SeedSupreme Seed Bank Review 2023

While attempting to buy cannabis seeds online you might have come across SeedSupreme seed bank.

SeedSupreme is one of the quality weed seed sellers and also has relations with other breeders.

However, any online store has some good and bad reviews. Well, as you are here, we’ll be covering up each section of the SeedSupreme seed bank and will let you know whether you can choose it as your seed bank to buy marijuana seeds or whether it is legit or not.

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SeedSupreme – Overview

SeedSupreme Seed Bank

One of the seed banks claims to provide only quality seeds that can make any weed grower happy. The seed bank offers different varieties of seeds which makes it one of the best places to buy marijuana seeds at budget prices. As the seed bank gets its seeds directly from the breeders and therefore, offers you seeds at affordable rates. 

However, considering the online reviews on many forums and sites, SeedSupreme accused me to be a ‘scam’ and a money-hunting site that doesn’t give you quality seeds. 

Well, first thing first, SeedSupreme is a 100% legit seed bank, and therefore, it offers you seeds from other seed breeders as well. However, there could be some orders which may not be successful from the side of the seed bank and hence it is getting not a good review but it never means the seed bank is not legit that is why SeedSupreme seed bank has got 4-star user ratings & over 700 user reviews on Trustpilot.

Overall, established in the United Kingdom, SeedSupreme is a legit seed bank that offers different varieties of weed seeds. In the very beginning, the company might be slightly bad to deliver quality seeds but as of now, it has improved excellently and can be even the best place to buy online marijuana seeds!

Let’s check out in detail:

History of SeedSupreme 

After digging out a lot, it is found that SeedSupreme is one of the newest seed banks that has been in the market for more than 5 years. SeedSupreme is one of the best seed banks in the United Kingdom and ships all its seeds from there. They are known to ship their seeds worldwide and they even delivered their quality seeds to Canada, Australia, the UK, and many more regions. 

Their poor time was going on until the year 2017-18 when they were getting complaints regarding their seed quality and services. Long story short, as of 2023 they have come back with a bang!

Now, they have better quality seeds, better services, and better websites as well, which we’ll be discussing a bit later.

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Overall, the history of the SeedSupreme is not that much available as they didn’t have revealed much about themselves. However, as a weed grower, if you expect quality seeds from them then they are now upgraded and hence you can hope for better services as well.

Seed Selection and Quality

From the very beginning, SeedSupreme has been known for selling a wide variety of marijuana seeds. From feminized, auto-flowering, medicinal to their popular and best-selling seeds, they have got you all. 

They are also a reseller of many popular breeders including Barney’s Farm, Nirvana Seeds, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Royal Queen Seeds, Cali Genetics, Mephisto Genetics, TGA Subcool, Greenhouse Seeds, and many more. 

That means in the section of seed selection, they are excellent and you will be able to get those strains that are hard to find at any other novice store. They have a wide range of popular strains including Gorilla Glue, Diesel Strain, Purple Strain, Jack Herer, White Widow, Green Crack, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and many more. 

Even they have a special category for beginner growers. Isn’t it amazing? 

When it comes to the quality then they claim to give you 100% best quality seeds. They directly sell seeds from the top breeder’s garden where the freshness remains the same until the transit time is no longer or authorities didn’t make any trouble.

Overall, considering the seed selection, SeedSupreme has got all the trending and popular strains of the market whereas they also claim to give you the best quality and it has also been proven in recent times. 

Price and Payment Options

The price at SeedSupreme is reasonable and affordable. However, when it comes to their premium collection then there you might need to spend a little more. Well, their popular seed strains have budget-friendly prices making novice weed growers buy without that much pressure on their budget. If you will spend around 50-80 dollars, you will be able to buy their best-selling marijuana strains which are far better than any other novice store.

However, the price range of different varieties of marijuana seed strains starts from just $20. That means SeedSupreme has been a store to buy seeds for beginner growers as well.

Once you are ready, SeedSupreme gives you ample payment options to place your order quickly before it got out of stock. The payment options they give you are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Card (Mastercard and VISA)
  5. Cheque

That means you have enough payment methods to pay them quickly. However, SeedSupreme prefers taking payment via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as it processes faster, and therefore, they further process your order quickly after receiving the payment. 

Overall, the price at SeedSupreme is budget-friendly, affordable, and most important reasonable. Apart from this, they have also a plus point of giving multiple payment options which are tough to see in new seed banks.

Note – SeedSupreme doesn’t accept payment via PayPal.

Shipping and Delivery

SeedSupreme ships its seeds worldwide. That means you can get your favorite seeds from here to any corner of the world except where weed is illegal. 

They ship to the USA within 2-7 working days from their hub in California. That means there will be no crossing of international borders making it less risky for the seeds and quick delivery as well. It might take 2-7 working days to arrive seeds within the USA.

