Seedsman Reviews 2023 – Don’t Buy Before Reading

Looking for a cheap and best seed bank – Seedsman is your destination then. Here in this post, we are going to provide an unbiased review of Seedsman seed bank, so kindly stick to the post.

Buying cannabis seeds may seem you little tricky if you didn’t get the right guide. 

It becomes more important for the new buyers in the market.

Whether you should spend money on that seed bank or not?

If it is the confusion with Seedsman then don’t worry!

It is going to be cleared now!

To help you out in choosing the best cannabis seed bank, this article is going to help you out in deciding with the seed bank that it is for you or not.

Should we begin?

Of course YES!!

Seedsman Reviews

Seedsman Review

Seedsman – An overview

RATING 8.8/10

Let’s not dig out ancient history and check out their recent work:

For more than 17 years, Seedsman is known for providing quality seeds in the market in 2003.

With a stock of the most popular seed strains, Seedsman has been the first choice of marijuana growers. 

Every marijuana grower opts for trendy seeds in the market and Seedsman has covered that all.

Seedsman 25 of these strains got reviews from the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 6.66 out of 10!

Apart from the collection of popular seeds, Seedsman has been known for its quality services and quick shipment. 

Well, let’s check out in detail and expose Seedman more!

Seed Collection

At Seedsman, you are sure to get every popular choice in the market. 

They have a range of quality seed strains from over 100 seed banks around the world. Therefore, they have over 3000 different seed varieties. 

They also stock seeds from some of the popular seedbanks such as Barney’s Farm, Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, and Bodhi Seeds.

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Ultimately, you are sure to get all the seeds that are hardly found on any other seed bank.

The best part?

The best part about Seedsman is that they don’t compromise with their seed quality for anything. They do offer premium quality seeds at reasonable rates and often give free seeds with the orders.

Overall, Seedsman is the place where you can find premium quality seeds at a very good price.

Price & Shipment

You are 100% sure to get jaw-dropping offers at seedsman! 

When it comes to the average price range, Seedsman has focused mainly on providing seeds to every marijuana grower out there in the world. 

Therefore, the price at seedsman is quite within budget and they seem affordable as compare to the other seed banks in the market.

That is why they become a popular choice for the new growers.

Less price never means here that the quality of seed is compromised. You are sure to get what you pay for. 

They have even their popular range of seeds which are priced well in a range that doesn’t affect much to your wallet.

At seedsman, they claim to provide the quickest shipment. However, here is something that needs to be explained.

They usually take 1-3 working days for shipping in local areas whereas outside regions may take 7-25 working days as well.

Keeping in mind that U.S orders are averagely delivered fast and on time.

However, sometimes, Seedsman may take some time to deliver your order. That may be due to some reasons. Well, most of the time, Seedsman never falls for providing a quality service.

When you are in trouble either before the order or after that, then here comes the customer service in the play:

Customer Service

Either you are having an issue with your order or if you want to know about seeds, Seedsman has expertise in managing all queries.

They have a quick team to respond to the queries of their buyers. 

They have given you a phone call and email service to contact them. They claim to respond within 48 hours of the received the message. However, they usually respond earlier than this.

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Thanks to their smart team! They have a plus point regarding services in this.

Moreover, most of the time, you may not face any issue with their seeds or order. If still, you get any, Seedsman is there to help you out.

Website & Payment Ways

seedsman website is quite an eye-catchy site where you can find different sections of seeds.

The best part of their site is that they don’t have any excessive elements such as irrelevant banners or advertisements, which makes their site faster to load and even seeds-centric.

You can easily find popular seed strains at their site which they place very firstly at their site. To make it handier, they’ve categorized different seeds variety that you can look at from the drop-down menu.

Moreover, the search box is there to help you out in searching for your favorite seed more precisely.

In this era of online frauds and scams, Seedsman assures 100% safe payment on their site.

Check out more clarification regarding the scam or not at Seedsman on Reddit.

For that, they have given you multiple payment options which makes it faster to order your seeds before it goes out of stock.

There are Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and cryptocurrencies to place your order faster. 

However, bitcoin in cryptocurrency is quite a popular and handy way to place an order on Seedsman.

Discounts & Offers

Seedsman cares for every penny that their buyers spend on their seeds. That is why they give free seeds with their orders. For example, if you spend $30 then they can give you two more seeds for free. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, Seedsman has always discounted the prices of their seeds. The discount may range from 10% to 30%. 

However, Seedsman has a loyalty program for their buyers as well. They give reward points every time you buy from them. Once you have collected fifty or a hundred points then you’ll be given some off at the price.

Basically, Seedsman has everything that it can reach every marijuana buyer. 

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A Brief Buying Guide

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, you should always consider your needs first to get an efficient seed. That will help you in getting your plants more quickly.

However, here I am sharing some of the best tips that helped me in getting the best seeds from the market.

#1. Look for review

Before, buying seeds, make sure to have a look at the reviews from the previous buyers. As it really helps you in knowing difficulties during the growing time. Moreover, it gives a real overview of the seed quality.

#2. Look for a reliable source

From a reputable seed bank, you can hope for the best quality seed. Therefore, look over a seed bank that has been in the industry for a long time and is known for its quality seeds. 

Moreover, importing seeds into the seed bank, lets you know the real quality of the seed. That is why some of the seed banks share their partnership with many seed producers.

#3. Have a happy weed garden

When you tick those two points, now, it’s the time, to grow in the conditional environment to have weeds!

I didn’t mention services such as shipping factor and others as you know what your priority is and therefore, you can adjust these as per your choice.

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Seedsman Reviews: Final Words

Seedsman is the perfect place to buy fresh seeds of premium quality at affordable rates.

Moreover, their stock of larger seed varieties is the deal maker. They have categorized all the major seed categories such as High THC, High CBD, Feminised, Autoflowering, and Regular specifically. They have given a different category for the seeds of cannabis cup winners and also to the indoor and outdoor growers. 

Overall, Seedsman is the best choice for both new growers and expert growers. Well, from their seed quality to their different services, I can say that should be your first choice to buy seeds from in 2023.

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