WeedSeedsExpress Review 2022

WeedSeedsExpress is one of the trending and rising seed banks in the market. They are known to sell the top quality of some popular variety of marijuana strains. 

Apart from the best quality of weed strains, they claim to give one of the best customer services in the online market. 

Weedseedsexpress Review 

However, WeedSeedsExpress is a new yet reputable seed store to buy cannabis seeds online for weed growers in recent years, and the very interesting factor of WeedSeedsExpress 4.8 rating on Trustpilot. Well, before making their claims right, let’s dig deep into it and find out whether they can be on your list of best marijuana seed banks!

WeedSeedsExpress Seed Bank History

The history of WeedSeedsExpress is very interesting! The story begins with the life of three friends Roger, Frank, and David who were passionate about the cannabis world. They usually breed and cultivate weeds for themselves.

However, within time, their enthusiasm led them to develop and breed cannabis at a higher level, and then they decided to share it with the other weed lovers in the world. 

Ultimately, this led them in creating WeedSeedsExpress!

WeedSeedsExpress is based in Haarlem, Netherlands and the company was started at an earlier time in 2005. However, Haarlem is also known as ‘small Amsterdam’ which has a great reputation for cannabis growers and lovers. 

Well, within more than 15 years the experience and their consistent hard work led them to be on the list of top sellers of marijuana seeds. 

Well, the actual story of the company got its connection from the earlier time of three friends who were passionate and involved with the cannabis stuff. They just create their unique and amazing strains to impress their friends and never were aware that their enthusiasm and love for weed will lead them to create a huge empire of weed seeds.

Overall, the company’s history has an amazing story of founders who were passionate about cannabis, and therefore, they understand what a cannabis lover can expect from a weed store, and therefore, they aim to give from the WeedSeedsExpress store.

WeedSeedsExpress Strains

WeedSeedsExpress has a variety of cannabis strains in a large stock. Yet they got their hands with the world-class reputable seed breeders to make their seed collection larger. 

Therefore, either you search for the auto flower, feminized, high CBD, or ‘best-selling’ seeds in the market, WeedSeedsExpress has got you all!

Apart from the collection of experienced weed-growers, WeedSeedsExpress knows the difficulties that come across in a novice grower’s way, and therefore, they have made a different collection of marijuana weed strains for beginners. Isn’t it amazing?

From the stock of the WeedSeedsExpress, you are sure to find the latest trending marijuana seeds in their stock which you may not find at any other seed vendor’s shop.

Some of the popular ‘best-selling’ seeds are Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, CBD Purple Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Northern Lights. 

When it comes to the quality of seeds then WeedSeedsExpress never misses any chance to compromise. They stock only the best quality seeds and that is why they guarantee you 90% germination of their seeds. 

It shows their confidence in their seeds that are of the best quality possible!

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Overall, the seed selection at WeedSeedsExpress is quite large, and therefore, you are sure to find your favorite seeds at their online store. On the other hand, you will get 90% of the germination rate which itself speaks the quality!

Pricing & Payment Options at WeedSeedsExpress

The price at WeedSedsExpress is budget-friendly and affordable. If you are a novice grower and don’t want to take chance by investing your whole savings into purchasing seeds then WeedSeedsExpress can be your best solution. 

The top-quality seeds at WeedSeedsExpress are reasonably priced and even they sell at regular discounts. Therefore, you can get their premium seeds at good rates. 

However, for discounts and offers, you have to keep an eye regularly on their site, which I’ll talk about in detail later.

The price range of top-quality seeds at WeedSeedsExpress starts at around 40 euros and can go up to your required amount. 

For ordering your seeds at affordable rates, WeedSeedsExpress offers you many payment options:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bank Wire Transfer
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Cards

Keep in mind that the quicker you pay and they receive your amount the quicker will be the shipment of your seeds. Therefore, one of the quickest payment ways is a cryptocurrency and they accept bitcoin which can result in a quick process of your order.

Apart from this, they also accept Credit cards as well (Mastercard & VISA) which also work instantly. 

Overall, the price at WeedSeedsExpress is affordable and they offer you discounts as well. However, for paying them quickly, there are ample payment options as well.

WeedSeedsExpress Shipping

Shipment at WeedSeedsExpress is free, fast, and discreet!

However, WeedSeedsExpress ships worldwide except for the countries with international restrictions. They ship your seeds in a regular post in a discreet manner without any suspicious sign of cannabis. Therefore, they offer guaranteed delivery at both regular and track shipments. 

Regular shipment doesn’t allow you to track your order but yet the delivery is guaranteed to your given location. However, if you belong from a suspicious location then you are recommended to opt for ‘shipment with the track’ to keep an eye over your seeds every time. 

The regular shipment is discreet and doesn’t cost any charge. However, for the tracking facility, they charge you a nominal fee of 7.50 Euro if you order below 100 Euro. For the orders above that amount, they will ship free of cost with a tracking ID. 

The average delivery time WeedSeedsExpress takes around 2-15 working days after shipment. Once they receive your payment, they will ship quickly within 8 hours and make sure you receive your seeds within 2 weeks.

Overall, the shipping and delivery of WeedSeedsExpress are excellent and they claim to be 95% successful in delivering their orders. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can be 100% sure to get your seeds in your hand by WeedSeedsExpress!

WeedSeedsExpress Customer Support

Customer support service at WeedSeedsExpress is reliable and quick! 

