Serious Seeds Review 2023

Well known for selling quality cannabis seeds and products, It is one of the most reputed and popular names among weed growers. 

They are the seed bank that has only award-winner cannabis seeds in their stock. That means while ordering seeds from them the quality of the seed strain will be incredible! 

Serious Seeds – Overview

Serious Seeds Review

They claim to have more than 101 awards in different cannabis competitions around the world until 2018, which is expected to be increased until now that is why Serious seeds have 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot.

Well, let’s not dig out the written promises and find out whether Serious Seeds is the seed bank to opt for choosing the best quality marijuana seeds in 2023!

History of Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds have a quite impressive and long history! 

The company was started in 1994 and since then they are offering only the world’s best marijuana seeds to their buyers which have won multiple awards in different competitions. 

Simon, the founder of Serious seeds was very fond of knowing the genetics of marijuana and he did a lot of research over the cannabis strains knowing which genetics result in best buds. 

Due to his enthusiasm, he gets to know some secrets of marijuana and then he came with an idea to breed and create his strains. Finally, he launched his company in the same year which we are talking about right now – Serious Seeds!

Yet before launching the Serious Seeds, he had years of experience in researching the marijuana seed strains, and also, he used to get work experience from one of the reputable seed banks – Sensi Seeds. 

That is why by combining years of hard work, research, and enthusiasm of the founder to bring out revolutionary strains in the cannabis market, Serious Seeds came into the market. 

After coming into the competition of being one of the best seed banks, Serious Seeds started having stock of the world’s best quality marijuana strains that led it to win multiple awards around the world including two times the High Times Cannabis Cup as well.

Ultimately, the history of Serious Seeds is full of the founder’s years of experience in working and finding different cannabis strains to change the weed world positively. 

Seed Selection & Quality

It has the philosophy to develop only “easy to grow, stable and homogenous genetics for medicinal and recreational smokers”. 

That is why they didn’t have overloaded their stock with cheap and poor-quality seeds that will lead to nothing. Instead, they believe in providing quality over quantity and therefore, they offer you only c

The seed stock at Serious Seeds includes only around 11 strains that have led them to be on the top of seed banks in winning multiple awards for it. 

The seed strains available at Serious Seeds are AK-47, Bubble Gum, Chronic, Kali Mist, White Russian, Warlock, Double Dutch, Biddy Early, Motivation, Serious 6, Autoflowering White Russian #1, and Serious Happiness. 

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They have recently added some other products as well which include Serious Kush, CBD-Chronic, CBD-enriched Warlock, CBD Oil, and Strawberry-Keil. 

You will be amazed to know that only this limited stock of seed strains led Serious Seeds in winning multiple international awards. They have received more than 101 awards until November 2018. 

Overall, Serious Seeds is the seed bank that has an only award-winning strain in their stock as they have aimed to give the weed growers quality strains over unworthy quantity. If you are looking to grow your weed garden with heavy buds and want 100% success in growing weed then Serious Seeds is the best choice you will ever make!

Price & Payment Options

Serious Seeds is known for selling only award-winning strains and hence you might be expecting the higher prices of their strains. Right?

However, it is not like that! Serious Seeds has priced its best quality strains reasonably and budget-friendly so that every weed grower can access its world-class marijuana strains. 

The price of the strains at Serious Seeds begins around only 30 Euros, that is why Serious Seeds has been one of the popular choices of beginner weed growers. 

Either you are heading into the cannabis world first time or want to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level, Serious Seeds helps the most with the budget price range.

Once you chose your favorite seeds, Serious Seeds allows you to place your order before it gets out of stock. You can pay on Serious Seeds via credit cards, bank transfer, bitcoin, or even with ‘cash in envelope’ too. 

However, one of the drawbacks of Serious Seeds in the payment option is not having bitcoin or even PayPal, and therefore, you have to go with the given options above.

Overall, considering the quality seeds at Serious Seeds, the price is reasonable and apart from limited payment options, it allows you to pay them quickly via given options. However, it is expected that Serious seeds will bring other payment options soon. 

Shipping & Delivery

It ships worldwide but it doesn’t ship to the USA, Australia, and Germany. Therefore, if you are residing in one of the mentioned locations then you have to wait for having quality seeds until Serious Seeds doesn’t initiate its shipment to those regions.

Well, It ships in all the other regions except the mentioned ones above, therefore, you can order seeds from anywhere in the world and Serious Seeds will make sure they deliver the seeds to you. 

However, Serious Seeds respects your privacy, and therefore, it ships your seeds in a well-packed discreet manner to ensure they didn’t get in the hands of authorities. 

The shipping and delivery time of the Serious Seeds depends upon the payment ways you paid to them. The quick they receive your payment the quicker the process. 

