Sensi Seeds Bank Review – One of the Trusted Seed Bank

Buying seeds from Sensi Seed Bank can be really beneficial for novice cannabis growers.

Want to know how?

Here it is:

Sensi Seed Bank is one of the reputed best seed banks in the online market and it is known for the top quality seeds at very affordable rates. 

Well, as a new cannabis grower, if you don’t want to invest your whole budget into buying seeds and having a grow system then here comes the Sensi Seed Bank into the play.

One by one I’ll explain to you briefly how you can make the most out of Sensi Seed Bank and if it is really legit or not!

Today, every secret of the Sensi Seed Bank will be revealed!

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I’ll not let you wait for long, and let’s get straight into it:

Sensi Seeds Bank – Overview

Sensi Seeds Bank Review

Official website:

When you look over the online market for buying the best cannabis seeds, most probably Sensi Seed Bank will be there.

It is all due to their hard-working team and owner that has led this empire for a very long time.

Well, the seeds of Sensi Seed Bank are of premium quality which is rarely available at any other vendor. 

That is why this seed bank has risen so well that it is now on the list of best seed banks in the world.

Their history is really inspiring which we’ll be discussing within a few minutes.

Whether it is about their online reputation or their quality services, they have satisfied customers throughout the globe.

Well, the only thing to keep in mind is that Sensi Seed Bank ships mainly its own seeds to the EU Countries only.

However, due to its popularity and huge demand for seeds, you can find it on many resellers online. Be aware while purchasing from reseller vendors as the seed quality may differ from the original seller.

However, if you are living within EU regions then you are lucky! You can enjoy buds with the supreme quality of Sensi Seeds.

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Let’s break out each section of Sensi Seeds to know their secret to being a popular seed bank:

History of Sensi Seeds Bank

Sensi Seed Bank is founded by Ben Dronkers in 1985 out of Amsterdam. Well, that’s not where the story begins.

The actual history begins when Ben Dronkers used to grow strains in the early 70s. This is the time when Ben Dronkers started growing his own weed in 1975 and within a span of time, he started developing a hobby of breeding and crossbreeding to develop more potent strains. 

To develop his own potential cannabis strains, he traveled to different countries. By traveling to different regions and collecting the most precious experience of different cannabis strains, he started putting his experience in developing all-new cannabis strains by breeding with the known strains. 

This ultimately led to the result of new cannabis strains that are more potent than ever before. With over a decade, he officially opened his store of cannabis strains which is today known as – Sensi Seed Bank. 

From 1985 to now, he led this huge empire by providing cannabis growers with more powerful cannabis strains that can give them more buds to enjoy.

Its been 35 years since establishing Sensi Seed Bank and they have recently celebrated this empire’s 30th anniversary.

Well, for that long time, they continuously rise above all different factors. Whether it is about giving the best quality seed strain or about their quick customer support to the buyers, Sensi Seed Bank has made its own benchmark.

Let’ ‘s check out after this much hard work and time what qualities they are providing:

Seed Collection & Quality at Sensi Seeds Bank

After a decade, finally, Ben Drinker decided to make his own strain by breeding and cross-breeding. 

Well, before that, he traveled from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia and the even Hindu Kush which led him to know he can provide pure marijuana genetics to the growers. 

Due to that, now, they are the top marijuana genetics seed provider in all different categories. Whether you are looking for auto-flowering, regular, feminized, or different CBD and THC majority cannabis seeds, they have got you all.

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In the seeds industry, people with more experience and real value providers stick for a long time and Sensi Seed Bank has proved that.

For more than two and a half decades, they are growing in this industry and it is all due to their supreme quality seeds that are popular worldwide.

Some of their popular strains are Jack Herer, Northern Light (very popular), Sensi Skunk, Big Bud, Hindu Kush, and Super Skunk.

These are Sensi Seed Bank’s all-time top chosen seed strains, which are popular among weed lovers.

Do you know the best part?

The best part about seeds stock at Sensi Seed Bank is that they regularly update it with their new strains.

Sensi Seed Bank always tries to make their own strains and hence they update their stock for new strains. That means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from their stock for the trending seeds.

Moreover, their seed strains have won the cannabis cup many times, which you must try out. These are Jack Flash, Shiva Skunk, Big Bud, Silver Haze, and Jack Herer.

Overall at Sensi Seed Bank, you’ll be having plenty of seed stock that not only is of supreme quality but also will suit your specific purpose of having weed.

Customer Service at Sensi Seeds Bank

When it comes to providing the best experience to its buyers then Sensi Seed Bank never misses any chance.

Either it is about giving top-quality seeds or about solving any query.

Well, you’ll be having very few to no issues while dealing with them. If somehow, you got any query about the seeds or your order then they have given you quick ways to contact them from where you can ask out your query.

The best part is that they are not only quick-responsive but also very friendly which gives you a very great experience while contacting them. 

