Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank Review 2023

Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank is one of the latest and newest seed banks in the market. Therefore, you can expect quality services and the best germinating seeds from this seed bank.

Well, if you are in search of the best marijuana seeds along with excellent services then read along to know about the Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank as it claims to give you both!

As this seed bank offers you a variety of seeds, therefore, you are sure to find your favorite seeds of the best quality available here.

However, we’ll be exploring each section that will help you decide about the Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank to opt for purchasing the best marijuana seeds.

Overview of Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank

Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank

Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank is one of the popular Canadian seed banks, and it is also established in Canada. However, this seed bank offers you some unique quality services that make it stand out from the rest of the seed banks, which you will get to know in this review. 

In the competition of providing the best quality marijuana seeds along with quality customer services, Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank has been the only seed bank that has used STT (Seed Tracker Technology). This facility allows you to know everything about the seeds you are buying from here. Including the seed history to where they are coming from.

The seed bank claims to give you top-notch quality seeds and unmatchable shipping services along with friendly customer service. However, we will be digging out each section of it and finally, you will be ready to decide whether to buy seeds from Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank, It has got 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot.

History of Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank

Sunwest Genetics has been in the cannabis market for more than 5 years. However, their seed selection team has years of experience that ultimately led this seed bank to deliver quality services for a long time. This seed bank believes in preserving the original genetics and maintaining the best quality so that growers can get the most out of the seeds. That is why this seed bank has been known for giving better services than most the other novice seed banks.

Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank has its roots in Canada but is known for the best marijuana seeds and services around the whole globe. Thanks to the hard-working team that consistently improves their seed stock by importing only the best quality seeds. 

The team has the aim to provide unique and best quality marijuana seeds around the globe with its quality services, which they stood on this to some extent. Ultimately, within these so many years, the company has got the trust of millions of weed lovers around the whole world. 

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Overall, the history of Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank is secret and not public however, it is sure that they have been in the cannabis market for a long time. With such time, only a quality service provider company can survive.

Seed Selection and Quality

At Sunwest Genetics, you are sure to find your favorite strain that will not be available anywhere else. Thanks to their wholesale cannabis seeds selection that enables you to get all the popular marijuana strains at quite affordable rates. Apart from this, the special range of marijuana seeds within different categories includes auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and much more. You can also get seeds suiting for indoor and outdoor growing conditions. 

If you want to have a glance over their stock then you can check out their ‘best-selling’ category under which they list only the popular seed strains among the weed growers. 

When it comes to delivering the best quality the seeds then Sunwest Genetics never takes any risk. They import and sell only the fresh seeds that can give you the most out of it. Therefore, if you are considering the quality of the strain then be happy as you are sure to get the best quality available marijuana seeds at the price you will pay.

Overall, at Sunwest Genetics the seed quality is top-notch and they take care of the quality so well that they deliver only seeds that have the highest germination rate ensuring you get the perfect plant for weed buds. Therefore, while buying marijuana seeds from Sunwest Genetics, your every penny will be worth it.

Price and Payment Options

The price at Sunwest Genetics is affordable and lower than most of the seed banks. It is due to their wholesale collection as well. Therefore, if you are a beginner grower and want to start your cultivation journey safely without investing your whole budget into buying just seeds then you can 100% opt for Sunwest Genetics for getting quality seeds at a lower price.

As the price at this seed bank is quite affordable, therefore, you can access their premium variety of seeds for under just $50. Therefore, Sunwest Genetics is a one-stop choice for all the weed growers out there. 

Coming to payment options at the Sunwest Genetics website, you will be getting ample ways. For Canadian orders, they majorly accept payment via Interac E-transfers. Apart from this, they accept payment via Credit Card (Mastercard and VISA), and even bitcoin too. 

Therefore, you will get quick payment options so that your order can be processed rapidly. Overall, you will be getting a secured interface while paying them for your orders, and choosing payment as per convenience is the cherry on the top!

Shipping and Delivery

While shipping and delivering your favorite seeds, Sunwest Genetics is 100% dedicated and expert. Even though 5% of the orders are seized at borders but they still give you guaranteed delivery of the marijuana seeds. Isn’t it amazing?

Sunwest Genetics ships worldwide from their warehouse in Canada. Therefore, you can get their seeds from anywhere in the world except where weed is illegal. 

If you buy marijuana seeds in bulk from Sunwest Genetics seed bank costing more than $200 then you will be able to get free shipping as a bonus. Yes! You read it right. Apart from this, if you are ordering below that amount, you can opt for guaranteed delivery with a tracking option as well which will cost you around just $20. 

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For the orders within Canada, you can expect a faster delivery time from 2 to 7 days. However, if you are ordering internationally or from a remote location then you can hope for arriving time of seeds around 7 days to 15 days as well. 