However, an average time of 7 to 15 working days may take to reach out to you with your seeds.

Well, if you order seeds from Serious Seeds for over 80 euros, they will ship your seeds for free. However, orders less than that amount will lead to nominal shipping charges of just 5 Euro. 

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They offer you standard and registered shipping methods in which the security and guarantee of your order increase as you choose the better quality. 

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the main factors that any online customer expects to be excellent and I too prefer buying anything online if the shop has good customer service. As in case of any trouble, your only hope for help is from that side.

Well, with Serious Seeds you will have excellent customer service.  Their customer service executives are more likely to be responsive and helpful to solve your queries. However, they might take a little time to respond to you but most of the time they are quick!

Serious Seeds have given their contact number and e-mail address to help their customers to reach out to them regarding any issue.

Once you drop them a message via mail or contact form, they will reach out to you ASAP! However, to reach them via call, you need to contact them on business days of working hours.  

Well, Serious Seeds believes in giving the best customer service and it maintains it fantastically. 

Serious Seeds is one of the rising seed banks and yet it has maintained its services quite well that lies far better than any other novice seed bank.

Overall, the customer service at Serious Seeds is impressive and you can rely on them while buying seeds. 

Website Review

Serious Seeds official website

Official website:

The official website of Serious Seeds is quite simple yet informative. However, it’s not like modern websites popping out colorful banners and all unnecessary and irritating things. 

The website is simple and it has categorized its seed stock in a manner so that any novice visitor can get their seeds quickly. You can navigate via different categories of seeds. (Autoflower, feminized and Medicinal) 

They have a different category for the seed strains that have led them to win awards at competitions. You will be able to find that under the ‘Award Winning’ section. 

Overall, the website of Serious Seeds is simple, loaded with good information and seed stock. You are sure to find it impressive as it contains information that might attract weed lovers only.

Serious Seeds of these strains got user reviews, with an average rating of 7.95 out of 10 on SeedFinder.

Discounts & Offers

At Serious Seeds, you will be able to get award-winning strains at affordable rates. Under 50 Euro you can grab the best quality seed strain which will make the most out of it. 

As Serious Seeds offer you world-class seeds at lower rates, it doesn’t offer any discount option, promotions or offers right now. Maybe in the future, they can make it available with their stock but right now you just have to be happy with the ordered seeds only.

Some FAQs About Serious Seeds

Here are the some most frequently asked questions about Serious Seeds that will help out in knowing the seed bank better:

#1. Are Serious Seeds legit and where it is located?

Yes! it is a legit seed bank that offers top quality seed banks and it is established in 1994 in Holland. 

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#2. What are seed strains available at Serious Seeds?

It has only 11 award-winning strains. However, they have recently updated their stock. You will be able to find Auto-flowering, Feminized, Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, and CBD products as well.

#3. How are the seeds packed?

The seeds are packed in 11 regular or 6 feminized seeds pack in a transparent and airtight tube. However, they take all the precautions including no-sign of content under the package to allow your order to pass through the authorities if come any!

#4. Can I replace my order?

Yes! At Serious Seeds, the team is dedicated to providing top-quality seeds and somehow, if you are not satisfied and want your order to get replaced then too, they have a free replacement policy. If your seeds do not germinate, they will re-ship you another pack!

NOTE – Make sure to keep the serial number available on the package while receiving to return and replace your package.

#5. Is there any discount on the order we place?

It doesn’t offer a direct discount as they already sell the seeds at a lower price. However, if you order seeds in bulk over 500 Euro then you will be eligible to get a 10% discount which will be automatically applied while your order will be placed.

#6. How can I track my order?

To track your order you must be log in at the homepage of Serious Seeds. Then you can go to your account information and can track the status of your current order. 

#7. How can I contact Serious Seeds in case of any issue?

At the official website of Serious Seeds, you can go to the contact us page where you will be able to get a form to fill, and there you can put your query. However, you can also contact them via phone call or mail address which is also available but you have to contact them within working hours of business days to get a response soon.

#8. In which countries does Serious Seeds ship?

It ships worldwide. However, one thing to consider is that it doesn’t ship to the regions where the legality of marijuana is still pending or completely banned.

#9. How much time it will take to get my seeds?

Serious Seeds ship average within 7 to 15 days. However, the usual time can vary accordingly to your location. 

#10. How is the customer service at Serious Seeds?

The customer service at Serious Seeds is decent and reliable. The customer service executives are helpful and hear out the queries quickly.

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Serious Seeds Review: Final Review

Seed strains available at Serious Seeds are of incredible quality but they have limited stock of them.

However, if you got any of your favorite strains there and want to make your cannabis cultivation reach out to the next level then Serious Seeds is for you!

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