Moreover, they have a brief blog and guide from which you can know about contacting them in quick ways.

Well, telephonic service is quite popular and hence you can contact them via calling them during the weekdays and between working hours of 9 AM to 5 PM CET. 

If you are residing in Amsterdam then you will be the luckiest to visit Sensi Seed Bank. Well, this online vendor has also physical stores from where you can visit to have a live interaction with their team and can have a hand to hand seeds.

Overall, even if we consider online reviews of other buyers then too, you’ll find the majority of the satisfied buyers. People are happy after buying seeds from the Sensi Seed Bank and are appreciating their quality services.

Price & Payment Options

Sensi Seeds Bank is known for its all-time favorite seed banks of new and expert growers.

Well, the price of the seeds at Sensi Seed Bank is so affordable that this is the first choice of every new cannabis grower.

Being new to cannabis farming, everyone wants to play a safe game and therefore, they want to invest a specific amount in buying seeds and other equipment.

If you too have this purpose of growing cannabis, Sensi Seed Bank is the best option.

Here is why:

At Sensi Seeds Bank, you can get their best quality seeds starting from just 10 Euros and will go up to 200 Euros accordingly to your choice and quantity of seeds.

But if you want to make the most out of even with just 10 Euros then Sensi Seeds Bank is the option to go.

That is why it is one of the best budget-friendly seed banks that can give you the best marijuana seeds to enjoy more buds at your home.

Overall, at Sensi Seed Bank, you’ll be able to get supreme quality seeds at quite a low price range and can go up to your required amount. Thanks to their collection team that takes care of budget-friendly growers.

When it comes to buying seeds then they have ample payment options for you.

You can quickly pay them via your cards including Debit & Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA), Bank transfers, and even via cash.

With these many options, you can instantly place your order before it gets out of stock. Apart from this, your payment will be 100% secured at their site ensuring your hard-earned amount reach their hands safely.

For anonymous payment options such as Bitcoin and PayPal, you’ll have to wait for a while as Sensi Seed Bank doesn’t accept payment via Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or PayPal.

However, they are consistently working on improving their site and it is hoped that due to the huge demand of buyers they enable these options as early as possible.

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Packaging, Shipping & Delivery Time by Sensi Seeds Bank

At Sensi Seeds Bank, they care for your privacy and that is why they ensure for discreet and stealth packaging to avoid any kind of disturbance in reaching your order.

They pack your ordered seeds in a completely discreet manner without their logo or order information that from outside no one can get what is inside it and therefore, it easily avoids all the legal authorities such as Customs. 

Moreover, as said earlier the Sensi Seed Bank avoids delivering their original seeds in other countries than EU regions, therefore, they ship within a specific region.

Averagely they take time to ship your seeds within 2 to 7 business days. With such time, you can expect to have seeds in your hand in under 10 business days. The shipping charges at Sensi Seed Bank are quite nominal compared to other seed banks. They charge a shipping fee of around 7.5 Euros for orders within EU regions. Orders out of EU regions include 12.5 Euros as a shipping fee, which is worth considering their packaging and shipping service.

Want to know the best part?

Sensi Seed Bank knows that sometimes your seeds may be caught by customs or any other legal authorities even with the highest secure packages. Especially for some suspicious areas. That is why to secure your order more, they offer you insurance with your seeds. 

That means if your seeds didn’t reach you within the time then they will ship you another pack of seeds without paying any extra cost. 

However, this guarantee shipping scheme costs you 5 Euros extra, which is worth taking to secure a 50 Euros order.

With a huge demand and increased popularity of Sensi Seeds, some other seed banks re-sell their seeds on their own, which you have to confirm from their side how much time they will give your seeds at your doorstep.

Well, on average any legit seed bank should not take time more than 7 to 25 business days (Including International orders) to deliver your seeds. 

Overall, if we talk only about Sensi Seed Bank then they perform a good performance in case of delivery of your order.

However, stealth packaging and discreet delivery of your order add a plus point to their service.

Market Reputation of Sensi Seeds

Other buyer’s reviews matter a lot in not only making up an online shop’s reputation but also dealing with the buyers.

Well, with Sensi Seeds, you’ll hardly find any negative reviews about their seeds and services.

It is due to their consistent hard work in bringing new seed strains in the market and to their loyal customers. 

They believe in providing qualities and value to their visitor that automatically give a positive review. 

Hence they have a ton of satisfied customers who praise Sensi Seed Bank for their great services. 

That ultimately led to Sensi Seed Bank becoming one of the most reputed seed banks in the online market. Also, they have become a popular choice for every new grower out there, and for the expert cultivators, they have made Sensi Seeds its priority to get more buds from them.

Overall, Sensi Seed Bank has a well market reputation that will lead any cannabis grower into buying seeds from them. Moreover, the huge number of positive reviews from satisfied buyers speaks all it by itself.