The point to keep in mind while ordering internationally is that Sunwest Genetics also allows you to get the re-ship facility of your seeds in case of missing or seized. However, it will cost you just $10 to re-ship your order.

Overall, shipping services at Sunwest Genetics are excellent and they are quick as well. However, within the location, their delivery time varies. 

Customer Service

Customer service at Sunwest Genetics is reliable, fast, and friendly. They have one of the finest customer services at their store. Doesn’t matter what your query is, their customer-friendly executives will make you 100% satisfied with the solution. 

For contacting their customer support, they have given 24/7 phone call services, mail, and live chat as well. For mail services, they hear your query within 24 hours, which is also appreciable as it is quick compared to many other seed banks.

They are one of the rare seed banks that provide so many options to get help from the store. Therefore, you can expect a completely hassle-free experience with their customer service executives. 

Sunwest Genetics sells their own bred seeds as well, which means you can ask for any query regarding the seed strain from them and can get a quick suggestion for buying seeds. 

Overall, the customer service at Sunwest Genetics seed bank is quite impressive. You get so many options to get help from their side in case of any issues. Doesn’t matter it is about payment, order, seeds, or the info of a particular strain, Sunwest Genetics executives are there to help you out. Therefore, while buying marijuana seeds from here, you are 100% sure to get a hassle-free and positive experience.

Website Review

Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank official website

Official website:

The official website of Sunwest Genetics seed bank is decent and looks attractive. The colorful website has banners of ongoing offers and info about the latest stock of seeds. At slightly below the banners, you will be able to get the popular range of seeds that are in trend. This is quite helpful in knowing the ongoing trend of buying cannabis seeds. 

You can also find out the latest seed strains in their stock under the ‘latest’ collection. Apart from this, their website has an amazing blog under which you can find quite informative blogs that will help you in knowing about marijuana more. 

Overall, the official website of Sunwest Genetics is impressive and loaded with complete information. However, they didn’t reveal much about themselves but the info that you will require to grow a great cannabis garden, you will be getting there.

Some Frequently Asked Questions of Sunwest Genetics

Here are some FAQs which will help you out in knowing Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank precisely:

#1. Is Sunwest Genetics a legit seed bank and where are established they?

Yes! Sunwest Genetics seed bank is 100% legit and they sell their seeds from Canada. Therefore, you can be sure to buy marijuana seeds from here.

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#2. Do you ship to my country?

Yes! Sunwest Genetics ship worldwide. They sell their seeds from the Canada warehouse. That means you can get their seeds anywhere in the world except where weed is illegal.

#3. How do you ship my seeds?

Canadian customers will receive the seeds inside the original branded packaging. While customers from other countries including the USA will receive the seeds inside random discreet objects like birthday cards, pens, beads, flashlights, and other items.

#4. How much you will charge for regular shipping?

For regular shipping with a tracking facility, you will be charged $20. However, you can be eligible for a free shipping service from our side if you order seeds above $200.

#5. What payment options do I get?

You can pay them via bitcoin, cash, E-transfer (Canada only), and Credit Card (Mastercard and VISA) as well. 

#6. How much time it will take to deliver my seeds?

Sunwest Genetics ships within 24 hours for the Canadian orders and you can expect 2-7 working days to arrive at your doorstep. However, if you are ordering internationally and from remote locations then you can expect a little longer wait time from 15 days to more.

#7. Can I buy seeds at wholesale prices?

Yes! For more information, you can check the ‘wholesale’ page of the website. If you will be ordering seeds in bulk and the price gets over $200 then the shipping charge will be bear by the store.

#8. What is the germination guarantee of your seeds?

At Sunwest Genetics, their team manually checks the quality and ensures they sell the top-notch seeds that can give you the most beneficial results. However, from this seed bank, you can expect a germination rate of around 80%.

#9. Is there any discount or offer for regular buyers?

Unfortunately, at Sunwest Genetics, you will not be getting regular offers and discounts as they already sell their seeds at affordable rates. However, you can check their official website for regular updates as well.

#10. Is it worth buying seeds from Sunwest Genetics?

At this seed bank, you will be able to get high-quality seeds, reliable services, and a great guide. Within the budget price, you will be able to get the most out of your investment. Therefore, you can be 100% sure to make your money worth it by buying marijuana seeds from Sunwest Genetics seed bank.

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Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Sunwest Genetics seed bank has a complete package of top-notch quality seeds and promising services. From the latest seed strains to popular and best-selling, you will be able to get your favorite marijuana seeds at this seed bank. 

Apart from this, the budget range price allows any weed grower to choose it as their first seed bank to buy cannabis seeds.

Therefore, this review of Sunwest Genetics Seed Bank is positive and we recommend you buy seeds from here and make your garden green!

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