They claim to be available ‘7 days a week’ however, you are recommended to get in touch with them during working hours of business days for quicker response. 

They offer you a contact form to get in touch with them and call the facility as well. The customer service executives are eager to help you out and ask you to contact them regarding any queries or even just to talk a little about cannabis. With such facilities that is why WeedSeedsExpress prides itself on its Customer Service.

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They have given mail: support@weedseedsexpress.com and calling facility between 7:00 to 18:00 UTC to their buyers. You just need to drop a message or rang them they will be hearing out as quickly as possible.

Note – The calling facility is available on business days i.e. Monday to Saturday.

Overall, while buying seeds from WeedSeedsExpress, you are sure to have a hassle-free experience. However, if you got any queries then their customer service executives are there to help you out and are friendly and quick.

WeedSeedsExpress Return Policy

Well, at WeedSeedsExpress returns are less likely to see because of the incredible seed quality and the accurate work of the company’s team. 

However, if somehow you want to get your seeds replaced with a new pack then too, WeedSeedsExpress allows you to do it quickly. All you have to do is to contact their customer service executives in case of trouble and express your issue. 

Once you will return your order and they got it in the right condition they will refund you back or will re-ship you another pack of seeds. 

While attempting to return the order at WeedSeedsExpress following things must be taken care about:

  1. Keep your package unopened and in the condition you received. 
  2. The return period is about 14 days after receiving the delivery and receipt. Keep the receipt carefully.
  3. Used or opened packages can’t be returned. Also, shipping back to the company includes charges that you may have to bear.

Overall, returns at WeedSeedsExpress are easy from their side but the process may be a little time-taking. However, the company never takes any chance that you got involved in such a process, which is the best part about them.

WeedSeedsExpress Discount Offers

Discounts and offers are what an online buyer loves the most and WeedSeedsExpress takes care of it excellently. 

They have a regular ongoing sale on their official website. They offer you their premium quality seeds at discounted rates up to 50% off. However, these deals are of limited period offers, and therefore, you have to keep an eye over their site to hunt. 

Apart from the huge discounts, WeedSeedsExpress offers you seeds at sale which cost you cheaper than other seed banks. They have a regular sale on their site. Right now, they have a sale on Blue Dream feminized seeds which is priced at 38.50 Euro from 55 Euro. That means you are saving up to 30%. 

For novice buyers, WeedSeedsExpress has a different approach to impress them. Once you receive your pack of seeds, you will find 10% extra seeds that they always give to their buyers. This not only impresses their loyal customers but also helps in maintaining their highest germination rate as well.

Overall, there are regular offers, discounts and freebies are ongoing at WeedSeedsExpress, which catches the eyes of weed lovers. Therefore, if you have thought to buy online weed seeds then WeedSeedsExpress has more to give than you will pay!

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WeedSeedsExpress Website

Weedseedsexpress official website

Official website: https://weedseedsexpress.com/

The official website of WeedSeedsExpress is professional and loaded with weed info!

The website has a clean and easy interface in which you can easily access your required seeds from the top search bar. They have banners of ongoing offers and best-selling seeds to make you aware of trending seeds in the market. 

Apart from this, they have well categorized their seed stock in different varieties to make you choose the required seed variety quickly. 

The homepage contains their latest and top-quality seed strain which allows you to directly have a glance over their seed strains. 

Overall, the website of WeedSeedsExpress has a professional interface with eye-catchy banners of sales and discounts. They have arranged their stock well and loaded their site with FAQs and other useful information. Therefore, their site is impressive and designed excellently to have a great user interface!

Before Buying read this user review of WeedSeedsExpress seed bank on Reddit.

WeedSeedsExpress FAQ

#1. Is WeedSeedsExpress legit?

Based in the Netherlands, WeedSeedsExpress is a legit seed bank that offers top-notch quality weed seeds.

#2. How do they ship seeds?

They ship your seeds in well-packed packages without a sign of cannabis to avoid authorities. 

#3. Do they charge for shipment outside European regions?

Shipping at WeedSeedsExpress is free of cost. However, if you want to track your order then you have to opt for ‘track & trace shipment’ which costs you 7.50 Euro. If you order above 100 Euro then it will be again free. 

#4. Do they ship worldwide?

WeedSeedsExpress ships worldwide except in the regions where weed is illegal and the international business is restricted.

#5. Can you send me a replacement?

At WeedSeedsExpress, you are 100% sure to receive the best quality seeds that you have ordered. However, in case you want to replace your seeds with another then you have to follow the return procedure within 14 days of the received the order.

#6. How do I pay at WeedSeedsExpress?

You can pay via Bitcoin, Credit Card, and cash as well. 

#7. Which is the fastest payment method?

Credit cards and Bitcoin payments are processed faster than any other payment method.

#8. How can I track my order?

With the tracking ID received on your registered mail, you will be able to get the details of your order at every step.

#9. What is the guarantee of seeds?

WeedSeedsExpress offers you only top-notch quality weed seeds and therefore, they give you above 90% germination guarantee.

#10. How fast do they ship?

WeedSeedsExpress ships within a maximum of 8 hours of payment.

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WeedSeedsExpress Review Final Words

For buying the best quality seeds online WeedSeedsExpress is one of the best options. From the latest seed collection to their services they are fantastic! Even they offer discounts and seeds at sales too. 

Therefore, this review of WeedSeedsExpress is positive and recommended to you to have your cannabis cultivation to the next level with WeedSeedsExpress!

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