Website Review and Accessibility 

Sensi seeds bank website

Official website:

Sensi Seeds have an official website that sells online cannabis seeds. 

They have made their website very informative by putting a detailed history of their own story and also some other guides that will be beneficial for growers.

Moreover, it is an eye-catchy website that any cannabis grower will love to engage with.

By prioritizing their own seed strains, they have put their popular strains on their website first to make them more accessible. 

However, they have also given you a feature to sort and filter your required seed type to get quickly what you are looking for. 

That makes their site more accessible.

Well, the search bar is there to even get a more precise result. 

Overall, Sensi Seeds have an excellent user-friendly website that not only is eye-catchy but also easy to find what you are looking for and Sensi seeds bank has a 3-star rating on Trustpilot.

Return Policy at Sensi Seed Bank

At Sensi Seed Bank, they understand that you might be unsatisfied with the order or seeds that get to you. 

Well, there’s a very rare chance that any trouble you’ll come in with Sensi Seeds.

If still somehow, you are unsatisfied with the product or seeds you received from their side then you are 100% free to return to them.

Sensi Seed Bank has a return policy of 14 days in which after receiving the payment receipt, you can easily return them their seeds or product if you don’t want to use them. 

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However, after 14 days of the return period, they will not be responsible for any kind of query. 

That means if you place a request for a return to them under 14 days then they will accept and will refund you without asking you any questions.

After receiving the return order, they will refund your amount within 2 business days, which will be reflected in your bank account from 3-to 7 business days depending upon your bank process.

Here are some key points to keep in mind while taking benefit of the return policy:

  1. You have to bear the expense of returning products or seeds to them.
  2. Sensi Seeds will not accept the return if the product will be damaged or not in the condition as it shipped.
  3. After 14 days of the return period, you cannot return to them.

If you have any return queries then you can contact them and they will help you. 

However, this return scheme really shows that Sensi Seeds cares for its buyers and is ready to provide the best service at any moment.

How to Buy Sensi Seeds Out of EU Regions

Till now, you already get to know that Sensi Seed Shop, ships its original seeds to the EU countries only.

The reason for Sensi Seeds not shipping out of EU countries is due to the slow legalization of cannabis seeds.

We all know that cannabis is not legalized worldwide. However, a consistent fight for its legalization is going on. 

With that impact, many countries such as Canada, Australia, and the USA have legalized cannabis to some extent. 

Due to this, Sensi Seed Bank ships its original seeds to the EU countries where their seeds will not be wasted in legal trouble.

However, due to demand, Sensi Seeds can also be achieved via resellers. There are many resellers online that sell Sensi Seeds. 

Here you have to keep in mind that you have to choose a legit seed bank that really ships the original quality of Sensi Seeds. 

Some ‘scammer’ seed banks offer Sensi Seeds at a quite lower price but in the end, they don’t germinate or are not worth giving time and money.

Ultimately that led to a negative impact on the original Sensi Seed Bank. 

That is why keep in mind the legit source for getting Sensi Seeds.  

Some FAQs About Sensi Seeds

Here we have mentioned some regularly asked questions about Sensi Seeds that will solve your queries:

#1. Is Sensi Seed Bank legit?

Yes! Sensi Seed Bank is legit and a well-established popular seed bank since 1985.

#2. Where does the Sensi Seed Bank ship?

Sensi Seed Bank mainly ships its seeds to the EU countries only. However, you can also get their seeds from reputable and legit resellers.

#3. How much is the shipping charge at Sensi Seeds?

It charges only 7.5 Euros for EU regions whereas for other regions (where they ship) they charge 12.5 Euros.

#4. Does Sensi Seed Bank give free seeds?

It is not mentioned by them. However, you can check out their official site for more information.

#5. Is really worth buying seeds from Sensi Seed Bank?

At Sensi Seed Bank, you’ll be getting the best quality marijuana seeds at the lowest price (starting from 10 Euros). They ship quickly and they have a collection of cannabis cup-winner strains. If you’ll buy seeds from them, it will be worth every penny.

So, these are some mostly asked queries regarding Sensi Seed Bank that will help out you to be more sure to get seeds from them.

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Final Words About Sensi Seeds Bank

While looking for the best budget-friendly marijuana seeds, we often don’t get what we pay for.

However, Sensi Seed Bank gives you every Euro that they receive. 

From their selection of cannabis cup winner’s best quality seeds to their shipping fee and from their delivery time to their hassle-free return policy, everything adds up making them the best choice for buying cannabis seeds online.

Their low price and supreme quality seeds ensure that you get what you pay for more and even more than that.

Overall, the Sensi Seed Bank review is totally positive and it is recommended to every grower out there to must-have cannabis seeds from here and enjoy more buds. 

If you have any queries or want to share your own experience with us then you are heartily welcomed in the comment section below.

Until then, stay home and enjoy it!

Happy Shopping!

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