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For the local orders within the UK, they process the order quickly and send them within 2-4 working days. However, the seeds might take time to arrive up to 7 days as well. However, for the European regions and other international orders, SeedSupreme claims to ship and deliver seeds within 3-5 working days. Well, you should be ready to wait for up to 15 to 20 working days as average your order arrives within such time. 

Apart from putting effort into quick shipping and delivery of the orders, SeedSupreme packs your seeds in a very discreet and stealth manner so that there will not be any trouble with your seeds reaching out to you. They pack your seeds without any label and indication of the content which ensures the privacy of yours and theirs as well.

Overall, the shipping and delivery services at SeedSupreme are decent and they pack your seeds in a good manner as well. Therefore, while buying seeds from here, you can expect that your seeds will reach out to you safely.

Customer Service

Here comes the real point where SeedSupreme needs to improve. The customer service at SeedSupreme is average. As they take a little longer time to hear the issues of their customers. They have given calling numbers as well but their executives are more likely to be frustrated and they don’t solve any issue at all according to other buyers’ reviews. 

However, considering the negative reviews where they reply and try to make their side clean, they are expected to improve their services instead. 

While buying seeds from SeedSupreme, you can expect a little delay in case of help from the seed bank’s side.

Overall, the customer service at SeedSupreme needs to be improved as an online store they are expected to deliver excellent and customer-friendly services.

Website Review

seedsupreme official website

Official website:

The website of the SeedSupreme is loaded with a lot of informative blogs, articles, and seed strains. They have banners as well showing their latest deals, freebies seeds, and other info. 

They have well categorized their seed stock in different categories in which you can get their best seeds accordingly to variety. Apart from this, they have given you a search bar as well to easily find the seeds you are looking for. Even they have categories of seeds for beginner and popular varieties as well. 

Overall, the website of the SeedSupreme looks professional with good information regarding weed seeds and their stock as well. They have even eye-catchy banners as well.

Also, You Can check out the SeedSupreme Seed bank has overall 8-points ratings & over 460 user reviews on seedfinder.

Offers, Reward Programs, and Discounts at SeedSupreme

Apart from its budget-friendly-priced seeds, SeedSupreme never fails to impress its buyers. They give huge discounts and freebies on each order of their regular buyers. Even they have loyalty programs as well under which they give discounts on each order of their repetitive buyer.

Even with their specific payment method of bitcoin, they offer you up to a 25% discount on your order. However, they have also their running program with ‘Kush Money under which after your every order from a registered account, you will be able to get some points from them, which further allows you to get seeds at a discounted price. 

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Overall, every online buyer loves buying things at discounts, and SeedSupreme has taken care of it excellently. They have multiple ways to reward you once you are ready to buy seeds from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs which will allow you to know this seed bank quickly. 

#1. Is SeedSupreme legit?

Yes! SeedSupreme seed bank is 100% legit and it ships only the original quality of marijuana seeds from breeders. 

#2. Which countries SeedSupreme ship to?

They ship worldwide except in the regions where marijuana is not legal.

#3. Can I have a discount or free seeds?

Yes! You can have discounts and free seeds after each order from SeedSupreme.

#4. How much time SeedSupreme take to deliver the order?

They take time accordingly to locations. For the local orders, the maximum delivery time can go up to 7 days whereas USA orders can take the time up to 15 days and international orders can take a longer time than that. 

#5. Do you accept PayPal?

Sorry! SeedSupreme doesn’t accept payment via PayPal.

#6. Can I track my order?

Yes! You can track your order via the tracking number given in your mail.

#7. Does SeedSupreme offer a return service?

Yes! They do accept returns. However, you have to make sure you don’t have opened your package and it is in the condition as you received it. As you will be eligible for the returns, you can call their customer executive on the given numbers to get the details further. As they will guide the returning process.

#8. Is SeedSupreme a scam as they didn’t deliver my seeds yet?

No! SeedSupreme is not a scam they are 100% legit and they deliver their seeds from different hubs. Like in the USA they ship your seeds from their hub in California. However, if your seeds didn’t reach you then it might be an issue by the authorities or customs. 

#9. What are seed varieties at SeedSupreme?

Majorly SeedSupreme sells all the varieties of marijuana seeds including feminized, autoflower, regular and medicinal. Even they have special categories for new weed growers and for the experienced ones they have a ‘popular’ range of weed seeds.

#10. Will it be worth buying seeds from SeedSupreme?

It might be true that SeedSupreme’s services were not good in previous times. However, in recent time many peoples have appreciated their services from them and the quality of the seeds are also better. They have been delivering their seeds successfully. Therefore, if you are thinking to buy weed seeds in 2023 from SeedSupreme then it will be 100% worth it.

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SeedSupreme Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Till here, now you are aware of each section about SeedSupreme seed bank. From their quality of seeds to their customer services, now, you must be ready to buy seeds from here. Doesn’t matter how was the reputation of the seed bank was previously but within recent time, they are improving and it is expected that they will continue to improve their services in the upcoming time.

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