Seed Banks that accept Paypal

Do you love buying marijuana seeds online?


Are you looking for seed banks that accept PayPal

If I’m not wrong then most probably you will say yes!


I’m smart! Yeah! xD

Well, apart from my smartness, I have been gone through almost every smart seed bank in the world even that you recently searched for! 

Yeah! I’m talking about almost every online seed bank. (Okay! Some of them made me fool too!) 

But still, I’m here to help you out! 

I’ll not let any online seed bank make you a fool. 

From this:

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However, as your present requirement is for the seed bank that takes payment from PayPal so, I’ll just talk about that.

As I and my team has been working as a marijuana guider online so, I think I can answer you better from my whole experience regarding this.

Are you excited? 

Let’s get into it:

Buy Seeds from Seedbank that accepts Paypal

Seed Banks that accept Paypal

Buying marijuana seeds isn’t tough but hiding it is!

I have mentioned here some of the top and my personal favorite seed banks from which you can buy marijuana seeds by PayPal payment option.

So, here we go:

Top 5 seedbanks where you can buy marijuana seeds that accept PayPal

#1. Crop King Seeds Bank

Why only PayPal?

PayPal is one of the safest and quickest payment options known on an online shopping platform.

It is the best way to shop anything online in a very safe manner.

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However, the point is that due to some reasons every online shop doesn’t offer this payment method.

Well, PayPal has its own benefits to use!

One of the best features is that it doesn’t show on your bank statement that you have made payment for the weeds.

Isn’t it amazing? Yeah!

But how it works!

Let me explain:

From the very beginning, to make payments via PayPal, you need a PayPal account and password. It directly gets connected to your bank account or credit card as well.

Then you can easily go for any online shopping platform that accepts payments via PayPal and then you have to add money to your PayPal account. 

Well, the best part is that as you are adding money from the bank account to your PayPal account, therefore, in your bank account statement there it will only show that you have added money to your PayPal account.

It means it will not print there that you have paid money to buy weed seeds or any kind of weed product.

So, in simple words, it hides your payment.

This feature becomes quite essential for those areas where marijuana and its products are totally banned.

Paypal will help them to hide their secrets!

Even you can make payments within PayPal accounts as well. That shows its compatibility and popularity as the quickest way of payment.

Well, these were some of the reasons to love PayPal. However, PayPal is also known for its safest and quickest online money transfer method.

It means via paying online with PayPal, you are protected from third-party access to your account or online attackers.

Due to these same reasons, I love PayPal. That is why most online purchasers prefer PayPal as their convenient way of payment.

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Check out the user’s reviews of Crop King Seeds bank on seedfinder.

Things to consider while using PayPal

With the latest government laws and regulations, it is becoming quite tough for online vendors to provide PayPal facilities. Especially with the seed banks in the market.

As the government has restricted the excess usage of weed and to avoid the illegal usage as well as more purchases than the required amount as a drug; being a repetitive payment platform PayPal has upgraded their user policy which has some complex terms to accept to use it.

Well, the policy has strict rules to consider and follow for weeds and their products. However, if a vendor overrules (in any case), then the whole shop can be shut down.

Therefore, to avoid any kind of trouble most of the online vendors are avoiding PayPal.

Even from the consumer end, it is losing its popularity.


Here it is:

Still, some online seedbanks accept PayPal but they do charge a high amount of processing fee. The approx charge includes 3% of the transaction with some additional charges.

For some of the buyers, it may not be that high to pay but yet for every customer out there, it is to be considered.

Solution for it?

As many of the online vendors are avoiding and due to high charges, people are going to another payment option. Then the question arises what is the solution for it?

Well, from my side, I have two opinions.

Let me explain: 

The very first thing to consider is that with the increase in technology and other online payment services, PayPal may seem old in front of the other payment options. 

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So, I recommend you to go for another payment option. Even now online vendors are providing too many payment options such as Bitcoin (which has almost the same principle to pay; secure and quick), credit card, debit card, and e-transfer too.

Here’s my second solution:

Well, if you can pay offline and you are convenient with that then you must go for offline payments as well which includes (Cheques and other payment options which may differ from the online shops). However, the security of the funds depends on the shop you are paying for.

Well, I understand offline payment options are not hassle-free like online ones but still it’s a good option if you are left with not no other options.

Bonus tip:

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The best quality seed banks that accept PayPal can help you out in having top weed seeds in a convenient payment way but with complete guidance now you’ll not be totally dependent on PayPal.

I hope this guide helped out in getting the best seed banks that accept PayPal.

Well, if you have any kind of suggestion or query then you can ask directly to me. Just comment below in the comment section.

Until then, Stay Home, Stay Healthy!

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