

However, if a brand is legit and offering a genuine discount then you shouldn’t miss that chance to hit that deal.

Overall, consider the right price and right deal for yourself instead of getting into the trap.

  • More variety of seeds

Last but not least!

Go with a brand that offers you more strains!

As this may sound weird but yes you should follow this. It is because if you go with such a seed store then there will be more chances for the purest quality of seeds as that store back linked with many of breeders that produce seeds and alternatively they will have a good market reputation as well which ensures a great quality of seeds.

On the other hand, you will get different varieties that will be beneficial to you in shopping for all your needs in one place.

So be a smart buyer!

Best Online Seed Bank in the UK: Final Words

In the end, you are now aware of the most popular seed banks that ship to the UK. However, I’ll recommend you to follow the buying guide before you purchase from an online store.

As it is quite important to consider some factors and check them by yourself instead of reading just online reviews. 

So, now, I can hope that you are now able to choose the best UK seed bank from the list. 

However, if you have still any doubts or suggestions or any kind of queries regarding the seed bank that ships to the f then feels free to ask me below in the comments.

I’ll be there for you with all of your answers!

Until then, Happy Shopping!

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